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Chapter 37: A NEW LEAF

We were on our feet in an instant and he pushed me backward, stomping towards me with the intent to kill. “I will destroy ye if ye don’t leave our land right this instant! Negotiations art off! Who cares that ye art the Queen Mother, ye art an imposter yourself, hypocrite! Yet I am the phony one?

“Ye overthrow the real Queen and continue to live in her biological body? How do ye truly know thy biological self was cut out for the job?

“How do ye know ye truly have what it takes to be a Queen and govern a system and a government and manage millions of supernatural beings, restricting them to thy rules of government? If ye can’t be a Queen in thy own skin, go home and kill yourself. Ye would have been better off.”

I shook my head at the pathetic being. “Aren’t ye calling the kettle black, Specimen, accusing me of the very things ye do and do and continue to do and think of doing and contemplate doing yourself, ignorant fool?”

“The same kettle ye sip thy tea, is that the kettle ye speak of, the same kettle we got from the same devil we sold our souls to? Have ye forgotten the bargain? Art ye that senile? Selective amnesia has become ye, Kleopha? Thy misuse of free will has lead ye to this point. The same level ye judge others ye will be judged times ten. Ye will be damned by the same rules ye created to keep us inferior to ourselves. Hear me, bitch! Ye will be judged as well, if there is ever a Judgment Day.”

“I am not a bitch!” I rushed him and this time he grabbed me by the neck and squeezed tightly, licking the side of my face. I was disgusted, his warm saliva now cold against my skin when in contact with the Zephyr blowing over us.

He leaned into my face; gracious that he had the upper hand.

He formed devil horns with his index and pinky fingers, the two remaining fingers between the index and pinky fingers behind the top of the thumb.

He grunted. “Ye denounced religion and Christ and any other religious figures for centuries, and now ye want me to believe ye suddenly turned a new leaf? Excuse me if I am don’t faint!

“Ye may have won over the hearts of the Wolf tribe, but don’t ye think for one second that ye won me over, because that couldn’t be the furthest from the truth.

He scowled, punching me in the womb. My stomach was hard as granite. He snatched his hand away in pain, deeply frustrated

He wasn’t intimidated. It took a minute for me to catch my breath.

He said, “And another thing, bitch! To look like another woman and not yourself, who is really the carbon copy? Thy name wouldn’t happen to be Xerox, would it?”

Enough of the insults! I didn’t know how much more of this I could take. If I sent him to the ground like he did to the wolves when he clapped his hands in front of him he won’t ever get up. That’s a promise I could live up to!


“It’s Apostasy! That is my name, Kleopha! Or is it still Alicia Chay?”

“It’s Kleopha, mind ye. And I’m done with this scene, it has gotten old, and I’ve wasted entirely too much time. Each second wasted ensues the imposing war between a tribe ye neddeth to stay away from. Stay in thy lane, and leave them to their world. Everybody wins! Apostasy, tell thy Leader I am not a full vampire, as I once was a few months ago. I am about seventy-eight percent human—”

He was bewildered, a disquieting look overcoming his facial features.

“—You’re seventy eight percent human? That’s preposterous—!”

“—And my unborn children art not half vampire, half human, half wolf and half lion! That was a rumor, heresy! Ye art hearing it from the horse’s mouth. I am acting Queen Mother!

“I have no reason to lie or mislead ye! Doneshius is the father! He’s a vampire camouflaged by the colors of the rainbow, and the policies there within. The combination of both bodies, both powers brought about children that deserve a well-balanced future, away from and outside of the supernatural realm, and the darkness. And that is the complete truth!”

He was in conflict.

He knew I spoke the truth, but he still wanted my dialogue to be reviewed before the board of wolves, whoever they may be.

“Art ye lying to me, Kleopha Achieng…?

“Because if ye art telling the truth, and that remains to be seen, and that judgment will be made by an unbiased review from the Board of Wolves, I will inform Our Leader, and call off the imposing war! And ye can go about thy merry business, far, far away from here, I might add.”

He lowered his forehead and looked up, intensely, with doubtful eyes.

And that doubt turned to fire. “But if ye art lying through thy porcelain white teeth, while ye stand there wasting my time I will gut thy children from thy womb and Fed Ex them to Doneshius up in the rainbow, pretending to be a Messiah. He came up painfully short.

“Ye and thy abominations will surely die! Just call me the Roman Church of 1428! I will have ye burned alive like John Huss. And thy soul and the soul of thy children will die with thy beliefs as thy final thought, thy bodies interdict.”

I tucked my chin back. “Really?” High above me I held up the Wolf Head, with those diamond eyes sparkling, diamonds in the sky I called them, and, oh, how brightly they shined!


“We all know as the power of Pope John XXIII gradually began its peak, the Word of God was edited, with quiet omissions silencing a city under siege by a crooked Church and State.

“And the life of John Huss is one to be commended. He was a devote follower of Christ, and lived his life according to the real God’s Law.

“As early as the 19th century seeds of the gospel were planted in Bohemia. In their native tongue they conducted worship of Christ. The Pope was outraged!

“He deliberately changed the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday, and it wasn’t authorized by Jehovah himself, despite the lies he told the people, that the ruling was of God’s order, masking his own hidden agenda.”

He cleared his throat.

I was offended by his interruption…

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