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Chapter 38: RENOUNCING

His head needs to be ripped off, but I quickly erased murderous thoughts. I didn’t neddeth to be swelled with negativity, or let negative people get to me.

I continued. “And in that, Rome decreed that their people remain in the darkness, moving about life like ants. They tried to extinguish the light of God and His Word in the process. John Huss was born to a poor woman that couldn’t give him a thing, but she knelt before her son when she accompanied him to Prague, and over him she asked for God’s blessing.

“He would get it tenfold. John Huss stood up against the inconsistencies of Rome when it came to God’s Word, and suggested to groups of people that Jehovah’s Law was the only way to go, and that Christ is the only way to Heaven! He never renounced the powers of Rome; his issue was with the spouse of Christ, the Roman church, abusing their power.

“In his last hour, he never denounced his Lord and Savior, Christ, to expand his time on earth. He was born to become a martyr! Even as he faced an inevitable death, a traumatic death, he stuck to his principles, and his beliefs.

“Priests, bishops, men at arms, and the members of Constance society were present at the time of his execution. When John Huss was fixed to a stake he was optioned yet again to save himself by renouncing Christ and admit his errors in judgment and thought and beliefs, and worship the principles and the unjust laws of the Roman Church.

“’What errors shall I renounce?’” he asked with passion, swelling his heart with the love of Christ, and keeping his fear only in the name of God, and everything He was, and everything He wasn’t.”

Apostasy rolled his eyes, but one look over my shoulder revealed the listening party. Every Wolf listened to the story of John Huss. It filled my heart with joy and gave me the adrenaline I needed to move forward. “John said to his oppressors and false idols clad in royal garb, when Christ only wore rags when he rode an ass into history, and Christ is the Son of God, ’I know myself guilty of none (errors). I call God to witness that all I have written or preached has been with the view of rescuing souls from sin and perdition. And most joyfully will I confirm with my blood that truth which I have written and preached!’

“When he denied their request, angered they started a fire under him. And as the fire licked at the bottoms of his feet, and engulfed his legs and his garments he began to sing! Ah! Sing a song to His Heavenly Father!

“‘Jesus, the Son of David, have mercy on me!’” I sang, and water welled in the eyes of the Wolves! Even the General and the Lieutenant began to silently weep, without making a sound.

Apostasy was thrown. The more his Wolf family showed loyalty to me, the more they were drawn to Christ through what I reveal to them from religious history, the angrier Apostasy became. He was breathing so hard he was about to explode!

I continued, warming to my subject. “Even I was astonished by his act of bravery, and loyalty to Our Father, excluding yourself, since ye think ye art a god, and of a god, and wasn’t within arm’s reach of ever being a god, being God, or being like God.

“As the flames rose he sang hymns! Who does that during their final hour, their final minute and their final second of life?

“John’s ashes were collected, and demonically thrown into the Rhine! The Roman Church and the powers behind it felt victorious!

“They extinguished John Huss and silenced his tongue from ever preaching the Word of God ever again in Bohemia! But God is so good, and so amazing, John’s ashes were scattered about the earth, and all over the earth, in all the countries of the earth; and in territories unknown those ashes will bring about fruit in abundance, in witnesses for the truth, the gospel!”

The Wolves wept amongst each other and I turned to them, nodding my head. “Christ is the only way to Heaven!”

Apostasy rose from smoke and flames before me, and stood in my face. “We don’t care for thy stories, nor do we care to hear about John Huss! We art all powerful! We have a Leader we worship! We choose to worship in private, away from the rest of the world, and the critters and blood sucking parasites building bungalows all over a corrupt land!

“Our beliefs art ours alone, and what ye have come to us about contradicts thy dialogue! If ye want to stop the war and convince me to spare thy abominations, if they art indeed abominations, then why art ye wasting thy breath on John Huss?” he asked heartlessly, and I was bothered by this. How would he like to be tied to the stake and burned for his foul smell, and for believing that he was an Immortal god?

“If thy children art what I think they art ye and thy sickling seeds will die tragic deaths!”

I laughed in his face, holding the Wolf Head before me, with the diamond of Splitahmus.

“I will like to see ye try to kill me or my unborn children…remember I am the woman that eradicated thy Guardian, Splitahmus, remember that 500 foot chump?”

His mouth fell open…

I made a promise to him. “If the thought of murder even crosses thy mind when it comes to me and mine ye and every Wolf of thy Tribe, the innocent suffers with the guilty, will meet a terrible fate, one I’m sure ye art not prepared for.

“Threaten me once more, Apostasy, and I won’t try to make peace, or give a peace offering through my compromising personality. I will burn thy Village to the ground after I snatch thy heart from thy chest! And that amazing Gazebo behind ye will become splinters and debris.

“The infrastructure birthed from the ground and that all-seeing eye will perish! I will hunt thy Leader down and slay him so the war will never happen! Now tell thy Leader to come out, or I will go inside and find him myself!”

The half human, half Wolf Specimen reluctantly nodded at the urging of the other wolves, gorgeous wolves, both old and young, of both genders, seemed to be on my side.

I was grateful for their allegiance, but it would only be brief. I would soon be out of their lives once more and as far away as possible from them infinitely.

I looked at the pack of Wolves and raised my hands before me and one of their infant young, a gorgeous, beautiful creature with wide eyes and an intelligent bone structure cautiously, guardedly approached me.

Staring into Apostasy’s eyes, I stroked the back of his neck, admiring how beautiful creation was, and marveling over how honest and truthful procreation was.

Apostasy has a different perception.

He took a few steps back when the young lion cub stood on its paws and licked at my face, trying to snuggle against the warmth of my garments. My heart skipped a beat. He likes me!

Defeated, Apostasy, the Specimen, the Wolf, the Human pivoted on his heel, swallowing what he wanted to say, and what he was going to say, and vanished inside the Gazebo, to relay the message to his Leader….

The Wolves were still bowed at my feet…

Too afraid to move…

Because I didn’t just admire the cub.

He was insurance and collateral if the Specimen went back on his word…

And didn’t bring out the Leader.

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