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Chapter 3: DNA

A thunderous growl of evil descended from the clouds above him. §haking with fear he slowly stood up and swallowed the lump in his throat. Ķleőpĥǻ was pregnant with the Child of All Nations and Creeds, a child conceived from every man of the village deflowering her in The Grand Forest. Doneshius was present during the incredulous event. He was surprised that Kleopha kept asking for it. He was in love with her, even then...

The act of lustful violation was spearheaded by Doneshius, the Puppet Master, masterminded by Armona’s Ghost; Armona’s Ghost sat him on her lap, metaphorically, and stuck her hand so far up his rectum that she controlled him like a ventriloquist.

The product of every man of the defunct Village of Opus before it was destroyed, and their vengeance, makes up eighty percent of her unborn child's DNA. The fetus was rapidly growing inside Ķlěőpĥǻ’s womb.

§he was pregnant and hadn’t a clue who the true father was. §he thought the body of the Queen Mother, Armona, was the only one pregnant from Doneshius and that wasn’t the case. Her soul and the polarization of it were pregnant from his seeds as well. But Armona’s physical body carried the child of every man of the Village, and the lust within the weakness of their flesh. And that child must not be born. He will carry out the secret agenda of hundreds of fathers, hundreds of fathers that were either married or saving themselves for that special girl.

Ironically, the sweetest girl of the Village of Opus, Ķleőpĥǻ, was also the town’s biggest whore.

When the blood entered the eyes of the diamonds, and the tiny (o) shaped hole between the marble lips, a gigantic Σgyptian face turned inside out. The marble formed over the stone, the stone in the lower ranks of its creation of expensive clay, dried and sun-baked, intricately carved from master craftsmen.

§tunningly, terrifying screams escaped the tomb…

And cracked it along the center...

The rubies, sapphires and diamonds turned to glitter and burned into his skin. Horrified, he screamed from blinding pain. His eyes turned white, like two white marbles. And he grew in height. He stood 8 feet 7, and his monstrous fangs enlarged as well.

His rainbow feathered wings rose ten feet in arch form, on either side, stretching out twenty-five feet. The ground continued to shake, and the trees surrounding the tomb, of all kinds, died in an instant, as the life in the flowers, of all kinds, and the trees, of all classes, joined hands via their roots, feeding the Hibernating One’s power.

And the roots of the sycamores, the Redwoods, the pines and the oaks all intertwined together and the blood of the fallen Queen melted and soaked itself into the very soil of the Grand Forest, and the roots themselves drank of Its essence and increased in size and power.

A loud, thunderous growl sounded through every flower and every Redwood, extending 150 feet towards the heavens and existed by the thousands and every oak tree, yet the baobab trees harshly whispered an ultimatum.

Join or Die.

Doneshius already betrayed yet another form of a Chain of Command, like he had when he was a mortal named Airick Burgoos in the military. Armona’s Ghost remained in control, even when he created that rainbow disaster.

How long would she keep him in the dark, no pun intended? Armona’s Ghost inhabited his body, and his own soul and ghost were invisibly tied behind Armona’s Ghost with glowing blue lassos, the way Kleopha inhabited her very own.

His Soul and Ghost were in an unconscious state, giving Armona’s Ghost full control. Doneshius was going to pay because of the sins of Armona’s Ghost. At least she had someone to blame. She was going to abandon his body at the first sign of the Grim Reaper.

His body began to rise and his feathered wings beat rapidly, yet he hadn’t control.

“What is happening to me? I did what ye asked!”

“Ye were told to destroy her! And ye had her pledge allegiance to thy form of architect!”

“I did no such thing! Ye see, I had to deceive her to get her to let down her guard so that she trusts me! It wouldn’t have worked if I didn’t trick her with the beauty of colors, and showing her the limitations between them all, and the policies thereof!

“§he created a treaty, a pact with the animals, to be their protector, and that goes against our rules!”

“Our rules?”

“Man was given dominion over the reptiles, and the animals, and everything that creepeth, and the fowls of the earth. Not vampires!”

The roots began to breathe, even the leaves of all trees of all classes, and all kinds were even more vibrant in color, and in design. They were so detailed that ye could see the purplish veins running along each and every one of them. The Place of One million leaves, the combined count for the trees of the forest, and even beyond that number, well into the tens of millions. They all quivered together, but of different frequencies, breaking speed records before there were even records kept of such events, of such things.

The DNA of the One of the tomb, the genetic make-up of the One that hibernates in a tomb created four thousand years prior to this moment, decoded itself into Kleopha's flesh and Armona opened her eyes and another scream caused a school of hognosed bats shrieked into the night.

An incredible sound filled his ears as, stretching from the meadow, a series of explosions sent massive chunks of clay, soil, and rock into the air by three hundred feet.

It scared him to death.

His color faded, but not by much.

Of the nine hundred Redwoods of the Grand Forest, explosions sounded every sixth tree, stretching seven miles; leading up to an area one hundred feet before him, with a thunderous sound that sent chills up his spine.

There goes the thunderous sound again…





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