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Chapter 39: A NEW REALM

An hour passed without incident…The wolf cub was asleep on my lap, resting on my garments. I stroked his back, and allowed him to slumber. I was watching him run around with other wolf cubs before their parents, their parents still afraid to move a muscle out of fear of being wiped out and erased, and eradicated.

Vindicated of their village, and rest in peace atop the land I refused to bury them in, because they were not born of the dust of the ground, and was not made of the dust of the ground.

I shook my head, afraid that something like that would happen. The Specimen probably didn’t even tell the Leader I was out front, patiently waiting.

I picked up the wolf cub and kissed his cheek. While he still slept, my powers carefully and cautiously guided him a few hundred feet away from me, and back to his wolf parents.

As if on impulse they immediately sheltered him with their bodies, and they all lay under the glow of the sun and waited for the word of their so-called Leader, arrogant little bastard he was.

I turned and faced the entrance to the Gazebo, the towering infrastructure with the all-seeing eye a few hundred feet behind it.

I put the Wolf Head over my face and I vanished. Not an eye ball of a Wolf saw me, nor could they smell me.

They looked around wildly, quite a commotion stirred. The General and Lieutenant began running all over the place, sniffing the ground, trying to locate me on their nasal GPS, and failed miserably.

I was still on the porch of the Gazebo, facing the closed door.

I saw everything; again, through the eyes of the Wolf Head, combined with what vampiric power I had left, I became quite the little magician.

An amazing thing happened. When I thought of the Leader parts of the Wolf’s brain sparked a conversation with my inner self, and self-talk was the end result, yet the beginning of a new understanding, in the point of view of the Wolf.

From the limited knowledge I was granted, he said I was about to enter a different realm, another dimension I never knew of.

Centuries have passed since I became what I was, and continuously becoming who I am, and who I am meant to be, with two new additions, my bundles of joy sound asleep in my belly.

Centuries have marked my life from the beginning, since I entered this realm from the very realm my children now slumber with peace, and never have I realized that through the eyes of the Wolf, and not my very own, that has seen everything on earth there was to see, I would encounter another realm that lain dormant on earth until the season for me to greet it with awe and confusion sprouted its inner deceived notion that I will naturally adapt for what I’m about to see, and that couldn’t be the furthest from the truth.

The instant I convert beliefs, making my transition of my own free will, and not by mental persuasion, despite Doneshius’s tricks of the rainbow, a glitch in the system, an obstacle I have overcome, another realm in the darkness unfolds, too convenient for my tastes.

It all unfolded as if it was meant to happen, as if it was meant to be, as if it was truly meant to come to pass.

I was eager to start this journey, clutching unto my faith in Christ, with my children’s lives being of top priority when it came to our personal safety and security.

A good mother will always protect her youth and her young children; through her children her youth has been immortalized, and their birth and existence sets it in stone, the skin of stone cemented from the most expensive of concocted minerals combined with vibration, deep thought and energy; powers that manually redirected Matter through false use of evolution.

If it came from a test tube, it has no grounds for originality.

If a lab rat is thy best friend, run like hell. Sooner or later, after ye become the company ye keep, allowing their thoughts and feelings to reshape thy life, ye’ll be conditioned enough to live by their terms and live up to their selfish expectation. With everything in thy heart ye live up to their expectation, shining a great light on their morals, values and principle; morals, values and principles that were a step down from how ye were raised and brought up through the sacrifice and unselfish love of thy mother, or thy father, or thy brother, or thy sister, or thy grandmother, or thy aunt: parents came in many forms, but could never replace the biological genetic make-up of mother and child.

Unless ye art a recipient of artificial insemination exclude yourself, in terms of incubation they have become, by my standard, and what I believe, and even they were still born into sin.

Have ye as a person, or myself as a woman, been conditioned to put others above yourself, while they get what they can out of ye, and influencing ye to engage in unlawful things, things that compromise thy freedom, who ye art and thy self-respect.

Confide in a lab rat that reveal results of hidden experiments and poke marks at the urging of its keeper, and its handler, and its scientist and its medical staff, ye’ll be running around the wheel with the handler’s thoughts hypothesized through trial, charts and error, and ye’ll be called a programmed lab rat yourself.

Doesn’t matter how fast ye run, or how frightened ye art, the wheel itself spins on the very screw mounting it to the side of a lab rat cage, with Plexus glass and those clad in radiation gear examining and charting thy every move.

They poke ye and sit back and watch how ye react to well-thought up diseases, plagues that have yet to be unleashed upon the societies of the earth.

Minerals, such as the skin of stone, art combined to have a different effect, different from which they were originally derived when they were individual, respective elements of the earth, separated by class, better known as categories.

But then green and greed clutched the throats of enlightened men, and they set their pulse as the default of the pulse of the earth (minus the free will of society as a whole), and they unleashed quiet, deviant Beasts from dark chambers of commerce on every global society, some with deep restrictions and set boundaries, and some totally shut off from the rest of the world forever.

And I want to experience that feeling when I enter this new realm, and experience child birth after the experience! And that’s not all I wanted! I wanted to feel the pain of child birth.

Eve’s punishment befalls me in the end! I want to have that time of the month as a mortal woman! Ah! I want to go through labor, and know what it’s like to have my water break, and I would birth my children naturally, totally abandoning my vampiric self and my supernatural powers. The love I have for my babies, and in return their love, honor and respect, meant so much more than notoriety, wealth and greed. It heals selfishness.

In fact they were my prized possessions and I wasn’t talking about my children. The relationship we already share I cherish, and has become one of my most prized possessions; but the ideals of love was starting to open up deep inside of me; turning off the glow in the darkness, return to its opposite form; a mortal basking in the sunlight, free of what’s required by the darkness and of the darkness within.

The love we will share, and already begun to share, between each other, and the love we have or will have for ourselves, as individuals, will never compromise our relationship, but the brut of ego and its dark agents of evil will always beckon and beg for our allegiance. They reside in the dormant part of our left and right hemispheres (the brain) as small as a mustard seed, but were a carbon copy of the real thing; a generic brand to the very mustard seed itself, but came with side effects associated with misuse and abuse.

The mustard seed of faith hasn’t a single side effect or flaw, but reaps many rewards, such as eternal life in Heaven.

And I want to go there! I want to be there! I want to see the softness of light blue skies and puffy white clouds! A place I could live free of the land, and didn’t have to pay a thing!

Heaven was a place where peace knows peace and has no opposite side or opposite effect. Heaven was a place where polarization will be erased, and will no longer exist. We will live high above the chaos. The huge mess surrounding me would be the confirmation I needed; that the devil has made a mess of things as he tried to mislead descendants of Adam!

Heaven was a place where up was up, and ye stay up until ye come down. Gravity will be vindicated. Heaven was a place where thy neighbor loves thy neighbor and thy neighbor’s neighbor; heaven was a place where thy brother will never be in trouble again, a place ye will no longer be his Keeper. Total trust and devotion to the Father and His Son will be the only way of life and nothing will exist to oppose it.

Loving thy neighbor is the only Law, and thoughts of evil will never be again!

I am only speculating and guessing, but anything was better than hunting for blood. I’ve had so much of it I was starting to get nauseated, it was turning me off, gradually, cautiously.

Heaven will be granted if I accept God’s Law and live by His commandments and love and honor His Son before all others, and above myself and my children, because they art gifts from God.

It doesn’t matter that they were made out of wedlock, it was no different from mortal women having babies with their boyfriends because he was cute, or because he was on his way to the Big Time, or if they were made by two people in love, but didn’t have one or the other’s rings on their ring fingers, but the rings of two others were outside of them, slaving away at a 9 to 5, while their spouses play musical chairs without beds.

Bend them over where they sit, and send them back to their happy lives well spent.

It was no different!

I give my allegiance to the Lord of Lords, and the King of Kings, and the only way to that life is through his Son, Christ! I may not be able to say “Christ” on CBS, but that doesn’t stop or prevent me from applying Him to my daily life. I cling to Him for dear life, fearing God and God only.

Being human was going to be a tough road filled with obstacles, strife, heartbreak, embarrassment, love, respect, family, employment, relationships, temptations, health issues and dependence on food, immunizations and growth amidst a damaged society, insurance companies and education, child rearing and discipline, setting good examples and living by them as well.

I was about to embark on a journey, putting others before myself. Listening and singing hymns and songs of praise with my voice minus musical instruments, things that enchant will no longer be a part of my life! Secular music will never be in my home, and will be forbidden, even by my own personal usage!

The weakness of my flesh was another thing! In the darkness I made love to whoever I wanted, but in real life, as a mortal, diseases run rampant about the earth like bucking bulls eyeing a provoking crowd, waiting for one of them to slip over the banister, and then they attack after mauling the tight-assed pansy waving a red flag…

I was going to be filled with the Word, and do what I have to do to spread the gospel! I won’t force it on anyone, I will teach what I believe and let them decide.

I wasn’t going to beg or brag about charity. I was going to be selfless instead of selfish. I would study and apply the Word of God instead of hooked on phonics filling my head with popular novels watered down and commercialized by wealthy publishers, silencing what the author wanted to say, and initially said in rough draft form, and in its place was the view of the monetary backing of thy project, via editors.

Editors have a boss, too. And can be persuaded to change a little here, and tweak it a little there, without the author’s knowledge or permission.

If you’re going to smile from the book’s cover, make sure ye know what lies within, and not base it on what you’ve been told.

Don’t sell yourself short for a few pennies on the dollar from the purchase of the soul. What’s mere chump change and big houses setting on land ye don’t and never will own and have to pay taxes to keep in your possession, over eternal life in Heaven, where the land is yours and all the abundance of its promise will be bestowed on ye without taxes.

Up until this point I wanted my Heaven now, and not later, and that came through the billions I garnered over the centuries and the jewelry, the moneyed men, and the private jets taking us to private islands, naked men feeding me grapes and fanning my naked body with huge palm leaves, with a few men tasting the forbidden fruit between my legs.

I don’t want that life anymore! I’ve had it enough to never miss it ever again when I turn from it. I didn’t ever want the memory!

I knew what I would do. I would sell everything and donate every billion I own to the homeless, and feed the poor. One grand feeding! And I will use that money and power to insure the press gets a glimpse of my offering before I become a full mortal! Yes! I will do that! I will make sure my name is scratched from it all, and I will plan, plot and execute my plans according to what I’m required to do.

The wealthy forgot that rule. Love thy neighbor as thy love thyself.

If ye art given much, much is required. If ye art given hundreds of millions, ye art required to use those hundreds of millions rebuild schools and torn communities, or to maintain them, that money was to heal the wounds of earth, wounds that keep those in poverty stricken with disbelief, the mustard seed of faith dimming inside their sore hearts.

Wounds that kept technology from African Tribes that has never seen a fork or a spoon, or a magazine, or a television or a telephone or photograph or a car or a business suit or an application or an immunization shot or a Driver’s License or Social Security card!

The power that kept them uninformed and ignorant.

And HIV continues to wipe of portions of Africa by the millions.

The land that once was the home of The Garden of Eden was slowly being erased, but will not be successful in the end. She has been stripped of her riches, and her people were sent into slavery all over the world, before there ever was a NASDAQ or New York Stock Exchange.

The security of banks amongst American Society wasn’t yet established.

Erasing where Man was separated from God through sin, deleting where the serpent deceived man, causing the fall through the seduction of the woman, wasn’t going to erase the memory of the land as a whole, and why she was created in the first place.

Africa was the birthplace of Life.

She was earth’s womb, and the darkness was its deadly deception in polarized form. She was a land that was once home to the most barbaric Pharaohs and Egyptian Queens. Study the Sphinx Pyramid for reference. Nations all over the world were inspired by powerful testaments of human slavery and self-worship in the shell of Eden.

I didn’t want the power and respect that came with wealth any longer, that mark, securing thy place in High Society Circles, was the Mark of the Beast, and I didn’t want the mark any longer.

I hadn’t realized I already had it before I became a billionaire, and wouldn’t have become one if I hadn’t taken the Mark, of my free will choice.

I use my free will to change it. I want my life back!

I didn’t care for a High Society that smiled through cameras and were photo-shopped before they were put into circulation, a High Society that couldn’t give to the sick without a camera man present, make sure ye get my good side, and sometimes never even left an autograph when their agenda was fulfilled. Set up shop, flick, and flick of the camera. Got that million dollar shot! Break it down and gloat on national TV for validation.

Specialness should never come on the wave of someone else’s grief. I hated a society that cared nothing for the poor, but make sure ye watch our commercials and buy our products next week; we promise it will rid the acne in thy skin, I suppose. If ye call now the second bottle is 100% free!

Nothing is given free of charge. The net of life contradicts it. Go ahead. Search a corporation’s policy book. If it’s given free of charge, bet it comes with a condition, and a requirement. Payments for services rendered.

Shipping and handling applies. Limited in certain areas.

Now I want Heaven later and only if I deserve it!

I want to give it all up, the High Life, so I’m shooing it away like it was an annoying horse fly.

I have always put Kleopha Achieng first and said, “The hell with everyone else!” afterward, having not an ounce of regret. I thought I was Immortal.

No. I wasn’t. I was born to eventually die. Vampires die as well. In my case, I voluntarily give of my vampiric self in the form of death through the rebirth I am to obtain from baptism, leaving all my demons behind, drowning in Holy Water. I wasn’t Immortal.

I was becoming a mortal

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