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I am about to enter a life of legal systems that will cause me to depend on corporations to survive, while teaching all who will listen about the life of Christ, and risk death doing so. I no longer even feared death. It was inevitable; there was nothing ye could do to prolong death. When it was thy time ye will depart without material possessions or friends and family.

Thy body dies and returns to the earth, and thy soul returns to the Creator, to be judged at a later date, when every head bows before Christ, when he returns.

I’ve seen enough blood and gore to desire Heaven at the crossroads of change…

I’ve participated in the blood fest called life long enough!

I don’t want to just exist with a lot of wealth!

I give it all away!

I speak it away now!

I want the wealth of the Word of God to change me, and dispel every evil thing I have ever thought or done, or thought to do, or wanted to do!

I no longer wanted my eyes wide shut, another way of saying ye art still ignorant in the darkness, so I shut my wide eyes behind the diamonds of Splitahmus, realizing that I shut wide eyes only after I appeared on the threshold of a new realm.

Every time the sun rise, and when it sets on the glow of the moon, I pray to Christ I still uphold the same ideals and principles I am eager to study when I totally dedicate my life to Him.

I want to ease my children into my faith as well, but allowing it to be their choice when they art older.

I would encourage the Word of God, but I wouldn’t force it on them, and I wouldn’t force my beliefs on anyone, but I had the right to have my own belief and belief window. And I will clean them with the Word of God, there’s no neddeth for Windex.

I will teach them that the true Temple, the real Church, is the human body, thy body.

And not a building that houses atheists in robes, and wallowing in their own self-pity once the doors of their congregation close at the end of religious services.

It doesn’t matter how far ye or the child reach in age, age 80, thy child age 60, ye will always be her young children. Age wasn’t strong enough to erase that fine line.

Yes, I knew of the Realm of the Wolf, and the Realm of the Lion Tribe I used to be quite fond of, because of their ability to lead, and lead by example.

Now they art followers; they art a bunch of wild cats that managed to be crowned Kings of the Jungle, their Lioness Queens of the Jungle by default.

Yes, I knew of the Realm of the Cheetah Tribe, a Tribe I rarely and barely thought about, a Tribe I never worried about.

I allowed the Elders in the Cheetah Tribe to look out for them.

As a result they built a working government, one for the Cheetahs, one that actually works and maintains peace and prosperity, lacking in the Wolf and Lion Tribes tenfold, a government of compassion, and they run themselves without any interference from me.

Wolves and Lions neddeth to have a government of peace like the Cheetahs.

But don’t bet on it.

Wolves art like dogs crapping all over floors and urinating on chairs, and cats were too busy licking themselves, self-cleansing, to be bothered with unflattering offers.

Yes I know of the extinction of the Realm of the Elephant Tribe, and the destruction of the Elephant Tribe in a whole.

Evil forces lived in their massive bodies, and were forever incarcerated inside their flesh, forced to live as animals, and not supernatural beings on earth.

Coupled with the traits of an elephant (jumping from mice, having an incredible memory, the most powerful trait), evil forces were cursed inside the elephants.

Elephants never forgot who harmed them.

They never forgot how the evil force living within them deceived them, harming them to gain access to the soul of the elephant.

The elephants never forgot the evil forces, living inside them, that killed a few of their native elephants, immediate family members.

Karma recycled itself through their bloodstream, to affect the ghoul deep within.

To add insult to irony, because the evil forces never forgot the devil reneging on his promise of eternal life, they never forgot the father of the evil force that deceived the individual evil force in the individual elephant body, and they never forgot the past as well.

Holding onto the past (from the point of view of the evil forces and the point of view of the individual elephant they individually inhabit) inevitably killed them in the end, because they couldn’t get beyond disloyalty and/or betrayal…

I opened my eyes, and sucked in air. While the Wolves ran around like chickens with their heads cut off, looking for me, they never approached the Door of the Gazebo, the Door open before me, because they were forbidden from doing so, says the knowledge from the brain of the Wolf’s Head, I will name Rhetorical.

Rhetorical whispers to me, in distorted ways. He says the Wolves were banned from entering within 100 feet of the Gazebo, and one thousand feet from the infrastructure before them. No Wolf should ever know, will never know or see the power behind their system of government. When a Leader is chosen it is done privately, in ways never revealed to the wolves. They either join or perish! Breaking the Law resulted in death, and the death of felon’s family.

No exceptions. Going against the system of government instantly resulted in death.

They art to only communicate with Apostasy, the Messenger and the mediator, and if he deems it worthy for the Leader’s ears only then shall he tell him of their requests, wants, needs and desires.

And Apostasy returns with words, decisions and rulings from the Leader.

No acquittals, no appeals. Ye couldn’t appeal from the grave.

Those that oppose a crooked government filled with angels and demons were executed in front of the entire Tribe, turning their lives and what they stood for into carefully orchestrated examples that conditioned the Tribe and molded their everyday activities. They were thoroughbred snitches, rats in a wolf suit, and were required to report any and everything suspect to Apostasy in exchange for immunity and a spot on the military soldier’s unit, the military of wolves that were dangerous foot dragons, and did everything they were told by Apostasy, without hesitance.

Every wolf, woman and man, must guard their Realm with their lives. They were also famished slaves, property, at the hands of an unseen Leader, a Leader they prayed to with clouds of tears veiling misguided eyes.

They were also required by law to worship the unseen Leader, the King of the Wolf Tribe, three times a day, seven days a week, governed by the cycle of the moon.

Adult male wolves were instant soldiers no matter what, no matter the age. The only way out wasn’t old age, but death. Ye will die defending the Wolf Tribe, even well into their 80s and 90s.

Males were to maintain the rugged beauty of the outer terrains, protecting the flow of an institution and every life form within.

Their lives were dictated by Apostasy, acting spokesperson, the bailiff to their society as well.

Executions were public statements (and fire was always involved), acts of cruelty I knew nothing about, services rendered behind my back and without my say so.

If I had known Apostasy was capable of privately hating his Tribe (if he wasn’t King, or the Leader then the hell with them!) and setting up members of his own people to justify agreeing to the terms of the Treaty, blaming them for a brief mental lapse, I would have excluded his authority from the Area of Royal Signatures, and remained their arch enemy.

Many of the names on the treaty will never see the Book of Life.

On the day money loses its power, the wealthy will kill themselves out of fear of poverty.

The members of the Wolf tribe didn’t stop him from signing a treaty he didn’t believe in, and in that was the greater fail, the ultimate putdown. He depended on the advice of others to make a decision?

He failed himself, how could he trust anyone when his own error in judgment doomed him from the beginning stages, from the stage of thought?

He was against the treaty from the beginning, but he did what he thought was best, acting as the Leader, refusing to inform him that a treaty was proposed to create an alliance amongst us all.

Yet Apostasy ordered the execution of five of his tribe members for convincing him to go against his gut instinct in favor of the terms and conditions of the treaty. He failed to realize that no one put a gun to his head and made him decide. He did it of sound mind, and a troubled heart.

Never base thy decision on emotion. A riled individual will agree to anything, and take thy life for the right price. Feed people like that from long handled spoons attached to spooks and ghosts, the drug of choice being their option, one they should stray away from. Drugs was never the way to mend a broken heart, they just prolong the healing process and destroy the mind.

How could Apostasy ever be a Leader, or the King, if he couldn’t handle the small pressures of life?

How would he handle the big things if he ruled a limited world crammed with piles of wolf droppings, and how could he reign without discipline?

To sign the Treaty of Animals, according to the whispers, a lot harsher, loaded with maliciousness, emotionally, and through the use of horror to invoke fear, and used their deaths as models projected into their misty eyes, revealing their fate if they Nay the Yay…

Behind each of their necks, buried deep under their illustrious fur, were microchips. They were heavily monitored and observed by the Leader behind the Wolf Tribe.

I think of the few Wolves that managed to escape the powers of the Wolf Tribe, a few of those Wolves died by my hands. Rebels they were, yet they still tried to kill me in the Grand Forest, when I thought Kleopha was some random pregnant female vampire, when I didn’t know I was hunting down myself, to commit suicide to stop a rumored abomination from being born, and hadn’t known I was hunting my own child she carried, now I have two in my womb…

Rhetorical says no wolf can leave the land without permission. Many have died trying to escape the boundaries surrounding the Land of the Wolf, huge in size, but very small from an aerial view of our village from a world map.

But there have been 7 Wolves that escaped. And they art all dead, died by thy hands during the Battle of Beasts.

Leaders never fight in the war, or go to War. Leaders always send their right hand man to do their evil bidding.

So trust me, no Leader died by thy hands. Never trust the word of a Wolf or Lion in rebellion.

I was hit like a two ton wrecking ball when that truth was revealed.

Even then the slain Wolf was protecting their Leader…

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