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Chapter 41: HOLOGRAM

It’s time to step into my purpose, and come into my destiny. I would do it with my head high, despite any obstacle before me. To my understanding the Lord never puts on ye more than ye can bare. That tells me I will come out on top. I just had to, for the sake of myself, and the sake of my precious babies. So it’s time to fulfill my purpose, and my purpose for being there.

With eagerness biting at my lapels, I crossed the threshold of the Gazebo at my urging, and an incredible mist enveloped me, my skin turning inside out itself, my soul on the outer portion of Armona’s body, her body now within my soul.

Something wanted the truthfulness part of me in its presence, and the deceptive part out of sight, and out of mind, hiding Armona’s body behind the flesh of my soul. Armona’s flesh and blood birthday suit was taken off and put on a spiritual hanger, and my soul has taken on flesh form, while the flesh covering Armona’s body shake remnants of me from its texture, to surround itself around my soul.

With wide eyes again, I was panting, breathing the most incredibly pure and pleasantly clean air I have ever smelled. Compared to the piles of Wolf manure all over the land of the Wolf, and the excruciating smell fogging the air around them, this was a surprise.

So the Leader and his minions get to enjoy fresh air, while the Wolves they govern protect the land they rest, just to sleep inhaling their own droppings day in and day out…

I flexed my long fingers, and a few of my knuckles cracked. It has been a while since Kleopha’s Soul had the pleasure of moving about in her own skin, but still not the skin she was originally born of.

I fixed the Wolf Head over my face and began to walk, slowly, taking it all in. My garments were of a soft pink, amidst dominate colors, black, gold, dark green, and silver; an odd mixture. If I didn’t know any better I’d say the Hall of the Gazebo was deliberately painted with colors that doesn’t go together in a place of wealth.

Glows in the darkness, about seven of them, arrested my attention without reading its Miranda rights. The warmth and the inviting feel of the place was another story in itself. The soft glow was easy on my eyes, and only uncovered the beauty and ruggedness of the approaching high ceilinged hall. It was amazing!

Outside of the Gazebo, there were one thousand feet of land behind it, and then the Infrastructure; two edifices, separated. That’s what ye see if ye saw this place without the Wolf head. And even with it on ye would have seen the empty patch of land behind the Gazebo.

But the thing was, without the Wolf head mortals wouldn’t see a thing about the tribe, all they would see was what I saw when I first arrived here. I saw a large patch of land and grass. And now knowing the Gazebo and the Tribe and the Infrastructure was there even then, just invisible, I had to give it to the Wolves. They know how to make themselves scarce.

Through the eyes of the wolf I see that once I entered the Gazebo the patch of land doesn’t exist, and truly didn’t exist from the outside, because the hall itself was seven thousand feet, and other halls branched off into different directions, each more beautiful than the other.

Radiant! That tells me that the Gazebo and the Infrastructure with the all seeing-eye were never separate, but one building itself, connected with hallways and tunnels and locked rooms that ye can only see from the inside, and only with the Wolf head over thy face, and thy eyes looking at the truth of it all and through the diamonds of Splitahmus, and through the eye sockets of the Wolf.

The patch of grass was the deception, and was only camouflage to trick the eyes, so they send the wrong signal to the brain, that ye didn’t see one building, which it was, but two separate buildings, one more superior than the other.

The beauty of this place was merely a deceptive plot to fool mortal eyes if this place was ever discovered by them.

I was half mortal and certainly was bound by the rules of engagement, despite the half vampire in me. Even if ye possess even a little humility, or a dash of humbleness ye art human, end of discussion. Ye can build nations with humbleness, and then ye destroy the inhabitants deceptively. That’s how I used to think, but not anymore. I was starting to look at the good in mortals, since I wasn’t drawn to their blood anymore, or so I thought.

If I wasn’t one hundred percent vampire, the true identity of the settings within the Gazebo, and outside of it, and the secret pathways and passageways, and the strategically placed tunnels crawling fifty feet into the earth would be invisible. Without the Wolf’s Head from the neck of a Wolf Tribe member and the usage of his eyes, I would still be lost in the darkness, trying to find the Leader of the Wolf Tribe.

It would have been a lost cause...

Before me was a half-mile long hallway, breathtaking details gave it a life of its own. It was so gorgeous it took a while for the images to sink in my head and form pictures my mind hold behind the workings of them to uncover the flaws of it all, and there were a few.

Over the one thousand foot area rose grand stair cases of marble extended over the huge one thousand foot space, a heavily guarded space where a gigantic marble statue of a Wolf in Battle stretches towards the circular break in the four grand stair cases, and through it by four hundred feet.

And something else occurred to me about the four grand staircases. Four closed oak wooden and steel doors were at the beginning of the staircases, and that grabbed my attention and saved me from attention deficit disorder.

The numbers 1, 2, 4 and 6 were nailed to the center of each polished door. There were names carved from gold under the 4 golden numbers.





The face of the marble statue was 200 feet large, and as I floated past it I avoided its eyes, because ye never know where the soul roameth.

I remembered the past, when I killed Chanteuse. Why I thought of her beats me, but I must pray for my enemies, because there was no reward in praying for only thy friends and family.

Brightly I smiled, thinking of the wild hounds that feasted on her bleeding flesh as she took her last breath.

Finish her off! I offered, and they heard my every thought.

Obediently, they obeyed.

Back then animals did what they were commanded to do, with hesitance in some instances.

After they devoured her flesh, they looked at me at random moments; as if ashamed a vagabond filled their stomachs with the fleshy pleasures of a tarnished woman, her life and legacy forever silenced inside the pulse of the bellies of the hounds.

After a few quiet moments, the hounds nodded their heads in appreciation, indirectly thanking me for the delicious meal, with a tasty treat included (Chanteuse’s womb), and then they sprinted with uncanny speed into the darkness.

It took a moment to collect myself.

Their feelings were deep and genuine. Ye feed a dog ye had his heart forever. He’ll look for ye every day for a treat, and once he’s had enough he will protect thy life if it is ever endangered.

Man’s Best Friend was trumped by the King of the Jungle.

I closed my eyes and digitized that moment, that Era, the Era Chanteuse walked the earth with her appetite for destruction, and silently, quietly dropped down behind the Messenger, Apostasy, with devastating accuracy.

I didn’t know what it was at first, but then it dawned on me. I wasn’t of vampire at the moment.

I knew it when I gave thought to the Leader, and then I thought about Apostasy and that whole nightmare of dialogue, and of Apostasy himself, fighting the urge to make love to him, get a glimpse and a taste of his power within his realm of unconsciousness, unconscious because society doesn’t know about their tribe or the inhabitants and system of authority and control deep within, sprouting from the heart of the Tribe, and their control and ruling authority extended past them, and settled in a limited area, away from any type of civilization on earth.

Ha! Ha, ha, ha! He’s a local vampire, a local superstar! He was powerful, yes he was. But that power was bound to the Wolf Tribe, and the Wolf Tribe only. What good was that type of power when it doesn’t spread love and good will like the will of Christ?

I muted all sound, and cut their senses. I studied the back of Apostasy’s body. He stood a few feet away from Security Hall, a breathtaking display of authority.

A five thousand foot hall, and lined on either side, directly across from each other, were twenty foot wolves clad in military regalia, with human bodies muscled to perfection, dazzling eyes of the ancient Beast dripping into high cheekbones, it was then I realized they were half wolf, half human and their faces, the left side Wolf, the right side that of an amazingly handsome man, and at their sides were humongous swords, glittering.

If even a smidgen of climate changes in this realm, Kleopha, they instantly snap to attention from the “at ease (a military command)” position and will sniff ye out until ye art snubbed forever.

I sprinted around Apostasy and got in his face, glaring at him, but he didn’t see me, and I smiled; my wolf lips a few inches from his and at that moment I allowed myself to daydream. I will never have him, and I burn for him, long to feel his touch all over my body, write love letters with my clitoris and use my precious wet lips as a wet nap for thy sensational tongue!

I dreamed of kissing him, pretending I was a wolf for a minute, to get outside of myself and into the way of a wolf, and my body began to make the transition and I stood there as a wolf in full.

I held up my paw, admiring the bone structure and the immaculacy of my fur. I had a long, slender nose and seductive eyes and a lean, slender body, cut with muscles that moved in ripple effect when in motion.

When I move I feel alive, like I can run a two mile street lined with life sized mirrors turned at odd angles in two seconds flat, world record time. And the rush of adrenaline was something otherworldly, like I can jump even higher than a vampire, but dogs couldn’t fly, unless ye pay the cover charge...

The one I sought I had it bad for. I kissed at his lips, two inches away from them I was, they nearly touched, but didn’t make contact and the tears fell as I backed away, thinking of my children, the war, and fulfilling my mission, to save as many souls from doom as possible before I perish, and lead them back to Christ or introduce them to Christ and my job is done.

My children and I will be happy living in the light, bound by documents and social security cards, subjected to penalties and fines if I don’t pay bills on time, dealing with everyday pressure while putting others before myself, praying for my enemies while they stab me in the back and try to take from me what I have.

And it will be different.

When I was a mortal, Chanteuse tore my life apart, and my husband at the time, Zulu, did as well.

Mama Resha, my mother’s death, and the whorish way I secretly moved behind Chanteuse’s darkness with my very own, sleeping with every man she slept with before she even got to them, she didn’t realize I had already beat her at her own game, and kept it a secret, playing the dashing girl next door without a spot on her white skirt and ivory colored panties.

When I become human this time, it would be through baptism, and my old self and all that came with it will be no more, a thing of the past, and will wash away forever. I will never have any memories of my vampiric self, or all that came with Alicia Chay, the demon, or all that came with Kleopha Achieng, a demon, a demon that has come into the knowledge of Christ and turned her back on it forever, a woman that will have to deal with the potential fallout and backlash that decision comes with.

I wasn’t a demon anymore.

And neither were my children!

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