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Chapter 42: ROME

All demons art dead, but their evil influence takes on human thought and feeling and sometimes action when jealousy causes a person to take or destroy what someone else has, because ye don’t have it yourself, whatever that may be. Demons inhabit thy bodies and ye don’t even know ye art the hosts of the secret event, a demon in the body, blocking thy blessings and introducing drama and strife into thy everyday life.

When nothing was going right in thy life and ye lived with others without a thing to thy name while in thy adult stage of mortality, ye can’t get around, you’re always asking, whining and begging for money, money, money, blaming others for thy financial slump and thy woes; it’s the white man’s fault because ye couldn’t find a job ye figured, so ye don’t look for one at all. No one cuts ye a break because ye constantly steal from them, and take from them, and smile in their faces so ye can do it again; acting irrationally and doing things ye wouldn’t normally do against people who love ye and art there for ye usually is the first sign that a demon lives in ye.

Get thy life right.

The only way to heaven is through Christ!

But many ignore signs of evil living in them; it’s an addiction for some. They celebrate the life of Christ on a fake Sabbath day, when indeed Saturday was the true Sabbath day. But the Roman Church changed all that, and burned John Huss for going against their decision to play God in the eyes of society, saying it’s what God wanted them to do.

There was no way Christ’s life was going to be worshiped in Rome’s native tongue, publicly or openly.

They put an end to it.

And the Law made it mandatory.

Ye either accept it, or get persecuted for going against it.

So many native civilians of Rome, and places abroad, within jurisdiction, reverted to the principles of the Roman Church for their own safety.

The only alternative was death.

If ye didn’t believe me study the life of John Huss and his brother, both burned alive on stakes for worshipping Christ, and never denouncing his power to celebrate pagans and phony Sabbaths.

And many died, because they refused to worship anyone other than Christ.

As an evangelist I will ensure that I never worship the Lord on Sundays.

I will give praise on Saturdays, the real Sabbath, and the true Sabbath.

The law of the land doesn’t change God’s commandment.

Monday through Friday He created the earth and the beauties within, and on the seventh day, Saturday, he rested.

Enough said…

I closed my eyes, backing away from Apostasy. He ran with grace to the start of a throne, and sat on it with a slanted crown on his head. I was confused. He wasn’t the Leader. So why was he role playing? How mad! He didn’t see or sense me. In my eyes I activated night vision capability because the place suddenly went dark. Startling me, alarms sounded thunderously. And flashes of red light danced into my eyes, as if hypnotism awakened from slumber and realized it was still here with a purpose to carry out: programming and conditioning.

Flashing lights didn’t intimidate me, and the sound made me yawn.

And then it hit me!

Oh, no!

They were looking for me, and were on to me. But how? I was of a wolf, and invisible to their eyes because of the Wolf head over my face, and the mask and the wolf fur that covers me kept the aura of the vampire suppressed, guarded by the half human side of myself.

I studied the Wolves, scattered about.

The Army of Soldiers didn’t move.

They were still in the at ease position.


That confirmed something. They couldn’t find me, but their superiors didn’t care. As long as she was gone that was fine by them. She wasn’t going to meet the Leader, and that was decided even when Apostasy vanished inside the Gazebo after his encounter with Kleopha and everything that was said on replay in Apostasy’s mind, and now he sits on the throne still going over it, every word we spoke.

I saw it in his eyes.

He had feelings for me! That’s what it was!

Coming into that sad fact strengthened me. I was getting distracted by his gorgeous face and his amazing body.

They think I am gone, retreated, surrendered to my living quarters in my corner of the earth!

But little do they know that Kleopha Achieng was in the building.

And I’m not leaving until I end the imposing war!

Can I handle guiding people from a life of sin, to a life Christ has promised them, if only they obey God’s law, and not the law of man?

Those steadfast in their inner darkness refused to turn their lives over to Christ. They refused to be reborn by waters of baptism. Instead of being covered and wet from the waters of baptism, some would rather wake up wet from vomit and booze, stimulants over scripture was their motto.

Many won’t be reborn after confessing ye were a sinner with thy lips, and confess that ye believe in the gospel with thy lips, and who He was and what He stood for, because they simply don’t believe.

And it’s their right to make their own choices.

Outside of Christ there was no other way to heaven.

Don’t be deceived by anyone that tells ye Christ is not the only way to Heaven.

Be steadfast in thy belief.

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