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I think of the good guy that gave his all and his heart to a society that used him for what he had—and took his gratitude and shoved it up his buttocks without his knowing, because the smiles and the phony concern they had for him was the anesthesia. Society turned around and robbed him, beat him up, treated him like crap and bullied him. Their abuse will most certainly, inevitably, darken his heart and the end won’t justify the means, and he won’t realize that until after his soul slipped to the dark side and poison everybody that has ever hurt him in his life.

The good church boy turned demon. Yes, the boy I talk about is Apostasy. That was his life before he became half wolf, supernatural. Now that I understand him better I still wanted a private meeting with the Leader of the Wolf Tribe. I was determined to find him, it was imperative that we come to a solution to mend fences between dog and cat.

Ditching the body of a wolf, I was myself again, but still had the Wolf Head over my face for immunity.

I was now in hologram form; the shiny silvers of all shades presented a different aura, engaged in a twirling affair…all over my hologram-coated skin were spotted reds of all shades and hints of green and purplish hues entertaining the temptation of light oranges and hints of black, like a hologram trading card I appeared. It looked like I stepped right out of one.

I was watching the Wolves in 3D. The corneas of my eyes came into the understanding of the different directions and reflections of the diamonds eyes of Splitahmus, the eyes housed in the sockets of the Wolf head.

I could see every Wolf in yellow and green and red and black colors. They seemed calm now. A tall Wolf ran up to Apostasy and told him that I was gone. Officially gone.

I studied the look of reserve and calm that spread across his face. And then he broke into a wide smile. His face radiates!

“That is good news indeed,” said Apostasy. Thoughts of me danced in his eyes. He privately licked his top lip, and looked away coyly.

When the Wolf started to get an erection from staring at the radiance of Apostasy’s face and admiring his body Apostasy seemed unnerved.

“You’re dismissed,” said Apostasy.

Reluctantly, the wolf galloped back to the entrance of the massive Gazebo.

I tip toed past Wolves, lounging around in royalty, while peasant Wolves remained outside the Gazebo. I double checked to make sure I erased my scent. I didn’t neddeth to alarm the guards that line the hall. I also blocked my body heat with thick mist, invisible to even my eyes.

My footsteps were muted.

I looked over my shoulder; hands extended, and walked a bit faster…getting a steady rhythm.

I couldn’t believe that I pulled it off!

I passed them all, every royal wolf! I made sure I didn’t trigger any silent alarms. Red laser beams, shining into forms of oval shaped brackets levitated and moved throughout the Underworld.

The Underworld!

The halls of the Gazebo were leading to it, or separate parts of it!

Why hadn’t I noticed it before!

Behind Apostasy’s throne was a monstrous infrastructure.

Without the wolf eyes that was all I saw. But with them over my eyes the infrastructure was only a massive gateway, with the all-seeing eye built into the monstrous mountain! Oh my! The quarters of the Leader were inside an excavated mountain! The wealthy art transitioning their homes inside mountains!

Why hadn’t I thought of that?

The Gazebo is Apostasy’s home, his corner office if ye will.

The Kahuna lived in the mountain.

And that was my destination.

I sprinted along the hall, and past the standing guards. I took a minute to look at them all as I ran by.

They were immaculately uniformed. They were the most dangerous killers and murderers in earth’s history.

After gazing into their eyes for briefs flashes of the second, I understood why they were the most dangerous half wolf, half humans on earth. I saw the souls of deceased serial killers thriving with vibrancy, standing still in formation, but inside their private hell they burned for an eternity.

There was Ted Bundy. Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy, Hitler, Stalin, Ahmad Suradji, the Red Ripper, Yang Xinhai, the Monster Killer; Harold Shipman, Doctor Death and thousands of other souls bound by the hell of the flesh in death.

The shock of whom they were caused me to lose my rhythmic balance and I fell, breaking my fall with my hands, and I exploded into a thoroughbred wolf and galloped like a horse towards an adjoining hall, with an arch entrance and a door slightly opened.

Standing as a woman, I slowly opened the door and the Wolf head over my face peered around to it to see it the coast was clear.

Checkered floors and towering triple spiral columns, 7 on either side of the hall, with doors (without numbers) locked behind the columns. Each column was seventy feet apart from each other.

And they all rose into a towering dome seven hundred feet above my head…

The dome stretched over the length of the hall. Gorgeous, powerful testaments of art (famous oil paintings) lined the hall, hanging dead center on golden hooks of each column.

Now that I have a closer look, the columns were two hundred and ten feet tall, the top of them were connected into individual grooves of frescoed wainscoting, intricately flowing into the concrete frame of the stained glass dome itself.

Stained glass!

Oh my God!

The essence of stained glass

Before I could react, the glare from the sun shining through the stained glass of the dome reflected, gently, on my skin! Ah! What a wonder! I wasn’t frightened at all, in fact I welcomed the warm reds and yellows and blues and green colors radiating on my essence.

Finally, multi-colored balls of light, no bigger than two inches of rain, maneuvered all over me, causing me to buckle at the knees, and once those tiny balls of light rolled over every bend and curve of my lips and face, they seized my eyes, and I felt the love of Christ wash over me and clean my thoughts.

The silvery purple colors of my hologram complexion were slowly relieved of their duties of camouflage, forever; I was glad to be rid of the hologram. I had to become it after putting on the Wolf’s head to get past the lions. Even when I turned into a wolf I was in hologram form. Holograms art deceptions to the naked eye.

I bared fangs with stained glass eyes, like I had once before, when I killed the bogus pastor of the Rhee Shrine Temple, and I had to battle the lords and demons behind the entire operation.

It’s still hard to believe they used church funds, people’s hard work, the sweat of their brows, the last penny a few members of the church could only afford, to invest in a Chinese cult, a group of narrow-eyed men that sacrificed elephants and lions for their manes and tusks.

When Queen Alicia Chay paid the Rhee Shrine Temple a visit, the terms of the Treaty of Animals sparked vengeance deep inside of me when I experienced a prolific pastor swindling funds, and a neddeth to satisfy that vengeance ruled over every other thought when I tore through them all, group punishment and sent in the vultures, the T4 cells of life and death.

Matching the colors of the dome above, I glittered all over with reds and greens and blues and yellows!

Pushing memories of the Rhee Shrine Temple aside, a few demons blitzed through the darkness, from the opposite side of the stained glass dome, mocking the life of Christ and I was angry!


How dare they mock the Son of God!

How dare them!

Something swelled inside of me and I had to keep myself together, or I’ll ruin everything and crap on my progress thus far.

My stained glass eyes behind the diamonds of Splitahmus defined my vision and sharpened my sight like dull knives through a knife sharpener, the diamond eyes embedded in the sockets of the Wolf head was my greatest weapon.

I see things for what they were, and what they truly were, and what they originally were.

And they weren’t on the opposite side of the stained glass I concluded, their realm was behind the first layer of glass of the stained glass dome.

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