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Their realm was cleverly hidden in the souls that created the stained glass of the Underworld, the soul of the building’s architect, sworn to secrecy, was in their custody, and the soul of the artist that crafted the stained glass they own, the soul of the creation, and the rights to their use of free will has been silenced, and that silence has given them unyielding power.

I held my breath and calmed myself. Watching the demons run side to side, glancing down towards me, but couldn’t see me. They actually looked past me. What were they bothered about?

I smiled, my fangs retracting back into my gums, disguised with the porcelain of my human teeth.

There were four of them with huge black feathered wings of silk, their slanted beady red eyes glowing with an unspeakable power, a power I didn’t want to know about because it was created by the architect of the darkness. Chandeliers hovered above their heads by one hundred feet.

Screaming, I began to run, gaining in speed as my heart quickened. My voice still muted within their realm, kissing towards my womb I had to do.

Mama loves ye!

I must protect ye both at all costs!

With that in mind, and being optimistic about the outcome of the whole ordeal, I jumped two hundred feet in the air, moving so fast I was in slow motion again. I loved when I moved like that. Call me cinematography. It gave me time to gather my thoughts at break neck speeds.

Grabbing the edge of the frescoed wainscoting (with a walking platform of marble) running along the upper portions of the columns, and rose towards the towering dome by thirty feet at an angle, it took great effort to swing my legs back and forth, so I could build momentum. The muscles of my elegant torso were the support and safety net of my limbs.

Filled with a rush, I flipped unto the edge of the walking platform atop the frescoed wainscoting. I raised my hands and used my index fingers to pull the empty sockets of the Wolf head from the diamonds by two inches. And I peered past the diamonds, and noticed the walking path was gone. The frescoed wainscoting and the dome was gone.

If I hadn’t had on the Wolf head I wouldn’t have seen the beauty of the place, without the Wolf head it was utter destruction and chaos.

The high hallways were chunks of rock, building towards fire and sulfur. The all Seeing Eye began to blink rapidly, and the Wolf soldiers were actually master demons jumping in and out of mortal souls, those who have died without knowing the truth of the gospel, and those who chose to disobey it.

There were millions upon millions of prisoners. I lowered my hands and the empty eye sockets of the Wolf head snapped back around both diamonds used for eyes.

But I truly used them for guidance.

Gone were the demonic images of Hell, and I was awed by the beauty of the palace without preamble.

I looked at my reflection in the marble of the flooring atop the frescoed wainscoting.

I erased even that, I didn’t want to give those demons a clue that I infiltrated their government.

Again, I was wasting time so I began to run again, as if I’m a track star, along the marble floor and I covered 1,000 feet in 5.3 seconds.

The tiny multi-colored balls (and small beads) of light continued to maneuver all over my body, suppressing my image, and my body fragrance, and eliminating my body heat from their realm, keeping it protected by the balls and beads of light from the stained glass.

The further along I ran I became nervous. I slowed up a bit, running at 25 mph. My hair trailed midair, thirty feet.

Tiny beads of light danced along every single individual strand of hair, keeping the essence of my hair locked and sealed from the realm of the cleverly hidden Underworld, and the beauty it used to hide itself and its horrors, torture and torment from mortal eyes…

A breathing human could never see this place, as was the case with me when I peered past the diamond studded eye sockets of the Wolf head.

Only in death could an unrighteous mortal see or come into contact with the Underworld, the Underworld being a cold-hearted prison with heartless demigods using pain and slow torture as punishment twenty-four/seven.

Ye don’t have a chance to rest; ye art kept awake for an eternity!

Could ye imagine being so tired ye couldn’t go to sleep for the rest of thy soul’s existence while being scolded by the lake of fire?

Unsanitary holding cells houses a chosen few; those chosen few were agents of evil released from the bowels of hell to corrupt a dying planet earth and Adam’s descendants, but they have already failed, and continues to fail daily because the bodies they inhabited were protected by the Armor of God.

Every knee will bow to the Lord, Christ Jesus.

If they never repent of their sins or ask for forgiveness or forgive others as the Lord forgives ye, this was where the mortal will end up.

The Underworld.

And it doesn’t matter if you’re black or white; or rich or poor. Same rules of God’s law apply, to everyone!

But many art in opposition.

I know I used to be, and I could certainly understand why.

But at the end of the day right is right, and wrong is wrong.

And many higher ups abuse that power, writing their wrongs, and editing their rights, and compromising the rights of others for the order of the world, one that has yet to come into effect, but indeed has already been activated, globally.

Alan Bachmier, my ex adoptive father, if ye considered him that after reading the 3 B.C. Era chronicles. He once said that the biggest crooks, thieves, liars and murderers were incarcerated, buried (or burned alive), or in the higher echelons of power, worship and government known as empires back then.

Either way we’re all doomed, he used to say, as the memory of the Village of Opus silenced me. It was a quote made by him that I never forgot for as long I shall live.

But once I’m baptized the memory will be gone forever!

And his infidelity with my best friend, my sister at heart (at the time), a woman I was madly in love with, but helped destroy because her loyalty to me, when I gave of mine so willingly, blew up in my face.


Why was she still on my mind? Ugh!

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