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Chapter 4: TO HER DEATH

Four explosions covered a tremendous amount of acreage, until, inevitably, a final explosion brought forth a sound of peace, a quiet sound that relaxed and calmed Kleopha, a sound that filtered into thy ears after the eye of the storm passed over, and left its path of destruction.

While Kleopha tried to get herself together, rocked senseless from the shock of the explosions, and of the explosions themselves, Doneshius stalked her.

He was there in the forest as well, watching her from behind, from hundreds of yards back, hidden deep in the forest, in front of the Tomb of the Queen, the one with her name on it.


Armona’s name was replaced with Kleopha’s the instant she and her unborn child stepped foot above her resting place, when she dug her hands in the earth, thinking the lion, wolf, vampire and half human child was born from the one she was hunting down to kill…

Now she knew that she was hunting herself…

It was all about him from his end, and all about Kleopha from a great distance where she stood, eight hundred feet away. She was unaware that Doneshius was watching and studying her, and roundabout, and even further out, and over yonder, and over there, and a few feet before him, lay ruins.

Those ruins were reminders that anything out of control would be annihilated. By any means necessary. Even if it meant killing thy entire generation of people, and stalling the growth of their young by getting rid of them when stored inside the male testicles, they will be dealt with.

Many trees of many classes lay, destroyed.

I, Doneshius, mourned the loss of thriving agriculture and for the loss of life. I hated mankind…well, maybe not anymore…certainly I do!

No, I don’t…

Yes I do.
Maybe it was because I regret tricking Kleopha, and her ghost, and her soul into my problems, and into my hidden agenda. I impregnated all three, for my own selfish reasons, breaking a direct order. And when it all hits the fan and my Leader finds out then…God bless my soul.

I shouldn’t have taken advantage of her, making her think she was dreaming of our experience, most of which turned into nightmares and freaked her out. I used to watch her, as I do now, from her bedroom, off in the corner by the $12 million dollar latrine, in the shadows.

She tossed and turned, and I made love to her countless times. But I never told her, or informed her when we were exchanging philosophies and dialogue of religion in the rainbow.

She was sharp!


Even seeing her now drove me crazy. The hairs stood on my arms from the siege of Goosebumps.

Oh, My!

Just look at her!

What a beautiful woman!

My heart skipped a beat, and I could hardly catch my breath.

Take her now!

Love her!

Talk to her!

But she hated me!

I told her that she was going to be an evangelist and that she would be human again. Kleopha? An evangelist? Ha, ha, ha! Bwahahaha!

Spare me!

She wasn’t human again!

And she wasn’t an evangelist!

She was still a vampire, though there was a different aura, and a different glow about her. Maybe because she was pregnant. No. That couldn’t be it!

What was it?

She definitely looked much different than she had when we were of the rainbow, and when we made love before I ever showed her my fake, midair paradise.

It was a good thing she barely walked or paced the realms of the rainbow. If she would have walked past me, by three feet, of three feet, she would have fallen right through the smokescreen, a hallucination, and fell, powerless, towards the earth.

To her death.

I could have killed her then! But I didn’t, because I was in love with her and forced myself not to even think of it. I didn’t meet vampires and jump in the sack with them. I was of a high pedigree. Ye had to work and earn and spend money on me to get me to jump thy bones. But because I already slept with Kleopha (the memory of her gushy softness caused me to become stoically erect), and pounded my seeds deep inside her womb in the heart of the Grand Forest centuries ago, my body wanted and needed her in the rainbow of color.

Once we met in the limitation of color in the soul’s chest of the rainbow, I then took the liberty (and only then, after taking an oath to the no-nonsense orders given to me by the Devil) to plant my fiery seeds deep inside the closet of her cervix.

I rubbed my chin, glancing at her luscious lips, fleshy gems that seemed to sun kiss the dimples of her cheeks. With one sweep of my eyes I X-rayed her erect figure and turned on heat sensors, taking a quick look at her insides.

Everything was perfect.

Her Fallopian tubes caused me to gasp. She was ovulating. I saw through her garments at her beautiful vagina. I had to make sure it wasn’t broke, loose or out-of-order. I only love the best bouncing on my ten inch mastermind. And everything I ever slid in, or will slide in, was the best and left a ruined, satisfied mess when I disappeared, never to be seen by the same person twice in this lifetime.

Except Kleopha.

I remembered how her lips felt when she suckled all over my heightened horizon, the one that stood erect and was ready to explode with spurts of sweet milk. The way she walked, like that of a model with a purpose, and the way her hair danced on the breeze, was something to remember, and something I would always remember. Even in the absence of wind her hair continuously danced. The way her body was sculpted drove me insane; her ample bosom and child-baring hips confined to silky chocolate porcelain blended with an ounce of heavy cream.

She had the prettiest skin tone in the entire world. That was Kleopha. Sweet to taste. I could still taste her on my tongue. My taste buds refused to let go. Even before the trickery of the rainbow. I wasn’t under orders as of yet, and I was always fascinated by her.

To my dismay a lump formed in my throat when I thought back to the Era of the Village of Opus. A time when me and all the Villagers of Opus, male, young and old, ran through Kleopha like she was an open casting call for the circus without entertainment or animals and obstacles. What was I thinking? Was I that miserable that I had to inflict misery on others? Yes, I was a vampire, but I have been one too long to still be untamed, and out of control. I should be ashamed of myself! I should crawl in a hole and die! Burn me at the stake! Kleopha, as whorish as she was, and gorgeous, and filled with a fire I have never known, was determined to erase the memory of Chanteuse from the village’s history. She sacrificed her body to do so.

I loved her!

Yes I did!


Kleopha, I cared for ye. As long as I’ve been here monitoring her, and forcing myself to approach her to apologize, and to ask for forgiveness, I haven’t blinked.

I didn’t want to lose her image for even a quick second. Even that was torture!


Damn it!

Ye art the woman that I loved! If ye have me I would never touch another vampiric woman again, as long as it’s ye. If I couldn’t have ye, or be with ye, and not only as thy most trusted friend, but as thy husband, and thy lover, then I didn’t want to live anymore, and I didn’t want my children, though I didn’t want them anyway, unfortunately for ye, the Reader, fortunately for me because all I cared about was Kleopha.

I wanted to make a shrine for her, and maybe I should. Maybe then she would take me into her arms and thank me for my effort and hard work.

Keep dreaming, Doneshius!

My sweet Kleopha.

I wanted to know ye; and learn ye; and get to know ye. Share my world with ye and reveal it to ye and give ye the keys to my kingdom so ye can unlock them, even the secret chambers, and take thy time and explore the halls of my heart, and the ruins of my nerves, and the fresco ceilings of my brain, and the dome covering the brain itself, and trust me enough and love me enough to share thy world with me and grant me the keys to thy kingdom and step into it.

Trust me with those precious secrets and keys, knowing I would hurt ye, but having faith in yourself, and in us as a whole to acknowledge and understand and trust that I wouldn’t ever do such a thing.

Back then I hurt her without a conscious.

Now that I was madly in love with her I wouldn’t intentionally hurt her or cause her harm. And I want ye to share thy Universe, Kleopha, with me and let’s find a way to blend it all, merge it all so that were both comfortable and happy, only if ye want to.

I wouldn’t pressure ye.

I would wait patiently, forever if I have to, if only ye say ye’ll consider being with me

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