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Life of a bachelor had its perks, yet ye went to bed at night cold and alone and the last thing ye felt was optimism. Hoping for some company… Even back when we, the male villagers of Opus and I, had our turns pleasuring the willing participant that begged for it, believe me I was not bragging, and I certainly wasn’t as perked up as I was before it happened, I loved her, but suppressed it…

Now that it was over, and I have children on the way, children I cared nothing for, their only purpose was to carry on my strain when I was inevitably killed for breaking the order, and the oath, I felt like the scum of the earth.

I have never felt this way, ever! I hadn’t realized I loved Kleopha until after the last man of the village exploded inside of her. I loved her then, yet I was committed to the male villagers, and my word was bond, even when I lie, and I still used the powers of the mind and heart to combine every seed of the men, over one hundred of them, mixed of mine into The Sperm Cell of the Child of all Nations and Creeds, that was the strongest of the bunch, the one that fertilized Kleopha’s egg.

And that’s the child the wolves and the lions art trying to stop from being born. The one they think was biologically of wolf, lion, vampire and human.

While the men were pleasuring her I wanted to kill every man that touched her, even though I was under their command, considering they sold their souls to me so a piece of them lived on when they were inevitably killed by the empire that ruled them, and restricted them to a miserable life of damnation and social control in a corroded village, called “Opus.”

I was under verbal contract with those men. Business always came first, the payoff later. Why had I let it go on? Why had I let it happen? I was a creep for doing that to her! But how did I make up for it? I didn’t wish for her to grieve over what I’ve done to her anymore!

Trying to push thoughts of what came to pass into my subconscious, I looked around he beautiful forest, remembering that specific time in my life. I remembered leaves were scattered about with wild grass, huge trunks of trees from the destruction settled in the rivers roundabout, along with many dead rabbits, squirrels, possums, deer, a rhinoceros and a few elephants, rest their souls.

The debris and commencement of dead animals circled the waters surrounding the Grand Forest, and separating the Village of Opus and the Grand Forest from the rest of the world, like lost coffins without the home of ceremony and burial. There was no one there to toss inside the grave cheap roses and carnations.

When Kleopha's casket was lowered deep into the earth, ye weren’t a second thought, and covered with dirt (marked by a tombstone), she was erased from the realm of the living. And you were shortly forgotten thereafter when there was an inheritance involved, and forgotten entirely if ye were broke, poor and everyone hated ye while ye were breathing life.

I knew now that Armona's Soul was incarcerated by a holding spell inside Kleopha's body.

I didn't realize that back then...

Amazingly so, the ravenous waters of the realm before him were separated by a bridge leading to the Grand Forest from what used to be the Village of Opus. And as he took in the beautiful scenery, beautiful because the destruction of gorgeous things tickled his fancy, one thing dawned on him as he floated up to the tomb and looked inside, to see what was going to rise from the dead.

He still couldn’t take Kleopha off of his mind, nor did he want to. Find her! Apologize! Get her to forgive ye! Marry her! Join her at the forefront of power! But do it selflessly!

He shuddered from the unknown; he wondered was the destruction caused by the Ancients, tormenting him for his lies and deceit. §omething wanted to make a grand entrance, but after an hour lazily dragged by without incident, and being hot and bothered, remembering making love to Kleopha, he had to wonder what it was all about.

The pyrotechnics surely made the hairs on his body stand at attention, but that’s all it was. Fantasy.

The sound of explosions and the firework display of the enemy didn’t impress him much. Was this thing, this hideous creature, if she revealed herself, on his side?

Was this a complete hoax?

He told Ķlěőpĥǻ the treaty never was, but in fact the treaty certainly existed. But to brainwash her, make her think it didn’t happen, give her the illusion of it all, the tricks and spooks behind it, certainly worked in his favor, and to his benefit, but he was faced with another problem.

What exactly had he awakened?

And why did it all feel like a dream, some sort of nightmare he was bound by, like something took control of his body and directed him to this place with a mouth filled with blood?

Now he had three children on the way. One of his children was already birthed into the realm of the earth, dependent on the atmosphere there within.

The child of Kleopha’s Ghost lived and breathed, somewhere. While in Kleopha’s womb, the child grew past three trimesters as if it was one, and this would happen with the pregnant soul when it, she, whatever, gave birth to Doneshius’s second child, but that wasn’t the scary part.

The scary part was the conception of those unborn children, and the conception of the one born in the Grand Forest. Their bond was made through lies. Two demonic entities combined, together. One was starting to believe in Christ, and the other was an atheist, confusedly so…

Doneshius fibbed about Kleopha’s Ghost being the victim of every man of the Village of Opus, and their love making, and their viciousness, even urinating on her. Indeed it was Kleopha herself that was the participant.

Did he tell her that?

Come clean and tell her everything, even if that meant losing her, even if that meant she would never forgive him? When Ķleőpĥǻ gave birth from her Soul, their son would become powerful, influential and wealthy.

When the Original Mother Armona’s physical body gave birth, now that Kleopha’s Soul has combined with it as One, and Kleopha’s Ghost going into hiding after giving birth to one third of Doneshius’s seeds, the child had disappeared into the darkness to be programmed and conditioned by the Dark of Night, and Its Knight and Ruler, and Its Prince.

Their son would be the most powerful man in the entire world. His soul will be that of every man of Opus, and Doneshius. Both children will be kept safe, separated, guarded, secret and hidden deep inside an enchanted cave on two opposite ends of the world. And when the time was right, in the near future, when they became young adults, the most gifted in the world, they would rise in power out of the blue.

One would be a Democrat, and the other would be a Rethuglican. Both would be deceivers and liars, and would use presidential debates to distract everyone, and make a huge profit from their multi-million dollar campaigns.

They would be thoroughly educated by reptilian instructors at the seediest schools on planet earth, and before the entire world they will rule, even when one lost the presidential race to the other.

One would rule every society on earth…

Unfortunately, one of them would fail. Miserably. And for the next election four years later, after promises made were snubbed for his true agenda of turning every neighborhood of every nation, and every tribe, into slaves and forced into concentration camps with the stubbornness of Castro and the demonic tyrannous affair of Hitler, the brother born of The Queen Mother Armona’s womb will run again against his brother born from Kleopha’s Soul. And the brother would not get re-elected for a second term, and his brother would take the reins.

The first order of business was to ban every religion and every Bible and every Karan and every book of any religious figure from all countries from the face of the earth.

If society believed in Chris, Buddha, Allah, or anything above government, off with their heads and televise it for the world, to scare society into obedience, or into death if they didn’t Join or Die.

Doneshius’s and the male Villagers’ hidden agendas lace both unborn children...

But the Child already born from Kleopha's Ghost jeopardized the entire plan...

Doneshius knew that if his children were born, not only would the world suffer in ways already explained, eventually leading society into concentration camps of control, murder, blood and death, but she would birth fraternal twins, and her soul and Armona's captive physical body will perish, forever.

And that’s when the Child of All Nations and creeds will begin to breathe…

And his brother as well…

The instant Kleopha's Soul and Armona's physical body, contaminated from the occupancy of Kleopha's Soul, dies...

Both sons would inhale the breath of Life—and draw their heads back from the strong stench of chaos and catastrophe that laid ahead—only after the Queen Mother Armona’s body died following the birth of her bundle of joy.

Armona's flesh would laid to rest without her biological soul, and Kleopha’s Soul would die within it. At the same time they would give birth, in two different locations, on opposite ends of the earth, Doneshius was assuming. They would meet the same fate as Kleopha’s biological mother, ЯŷæšħūŜ. They would both perish! Forever! But they didn’t know of it. The Devil's curse would lure Armona's flesh and Kleopha's Soul together through an electric portal.

They would perish forever...

Instantly, Doneshius gasped, then fell to his knees, and dug into the earth, before the Redwood of Legend, the very first to grow in the forest thousands of years before.

He screamed into dawn of the morning, just as the sun was about to rise. He wasn’t ready to lose her! And now he must stop her from giving birth, and kill the Queen Mother Armona’s body and while she’s pregnant, and some kind of way kill the child growing in Kleopha’s womb, so he could spare her, and love her and marry her. And make love to her until the world ends and faced Judgment.

He realized the exact coordinates of the Grand Forest, and the huge spot of blood dried in the soil before the Redwood, the same spot Ķleőpĥǻ dug her hands when she realized something gave birth, and when she thought the mysterious Ghost was the enemy with another name and of a different species, pregnant with lion, wolf, vampire and half human child, trying to inhabit her body, but to no avail…

Kleopha’s Ghost bled on something else in the very same spot, before the Redwood, the first to grow in the forest… It bled on top of the soil covering The Tomb of the Queen, where Kleopha’s physical body and Armona’s Soul was buried…

And now the grave was ripped open, and wide apart by Kleopha’s blood, and the blood of her unborn children with Armona’s DNA as well, imprinted…

The Village of Opus was the Gateway to the Grand Forest, and the Grand Forest itself, the clearing just before the meadow—where Ķleőpĥǻ’s Ghost and Kleopha’s Soul tried to reunite with what they thought was Kleopha’s biological body, but was truly the immaculately sculpted, perfect-in-all-areas body of the Original Queen Mother—was the spot the Devil crashed amidst a monstrous dust clouds that stretched 40 miles into the air, and covered over 400 miles of land, when he was cast from heaven.

And then it all made sense…
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