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It took a moment to get over the explosions that sounded in my ears, coming every sixth tree. I was on guard, standing as erectly as I could. I surveyed the land before me, and behind me. I saw nothing past the clearance in the forest, and beyond the meadow. My senses were on high alert. I floated around, and observed the land leading towards the Exit of the forest, deciding that the explosions that I heard were probably my nerves getting the best of me, and that couldn’t be it because there was a lot of destruction.

But I still didn’t know where the blasts came from.

What glittered beyond the shores of the defunct Village of Opus, at the Exit of the Grand Forest, was a gigantic foyer of leaves from trees of all kinds, and of every class on earth hovering like a canopy 40 feet above a pathway.

My hair was exhausted from jet-lag (traveling at the speed of light), was nothing short of Oh my Gosh!

My eyes widened with wonder, even wider than they had when I was tricked into a rainbow of various colors, being brainwashed by Doneshius.

If I ever got my hands on him…!

It wouldn’t be describable. It would go beyond words, and comprehension. I didn’t care how powerful he claimed he was, my vengeance and the dreadful, adrenaline-filled thought of an eye for an eye—and a tooth for a, hold the other tooth, please, and substitute it with sides of human hearts, I was on a very strict diet—was even more powerful than that!

Suffice it to say, I was filled with a disquieting rage that poured into a melody of song without lyrics or production, playing flutes with the tongues of my throat behind the scenes, just over three inches from the Director’s Chair.

The hundreds of thousands I’ve drained of blood for my continued survival, and the hundreds of thousands, in addition, that I murdered, learning to tame my thirst, I tasted on my tongue, one combined taste that made me puke, holding my stomach.

I felt a lot of pain, and then it was gone, as if they was never there. To my heart’s content, as red and black as it was, winding up here was fate. It was destined to happen. What lied beyond my grasp would soon come to pass.

Breathless, I held my heart. It even beat differently. It was fleshy red in the areas of religion, and what I now believe, hanging like framed photographs of Christ in my left ventricle. And, yes, he had hair of wool, and feet of bronze…

And other portions of my heart was black in the areas of doubt, in my right ventricle, yet the combination was my pulse, the thump of my heart beat.

The blackness of my heart, in spots all over the outside of it, reminded me of what I was turning away from, the darkness, and what I was trying to leave behind, but the revelation of Doneshius’s deceit knocked some sense in me. I neddeth to think clearly, and stop being deceived by beautiful imagery.

To turn away from the darkness was a decision I never thought I had to make, and suddenly I was regretting what I decided. If only I could go back and redo the decision with what I knew now.

Wouldn’t that be something?

If I had a crystal ball I’d ask and rub it meticulously and stare into it.

No, I wouldn’t do that.

Crystal ball gazing wasn’t pleasing to God, not at all, nor was sorcery, so there goes one level of my defense, given to the Heavenly Father in exchange for a crack at being mortal again, even though I was a mortal consciously, only, meaning I was in some serious denial.

That’s what the beautiful picture laying in panoramic view before me might be.

A hoax.


No, no, no my friend!


Come out, come out where ever ye areeeee!

He had to have been behind those explosions, and what was revealed to me after I heard them.

Dismayed, I looked around, scanning every nook and cranny. My eyes bounced around, drunkenly, swallowing every image, every tree and the sky itself. The dimensions of my eyes zoomed in like a camera lens over the waters and scanned every inch of every wave and the source of their repetitious creation in sixty seconds flat.

Five hundred and fifty miles of ocean water I covered in seconds. I studied every ripple, and every wave that crashed sixty feet below the cliff. The huge canopy of leaves of all kinds kept me protected from the sunlight, the canopy also extended out about thirty three feet, so the powerful sun rays spilled over the bend of leaves, and redirected down to the waves sixty feet below.


I knew you were here! I was sure I could feel ye! I meant, ye art my unborn children’s biological father; didn’t ye create them without my permission?

Had ye asked me did I want to be a mother I surely would have rejected the idea. I would have laughed in his face, thanked him for a quick romp, and forget about him the instant he vanished from sight.

I loved money!

Well, I used to...

I loved being filthy rich!

Ummm, I used to be, fortunately. I may be dismayed at the moment, but I was still happy that I had a breakthrough and changed beliefs based on experience, and what I have seen, and what was revealed to me, even amidst the debris of Doneshius’s scheme of things.

I loved wining and dining with Kings, Queens, Czars and the Upper Echelon of Drug Lords and Dealers! I couldn’t say that I was going to miss the luxuries of life. As an evangelist I couldn’t take those things with me, but maybe I should reside in my own quarters and continue doing what I’ve been doing, and what I’ve always done over the years.

Turn my vampiric life into Plan B, and put the life of a believer of Christ at the forefront, even over my own well-being, even though I was pregnant with fraternal twins.

Lovingly, I rubbed my belly, and looked down at it, taking in the sweet smelling air, charged with overzealous emotion. I would certainly miss those that have mansions and private islands and private jets and private phone numbers, the only numbers on their digital Rolodexes were that of moneyed men and women on their level of success, on their level of business, overseen by a closely monitored and guarded association that controlled them from the sidelines.

Money ruled me and comprised everything around me, how else could I sleep in the Original Queen Mother’s Gargantuan Canopy Bed in the Bedroom of the Mother, of my Dynasty, the Land of 100 Estates?

Money may not rule me anymore, though the urge to let it continue doing so bubbled at the base of my throat, and upset my stomach.

I doubled over in pain, crawling into the fetal position. The sunlight was slowly being invaded by a sea of thick, monstrous black clouds, slowly erasing the sky.

They were so black I could barely make out the shape of them. I was thrown.

Doneshius hadn’t done this sort of thing when we were in the colors of the rainbow.

The hairs on my body stood at attention!

I trembled in fear, and the ground began to shake, huge rocks fell over the cliff and slammed into the ocean below.

The waves increased in size, swallowed the shore, and began slapping at the sides of the mountain, leading to where I stood. The waves formed a gigantic, breathtaking face of a Boa Constrictor, hissing as blasts of water careened towards me, and I feared for the life of my unborn children.

Protecting them was my first priority.

Well… not anymore.

I closed my eyes and said a quick prayer, trying for once in my life, and I fell to my knees and held my palms high above my head, and I called out to Christ…

An explosion startled me from prayer, and I was on my feet in an instant, standing erectly.

I gathered myself, swallowing the lump in my throat and floated a few feet backward, a huge Redwood directly behind me, brushing grass from my garments.

This had to be Doneshius!

I saw a flash of rainbow color in the eyes of the watered down version of a Boa Constrictor.


Show yourself!

The waves froze mid-way, about thirty three feet, and a loud shrieking sound caused me to cover my ears. It was unlike any sound I have ever heard in my entire life! Sounds of torment and the gravest pain known to man, and unknown to man flowed into my ears.

Bottom line, I had to defend myself, and defend my unborn children second. I had to give the principles of my new belief the opportunity to affect my life, and change me for the better. I hadn’t been an evangelist for thirty minutes and I was already about to fall off the religious bandwagon…

But how was I going to do that?

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