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My heart told me that I was still a vampire. Nothing has changed. Doneshius lied to ye! Ye art not a mortal!

But my head said, “Do what is right!”

Thy life served a greater purpose! And thy life now served an even greater purpose! Defend the animals so they didn’t face extinction, and make a difference in the lives of mortals on the brink of losing faith in Christ.

If ye do this, I assured ye that ye would reap real wealth, the wealth of love and respect that would grow in thy inner self, and kill the blackened poison in thy heart, and of thy heart.

I listened to the voice!

Was it a revelation!

It had to be!

Do what was right!

I knew what I must do! I must put myself first, and stop worrying about others, and other vampires. I should even stop worrying about the animals! I had to love me, be devoted to me! No, that couldn’t be it! If I believed in Christ I had to put Him first and me second. I had to survive whatever was trying to come for me!

The shrieking intensified, and I looked down and a great light stalled the building of waves along the invisible path lining the mountains, leading to the tips of my toes. If I didn’t protect myself, how could I protect my unborn children?

The light ripped the shape of the Boa Constrictor’s face from the memory of water, and a gigantic water fall fell into the ocean, and Doneshius exploded from the ocean below, laughing wickedly, vaporizing into a school of bats that melted into the silky decadence of doves.

Sixty of them formed a systematic school of motion four hundred feet above my head, and above the foyer of leaves of all classes of all trees, of all kinds.

They flew towards the beautiful edifice before my eyes, and then they betrayed one another and abruptly branched off into one hundred and sixty directions, never to see each other again.

I knew Doneshius had to be behind this! Fool me once, shame on ye, Doneshius! Fool me twice, shame on me; the David Copperfield of vampires…

There was a still silence, the waves crashing at their normal ratios. Those damn monstrous black clouds still invaded the horizon, and the atmosphere leading towards me, and hovering above the spectacular wondrous place I couldn’t take my eyes off of.

A thin layer of dark clouds spun before the beautiful place, and formed a gigantic face. The immaculate eyes blinked a few times, and then the cloudy lips curled into a hiss, and a blood-curdling frown!

My body shook with abandon, the feeling of fire tampered with every emotion I had. The cloudy face formed scales all about the atmosphere within its shape, and the face rose into my very own, staring deep into my black marble eyes and all I could do was scream in horror, grabbing my cheeks!

Nothing has ever scared me, but this image of evil scared the living dead out of me.

I felt like a human again.

The face rose three hundred feet in the air, and looked down at me supported by a thick body extending from the ocean, by five thousand feet.

An incredible Beast with kingdoms and glittering paradises atop its head, its head a mile in every direction, and of all directions, formed into a crown with six diamond poles holding six glittering red rubies trapping rays of the sun.

The gentle hymn of waves, at twelve second intervals that crashed on the shore sixty devastating feet below the rocky cliff relaxed me.

Guardedly, I ran my hands through my hair, smiling, my pearly white teeth catching a reflection of what was before my eyes.

Oh the Beauty!

Sadly, the excitement I experienced was slowly slipping out of me. I came to realize that nothing seemed real anymore. I felt like the good and the bad were toying with me, until I fell dead to the ground after bouts of dizziness.

Maybe then they’d leave me alone. And I wasn’t ready to die. I had a new purpose in life! I had a lot to study, and a lot to read, even though I memorized the bible and knew every scripture and every story, verbatim, before I believed in Christ.

But it would be interesting to see how I felt when I recited them after my breakthrough, now that I knew how nine planets were created and set on that stunning system of the sun, and how it sat in the middle of it all as nine planets orbit the sulfuric ball of heat in nine different directions, and nine different paths.

To say that I was angry was putting things lightly. I was upset with the darkness for trying to convince the world the devil didn’t exist, yet they were banning God from public schools while teaching our students lies.

If there wasn’t a heaven, why had I been drinking mortal blood forever and a day or two, living the life of luxury, the type of luxury that was too rich for the Lifestyles for the Rich and Famous, no matter how annoying the narrator of the show speaks.

Didn’t I exist?

Surely ye art reading this, and in thy mind I wanted ye to listen to how I said things, and how I worded things in the form of evil? So surely the polarization of myself, and the one that transformed me has an opposite, and opposite effect in terms of the good, and the bad, and the evil.

I was once a tyrant without a heart, and at times without a soul. I now understand why I sometimes hadn’t a soul.

It was because my soul escaped the Queen Mother’s body to do her own thing, to blaze her own trail while the Queen Mother’s body slept for eight hours. My soul had eight hours to be with Doneshius, gag!

I hoped I didn’t love him from the soul because it’ll be a soccer match in hell before I wore black and white referee stripes, and a whistle clenched between two tight lips, with pressure from the moneyed men that illegally wired thousands to my offshore account; sadistic moneyed men that engaged in under-the-table payoffs for sport; with a verbal clause via puppet strings, to be embroidered on the garments of my shoulders, to call a foul when there wasn’t one, and to overlook a technical foul, or to show deceit during a Coach Challenge.

I was miserable despite having wealth. I wanted the pressures of it all to vamoose like PROPOSITION 8 and giving DOMA a swift kick in the ass.

Bye, bye Leviticus Era. Maybe now anal retentive pastors (many are atheists in stained robes and have the aura of half the members of their congregation oozing from their breath) and uptight politicians that opposed gay rights could continue being religious men before television cameras and on the House floor with a poker face; but kept in mind that real men
didn’t cry tears of regret in the dark with blindfolds over their eyes. Their tears soaked into the black fabric.

Those same religious men supported removing “God” from the pledge of allegiance, separation of church and state, yet In God we Trust was on the back of my money.

Dirty money.

The root of all evil.


So I was supposed to give what they stood before the world and said (about anything) any credibility? Politicians in the Elite use God as a crutch to fit their hidden agenda and well educated ghostwriters pre-wrote their speeches with deceitful colors that moistened their lips as they masked a look of fear in their retinas.

One Man, One Woman jargon they used to sway public opinion, when many of those same bigots were being bent over right as I faced being human again, being plowed by well-endowed men sworn to secrecy.

When thy soul lives in another body the T4 cell of life continuously tried to kill ye, and wipe ye out of existence.

I was trying to gain repentance for all of my sins?

It didn’t matter if everyone thought it was too late!

This was my life!

And I had to try!

I had to have come into that understanding for a reason. I thought for four thousand years I was the living dead, when in actuality I was living.

I wasn’t “killed” when I became “possessed” by the darkness, turning me the opposite of a mortal, a vampire. I was still alive after a bat flapped down my throat and transformed into the very thing in resistance of itself to purity.

I used to be a creature that puked at the thought of mysticism and the very mystics themselves, it was all in my right brain.

But for some reason the left hemisphere of my brain wasn’t in compliance with the rules of engagement of the black of night.

Wasn’t I once Alicia Chay: vagabond, sadistic queen of torture and beauty when the tale started?

Just because I was possessed didn’t mean I was dead!

Just because I embraced Kleopha Achieng, my biological self, inside The Original Queen Mother Armona’s body, claiming it as my own, didn’t mean my past was erased.

I had to come to terms with what has come to pass, and forgive myself for it.

Could I?

I couldn’t believe I was so naïve!

That was what I got for selling my soul for prestige and wealth! The grass wasn’t always grass on the other side, and surely wasn’t always greener on the other side. Sometimes the grass was dead, and other times grass was burned by the sun.

God had to exist when evil made the World News every second and every minute of the hour, sensationalizing the grief of others for ratings, and shoved it down our throats to sway public opinion, and shown to indirectly warn the public of things to come through examples of terror unleashed on precious human life by untamed governments in foreign countries.

The body count in Rwanda was alarming; the death toll left with the stamp of Hitler still resonates present day at the brutal and barbaric dealings of satanic men in power and government, now in text books and taught to thy descendants.

The warning was: you’re next if ye don’t adhere to the rules of law!
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