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When a group of high school students from all around the world and different planets termed as weird discovered they all had super powers, they were shocked and sad. They all thought the powers would make them even more ostracized than they already were. They tried to hide their powers and live life as normal as they could, none of them wanted to become heroes but what could they do when they find themselves saving the world.Meanwhile, Kyra Plutona, an alien escapes from a biochemical laboratory and decides to take revenge against those who killed her family and her people and save her little sister who was still in the lab. She convinces the super teens to join her in her quest for revenge. Their little plan of avenging the cause of her family becomes international after they ripped the seal over the darkest secret of the Rragon city lab and some members of the US government that extends around the universe and even into space.Nothing prepares them for the threats and sanctions against them, neither did Kyra planned to fall in love with the human in their group.Alone and betrayed by the country they once protected, they must run for their dear life. Uncovering the astonishing secret and the key to Kyra’s home very survival.

Scifi / Romance
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Doomsday in haephatus1

It was a bright and sunny day, one that would make even a year old baby would wish to be out playing.

Kyra’s father, the emperor of haephatus, Crimea and the admiral, silverstorm, were conversing in the Quarian ark (their mother ship); it was formerly heavily cloaked against earthling’s satellites and radars until the members of the Haephatus cabinets decided to communicate with the other planet earth. Its live scan showed them all kinds of broadcast and images of the Human ship settled so close to their home.It’s just a wall built of magnetic force field that’s protecting Haephatus from plain sight.
Kyra sat in front of the ship; her long limbed and scaled legs were soaked in a huge shell of water that looked more like melted silver. Stars and orange-red astral dust clouds reflected on the glass surface of the ship. Then she laid supine thinking of life outside her homeland. Few years ago, they had discovered other extraterrestrial planets inhabited by other creatures. EARTH.
Due to the short span of time they found out about earth, they hadn’t gathered much information about the earthlings, all they knew was that that the closest species to them in the universe were human, and Kyra was so excited when it was finally decided to make contact with them.
Her father’s researchers at the department of the study of earth and its inhabitants although used powerful satellites that absorbed broadcasts from API and many more had never been able to produce a visual of the inhabitants of earth. They could only monitor few of their activities caught on their radar.
From sneaking into the Quarian ark, Kyra knew earth was otherwise termed as the “Green haunt” by her father and the admiral.So it was a pleasant surprise to them when they noticed a human ship settling close to their home.
Her father had immediately sent one of the soldiers to offer a hand of friendship to the other beautiful creatures.
She remembered her mother’s skepticism and aloofness whereas her father was excited about coexisting alongside other strange and beautiful beings.The researches were other wrong about the supposed physical similarities between them and the earthlings. She thought them as strange because they didn’t look like she did, whereas her nose was just two tiny holes on her face she noted they had a bone elongating on that spot.
Her eyes were as white as her skin and she observed that they had colored circles in their eyes. She wondered why they looked as such. Looking closely at them, they seemed to even have ‘fiber’ shooting out from pores in their skin, while her skin was clear and as smooth as the silver water she uses to bath.
She was even able to see beneath their skin, they have a structure seeming to hold their skin in place, she wondered what they would do if probably the structure melted.
Days had passed and no response had been heard from the soldier, Kyra wondered what could be amiss as they all awaited his arrival.
A flurry of movement she noticed from the corner of her eye made her sit up and she watched with a childlike amazement the scene unfolding in front of her.The soldier in tow with the strange creatures, humans, was in front of their Quarian ark and they clasped something between their arm and their forefinger was slightly pressed on the inside of the object. Kyra was fascinated and she ran towards the creatures, they all turned sharply and pointed the object at her and she noticed several red spots on her skin, one on her forehead the rest scattered about. She gasped in amazement, the red spot on her skin followed a straight line coming from the tip of the object they held!She continued to approach them, slowly this time, when she got close enough, she touched the tip of the black and big object, it felt cold. She looked pleadingly at one of the creatures, her already wide eyes, spreading like saucers in her small face. The creature looked at her, doubtfully, and she carefully tugged the object from his unwilling arm. It felt heavy and she didn’t really like it, but still she laughed, a sound like chirping of birds.
She copied the earlier stance of the creature, she wrapped her right hand around its handle and she placed her left hand on its body, and slightly pressed her index finger on the inside, it declined a bit, as if she pressed a spring.
Nonetheless, she faced the creature she took the object from and pointed it at him, his reaction made her laugh. He jumped back and pulled out another object from his inside him!! It was smaller but had the same shape as the one she held.
Another creature that looked like the strange ones, came from behind them and said, “that is a gun, quite dangerous’, he explained, waggling his fingers here and there through the white suit they all were clad in, ‘give it to me, will you”.She didn’t understand a thing but his hand gestures faintly alarmed her.His lips moved while he talked Kyra noted with astonishment, while she spoke, a sound just reverberates through her.
The man slowly approached her, his hands out in front of him; a sound was reverberating through the gas mask he wore and a cold and sinister look in his eyes. Kyra tilted her head and stared at him. He got close enough and tried to take what he called a ‘Gun’ from her. She didn’t want to let it go just yet and she struggled against him.
She mistakenly pressed her index finger on that slope inside and with a loud and deafening bang, she saw something silver and shiny shoot out from the tip and she watched it graze the side of the man’s ears. He yelled and suddenly the other creatures with him took that stance and they pointed the ‘Gun’ at Kyra and her own people.

She fearfully dropped the object at the foot of the man who was screaming and grabbing at his ears, a red viscous liquid stained his hand and she ran to her Father who had exited the mother ship to see what the noise was all about, shoved her behind him.
The human creature rose from his crouched position and breathed hard.
He waved his bloodied fingers, it seemed like some signal to his people because they lowered the objects pointed at Kyra and her people.
Her father left her side and approached the interlopers, his chest puffing through the armored shirt designed for emperors. Kyra looked around her and saw that the whole kingdom looked empty; her clansmen were hiding in their homes.
Kyra couldn’t blame them. Who wouldn’t be scared of strange looking creatures from the intergalactic planets?
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