The Continuum Division: Book 1 The Book of Carter

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Tales of Time Squad Alpha Book 1: The Book of Carter In book one, we meet Stevie Carter, a half human half alien, granddaughter of one of the founding members of the Continuum Division, the private agency that goes back and forth through time to research and occasionally break the do not get involved rule. She and her team are on a mission in the least likeliest place: her own past. The team deals with family members, fleeing alien species, and in the end don’t know if they’ll be able to survive being in the same room as three different versions of Stevie herself.

Scifi / Humor
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Before I went to sleep, if anyone had told me half of the shit that happened after I woke up the next morning was going to happen, I'd have laughed in their face.

The day started like the one before had... with me hitting the snooze more times than I should have.
I quickly exercised, showered and got dressed.
Normally, I wear pants to work, but for some reason, this morning I chose to wear a cute two toned dress with a pair of small heels. As much of an ass-kicker as I can be when it calls for it, I'm still a klutz, so much higher heels I've decided to leave for others to deal with.
I made my way to work, diligently ignoring the several phone calls my team leader had been blowing up my phone with. He's my best friend and all, but he knows better. Work, is for work time, and me on my way to work is definitely ME time, still.
I stopped for coffee and got into work. It seemed sort of buzzy, if you know what I mean? Like something was up.
So where I work is called the Continuum Division or the CD. We are basically time travelers and go back and forth through the timeline, trying to fix things. Sometimes it's just for research to get a better grasp of something that we're working on. Usually, it's research and development, trying to better our equipment and such.
Which is what I was thinking we were working on today... looking into stuff we acquired on one of our last missions. I'm stuck with that part of the job because our third person fell in love and left to live her best life.
So I was looking forward to a day of going through stuff trying to work out exactly what had been brought back. A steady day with defined breaks and food, lots and lots of food. Sitting down to Chinese once the day was done. A day of catching a glimpse of James.
James is the team leader of our squad, which is now a two man squad. James is also my lifelong best friend and I have probably been secretly in love with him for that long. We were born just hours apart and our mom's became fast friends while in the hospital. Later it was found out that our grandfathers were best friends when THEY worked for the CD. Well, when they basically started the CD.
That's a story for another time, though.
Anyway, I made it to my office and was just about to sit down when James barged in. "You're here, finally," he said sarcastically, smirking at me when he noticed what I was wearing. "You're gonna wanna change your clothes. We're going on a mission." He looked at me again then frowned as he turned away.
"Good morning to you too!" I shouted after him. "Asshole," I muttered. I pushed the button to darken the windows that served as walls of the offices around here and changed into what I hoped were appropriate clothes for whatever mission James was going on about.
Normally, we got information, I mean more than the team leader yelling about going on a mission.
I changed my clothes and rearranged my hair-going on a mission with your hair flying all around isn't a great idea. So I did a quick French braid and set out to the deployment room. Hoping for the best.
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