Star Brink: The Crash

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I Beseech You Elder God of Destruction

Chapter 11: I Beseech You, Almighty Elder God of Destruction

“Finally, back home.” General Gertod mumbled to himself as he looked out the window of the hallway that led to his private quarters.

Gertod’s old bones ached as he trotted along carrying two large bags on his shoulders, using his short upper arms to hold onto them long lower arms nearly dragged along the floor. His long, Priest robes, hung over his body loosely and felt unusually heavy given how tired he was after running the Xulon temples for three fleet rotations straight with nearly no sleep. Despite his lack of sleep Gertod maintained his composure, walking as straight up and confidently as he could, he had a role to maintain. As the head priest of the Xulon faith he had to always be presentable and display power, which was often difficult considering he was smaller than the average Xulon.

Fortunate, at that time of the fleet rotation there was hardly anyone in the hallway to bother Gertod. Only a few common soldiers and younglings got in his way and they quickly moved once he was near them. Their presence didn’t slow him down at all which he was grateful for. It made his progress to his quarters at the hallway pretty easy and quick with his only real obstruction being a guard that stood by his door holding a long axe-like weapon. The guard barely moved as Gertod approached the door other than nod.

“Welcome back, General.” The guard saluted as the door opened.

“Good to be back.” Gertod replied back with a nod as he entered his quarters and the door shut behind him.

Finally being in an area with peace and quiet Gertod wasted no time in settling in, not bothering to even turn on the lights. There was only one goal in his mind and that was to slam onto his bed and enter the dream land. He tossed his bags onto the floor with no regard to where they landed and headed towards the bed chambers. Though it was dark he had no issue getting to the bed chambers without stepping, tripping, or stubbing his feet on anything. He didn’t waste precious moments taking off his garments other than his priest robes, hanging them on a hook with barely a thought, and found the bed easily, practically falling onto it.

Just as Gertod laid his head down and began closing his eyes there was a loud knock on his door. His eyes shot open and he was immediately fully awake, the opposite direction he wanted to go. His nostrils flared as he slowly raised himself from bed despite his urge to ignore whoever it was that was knocking. The only thing that got him out of bed was the duty Xulons had to be generous towards their own kind, while brutal as hell to every other race they came across. He was glad the visitor wasn’t impatient and only knocked once, seeming to understand that he was tired and wasn’t in much of a mood. His desire to get the intruder on their way as quickly as possible made him to get to the door quickly where he flung it open only to pause when he saw who it was standing in the doorway.

“General Gertod welcome back home.” Admiral Salem Gobashu exclaimed as he looked down at Gertod.

Gertod stood there for a moment puzzled and shocked to see the highest ranked individual in the Xulon fleet standing in the doorway of his private quarters. “Absolute General Gobashu, it has been a while.”

“Indeed it has, commanding the entire fleet has been quite demanding and kept me beyond busy. It has been some time since I have gotten a good night’s sleep.” Gobashu replied as he looked Gertod over. “That seems to be a problem both of us have.”

“Observant as always.” Gertod reluctantly nodded. “Trying to keep up the faith, particularly among the younger generation, has been a pain in the quadruple spine lately.”

“I have noticed that myself and it is quite disheartening.”

“I know since I have to deal with it personally.” Gertod responded as he stood up to his full height, but even then he was small compared to Gobashu. “But I know you did not come down here to simply catch up, that is not something you do. There is always some goal in everything you do.” Gertod let out a loud sigh. “So, what do you need Absolute General?”

Gobashu chuckled as he leaned back against the wall. “I cannot pull the tanned hide over your eyes, you know me too well.” Gobashu looked at Gertod earnestly in the eye and stated. “I need to speak to the Almighty on a serious issue.”

Gertod shook his head. “Of course, does it have anything to do with the recent Zordon incident?”

“Huh, I should not be surprised to hear you heard about that. We tried to keep it quiet but gossip is impossible to prevent.”

“Indeed, though I am not certain that is a matter worthy to request an audience with the Almighty.”

“I think Xulos will once I explain the issue to Him. I believe He will be quite pleased and things will pick up around here.”

“If you say so.” Gertod shrugged all four of his shoulders as he motioned for the door. “If you think it is necessary than we shall speak with the Almighty.”

Gobashu stepped out of the doorway and waved his two right arms as a gesture for Gertod to lead. “After you General Priest.”

Gertod nodded and walked past Gobashu and led him to the interior of the ship that fortunately was a quick walk. Wanting to get the task as quickly as possible so he could finally rest he walked at an unusually fast pace. For him it was a fast pace but to Gobashu it was a normal pace given the size difference between them. It got awkward as neither of them said a word as both seemed to be on a tight schedule. Despite the silence Gertod could feel Gobashu beaming with pride and arrogance as they walked through the large door leading to the center of the chamber room. It didn’t surprise the Gertod much but he was somewhat proud to be able to detect it since most of the time he wasn’t able to feel any pride or devotion for their Almighty deity.

After walking for what felt like forever the two large Xulons came to a long, hallway leading to a single door. The door was guard by a single guard who was fully armed in heavy and very durable Xulon armor, standing there with a long, poleaxe-like weapon that Gertod knew doubled as a firearm as well as a melee weapon. The Xulon guarding the door was easily one of the largest of the their last, being at least a head taller than even Gobashu, and Gertod knew that the guard was just as good a fighter as he was big. Behind him was a large door that was nearly as tall was the guard with a security lock beside it that appeared to take blood.

General Gertod stopped before the door and nodded at the guard. The large guard bowed his head in respect back and stepped aside, allowing the two high ranking Xulon officials access to the most important chamber in the whole massive Xulon fleet. Gertod didn’t waste time in small talk or dallying their progress as he pulled out the curved, black, Ceremonial dagger he kept on his belt and lightly cut across his left upper hand’s Palm, drawing a little purple blood. Once there was enough blood he placed his hand on the scanner that immediately recognized him, opening up the secure doors. Gertod slid the dagger back into its sheath and entered the dark chamber with Gobashu following close behind him.

“Is this going to be a quick beseechment?” Gertod asked.

“It should be, I do not want to waste the Elder God’s time but it is still an important matter that can only be solved by his word.”

Gertod nodded as they entered the chamber to find it dimly lit only by two large candles that hardly provided enough light to see around them. For such an important place to the Xulons, the chamber was surprisingly small, a couple dozen of their species could fill it up. But most Xulons were war elf the fact that it’s not the size of the room that matters but what’s in it that matter. In their chase, the only objects in the chamber was a large, red stone shaped like an odd diamond that was nearly as tall as the average Xulon. In front of the stone was an offering table plated in solid gold and other fine materials and gems from other societies that had fallen to the Xulons’ might. Other than a long, red rug that led up to the table and red stone there was a preparation table that included a long dagger and bowl.

“Alright, I will get started on the preparations. You just make yourself comfortable.” Gertod stated as he made his way to the table.

Gobashu didn’t say a word as he stood back and watched. Gertod stood at the table, picked up the dagger in his upper, right arm, gripped it tightly as he raised his lower left arm, readying himself mentally for what was to come. In one quick and precise motion, Gertod slit his wrist, drawing more purple blood in excessive amounts. He held his cut wrist over the bowl so the blood would drain into it, filling it up at a quick pace. Thankfully, their anatomy naturally slowed down their blood when an artery was severed so they didn’t bleed to death but that would take a small amount of time, by then the bowl would be filled.

“Hm, it is always an awe-inspiring moment to step in here.” Gertod heard Gobashu mutter under his breath.

A smiled formed on Gertod’s mandibles as he grabbed the bowl that had been filled with his blood with his back to Gobashu so he wouldn’t see his expression. Hearing the Absolute General speak of their deity in such a manner gave him hope for the future of their race. Even he had been aware of the recent degradation of the Xulon faith among their own people, especially the younger generation. He had seen the younger Xulons become indifferent to their almighty deity, most barely mentioning his name anymore or taking his will into consideration. There was hope that Gobashu could bring it back their faith in Xulos though it was certain to be a long process.

Given the matter at hand Gertod had to push the thought aside as he carried to bowl filled with blood to the red table in front of the red stone. With Gobashu standing back a good distance away from the red stone so not to interfere Gertod was able to conduct the summoning without interference. He placed the bowl in the center of the table and stepped back raising all four of his arms as his extended his mandibles as widely as possible. When Gertod bent down to kneel before the table the red stone began glowing brightly. Within moments the dark room was lit up by a bright, red glow that came from the red stone. As Gertod bowed his head the blood in the bowl began levitating, forming a ball of purple just above the red stone. Once the ball was formed it flew slowly towards the stone which absorbed it like a sponge and the red glowing stopped, replaced with a mixture of low purple and red glow that barely lit up the room.

Gertod raised his head and spoke confidently. “Oh Great Xulos, I beseech you for an audience.”

At first there was no reply till a loud, booming voice spoke up, shaking the room if not the entire ship, and coming from the stone. “Speak my priest.”

Gertod fully raised his head while hearing Gobashu gasp behind him, the suddenness of the voice having caught him off guard. “Almighty Xulos, the Absolute General wants a word with you about recent events in the Solar System. He needs your advice and approval before making a move.”

The voice was silent for a moment, Gertod hearing Gobashu clicking his mandibles in an irritating manner, till the voice boomed again. “Than let him speak.”

“As you wish Almighty Xulos.” Gertod responded as he stood up and turned to Gobashu. “Step forward Absolute General Gobashu.”

Gertod fought back a smirk as he watched Gobashu nervously step forward. Though the large Xulon had stood before their all-powerful deity multiple times it still clearly made him quite nervous to do so. Gertod didn’t blame him for it, Xulos was an intimidating being with the power to destroy galaxies with ease. He also was known to be quick to anger resulting in those who offended him to be destroyed instantly. Even the bravest Xulon had trouble standing before him without getting weak knees.

Despite the evident concern, Gobashu walked to the red stone and kneeled before it, placing both of his lower, long arms on the floor while crossing his upper arms. “Oh Great Xulos, I stand before you to report that we had random contact with the Zordons again that resulted in an engagement and losses on both sides. But through the power of Destruction we were able to defeat them and their one pilot retreated.”

“And you did NOT fully destroy them?” Xulos angrily replied. “Did those leading your forces forget the creed? No mercy, no survivors.”

“The force Commander tried but the Zordon ship warp jumped while severely damaged. As a result the Zordonian jumped to a planet we tried to bring Destruction to a long time ago but failed miserably.”

“Oh, and what planet is that?” Xulos replied with a curious tone that was almost imperceptible.

Gertod swore he saw Gobashu’s mandible smile as he answered. “Earth, the planet you have wanted for a long time.”

The room fell silent for a long time as the red stone didn’t speak. Gertod looked nervously at Gobashu who has his back to him thankful for the room’s darkness. When Xulos remained silent for a period of time it rarely had good results. The fact that it was caused by Gobashu simply mentioning Earth further made him uncomfortable. Earth had been the target of Xulos’ attention multiple times and a few attempts to claim it for His Destruction had been made but all failed, though the reasons for their failure was always unclear. Regardless of the failure Xulos still appeared to want it and Gobashu seemed to know it.

“Earth you say?” Xulos exclaimed after several moments of silence. “How perplexing that the Zordonian would end up there of all places, seemingly by accident. This cannot be a coincidence.”

“I agree, that is I sent out a recon team, led by the same Commander who failed to catch the Zordonian, so he can regain his honor.” Gobashu responded. “He is also to recon the planet’s current status.”

“You sent a recon unit to Earth without my approval?” Xulos exclaimed, though much to Gertod’s surprise there was no anger in the tone.

“Yes, but only to survey the plant so we can learn how far its lowly inhabitants are. I have faith in the Commander leading the force, he has an outstanding record and I believe a bright future to serve you.”

“I can confirm this.” Gertod spoke up from the side. “Commander Vadam is a very capable and determined fighter, but most importantly he has an unbreakable faith in you Almighty Xulos. I know this because he is my nephew. If there is anyone who can succeed in the task it is him.”

“Ah, than completion of the task given to him is certain. That leaves the question of the potential invasion.” Xulos replied, getting right to the point as he always had before. “Than answer me Gobashu, do you believe that your fleet can not destroy not only the local Zordon fleet but also destroy Earth?”

Gobashu nodded while Gertod was a bit taken back by how quickly Xulos moved the conversation to an invasion. “Yes, the Xulon fleet is larger and more powerful than it has ever been. I believe that with your approval we can present to you Earth.”

Xulos’ chuckle echoed throughout the chamber. “Good, than you have my blessing to head to Earth.”

“Thank you Almighty Xulos.” Gobashu replied and started to stand up.

“BUT, you need to take into consideration what will happen if you fail.” Xulos’ voice boomed, causing Gobashu to freeze on the spot. “If you fail to give me Earth . . . than you better hope you perish in the battle for the punishment I will give you will be far worse than any death you face at the hands of the Zordons.”

“I understand, that is why I will not fail.” Gobashu stated, bowing his head in respect.

“Good, than get to it.” Xulos exclaimed than the red stone stopped glowing, indicating to Gertod that he was done speaking to them.

Gertod walked to Gobashu and patted him on the shoulder as the chamber quickly returned to normal as if nothing had happened. “Well, that went better than I thought it would.”

“No, it went exactly how I thought it would.” Gobashu replied as he stood up. “I knew when I mentioned Earth that Xulos could not refuse. He has wanted Earth for as long as our race as followed Him though we still don’t know why.”

“We do not need to, the reasoning of an Elder God is beyond our understanding. All we need to know is that He wants it and that is enough.”

Much to Gertod’s surprise, Gobashu let out a soft huff that to him sounded suspicious. “If you say so General. What does matter right now is we obey His word. I will need to inform the other Generals the Almighty has spoken.”

Gertod and Gobashu exited the room together to see a group of high ranking Xulon officials waiting for them. Every one of them was either a General or Priest and awaited their orders with joy and anxiousness. Their presence caught Gertod off guard who wasn’t expecting such a crowd to be awaiting them the moment they stepped out of chamber. He expected there to be some time for him and Gobashu to process what they heard. Meanwhile, Gobashu didn’t appear to be stunned in the slightest, as if he had been expecting them to be there. The smile his mandibles formed was proof of his lack of surprise and made Gertod suspicious of Gobashu.

Not missing a beat, Gobashu stepped towards the Generals full of confidence and spoke loudly to them. “It is confirmed my fellow Generals from the Almighty Xulos, Earth is next to embrace Destruction.” Gobashu looked around at the Generals as they lit up light bright lights as he spoke. “Ready the fleet for we will become Destruction’s emissary and they will become a part of Destruction itself.”

Gertod put on a fake, joyous expression as the Generals erupted in applause over Gobashu’s words and concern filled his mind. What is Gobashu planning? He clearly is not doing this just for Xulos, which leaves the question, what is he after?

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