Star Brink: The Crash

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Big Bang

Chapter 12: Big Bang

Well, this is going to be awkward. Jack thought as he parked the truck in the driveway as the sun had nearly completely set behind the hills.

Jack let out a nervous groan as she shut off his truck, not looking forward to the awkward conversation he was no doubt about to have with Fara. Though he could not see Fara or Felicity as he stepped out he knew they were somewhere nearby. Felicity was no doubt playing with Hunter, probably running circles in the backyard while Fara was most likely to be reading one of his books. Knowing them he would probably just get a nod and a quick welcome and not much more than that. Given the load he had to carry in he would’ve preferred it that way. Being the man he was Jack grabbed every single plastic shopping bag there was in one setting and carried it up the short steps to the front door. Having done it numerous times he had no issue using the door handle with his pinkie and lightly kicking the door open.

What in the world? Jack thought as he opened the door and saw a quite unusual sight for him.

Jack could only stare blankly as he had the perfect view of Fara’s fine ass as she was kneeling on her hands and knees facing away from him with her cane nearby appearing to be looking for something. She had her face nearly on the floor as she peered under the kitchen counter, causing her rear to be raised in a manner that gave the impression she was ready to be mounted. From the doorway, still holding his shopping bags, Jack had the perfect view of her rear as it was tightly packed into her typical combat pants. His jaw dropped as his eyes took in every detail of her amazing rear discovering he liked it just as much as her amazing chest.

Damn, she has the perfect hourglass figure; she just likes to hide it from me.

Jack thought before quickly shaking his head, bringing his mind back to reality before Fara noticed and would certainly kill him if she did. Huh, I didn’t know that furries were my type?

“Fara, you looking for something?” Jack spoke up as he approached Fara. “Did you lose your marbles?”

Fara looked up from the floor and tilted her head in an adorable confused manner. “Why would I be searching something as useless as marbles?”

If Jack hadn’t been carrying all the shopping bags he would’ve face palmed his forehead so hard it might’ve left a permanent indent. Though he took into consideration the differences in cultures between the two of them it didn’t matter that Fara couldn’t understand the joke. It went over her head so much that the urge to laugh was almost too intense to resist. He wanted so much to laugh but somehow managed to stayed composed as he started putting the items up.

“Losing your marbles is a joking statement that means you lost your mind and are searching for it.” Jack explained as he placed the milk in the fridge.

Fara looked up from the floor at Jack. “Oh, so you are basically asking if I have gone insane?”

Jack shrugged with a big smirk. “Yeah, pretty much. Just a joke so don’t shove anything up my butt.”

Fara patted her cane. “If I’m ever in the mood to make you my bitch than this is going all the way up your hole to the handle.”

Though Jack knew Fara was joking he still shuttered at the thought. “That is why I am still able to outrun you.”

Fara chuckled as she resumed her search. “Till my leg heals and then you will see that you do not stand a chance of escape.”

“I don’t doubt that.” Jack replied as he grabbed the bag of chips from the shopping bags. “So, what are you searching for?”

“My datapad, I let Felicity use it not long after you left to play some games for a bit.” Fara quickly answered. “Too bad she got bored while I was reading I the living room, put it done somewhere without telling me, and then went outside to play with Hunter.”

“Ah, that sounds familiar.” Jack stated while storing the frozen meat in the freezer. “Amanda used to that all the time with my IPad, which is similar to your datapad, before I put a stop to that.”

“Huh, how did you do that?” Fara asked with a tone of genuine intrigue in her voice.

“I made a rule that she couldn’t use my IPad if she didn’t promise to give it back to me when she was done. She learned real quick I was serious and now I no longer worry about having to search for it.”

Fara tilted her head as she looked up at Jack as he walked back to the shopping bags. “Really, how in the galaxy did you get that to work? Children, mine in particular, do not have the best memory when it comes to their toys. I have lost count of how many of Felicity’s toys disappeared into thin air.”

“Yep, that rings a bell. Amanda was the same way till I started implementing work out punishments for each toy she lost.” Jack answered as he stood beside Fara so she could properly hear him. “To explain it, each time she lost a toy she would have to do a set number of different exercises, ones she really hated. It didn’t take long for it to work and her memory to improve. Plus, she got in better shape from the punishments to so it has some good benefits.”

“Huh, wish I had thought of that. Though keep that up she may end up getting stronger than you.”

“That is the idea and she is well on the way to achieving that goal. But, feel free to use that punishment on Felicity to, she could benefit from it.”

“On, I definitely will.” Fara said as she bent over at just the right time as Jack walked past to get another perfect view of her rear.

“Good, I’ll demonstrate the exercises I make Felicity do once we’re done here.” Jack nodded back as he returned to the task at hand. “So, where is Felicity?”

Jack heard Fara chuckle as she searched without looking up. “Do you really have to ask such a question?”

Jack hung his head in embarrassment immediately regretting having asked such a question. Common sense told him that without a doubt Felicity was out in the backyard with Hunter. He was mentally kicking himself for asking the question he knew the answer to and could hear Fara grumbling to herself at his stupidity.

“Yeah, my bad.” Jack stated as he made his way to the last shopping bag.

Jack haphazardly reached for the bag for his hand to miss and knock it aside, revealing something underneath it. At first he panicked as the first he had bought for Fara and Felicity were in the bag till he saw that it was the bag had been sitting on. The IPad-like shape with a more detailed control board. Jack picked it up immediately realizing it was Fara’s datapad and headed over to where she was still kneeling, dedicated to her search.

“Uh Fara, is this what you’re looking for?” Jack asked as he knelt down beside Fara and held the datapad out for her to see.

Fara looked up as Jack held the datapad in front of her face and let out a loud sigh. “It was out in the open right?”

“Yep, it was on the kitchen counter.”

Fara hung her head as she slowly stood up. “Well, thanks for making me look like an idiot.”

“Nah, you’re not an idiot.” Jack replied as he handed Fara her datapad. “At least you’re not as forgetful or dumb as me.”

“No argument there.” Fara laughed as she put her datapad in her large vest pocket. “Still thank you for finding it.”

“You’re welcome, Fara.” Jack responded with a sarcastic bow of his head. “Oh, before I forget, I did get something for you and Felicity.”

Fara gave Jack a confused and adorable expression. “You got us something?”

Jack nodded as he walked to the last plastic shopping bag and pulled out the book. Fara’s eyes lit up like fireworks on the Fourth of July upon seeing the book and a gasped escaped her lips the moment she saw the cover. Jack was tempted to pull it back, baiting her like a fish with a worm, but quickly decided against it. But he joked around a little by slowly offering her the book, inching it to her at a snail’s pace. Fara didn’t seem to notice as she wrapped her fingers around the cover.

Fara slowly looked up at Jack with an over-the-top joyful expression. “You really got this for me?”

“Yes ma’am, I’ve seen you reading my western books so I figured you would enjoy that one as well.” Jack answered with a satisfied smile. “Plus, this book is by the same author as those you’ve already read so I’m certain you will enjoy it.”

Fara looked down at the book with the same expression as a child who had just opened a Christmas present they really wanted. He had yet to see her so joyful over anything that didn’t involve Felicity. She only smiled back at him as she seemed to be trying to gather the words to speak to him.

“Thank you, Jack.” Fara finally spoke.

“You’re very welcome Fara.” Jack replied as he reached back into the plastic bag. “I got something for Felicity too but I’ll give it to her later, maybe after supper.”

“If it is as good of a gift you got me than I am certain she will love whatever you got her.” Fara smiled as she looked up at Jack, finally noticing the nervous glare on his eyes. “What about you?” Fara asked as she set the book down on the counter. “You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

Jack let out a loud sigh as he looked Fara deeply in the eyes. It took her longer to figure out something was wrong that he thought it would. The woman was a master at sensing his emotions but must’ve been so distracted that she didn’t notice. But she did now notice and the sense of worry and concern he gave off certainly impacted her, making her nervous as well.

“Yeah, I ran into someone from my past who you could say is WAY worse than a ghost.” Jack finally spoke. “And it could be quite . . . troublesome for all of us.”

Instead of looking afraid Fara straightened up and glared intense daggers at Jack. “Just tell me what it is already, do not beat around the bush as you humans say.”

Jack hesitantly nodded as he crossed his arms. “Alright, glad to see we can get straight to the point. This is not an issue we can delegate.” Jack looked Fara in the eye with a serious expression. “I know you remember that I was part of the PDF.”

“Unfortunately yes, but I also remember you left for good reasons so I do not hold it against you.” Fara confidently replied. “But did you run into them at the store?”

“Uh, yeah, and the worst one to possibly run into, Alex Cross.”

Fara took a step back nervously showing her fear in his response. The look of genuine fear she gave him internally freaked him out as well. She was literally shaking before him but it was hard to notice. But, Fara was able to take a deep breath and regain control, eventually getting her composure back. She took a few moments to calm down so she could properly think and react to what Jack told her. He couldn’t help but be impressed with how quickly she was able to become calm again, certainly quicker than any human he knew.

Fara held up her right hand to pause the situation. “Alright, tell me exactly what happened.”

Jack gave her a slight nod, agreeing in her decision to get the event explained first before reacting any further or making a decision. “It’s a pretty straight forward event. I was shopping at the store, finishing up my list, when Alex Cross, a lead agent for the PDF, approached me for a casual conversation. He wanted to catch up and we simply had about a casual conversation as you can get before going our separate ways. Even though he did tell me what he was doing in the area, though I already knew the moment I saw him.”

“Uh, you telling me the whole situation was just you randomly bumping into a PDF agent while shopping? And he was just shopping to?”

Jack let out a confirming sigh. “Yep, that is pretty much the whole thing, but what it implies are . . . well, not good.”

Fara lowered her head and thought for a moment before responding. “You think that running into Alex is a sign that the PDF is already here and investigating the area?”

“No, that was already a certainty even before I ran into Alex. But prior to that my concerns of them finding us were low.” Jack replied as he shook his head. “Alex being the lead agent assigned to the incident is what worries me. The guy is the worst possible combination of a monster and expert investigator.”

“Oh, that is not exactly comforting.” Fara stated only for a thought to apparently cross her mind. “So, how do you know this Alex Cross?”

Jack hung his head in embarrassment. “He was my partner when I was part of the PDF. We know each other quite well, or at least we used to. I’m certainly not proud of that and it made the whole situation pretty uncomfortable for me.”

“Yeah, I can see that.” Fara nervously responded. “So, are we in danger?”

Jack reluctantly shrugged, wishing he could give Fara a clear answer. “For the time being I would say you and Felicity since Alex doesn’t appear to know you’re location. I managed to convince him that I had no idea where you are and that I just ignored the crash.”

“What ignored the crash?” Fara confusedly replied.

“Well, as I said earlier, I had to tell him I saw you fall from the sky but didn’t do anything about it, just went about my business. Thankfully he believed it so for now we shouldn’t have him on our backs.”

Fara gave Jack a questionable look. “You sure about that? I mean, you do not seem like a people person to me so I have a hard time believing you could convince a Voldermight to join an orgy.”

Jack scratched the back of his head, a bit confused and taken back by Fara’s response. “Uh, what? I’ve heard of Voldermight’s before but don’t know anything shout them other than they are a massive rock-like race with an astonishing population size.”

“That is because the Voldermight’s breed like crazy. They pretty much live their entire lives doing three things; eating, fighting, and mating.” Fara answer an evil grin that made her look like a Cheshire Cat. “Orgies are a commonality in their culture and they would NEVER turn one down, let alone the opportunity to mate. But if there is anyone who could bore them out of orgy it would be you.”

“Ah, you have gang little faith in my ability to convince people?” Jack sarcastically replied getting a goofy nod from Fara. “Well, aren’t you must full of confidence in me.”

“Nah, you are just not very good at arguing. That is why it is hard for me to believe you convinced this Alex person that you had nothing to do with us.”

Jack shook his head as he crossed his arms firmly. “It helps that I served alongside Alex during my time in the PDF. He trusts and respects me after I saved his life. So it didn’t take much to convince him I know nothing about you two.”

Fara’s sarcastic expression quickly left, replaced with a serious one. “You were willing to use his trust in you to lie?”

“I said he respected me, I did NOT say I respected him.” Jack responded in a serious tone. “The man is a monster with a list of atrocities against not just your race but probably all alien races that is long than my house. I have heard stories of him personally wiping out alien refugee ships full of women and children without a second thought.” Jack glared at Fara. “He is one of the many reasons I left the PDF and having been so near to him today brought back a chill I haven’t felt in a long time. So to answer your question, NO, I have no issue in abusing the respect and trust he has in me to keep you and Felicity safe.”

Fara stared blankly at Jack as his response seemed to be something she was not expecting from him. That appeared to catch her off guard every time he raised his voice since it was quite rare for him to do so, even if it was to prove a point. Though his response seemed to have a deeper effect than just catching her off guard. She appeared to be genuinely surprised he would go to such lengths, betraying his former comrades, to protect her and Felicity; two aliens he had just met a few days ago. That was something Fara certainly had trouble comprehending though she didn’t think about it for long before giving him an approving nod.

“Alright Jack, since you managed to convince this Alex that you know nothing about us that leaves us with a grave matter.” Fara casually spoke after a few moments. “What do you think we should do to stay safe? To avoid suspicion we have to remain as inconspicuous as possible. Running is clearly not an option as they will surely catch us.”

“Agreed, though the PDF is certain you two are not with me, for now, they will be scanning the area thoroughly. I know that have already secured your ship, Alex told me so himself, but that was all he said.” Jack replied, thinking for a moment. “I believe they will scout the area around the crash site first and spend quite some time in the surrounding area. They should believe you are on your own, with no help, so they have no reason to think you have gotten far.”

“Hm the makes it quite beneficial you live all the way out here. That buys us a considerable amount of time for the rescue team to arrive.” Fara added.

“Exactly, though we can’t go running as that would draw attention to me.” Jack loudly signed. “No doubt Alex will have some kind of contact with me since he knows me. If I go anywhere unusual he’ll get suspicious and it’d be game over. Thankfully, it should VERY light surveillance so we just need to be more cautious with our movements.”

“Than it sounds like we have no choice but to stay here and hope the rescue team arrives quickly.” Fara stated as she hung her head. “Just when I thought things could not possibly get more complicated.”

“Hm, story of my life.” Jack replied with a smirk getting one from Fara as well.

Suddenly, a loud explosion rocked the house getting the attention of both adults. The suddenness of the explosion, and neither of them knowing where Felicity was, caught them both off guard and originally made them both panic. Jack managed to recover first upon realizing the explosion lacked a boom indicating it wasn’t a proper explosion. If he had to guess it was probably a fireworks or paint can explosion but he wouldn’t be certain till he saw the location. From the sound of it he guessed it came from the backyard, more specifically the fire pit. A quick glance at Fara I for me him that her fine-tuned ears had already determined the location and what caused it.

“FELICITY!” Fara practically screamed as she immediately took off running as best she could with her cane in the direction the explosion seemed to come from.

If it wasn’t for the emergency of the matter Jack would’ve laughed at the sight of Fara trying to run with a cane. Her concern for Felicity seems to completely nullify the pain allowing her to run at a surprisingly quick speed. Jack was a bit caught off guard at her speed at first finding her to be moving faster than his fastest walking speed. He kept up with her as she turned around the corner to the backyard where he saw smoke rising from the fire pit he built a few years ago near the porch. Standing near the fire pit was Felicity with her back to them as scorch marks were visible on the ground indicating the intensity of the explosion.

“FELICITY, WHAT THE HECK DID YOU DO?” Fara shouted as she ran, though more like skipped due to her cane, to Felicity.

Felicity turned around slowly revealing one of the biggest shocked expressions Jack had ever seen. Her eyes were wide open and mouth dropped so low it was almost to her chest. Jack could swear her fur was standing straight up making her look even more fluffy than usual; if it wasn’t for the dire situation it would’ve been an adorable sight. Jack could spot that Felicity was covered in dirt and black ashes from the explosion indicating how close she was to the explosion. A quick glance once he got close enough to notice her eye brows appeared to be slightly burned off making him nervous that she had been harmed. It wasn’t till he was in front of her that he could see she was completely unharmed, just shocked.

“I-I caused a big boom.” Felicity nervously answered as she looked up at Fara, her response nearly making Jack chuckle.

Fara bent over and glared daggers at Felicity. “What did you do to make a big boom?”

“I-I found a large box of . . . unusual looking objects with strings and sticks to them along with instructions of how to use them.” Felicity replied, standing her ground. “I only grabbed a couple, placed them in the fire pit, lit them, and shortly afterwards they went boom.”

Jack lightly face palmed his forehead. “Felicity, those were fireworks leftover from the holidays. They are supposed to explode once you light them but you have to do it safely and properly. You did it in possibly the most dangerous way possible.” Jack glanced over at the fire pit to see smoke still blowing from the explosion. “Fortunately, you only blew up a small amount so you didn’t really do any damage.”

“But she still could have hurt herself.” Fara quickly added. “Which is my fault as I was busy looking for my datapad.”

Jack stared blankly at Fara; he never expected to hear such a phrase from her. “Uh, no comment.”

Fara quickly glanced at Jack with a slight smile. “Smart move, for once.” Fara looked back down at Felicity. “What did I tell you about digging through things that are not yours?”

Felicity hung her head reminding Jack of exactly what Amanda used to do when she was Felicity’s age when she got in trouble. “To not to.”

“Then why did you do it?”

“Because I was curious.” Felicity cutely and ashamedly replied. “I know that is not a good response, or reason, and I am sorry.” Felicity raised her head to Jack. “I am sorry for damaging your fire pit.”

Jack gave Felicity a slight smile. “Thank you Felicity, I’m just glad you’re unharmed. The damage I can easily fix and it’s nothing I haven’t repaired before. My daughter Amanda did something similar a few years ago so as long as you are not hurt I won’t be mad.”

Felicity gave Jack a cute smile. “You are welcome Jack.”

“Good, now that is out of the way we need to address something.” Fara added as she patted Jack on the shoulder as she knelt down to Felicity’s eye level. “Now Felicity, what do we do when we make a mistake?”

“Discipline and promise not to do it again.” Felicity quickly replied.

“Correct, but before discipline you need to clean up. So right now, I would like to hear your promise.”

“Yes ma’am.” Felicity stood up to her full height and boldly stated in a manner that Jack found comical. “I promise to never light fireworks again, or go anywhere without your or Jack’s approval.”

Fara nodded. “Good girl, but you forgot go anywhere on the property I cannot see you.”

“YES MA’AM!” Falsity shouted back like a solider replying to a Commanding Officer, finally getting Jack to let out a chuckle.

“What’s so funny Jack?” Fara blurted out to Jack.

Jack grinned as he straightened up his posture. “Just when I think things can’t get any more interesting Felicity goes and does something like this.” Jack looked down at Vixy who starred back nervously but also somehow warmly at him. “Keep being a fun little fur ball young one, just be more careful so you don’t blow yourself . . . or us . . . up.”

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