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Bitch of an Ex-Wife

Chapter 15: Bitch of an Ex-Wife

“Fara, would you mind hiding with Felicity for a moment?” Fara heard Jack exclaim as he quickly walked past her.

Fara looked up from her book to see Jack standing in front of her as she sat in the recliner. Having spent the whole afternoon seated in the recliner, Jack’s personal recliner, reading the book he gave her, engrossed in every word. In that time she had managed to read over half the book, not wanting to put it down. Since her people had very few books, well books that didn’t involve military strategy or history, being able to read something fictional was a real delight. She had made several mental notes to thank Jack for his gift in some way but had little results in coming up into any ideas. However, having him standing before her, bringing her back to reality, making her want to ditch the thought of getting him anything.

“Jack, is there a reason you are disturbing my reading session?” Fara growled while giving Jack her usual death glare.

Jack glared back at Fara that not only matched the intensity of hers but was purely serious. “YES! We got people coming, RIGHT NOW!”

Fara dropped the book as Jack’s words entered her mind and she tried to comprehend what she had just heard. “WHAT? Did the PDF find us?” Fara recovered from the shock and growled at Jack. “Did you former comrade track us down?”

Jack shook his head as Fara sat up. “No, someone FAR worse, my ex-wife.”

Jack’s response caught Fara off guard, making her think he was joking at first but she saw he was quite serious, making her bear her teeth at him. “Seriously, that is what got you so worked up and made you interrupt my reading session?”

“Hey, I’ve told you about my ex-wife before and you’re about to find out just how much of a bitch she is.” Jack retorted. “Oh, and remember she doesn’t know you are here and if she finds out she WILL report it.”

Fara tilted her head, giving Jack a confused but also serious look. “You really think she would do that?”

“In a heartbeat.” Jack answered. “She just called me saying that she is coming over with her new husband, who is rich and old so that makes her a sugar mama . . . AND bringing Amanda over as well.”

Fara quickly sat up, setting the book down on the nearby table. “You telling me three humans are on their way here right now?”

Jack nodded. “Yeah, unfortunately, Mary has a hobby of giving me a last second warning and being a bit skippy on details. All she told me was that she’s dropping off Amanda so she and her husband, I can’t remember his name, can go on a vacation.”

Fara could only look at Jack while muttering. “What a bitch.”

“Yep, I’d been saying that for a while.” Jack replied with a smirk. “Thankfully, I think Amanda will be pleasant around you and Felicity, if not helpful.”

Fara held up her hand to stop Jack. “JACK, what in the galaxy makes you think I was going to be open to the thought of your daughter being here when things are already hectic?”

“It’s not like I had much of a choice. Mary didn’t give me the opportunity to say no. She told me what she was doing and hung up before I could say no.” Jack answered. “It doesn’t help that they are already on their way here and will arrive soon.”

A soft growl escaped Fara’s muzzle as she looked down at the ground. The situation they found themselves in was far from ideal, almost as bad as the PDF finding them. Though having everything thrown at her all at once was overwhelming, and she was slightly mad at Jack, Fara managed to stay collected with a few deep breaths. She understood they would have to deal with the situation carefully and quickly to avoid things somehow getting worse.

“Alright, so what are we going to do? When do they arrive?” Fara spoke up, looking into Jack’s eyes.

Jack looked down at the floor and let out a sigh even louder than Fara’s earlier one. “Right now, given the short amount of time we have, best and really only thing you and Felicity can do is hide.”

“Hide, really, that is it?”

Jack nodded. “Yes, Mary and her husband will NOT enter the house. They will stay by the vehicle; I bet they won’t take the steps away from it, so Amanda is the only one we got to worry about. So you and Felicity should be fine just staying inside and remaining quiet till Mary and her husband are gone. Once they are gone than we can try to introduce Amanda to you.”

Fara looked at Jack for a moment, contemplating the plan, before replying. “I hate to say it but apparently we do not have much of a choice. If anything we are wasting time speaking right now.” Fara grabbed her cane and slowly stood up. “So, where do you need me?”

Jack pointed towards their bedroom. “I already had Felicity in the bedroom waiting for you. I managed to get her to stay there with the TV.”

Fara reluctantly nodded as she headed towards the bedroom. “Alright, we will be in there till it is safe.” Fara patted Jack on the shoulder as she walked past him. “You just be careful.”

“Given who I’m dealing with that may not be possible.” Jack frowned as he headed for the front door. “Hopefully it won’t be long.”

The two adults didn’t say another word as they headed in opposite directions. Thanks to the care she had been receiving from Jack, and pain medicine, Fara had little issue making it to the bedroom where she saw Felicity on the bed watching TV. Felicity smiled at her mother and opened her mouth to speak but Fara motioned for her to be quiet before turning off the TV. She then sat down on the edge of the bed to hear Jack noisily run through the house and open the front door, closing it as he exited while she and Felicity stood in the bedroom trying to comprehend what was going on. Seeing him in such a nervous and frantic state was unusual for them to say the least; even running into Alex recently didn’t leave him as flustered as he was in that moment. It would have been comical if it wasn’t making her nervous as well. She just stood near the bed wondering what to do till she saw Felicity climb over the bed and make her way to the window. The young pup jumped up, grabbing the window seal, and pulled herself up even though the blinds were positioned so she couldn’t peer out

“Felicity, what are you doing?” Fara called out as Felicity tried to peer through the window.

“I am trying to watch the show but I cannot see.”

Fara shook her head as she grabbed the dial and rotated so that the blinds turned and they could peer out but only slightly so they would be hidden from anyone outside. “Than you may want to try opening the blinds a little.”

Felicity looked up at her mother with the most adorable foolish expression she could muster before focusing outside again. Fara just shrugged and positioned herself so she could see out the window too just as a large, black vehicle became visible moving at reckless speeds up Jack’s driveway, Jack was visible standing at the end of the dirt driveway waiting for the vehicle to arrive and he didn’t have to wait long for the speed it was moving at.

Fara and Felicity watched closely as the expensive looking vehicle parked in the driveway a short distance away from Jack. The vehicle came to such a sudden halt that it threw dirt in all directions, some of it covering Jack who just stood there like it didn’t affect him. Though he was facing away from her Fara could see he maintained his composure as the vehicle was shut off. He shook his head and crossed his arms, waiting for someone exit the vehicle but for a while no one did. After a few moments she squinted her eyes to try and see what was going on inside but the windshield was so darkly tinted that she barely saw anything, only two possibly three figures inside moving around and appearing to talking to each other. She eventually gave up Turing to figure out what was going on inside and turned her attention back to Jack who was tapping his foot on the ground getting impatient.

“What is it mom?” Felicity asked softly.

Fara looked down at Felicity and shrugged. “Someone arrived who apparently makes Jack very nervous. I wish I could tell you if it’s a friend or a foe but right now I cannot say.”

What Fara said was the truth, depending on how a person looked at it. Though whoever it was certainly was not a designated foe like the PDF or Xulon from Jack’s reaction they clearly were not friendly. Fara would describe it as an enemy who poses an emotional threat, not physical, especially to Jack. The distance he stood away from them made it difficult for her sense of smell to pick up on his feelings but that was unnecessary as she could tell exactly how he felt despite him trying to hide it. Even though she had only been around him for a few days she and already learned his emotional tells in a way she could best explain as either instincts or natural. The fact shot he was standing there and presenting himself Ina dignified manner was nothing short of impressive.

“So, what do we do mom?” Felicity asked.

Fara could only shrug as she replied calmly. “Wait and observe, Felicity. Whatever we do it is imperative we do NOT intervene.” Fara glared down at Felicity. “Do you understand?”

“Yes mom.”

Just as Felicity finished speaking Fara saw the vehicle’s passenger side door swing open from her peripheral. She spun her head to see a woman around the same age as Jack step out and seeing her ignited a feeling rage in her that she couldn’t explain. The woman was certainly beautiful, a perfectly tanned and sculpted face with quite amazing rack and rear end to match. Her long, black hair showed signs of recent work and trimming as it hung loosely all the way down her back. Even from her position Fara could spot the woman’s freshly manaquered nails and expensive jewelry that resided all over her fingers and neck. She appeared to be wearing so much makeup that Fara was surprise there was a woman underneath. The elegant black dress she wore hung perfectly on her body to compliment her curves and must’ve cost quite a fortune. Everything about the woman screamed cover up to Fara; all that beauty to hide the monster underneath.

What the galaxy is with this woman. Fara growled in her mind. There is something about her that screams . . . as I heard Jack say bitch personality. Just looking at this woman I can tell she is the epitome of that term. Fara looked down at Felicity to see that she was bearing her fangs at the woman. Dang, even Felicity senses it, this woman must be beyond a bitch.

Fara watched with great curiosity as Jack approached the woman as she looked around in disgust at the area around her. The woman was clearly out of place in the forest she found herself in, she certainly wasn’t hiding it. Fara didn’t need her senses to see that the woman wanted nothing to do with where she was and desired to be gone as quickly as possible. Even the look she gave Jack was one of disgust who just stared back at her.

“Hello, Mary.” Jack said sternly, breaking the silence. “I would say it’s nice to see you again but we both know that’d be a lie, especially when you show up out of nowhere with barely a minute’s warning.”

Mary casually waved her arm through the air and replied in an arrogant tone. “You try getting everything situated when your DOCTOR husband arranges a trip to Tahiti for two at the last minute. I’ll tell you that is beyond hard.”

Jack shook his head in annoyance. “Mary, you’re idea of hard is deciding what kind of fancy wine to drink before bed.”

“Still as redneck as ever I see.” Mary responded with a confident giggle. “You never understood the finer things in life.”

“No, I understood the importance of actually trying to be a decent human being and parent, neither of which you understand.” Jack growled back but somehow managed to change his mood. “So, you’re telling me that you are dropping off our daughter just to go on a vacation with your rich husband? One that he arranged out of the blue and you don’t want to take Amanda with you?”

“Uh duh, I thought I made that perfectly clear. She would just ruin the vacation anyway.” Mary retorted in a manner that infuriated Fara having to overhear it. “And we’re wasting precious time we could be using to soak up the son.”

“Still as much of a bitch as ever.” Jack muttered under his breath before looking towards the vehicle. “I take it Amanda is inside?”

“Yes, she’s taking up so much cargo space.” Mary turned towards the vehicle and shouted. “AMANDA, GET OUT HERE NOW!”

Fara squinted as one of the vehicle’s back doors opened and a child with a backpack slung over her back while carrying a suitcase. As the child shut the door Fara got a good view of her and immediately saw the resemblance to Jack, having his facial features, eyes, and hair color except it was much longer and tied in a ponytail. If she had to guess the girl was around eight Zordon cycles old, ten years by Earth standards. She was quite big for her age, another similarity she shared with Jack, coming up to his chest and making her much larger than Felicity. The girl didn’t appear to have any similarities with Mary other than being a female and Fara considered that a good thing. The cloths she wore seemed to be top quality but also designed for the outdoors or work. What got Fara’s attention was the girl wasn’t smiling at all, instead clinging tightly to her suitcase as if she was afraid.

Huh, that must be Jack’s daughter. Fara thought as she concentrated on the kid. She looks really uncomfortable.

Fara and Felicity watched closely as Jack bent down towards the young girl who looked back at him nervously, at first. It took almost no time for her nervousness to disappear and she seemed to light up like a light bulb upon seeing Jack. From her expression Fara could tell she wanted to run to Jack and jump into his arms; though she seemed to just be wanting to be as far away from Mary as possible as well. Fara couldn’t figure out why the girl didn’t run to Jack till she saw the way Mary looked at her; an expression of fear and concern. Having seen it a couple times herself, Fara guessed that Mary’s controlling and devious nature had something to do with it. She couldn’t tell if it was motherly neglect or just Mary being a bitch and to her, at that moment, it didn’t really matter; the longer the moment continued the more ticked off Fara got.

Jack leaned over, smiled, and spoke softly to his daughter. “Amanda, it is great to see you again.”

Fara watched through the blinds as the sadness Amanda had left instantly as if being washed away by water and a huge smile formed on her face. She dropped her bag and lunged at Jack, jumping into his arms with such force he was almost knocked to the ground. Fara could see their smiles and excitement to finally be together, noticing that Amanda somehow looked to be even happier than Jack who seemed to have the energy of a child. Fara would’ve been lying if she said it didn’t warm her heart to see the father and daughter together, or it would be if Mary wasn’t standing nearby looking annoyed and the vehicle driver honked the horn, telling them to hurry up.

Just as the moment was starting to get happy Mary let out a loud sigh and exclaimed. “Alright, you two do whatever the hell you do, I got a vacation to go on.”

Jack and Amanda barely acknowledged Mary, only glancing in her direction while Fara silently bore her teeth. She glanced down to see Felicity doing the same and was shocked but also not surprised to see it. Felicity never bared her teeth at anyone so for Fara to see her doing it in that moment was highly unusual. However, given Felicity had watched and heard the same thing she had Fara wasn’t surprised. She guessed that there was a person that even Felicity couldn’t like. What did catch Fara off guard was how casual Jack and Amanda were about the situation, as if they were used to Mary’s selfishness.

Wait, is that woman seriously just ditching her child out of inconvenience? Fara gasped in her head.

Jack looked up from hugging Amanda and calmly replied. “That is fine with me, any chance to be with my daughter is a great opportunity. I will take any chance I can get.”

Many rolled her eyes. “Whatever, I got a vacation to get started. I have wasted enough time here.” Mary spun around to open the passenger door but stopped and looked over her shoulder at Jack. “I’ll be back whenever I feel like it.”

Fara could see Jack bearing his teeth at Mary as she stepped into vehicle. She couldn’t remember being happier to see someone leave in her life and she hadn’t even spoken to woman, and had no intention of ever doing so. As quickly as the vehicle arrived the driver, who Fara had yet to see, turned it back on and drove away, leaving a cloud of dust in. Jack and Amanda barely flinched as they didn’t appear to care, if anything they looked happy and she could understand why.

Fara watched nervously as the vehicle disappeared, letting out a loud sigh once it was out of sight. Okay, that was tense . . . and awkward as heck.

Fara could only watch as Jack led the little girl to the front door. She could see them walking with slumped shoulders and neither saying a word. By the time they reached the front door her sympathy had reached its max. A quick glance at Felicity made her see that she hadn’t picked up on it yet. She must stood there watching and waiting for them to enter the house.

“Come on Felicity, let’s go say hello.” Fara said, breaking the silence.

Felicity looked ho at her mother. “But mom, should we stay here?”

Fara shook her head. “No, I think they need our support.”

Felicity looked out the window towards Jack and Amanda. It didn’t take her long to pick up on what her mother meant, seeing the look of sadness in their faces. The expression Felicity had changed quickly as she watched Jack carry Amanda’s suitcase as she walked behind him to compassion and concern for them.

“Okay mom, let’s go.” Felicity energetically stated.

Fara’s smile went unnoticed as Felicity ran past her towards the door full of energy. She was almost a blur as she ran at what seemed near the speed of light. Fara barely had time to turn around and lunge after her. The pain rushed right through her injured leg but she somehow managed to ignore it and reach out to grab her daughter before she made it out the door. She yanked Felicity off her feet and back to her who let out a yelp but recovered quickly.

“Wait little furry, we need to approach this carefully.” Fara stated as she held onto Felicity.

“Why is that mom? They need cheering up.” Felicity asked, giving Fara a confused look that was just adorable.

Fara placed both hands firmly on Felicity’s and looked her square in the eyes she understood. “Because they do not appear to be in the best mood right now and from my experience it is best to not go rushing into people who are depressed. Trust me, the last thing we need to do go running to them, especially since Jack’s daughter has never met us.”

“But mom, they really need some cheering up.”

“I know but rushing to depressed people does NOT end well, it never has for me. Best thing for us to do right now is to wait, let Jack introduce us and then work on their mood from there.”

Felicity let out a soft sigh. “You sure about that mom?”

Before Fara could reply a child’s voice called out from the doorway to the kitchen. “Dad, what are those?”

Fara spun around towards the voice and her jaw dropped, as did Felicity, to see Jack standing in the doorway with Amanda beside him. Her gaze turned to Amanda who appeared to be in a minor state of shock, given she was staring at two aliens who resembled dogs waking on their hind legs she was not surprised. But, what amazed Fara was how quickly the shock wore off on Amanda who’s face started lighting up with curiosity. Jack wasn’t as shocked, more surprised to see them so soon, while Amanda reminded deciding whether to be curious or nervous.

Oh crap! Fara thought as she starred at the two humans who starred blankly back at her. Well, I guess this is one way to get introduced.

To ease the tension, and to snap Amanda out of her trance, Jack knelt down to her eye level, laid a comforting hand on her shoulder, and spoke softly to her. “Amanda, this is Fara and her daughter Felicity, they’re . . . friends of mind.”

The girl turned her head at Jack giving him a confused look. “Friends of yours? They look like human versions of Hunter.”

“Well, they kind of are.” Jack replied, quickly smiling at Felicity and Fara. “No offense, but yes Amanda, they are friends that are staying with me for the time being.”

The child named Amanda looked questionable at Felicity and Fara than back at Jack. “No really, who are they and why are they here?”

Fara giggled as she rose up to her full height, or as much as she could with her cane. “I see she inherited quite an inquisitive instinct, maybe she is indeed yours.”

“Meh, depends on how you define inquisitive.” Amanda shrugged as she stepped forward towards Fara and Felicity. “I see my dad has gotten himself into an . . . unusual situation.”

Fara looked at Amanda surprised by her speech. “That is a lot of big words for someone your age.”

“Well the school officials do say I am quite smart for my age but I don’t know where it comes from.” Amanda replied than straightened up once she was standing before Felicity and Fara. “It is always nice to meet friends of my dad, they’re so much more fun than my mom’s friends.” Amanda looked at Felicity. “And you are just so cute, like a fluffy child.”

Felicity’s giggle seemed to brighten up everyone in the room. “I like being fluffy.”

“I bet you do.” Amanda said with a child-like grin. “You are somehow even fluffier than Hunter to the point I want to pet you.”

Felicity looked up Amanda with begging eyes. “Please do.”

Much to Fara and Jack’s surprise Felicity leaned forward as Amanda raised her hand and gently touched rested it on top of the young furry child’s head. No one said a word as tension built up when Amanda’s hand made contact with Felicity’s head between her heads. Her hand sank into Felicity’s fur and her face lit up in shock, possibly from now soft her fur was.

“Wow, you are so soft!” Amanda excited exclaimed. “It’s like petting a wooly sheep mixed with a huge long furred dog.”

Felicity squealed silently as Amanda began rubbing and scratching her head. Fara starred as her young child seemed to enjoy it; she had never seen Felicity let anyone rub her head, especially someone and had just met. Her best explanation was that Amanda was being friendly and they were around the same age but there had to be a deeper reason. Whatever the reason was the two children seemed to be enjoying it.

Wow, I never expected these two to get along so quickly. Fara thought as she watched Amanda rub Felicity’s head.

After a few moments Amanda stopped pelting Felicity’s head. “Sorry, I got carried away.”

Felicity smiled up at Amanda. “As, but I enjoyed it. I can see why Hunter likes getting petted.”

“All it takes it k owing the right place to scratch.” Amanda replied only to look around them curiously for a moment. “Where is Hunter anyway?”

“In the bedroom, I placed him there to be safe.” Jack answered, getting everyone’s attention. “You know how much he hates your mother.”

“True, the last time she was here he bite mom on the butt.”

Jack chuckled while Fara tried hard not to laugh but still smiled. “Oh yeah, I remember that, one of the last times I had a good laugh.”

“Me to dad.” Amanda stated with a half-smile that still looked to be quite sad as well.

Fara opened her mouth to speak to Felicity beat her too it, grabbing Amanda’s arm. “Than we should go and get Hunter before he chews through the wall.”

Of course, after you fluffy.” Amanda excited exclaimed than looked over her shoulder at Jack as Felicity pulled her away. “I expect an explanation later dad.”

Jack nodded as Felicity led Fara to the bedroom leaving the two adults alone in the living room. It hardly any time the two kids were in the spare bedroom chatting loudly about whatever thought entered their minds. Fara could make out most of what they were saying but didn’t focus on it since none of it interested her or was important to their situation in the slightest. She turned her attention to Jack who just shrugged to her indicating he was just as nervous and questionable on the situation as and was; he just wasn’t hiding his depressed and angered mental state that the conversation with Cara had brought on. He was certainly more depressed than he usually seemed and Fara wasn’t shocked to see it after having overheard every word of their conversation. With the children out of earshot she was finally able to speak her mind and she intended to.

“Well Jack.” Fara spoke with a slight smile. “That woman was a bitch.”

Jack sighed loudly as he crossed his arms. “Yeah, I cannot fathom why I married that bitch. I don’t want to call her a woman as that would be an insult to women everywhere.”

“An insult would be an understatement.” Fara replied, slightly bearing her teeth at the thought. “And yes, you were beyond an idiot for marrying her.”

“I agree, the only good thing that came out of it is Amanda and I love her dearly.” Jack shook his head. “Unfortunately, she is suffering right now for my mistake.”

“I can see that, she definitely did not appear to be happy around her own mother. The moment she was away from them and was near you she lit up like that firework Felicity blew up.”

Jack didn’t reply, instead only nodded and headed toward the living room. Fara, at first, stood in place watching him worriedly before following him. She didn’t need her senses to see that he angry at himself though she couldn’t determine what for. She kept her mouth shut as she stayed near Jack while heading Felicity and Amanda talk in their bedroom. She smiled very slightly hearing them get along and couldn’t help but be surprised despite the age difference. However, the smile didn’t last long as Jack sat down in his recliner still looking frustrated as hell. She sat down on the couch beside him, waiting for him to speak but for a while his mouth remained shut.

“I’m sorry Fara.” Jack exclaimed after several moments of silence, leaving Fara confused.

“Uh, what are you sorry for?”

“For making things even more difficult than they already are for us. Amanda’s presence could potentially compromise us and put you and Felicity in danger.” Jack answered while looking down at the floor. “Amanda being here is certainly going to make it harder for us to get along. All because I married some whore a decade ago.”

“Huh, really, you could have fooled me.” Fara softly growled and pointed towards the bedroom where Felicity and Amanda condo be heard laughing. “I do not think getting along will be a problem. I think you are just blaming yourself for mistakes you made a while ago and that is making you act like idiot.”

Jack smirked as he looked up at Fara. “I should have known that was coming.”

“Duh, by now you should.” Fara replied than looked seriously at Jack and patted him on the shoulder. “Do not worry Jack, I am certain we will make it work. Besides, the kids are having fun and that is comforting for the time being.”

Jack looked up at Fara and gave her a warm smile before looking at the bedroom where Felicity and Amanda were happily playing. “Yeah, they seem to be happy and it’s been a while since I’ve heard or seen Amanda be happy, I won’t end that.”

“Finally, something smart comes out of your mouth.” Fara stated as she slowly stood up and grabbed her cane. “I am going to make sure things are going well between Amanda and Felicity, you can keep moping around if you want.”

Jack shook his head with a chuckle as Fara headed to the bedroom. “Very funny fluff ball.”

“Hey, watch it Mr. Mopy.” Fara shouted sarcastically back as she progress towards the bedroom. “You’re lucky I am in a good mood.”

“Huh, that’s a first.” Jack responded loud enough for Fara to hear.”

Fara simply shook her head while laughing softly to herself. She was just glad Jack was smiling instead of frowning and hanging his head while silently freaking out. He at least seemed to be happier, certainly calmer, than he was when he and Amanda walked in. Though she had been nervous the moment Cara and her lover showed up, she was glad things had worked out the way they did; for once somehow it worked in their favor. She could only imagine how Jack was handling it but at least she left him with a smile and that was progress for her.

Fara sighed loudly to herself as she came to the bedroom door to hear Felicity and Amanda discussing like kids inside. Can we not have just one day where things do not get even more complicated than they already are.

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