Star Brink: The Crash

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All Hail the God of Destruction

Chapter 23: All Hall the God of Destruction

“General Gobashu are you ready for the stage?” Absolute General Gobashu heard a voice call out from behind him.

Gobashu looked up from his chair, seated at his desk, and looked over his shoulder to see one of the largest Xulons their species had produced standing in the doorway to his office. Though he appeared to be quite young the sheer size of his height and muscular stature was very imposing. Security personnel were usually among the largest of their species, usually so they can perform their job with ease and the individual before him certainly fit that bill. That was one reason why Gobashu had personally promoted him to the security commander position of his personal command ship; and because he excelled at his job.

Gobashu smiled as he leaned back in his chair and turned around to face the young security commander with something that could be considered a smile as far as mandibles are concerned. Whenever his security commander came forward in his current manner, all confident and stoic, it was a guarantee he had completed whatever task was assigned to him. Gobashu never had any doubt m his subordinate to accomplish whatever task he was given as he had never failed, many times going far beyond his expectations. Given the sheer complexity of the task he had been assigned, to provide security and organize a massive audience for Gobashu’s speech to the entire Xulon race, the fact he had already succeeded was a bit shocking.

“Yes Commander, I am ready to inspire our species down Destruction’s path.” Gobashu stated as he stood up to his full height.

The security commander nodded as Gobashu stood up from behind his desk and both headed towards the doors. He couldn’t help but feel a bit lame in his response knowing it was certainly not necessary for the situation, he didn’t need to be so zealous when it was just the two of them. There was no need for him to be zealous for destruction when it was just the two them. If anything, he should be more casual though it was hard to turn it off from time to time. Thankfully, the security commander didn’t seem to care in the slightest, he just did his job, which was to lead him safely to his speech.

Gobashu confidently followed his security commander out of his office and down the long, secure hallway to the arena. There was no one in tori say other than the occasional heavily armed, and armored, security personnel performing their jobs. Since they were all professionals with a job to do not one of them acknowledge Gobashu other than a nod. The bad part was how long the silent walk was, almost half the length of the ship from his office to the arena. No one saying a word normally would have made the walk uncomfortable, particularly since the only sound was footsteps on the metal floor but given the situation the silence was for the best. He needed to concentrate on his speech despite having it perfectly memorized. That was somewhat difficult with a curious notion going through Gobashu’s mind. Given how important his speech was there was a question he need to ask though he wasn’t certain his security commander could answer it.

“Is the entire Xulon race watching?” Gobashu curiously asked after what felt like an eternity walking down the hallway.

“I believe so, Absolute General.” The Commander quickly answered while leading Gobashu down the hallway. “The arena is completely full, over a million in attendance from what I heard. Those that cannot attend are watching the broadcast.”

“Good, but what about those on deployment?”

The Commander shrugged. “I am just security but have connections in both the communications and religious departments. From what they told me even those in the field have halted their progress to watch your speech. If there are any not watching then it is very few, probably less then we have fingers.”

Gobashu remained stoic but on the inside, he was jumping with joy. Hearing such dedication from the entire Xulons was inspiring to the old man. Though he was aware of the declining respect and faith of his people that didn’t seem to be the case from what the security Commander was telling him. He found it hard to believe from what he had heard and observed with his own ears and eyes. Though he was willing to believe otherwise Gobashu would need to see it to believe it. If anything, he believed the majority of Xulon people watching were probably just watching because they were expected to; meaning his speech would probably fall on a lot of deaf ears.

However, as Gobashu and the Commander made their way to the arena they could heard the chants from there clearly enough to make out what they were saying. Though the doors and the entire hallway leading to arena was insulated from the arena and had heavy noise canceling insulation it did very little to conceal the noise coming from the arena. That section of the ship, which had connections to the command area of the ship, and led to the bridge, was heavily concealed and covered, making not only it hard to receive damage but for outside sound to be heard from the inside. That made the fact he was hearing their chanting through all the insulation very shocking and a little awe-inspiring.

Dest it, I guess I was wrong. Gobashu thought as he followed the security commander. Maybe there is some hope four our people after all.

After what felt like quite some time the two Xulons turned a corner that led to a large, metal door guarded by two well-armed, and muscular, security personnel. The door was a two-part, heavy metal, sliding door with two large locks that blocked and locked the door from their side. It was almost as big as a hallway, giving it an intimating presence, particularly knowing on the side was over a million Xulons with billions more watching via broadcast. Gobashu knew the moment he stepped past those doors he would have the attention of the entire Xulon species, and that didn’t slow him down in the slightest. It wasn’t the first time he had that kind of attention, if anything he craved it.

“I got it from here, Commander.” Gobashu spoke up, glancing at the young Commander. “Just make sure no one unauthorized gets back here.”

The security commander saluted before walking away. “Yes, Absolute General.”

Gobashu nodded and stepped towards the doors, the chants from the other side getting louder with each step. He pace didn’t falter in the slightest as he made his way quickly, his goal and determination keeping him going. The chanting did nothing to slow him down while a normal person would certainly be hesitant and have at least mild stage fright. Gobashu felt no fear or hesitation at all, not when he had a task that brought glory to destruction. The guards didn’t even flinch as he approached as they were clearly determined to do their job. They barely acknowledged his presence with a glance as he got close, which he was glad to see as that would have distracted him. The last thing he needed before speaking to the entire Xulon race was to be distracted, even if it was only for an instance.

Alright, let’s get this show started. Gobashu thought as his mandibles formed a grin and stopped in front of the door with the two guards just standing there.

Gobashu nodded at the two guards who proudly saluted, they clearly knew their jobs. They were quick to perform the task they were assigned, using the keys they were given to unlock the large doors. With a loud, satisfying crack, the bolts holding the door shut slid apart, allowing them to be opened. The door slowly opened revealing a crowd of screaming Xulons in a massive, circular arena the size of a small town. The arena was shaped in a complete circle with the stands going downward where individuals could sit and wait for their Absolute General to show up. The stands went all the way down till the center where the fighting ground, which was a mix of dirt and concrete-like material, that was currently being used to hold extra audience members. Right before him was single platform that led to the podium where he was supposed to speak, in full view of the entire Xulon race. Using his four eyes he was able to see that there didn’t appear to be a single empty spot throughout the entire arena. Even the fighting ground appeared to be completely full of those there standing while those in the stands were seated. Throughout his long life Gobashu couldn’t recall the arena, or any fleet arena for that matter, being anywhere near as full as what he was witnessing. With the number of individuals around him, and nearly everyone cheering, he was glad for Xulons had hearing filters otherwise the noise would have caused him significant headaches.

Gobashu, however, didn’t pause or even lessen his pace as he entered the arena and made his way to the center platform. It was a long, narrow platform with a podium at the end for him to speak to the people. Being positioned where it was, every Xulon in the arena had a clear view of him, not a single eye would have been able to miss him as he walked confidently in their presence. For any indivisible that suffered from stage fright it was certainly the last place any of them would ever want to be, but Gobashu was not one of them. He had no issue or hesitation putting himself in open view of the entire Xulon race. He quickened his pace to the podium so he could address them quicker, which caused the Xulons to cheer him on even more.

Once Gobashu was in position in front of the microphone he held up his upper arms to silence the crowd. Immediately, and somewhat surprisingly, the crowd became completely silent. It was as if something had blocked every Xulons’ in attendance the ability to speak so he could give his speech. It became so silent Xulon could hear individuals shifting in their seats but didn’t catch Gobashu off guard. He didn’t have the time to marvel in it and truthfully, he didn’t care, he was just glad there was enough professionalism in the Xulon people to silence themselves when the Absolute General motioned for them to do so.

Gobashu lowered his arms, cleared his throat, and leaned in close to microphone to address his audience. “My fellow Xulons, you have no idea how proud I am to see everyone here . . . AND to know that everyone is watching. I am proud to see that there is still faith, respect, and strength amongst our race. We have come a long way since our last defeat at the hands of the Zordons. That is how we thrive, through Destruction we get stronger, and it paves the way to us becoming what we are truly meant to be.”

Gobashu gazed out across to crowd to unsurprisingly see that a good number of individuals in the crowd appeared to be bored. Being aware of the diminishing faith among the Xulons to the point he wasn’t shocked to see that more than a few appeared to be annoyed. His opening speech would in doubt come out as dull to those lacking faith, especially to those who remember the previous battle with the Zordons. However, Gobashu was just getting started; if there was one thing, he could do it was getting a crowd on his side.

“I know many of you are asking why I am assembled the entire Xulon race together. I assure you; it is not just to give a progress report or to hear myself speak. NO, it is a much greater reason, there is no greater reason.” Gobashu momentarily paused. “I have never been one to mix words or engage in over exaggeration. Many of you know me to be straight forward and for this matter I will simply just state it.” Gobashu took a deep breath and spoke confidently and boldly. “THE ALMIGHTY XULOS . . . HAS COMMANDED US TO GIVE HIM . . . EARTH!”

Gobashu paused for a moment to look out over the audience to observe how the audience was reacting to his speech. From what he could observe just by looking around was the audience before him was questioning his words. He could pick up some of those nearby muttering softly but couldn’t determine exactly what they were saying. From what he could make out they were not that excited about attacking Earth again. He didn’t blame them considering the Xulons had invaded Earth six times already and were always defeated. Each time resulted in their race suffering heavy losses and the last two, when the Zordons defended Earth, they were almost wiped out. Because of those defeats Gobashu knew he was fighting an uphill battle to motivate his people into another invasion. However, he wasn’t about to give up, he never has before and wasn’t about to stop.

Gobashu sighed and stood up to his full height before continuing. “I know what you are all thinking, we have attacked earth so many times before and failed, suffers heavy losses in the process. I am certain you are all thinking why this time will be any different than the previous attempts.” Gobashu paused as he stepped back and looked around him as if he was speaking to everyone attending and to those watching the broadcast. “Well, I ask you this question, why would we fail when our species is stronger than it EVER has been before. We outnumber every other race in the galaxy by a significant margin AND have advanced significantly in our weaponry, technology, and strength.” Gobashu paused as he heard the crowd muttering. “We have gotten so much stronger in numbers and physically that even a Zordon fleet cannot stand before us. Our race has FINALLY become the embodiment of Destruction and the Mighty Xulos has expressed to me His desire to prove it to Him.”

The mention of Xulos caused quite a reaction from the audience as the gasps Gobashu heard coming from them was quite loud. The fact that he said they had met what Xulos would consider ready to fulfill His desire seemed to get their full attention. If there was anyone not paying attention prior, they certainly were after mentioning Xulos. Gobashu had learned how to use Xulos’ name to get everyone’s attention; it was usually quite simple, usually requiring him just to mention His name. The fact that he could feel every eye of the Xulon race on him proved it and inspired him to continue.

“That is right, the Mighty Xulos has confirmed with me that we are finally ready to enact His will of Destruction on the Galaxy.” Gobashu smiled proudly as he waved his upper arms to illustrate his confidence. “So, Xulos has asked us to invade Earth, and we are stronger than ever before to accomplish His request. We have the strength AND I believe the will and determination to make Him proud of His children.” Gobashu sighed and stood confidently, overlooking the arena, before he continued. “What I am trying to say is that Xulos has demanded something of us. To me that says He has faith in us to accomplish is. He believes we are ready and to me that should be all we need.” Gobashu lowered his arms and stepped towards the podium to ask a question to every Xulon watching. “So, what do you say? Do we follow Xulos’ command . . . or do we simply turn tail and run like a bunch of cowards, earning Xulos’ rage?”

“XULOS . . . XULOS . . . XULOS!” The crowd started cheering at the top of their three lungs. “XULOS . . . XULOS . . . XULOS!” The chanting quickly became so intense that Gobashu swore the arena was starting to shake.

Gobashu smiled as he turned around and walked off the stage. The cheers and applause from all around him warmed his three hearts and made him glad their races didn’t have external ears, instead having holes on the sides of their heads that allowed them to filter noise. If it wasn’t for that filter, he, and probably ever Xulon in attended, would almost certainly be deaf. But even with the filter Gobashu still got minor headaches from all the chanting, though he didn’t seem to care. He was just glad everyone was cheering Xulos’ name instead of his, that would have almost certainly infuriated Xulos, and he was not known for being a forgiven deity. Any doubt he had in the lack of faith among the Xulons was dashed hearing their chanting, giving him hope not just for the future of their species but also for the future invasion.

Gobashu made his way across the platform back to the security door without showing any sign of acknowledgment to his rest of his race, even as they cheered. The security commander awaited him with the secure door wide open for him to enter. He didn’t need to show any emotion for he had done his job and succeeded. Since he had properly inspired his people there was not much more, he needed to do for the time being. The workload fell to the lower rank officers to prepare and that their subordinates were ready for the invasion. All he had to do was sit back and watch, possibly check on the Generals to make sure they were preparing everything properly for the invasion so they could truly bring destruction to earth.

“Very good speech Absolute General.” The security commander exclaimed with the first smile Gobashu had ever seen him give as he quickly walked past him, and the door secured shut behind him. “I am certain Xulos is honored.”

“Xulos does not require praise and nor does he need anyone to honor him.” Gobashu stated, giving the security commander a warm smile. “But He does enjoy the praise and deserves it, so I am honored to be the one to give it to Him.”

The security commander nodded as he walked slightly in front of Gobashu. “Indeed, Absolute General, it is an honor to serve under someone who served Xulos so faithfully.”

Gobashu chuckled under his breath knowing he would not get much more from his security commander, leaving the chanting behind them. The Xulon was not the most vocal individual, always being straight to the point. That made him quite easy to work with and for Gobashu to do his job. Having a subordinate that always listened and faithfully obeyed, without speaking beyond what was necessary was the ideal individual to have serving him. Combine that with his accomplishment record and Gobashu would prefer no one else serving as his security commander, except possibly Vadam.

The walk back to his office wasn’t awkward in the slightest, despite neither of them saying a word. After his speech Gobashu was glad for the silence they shared as it gave him time to ponder and do some mental planning. Though the chanting echoing the arena could be heard for quite a way, and was somewhat distracting, they didn’t slow down at all. He had hopes that the excitement would wear off so the Xulons would start carrying out preparations for the invasion though there were doubts that would happen any time soon. If anything, Gobashu expected his people to be so fired up they might rush their tasks, though he had faith in his officers to correct any mistakes before they launched the invasion. It made them nearly speed walk to their destination, as did the knowledge that there was a lot of work awaiting him since an invasion had been announced. The two Xulons were able to make it through the hallway and back to Gobashu’s office in record time, where he let out a sigh of relief when they entered. They moved as such a quick pace for so long that his lower arms were developing bruises from impacting the ground. He didn’t show it, but he was certain his security commander noticed and remained silent. The security commander simply remained at the door providing security as Gobashu entered his office, watching over his faithfully as always.

“You are dismissed Commander Gash.” Gobashu said as he walked around to his desk.

“As you wish Absolute General.” The security commander responded, then instantly turned around and quickly exited Gobashu’s chambers.

As soon as the door shut behind the security commander Gobashu let out a loud yawn and stretched all four of his arms. He hated to admit it, but he was getting old as the aches in his arms and legs were starting to get to him. Getting old for an Xulon was not something they enjoyed, or celebrated as it meant they could no longer fight, but still lead, if they still had their mental faculties. Gobashu was lucky to become the Absolute General while he was still able to fight, even though he was starting to slow, but not by much.

Gobashu was aware, from the aches in his arm joints, that he was starting to succumb to what was commonly known as Limb Mobility Limitation, or LML. It was such a common disorder among older Xulons, that most considered it a guarantee to catch it, if they lived that long. It was believed to be caused by a combination of their arms being so long, the longer upper arms usually being the first body part to get it, and from how physical their lives typically were. It was categorized by pain and stiffness in the joints of their arms that slowly over the course time limited the mobility of their limbs. Though it was slow there were cases where it eventually led to an individual’s arms being completely unable to move, resulting in them being seen as useless to the rest of their species. It was something most of the Xulon race dreaded and many hoped to be dead long before that happened.

Gobashu’s case was mild for the time being, but he could already start to feel the difference in the mobility of his limbs, particularly his lower arms. He was already starting to lose minor mobility in his lower limbs, making it difficult to walk using his limbs as balance for extended periods of time, resulting in significant pain if he was on them for too long. His upper arms were significantly better but there was some stiffness starting to form but no pain yet. Despite the limitations, which were minor at best, Gobashu did not let it slow him down, or let anyone else see him be affected by it. The only people who knew were his doctor and his bedroom partner. He had an image to keep as the Absolute General, being viewed as the figurehead for their entire race AND their connection to the Great Xulos. That was why he was thankfully to finally be alone, to relax his guard and be able to sit down and relax. Even Gobashu needed a moment or two to relax so he could let the pain be relieved.

Finally, time to relax. Gobashu thought as he started to sit down, glad to have some time to himself before someone else barged in.

“General Gobashu, do I have permission to enter?” Gobashu heard someone shout from outside the door.

Gobashu rolled his eyes and let out a loud, reluctant sigh upon hearing whoever was at the door call out to him. Any hope he had of getting some relaxation was immediately dashed since he wasn’t going to be alone any time soon. That was the one thing he hated more than anything about being the Absolute General, never a moment to himself and everyone always wanting something. He was even more annoyed by the fact that he didn’t recognize the voice, to him that meant it was most likely someone wanting something that only he could provide. Gobashu wanted to shout at whoever was at his door to go away but given his role that was not something he could do without repercussion. So, he took a few deep breaths to ready himself for whatever annoyance he was about to get into.

“You are permitted to enter.” Gobashu shouted as he turned to face the door.

Gobashu crossed his upper, short arms as the door slid open revealing a rather small Xulon with an Admiral rank. The size stature of the Xulon was enough to surprise Gobashu as the individual was shorter than the average Xulon in both height and muscle mass. The young individual probably had rare development disorder, at least that was Gobashu’s guess as he watched him advance. He was disappointed watching the young Xulon slowly advance toward as him, seeing the nervous that even a blind individual could detect. An Xulon should never show fear, or any kind of weakness, be it to an enemy or their own race. Seeing it for himself infuriated Gobashu deep down but he kept it hidden; fortunately, he had gotten very good at hiding his rage.

“Who are you?” Gobashu asked as casually as he could as the young Xulon stopped a good distance away from him.

The young Xulon saluted before replying. “Commander Dorian Gertun in your presence Absolute General.”

Gobashu saluted back, though reluctantly. “Honored to make your presence.” Gobashu straightened his posture. “So, why are you before me? If you have a question you should go to your General, which is who?”

“General Gashtin, he leads the . . .?”

“The communication division, I know, I promoted him to his position.” Gobashu interrupted. “So, you must have a report for me?”

Gertun shook his head. “No Absolute General, I have come for another reason.” Gertun stated as he cleared his throat, looking nervous the entire time. “I just wanted to say that your speech was tremendous, to be the first one to do so.”

Gobashu held up his upper left arm to Interrupt Gertun. “Just stop right there young Commander. Tail kissing does not work on me, if anything it infuriates me.” Gobashu sternly glared at Gertun. “If you got something to say just state it and get it over with.”

Gobashu remained stoic on the outside but on the inside, he was laughing at the sight of Gertun trying to keep from appearing frightened. It was the typical reaction he had seen numerous times when he interrupted others trying to tail kiss him but still brought him quite a bit of amusement. Being the Absolute General of the entire Xulon species, there was no shortage of individuals trying to worm their way to get something from him to advance their ranks. Gobashu had become a master at spotting and dealing with it, to the point where nearly no one attempted it anymore. Gertun didn’t seem to have gotten the memo and his mandible dropping expression was proof that he was caught off guard. All Gobashu did was stand there and wait for Gertun to speak and that felt like an eternity.

“Uh, alright Absolute General.” Gertun nervously stated, appearing to try and keep calm but was failing. “I have to ask as I am confused, but what are your orders?”

Gobashu glared at Gertun dumbfounded for a moment before replying. “Were you not as my arena when I gave my speech? I think I made it pretty clear what we are to do.”

Gertun stepped back nervously. “I was there sir and it was an awe-inspiring speech that no doubt made the great Xulos proud.”

Gobashu crossed his upper, lower arms across his chest and looked sternly down at the much smaller Xulon. “Then why are you confused about my orders? You should know exactly what needs to be done. The other Generals understand and know exactly what to do and are busy preparing as we speak. You are the only one who is asking questions.”

Gertun nervously rubbed the back of his head. “Uh, order the soldiers to launch an attack on earth?”

Gobashu sighed loudly as he almost double face-palmed his forehead. “How long have you been a Commander?”

“Uh, not long sir, i just got promoted last rotation.”

“That explains why you are so incompetent.” Gobashu shook his head and smiled. “You do not just give orders to launch an attack. There is a long list of preparations to make before such a thing can even be attempted, otherwise we WILL fail.” Gobashu lightened his mood before continuing, trying to speak in a mentor manner. “Do you understand, even a little?”

Gertun nodded, though he didn’t appear to really be understanding. “I do Absolute General, we need to get organized and prepared first, correct?”

Gobashu restrained himself from sighing and showing his rage. “Yeah, that is a good place to start. Just make sure the soldiers under your command are ready for the invasion before doing anything else.” Gobashu leaned forward and spoke sternly. “And I mean COMPLETELY prepared. Make sure EVERY shoulder has EVERYTHING they need and are NOT missing any equipment.”

Admiral Gertun saluted. “Yes, Absolute General, I will personally make sure that my unit is fully prepared when you give the order.”

Gobashu nodded as he looked down at the young Commander. He had his doubts about Commander Gertun since the young Xulon got promoted. There were numerous stories of his inept leadership, especially when it came to combat. From what Vadam had heard Admiral Gertun had very few victories but they were big ones. One of his biggest faults was his lack of organization; that his subordinates were often unprepared for combat, usually lacking critical weapons and equipment. The fact that he was quite timid, and shy didn’t help either; leading to Gobashu hearing rumors of Gertun’s subordinates being undisciplined and often unwilling to truly fight. It was the main reason Gobashu was against Gertun becoming a Commander, but it wasn’t his decision; the General over Gertun had that authority. As a result, Gobashu had to be strict with Gertun to make sure the entire Xulon force was truly ready for combat as even one weak link could in failure for the entire Xulon fleet.

“Good, then you better get started because I will give the order soon.” Gobashu stated. “I will give the order for the fleet to advance soon so you have better be ready by the time the order comes.” Gobashu gave Gertun one of the most serious glares he had ever given. “If you are not ready than your unit will be left behind . . . in space.”

“I will Absolute General.” Gertun confidently replied, though Gobashu could hear the silent.

“Then you have better get started.”

Admiral Gertun saluted again. “Yes, Absolute General.”

Gobashu stood in his spot and watched as Gertun turned around and head to the door. Unlike when the young Xulon entered Gobashu had some hope in home. When Gertun entered, he had no confidence in him being able to fulfill his job as an Commander, the rumors and his own observations confirmed that. However, their short conversation changed that enough for Gobashu to have some faith that Gertun would be ready by the time he gave the invasion order. If he wasn’t then it really didn’t matter, the fleet didn’t need any weakness and weeding it out would only be beneficial. Either way, Gobashu would be happy as the fleet would be stronger regardless of whether Gertun failed or not. He would just make sure there was someone watching Gertun to be on the safe side so the fleet was at its best operating strength.

“Oh, before I forget.” Gobashu shouted as a thought entered his mind, causing Gertun to stop in his tracks. “What about Vadam? Has he succeeded in his mission?”

Gertun gave Gobashu a nervous look that didn’t give him a good impression. Since the young Xulon was second in command of their communications division he expected that if anyone knew something about Commander Vadam it would be him. Though the subject seemed host Admiral Gertun, at the very least make him nervous, Gobashu wasn’t about to stop pressing the issue. Commander Vadam’s current situation was not one most of the Xulons wanted to get involved with; it being an honor bound circumstance. Gobashu was very much aware of the nervousness it caused others, but he wanted to keep in contact with his young relative, practically since he was physically on Earth. His presence there could provide valuable information and Gobashu intended to use that to his advantage.

Though Gertun was clearly nervous, he stood at attention and answered Gobashu’s question. “We have been in contact with Commander Vadam, but they are not sending us much.”

“As expected, Commander Vadam has always been one of few words. He is like me, straight to the point. It is also standard procedure when a Xulon commander is in the field, especially on an honor mission, to keep communication to a minimum.” Gobashu explained as he straightened up his posture. “And what has Vadam sent us? And please, keep it short and crucial.”

“Yes, Absolute General.” Gertun responded. “He has arrived on earth but even before they were engaged by a human flight team but easily obliterated them. Not long after that the unit attacked a human settlement, destroying everything in their way, where they set up a rest area.”

Gobashu looked at Admiral Gertun confused. “Commander Vadam ordered his unit to STAY in an area?”

“Yes, Absolute General, for the city is in the general area where the Zordons were tracked to crash.”

“Ah, unusual but makes sense.” Gobashu softly muttered to himself. “What about after they landed?”

“Well, they are attacked again by a large, human ground force but easily defeated the.”

Gobashu’s mandibles formed a smile. “Good, I see he is teaching the humans a lesson.”

“Certainly, seems that way sir as the humans have not bothered them since.” Gertun replied. “As far as their task goes, they have not found the Zordons yet.”

Gobashu shrugged. “I would be surprised if he has. There is a lot of ground to cover but no doubt Vadam will succeed, he always does.”

“If you say so Absolute General.” Gertun softly spoke. “Fortunately, Vadam has sent us information on the human forces, but it is pretty limited.”

“Oh, and why is that?”

“Because in his last message he stated, ’while the humans have advanced greatly in terms of technology and military strength, they have grown fat, lazy, and unmotivated.”

Gobashu chucked. “Oh, so he thinks that humans will be easy for our fleet to defeat?”

“He seems to think that way.”

“Hm, good.” Gobashu hummed before giving Gertun a serious look. “Is there anything else from Commander Vadam?”

Gertun shook his head. “No Absolute General, I told you everything I know, which is not much.”

“Regardless, thank you for what you have told me.” Gobashu stated as he began turning away from Gertun. “You are dismissed Commander.”

Gertun saluted. “Yes, Absolute General.”

By the time Gobashu was facing the other way Gertun had exited the room, leaving him alone. After that stressful conversation he was glad to finally be alone and staring out into space from his personal office. Though he made a mental note to have General Golat watch over Admiral Gertun that would come later. In that moment, all Gobashu wanted to do was revel in the moment and the excitement of an upcoming invasion. Like a true Xulon he adored combat and containing his excitement was almost too much. He wanted to give the order to launch the invasion at that pointing time but knew it wouldn’t end well if he did, that knowledge making it somewhat manageable for the time being.

“So, the fun begins . . .” Gobashu silently stated, his mandibles clicking with amusement.

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