Star Brink: The Crash

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It's All Coming Together

Chapter 28: It’s all coming together

General Gobashu smiled with pride as he looked out the window at the ever-growing fleet before him. From his personal office on his command ship. Looking through the large, glass window, he had an outstanding view of space and its vastness. Since they were currently near the edge of the Milky Way Galaxy, he could see nearly everything it had to offer. However, the view of space did little to excite him, particularly with the Xulon fleet in his sights. Given the position of his command ship he had the perfect view of the entire fleet and how they were coming together. The problem was there were too many carriers, battleships, and other ships for Gobashu to count. Never in his life could be recall seeing so many ships gathered in one place, especially for one specific purpose.

It is all coming together. Gobashu thought as he looked out at the fleet before him. Never before has a fleet like this been gathered, and it continues to grow.

Gobashu couldn’t help but chuckle to himself at the irony of his statement as there was almost certainly a truth to it. He had heard stories of massive Xulons fleets gathered in the past that went out to destroy planets and anyone who stood in their way. Such tales were legends that were drilled into their heads when they were children’s day, he knew them quite well. The stories were his inspiration to become Absolute General and someday lead a fleet of his own to destroy a planet. Though he was often laughed at when he was a kid, and through most of his adulthood, for his ambitions, Gobashu never gave up on his dreams. He knew there would eventually be a day when he would be standing in the Absolute General’s quarters observing a fleet being mustered. Though it was happening right in front of him there were moments he had trouble believing he wasn’t dreaming, and it reminded him of his determination and willingness to do whatever was necessary to accomplish his goals.

Gobashu’s mandibles clicked with excitement as realized his childhood dream was coming to fruition and another large carrier came into view adding significantly more troops and fireproof to the already massive fleet. He was fidgeting from the joy and excitement so much he was glad no one was around to see him. If they were then they certainly would’ve thought he was being immature, even though they would never say anything with him being the Absolute General, despite the damage it’d do to his reputation. Despite being alone, he remained as still as possible and just observed the fleet slowly coming together as the new carrier taking its position among the others. It didn’t take long for his mind to wander of the possibilities of the invasion and what was awaiting them, which further added to his excitement.

Gobashu was knocked out of his train of thought by his office door buzzer. He sighed loudly as he turned around and his daydreaming ended. It certainly irritated him to be abruptly interrupted but his duty as Absolute General required him to answer whoever was at the door. He knew it wasn’t his Security Commander as there would have been a series of knocks following the buzzer. That knowledge required Gobashu to straighten up and appear as confident as possible.

“You have permission to enter.” Gobashu shouted as he turned towards the door.

The door slides open revealing General Gashtin carrying a large datapad before him. Gobashu noticed the General appeared to nervous as he stood there waiting for him to make a move. It was almost certainly because Gobashu’s presence had that effect on people, even on Generals. He didn’t hold it against them and certainly wasn’t going to in that moment. At least Gashtin didn’t hesitate to enter and walk towards him.

“General Gashtin, to what do I owe the pleasure?” Gobashu eagerly stated while hiding his annoyance.

Gashtin bowed his head and he approached. “Absolute General, I have come to deliver to you the latest reports of our fleet progress in.”

Gobashu resisted the urge to roll his eyes, very displeased that his daydreaming was interrupted by such a mundane issue. Since he could just look out the window and get a promising idea of how the fleet progression was going having a General come by his office to personally inform him felt pointless. To say Gobashu was annoyed would have been understatement, but he kept his annoyance to himself and remained composed and professional on the outside.

“Alright, then let us get this started.” Gobashu stated as he turned and gave his full attention to the young General. “So, how close are we to being ready? How complete is the fleet?”

“We are making significant progress, Absolute General.” Gashtin quickly and confidently answered. “Ever since your speech things have progressed quickly and the soldiers, and pretty much everyone, has been quite enthusiastic.”

“Huh, that is to be expected, but what about our numbers?”

“From our reports the fleet has made significant progress.” Gashtin glanced down at his datapad and quickly pulled up some reports. “Right now, we have gathered, at our current location, an estimated two-hundred-and-fifty carriers, seven-hundred-and-thirty battleships, well over ten-thousand-star fighters, and easily over a billion soldiers.”

Gobashu restrained his shocked expression. “Hm, that has got to be one of the biggest fleets we have ever assembled.”

“It is Absolute General, and many more are on their way. It has been predicted that our fleet only has two-thirds of the fleet that will be resembled.”

Gobashu didn’t hold back how shocked he was. “Dest it, easily the biggest fleet we have ever mustered.” Gobashu smiled internally and thought. And to think I will be the one to lead it. Gobashu straightened up his posture and spoke. “Hm, what about the morale of our species?”

“Very high but that is to be expected after your speech. The entire race seems to be determined to invade Earth as soon as possible.”

“Good, I would not expect anything less.” Gobashu stated as a new subject entered his mind. “Hm, I got another question General.”

“Of course, Absolute General, I will attempt to answer any question you have.”

“Very good.” Gobashu said as he smiled down at the young General and asked. “General, any news from Commander Vadam?”

General Gashtin appeared reluctant to answer but eventually did. “Uh, I believe so. Absolute General.”

Gobashu awaited a response, but Gashtin remained silent and it eventually irritating him. “And what is it?”

“Oh, sorry Absolute General, I have to look it up.” Gashtin nervously looked down at his datapad. “We gathered some details on him as it was suspect you would ask.”

Gobashu crossed his upper arms across his chest. “Considering I ask every chance I get I would like to know.”

“Indeed, Absolute General.” Gashtin replied as he continued to look down at the datapad for a few moments. “We have gotten some, unfortunate recordings from Commander Vadam.”

Gobashu gave Gashtin a questionable expression. “What happened?”

“Uh, they have come into a lot of enemy contacts recently.” Gashtin nervously replied. “They found the Zordons they were looking for by following some human agency. They were quick to engage the humans and for a while thing were going in their favor . . .”

“But what happened?” Gobashu reluctantly asked.

Gashtin appear nervous but still hesitantly answered. “A Zordon force came and decimated the squadron.”

“Of course, Dest them.” Gobashu sighed loudly. “How badly were their losses?”

“Bad, Absolute General.” Gashtin quickly answered. “We believe on Commander Vadam and a few few others managed to escape.” Gashtin looked up at Gobashu. “But, despite the losses Commander Vadam is not returning.”

“Huh, are you saying he is continuing his assignment?”

“Yes, Absolute General, he stated that he will NOT return till he has taken out the two Zordons that got away.”

Hm, so Vadam is not returning till he accomplishes his task, a true Xulon. Gobashu thought while smiling internally before speaking. “Good, glad to see there are still some real Xulons.”

Gobashu turned around and gazed out the window, knowing Gashtin was giving him a questionable look. “Uh, what do you mean by that, Absolute General?”

“Is it not obvious, General?” Gobashu exclaimed, though he was certain it wasn’t to his current conversation companion. “The faith among our people has been lacking lately, to the point where I believe even the Almighty Xulos is probably doubting us.” Gobashu gave Gashtin a serious look. “I am sure even you can see it.”

“Of course, I can, Absolute General, it is absolutely appalling.” Gashtin quickly shouted with confidence, though Gobashu knew he was just saying that to make it seem like he agreed.

Gobashu just shook his head in his mind while keeping a stoic appearance, making him seem like he didn’t notice. “Glad to see you have noticed it. We need more soldiers and commanders like Vadam.”

“Uh, yes, Absolute General, I agree completely.” Gashtin stuttered, making. Gobashu internally roll his eyes. “Just out of curiosity, Absolute General . . . what do we do if Commander Vadam and what remains of his squadron tries to return?”

“You know how we live, that should not be a question.” Gobashu replied as he tilted his head in confusion. “You should know what happens when those who have failed their tasks try to return to the fleet.”

Gashtin took a step back in fear. “You are not suggesting we open fire on him, are you?”

“Of course, I am, that is part of our code. We cannot return till we accomplish what we were assigned.”

“But Absolute General, that is your own kin.”

“And? Vadam knows the risks.” Gobashu stated as he crossed his upper arms across his chest. “Fortunately, I know Vadam will never return till he accomplishes his task so that is not a concern, and you should not worry about it.” Gobashu stepped forward and gave Gashtin a sincere expression. “But please, keep an eye on Vadam.”

Gobashu shook his head, a bit annoyed by Gashtin response to their code. To hear hesitation coming from a General certainly dropped his morale quite a bit. If even Generals are hesitant to follow the rules and traditions, then it was no wonder their race was losing faith. He wanted to backhand the young General clear across the fleet but had to restrain himself. Instead, he just stood there and shook his head, making his frustration obvious.

“Maybe this invasion is just what our people need.” Gobashu muttered a bit too loudly for his liking. “You agree do you not?”

Gashtin nervously rubbed the back of his head. “Uh, yeah, I can agree with that.”

Gobashu did a quick sniff to prove a point. “Then why do I smell hesitation on you?”

Gashtin gulped loudly while trying to not appear small and frightened in Gobashu’s eyes. “Uh, well, I guess I am just hesitant.”

“That is obvious, what I want to know why a GENERAL of the mighty Xulon race is hesitant.” Gobashu firmly stated, intensifying his angry glare as his anger grew with each passing moment.

“Uh, well . . . I was just . . . just t-thinking about our options Absolute General.” (Look up name) pointlessly rambled, each word adding fuel to Gobashu’s already intense rage.

Gobashu noticed Gashtin twitch a little, particularly his lower arms, and it annoyed him to no end to see it. Witnessing a General be both hesitant and fearful was quite depressing. To hide his disappointment, he turned away and had to restrain himself from signing. Though he could hear the young General fidgeting as he turned away Gobashu didn’t react, instead contemplating on how to use that to his advantage, or to make a potential point. If there was one thing that brightened his mood when his spirits were down it was messing with the younger Generals. He decided it would be a clever idea, and entertaining, to suddenly change, catching the young General off guard. The subject that entered his mind made him internally chuckle, knowing it would startle Gashtin.

“What about the Gashu, is it ready to use?” Gobashu asked without turning around, causing Gashtin to let out a nervous gasp.

“Uh, I am not sure speaking of the Gashu is the best idea.” Gashtin stated, Gobashu hearing him shake.

“I am the Absolute General, if there is anyone who can speak of the Gashu, it is me.” Gobashu looked over his shoulder at the smaller Xulon. “So, how are we doing with the Gashu?”

Gobashu didn’t blame the young General for being so nervous, the Gashu made Xulons even more nervous than speaking to him. Given it was gift directly from the Almighty Xulos most were afraid to even speak of it. There were stories of those who were unable to use it nearly destroying the entire fleet just by touching it. Gobashu was well aware the stories were true even though most of the Xulons thought they were just stories. While in the right hands, those that were worthy, it could destroy an entire planet with ease. It was hard to imagine having seen it with his own eyes since it could fit in the palm of his hand. It was a lesson Gobashu often used for the younger Xulons to show that even the smallest of objects could be insanely powerful.

(Look up name) swallowed his fear and eventually answered Gobashu’s question. “Uh, well, handing the Gashu is not under my division. All I know is that it exists since I have never personally seen it.”

“That was an excuse, not an answer.” Gobashu sighed loudly and sternly stated. “Your division does manage information and categorization. So, you probably have reports and information on the Gashu’s status.”

“Indeed, we do, and I apologize Absolute General.” Gashtin replied. “I do not know much as reports of the Gashu have been quite limited, and restricted.”

“Which is not unusual.” Gobashu responded, given the nature of the Gashu it was required to be secretive, even among the other Generals.

“Of course, Absolute General, though I have gotten a few reports of the Gashu, and they seem to be good.”

“Hm, then tell me instead of wasting my time.” Gobashu exclaimed, starting to get annoyed at how long their conversation was taking.

“Yes, sorry Absolute General.” Gashtin replied as he glanced down at his datapad and did a few quick operations to bring up the reports. “The reports say that the Gashu is secure, under constant secure, but also glowing with energy. From what I am seeing one of the guards stated the Gashu seems to be so full of energy it appears ready to burst.”

Gobashu’s mandibles clicked with excitement as he smiled. “Good, that means Xulos is waiting for us and that we are following the right path.”

General Gobashu grinned as he turned around and walked to his desk. He walked with pride and excitement in his step and wasn’t trying to hide it. At that point in his life he didn’t care, with his childhood hopes and dreams finally coming true appearance mattered little in the presence of a General. The only thing keeping him down was the Gashtin which made it difficult for him to act genuinely excited. Still, he kept up the strong appearance in the presence of the young General as he sat down so word wouldn’t spread. Once seated in his duty chair, which was a bit too firm for his liking, he turned his attention back out the window. He tried to go back to daydreaming about their fleet and attacking Earth but there was a problem behind him. Gashtin just stood there and watched despite Gobashu barely acknowledging his existence. If there was one thing, he hated it was people staying longer then they wanted or needed to be.

“You can leave now, General.” Gobashu stated without looking away from the window, in a calm but also ordering tone.

“Of course, Absolute General.” Gashtin stated as he back away. “I will keep you posted on any changes and improvements.”

“Good, now leave me to my thoughts.” Gobashu exclaimed as he waved Gashtin away.

“As you wish Absolute General.” Gashtin responded as he bowed and turned to leave.

Gobashu didn’t need to turn around, nor did he want to, to know that Gashtin was properly leaving. Thankfully, he was leaving quickly so it made the moment less awkward. Gobashu could hear Gashtin nearly run out of his office, clearly ready to get as far away from his as possible. It only took a moment for him to be alone and hear the door slide shut behind. As soon as he was alone Gobashu felt relieved, ready to relax.

Took him long enough to leave. Gobashu thought as he leaned back in his chair.

Gobashu took his weight off his long, lower arms and sighed loudly in relief to finally to alone with his thoughts. Though the conversation did lift his spirits, except for part involving Vadam, he was still happy to be alone. After the stress of putting together a fleet, as well as convincing everyone to go along with it without hesitating, even he needed a moment.

Despite the desire to relax Gobashu’s mind preventing him from truly relaxing. Being the Absolute General put a lot of weight on his large chest and didn’t allow his mind to truly turn off. Combined with the excitement of the invasion Gobashu had to try hard to relax. On top of all that he had to worry about Vadam but his certainty that he would accomplish his goal didn’t make him think too much on it. Instead, his mind drifted back and forth between staring out into space, the upcoming invasion, and how everything was slowly coming together. He knew it as only a matter of time till they were ready, and he could hardly wait for that.

Everything is falling into place . . . slowly. Gobashu grinned in his head.

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