Star Brink: The Crash

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The Definition of Uncomfortable

Chapter 2: The Definition of Uncomfortable

Fara Fennix gripped her plasma pistol tightly as she aimed it at the large human standing a short distance away from her and her daughter Felicity. After what she had experienced at the hands of those humans that assaulted her, the urge to pull the trigger was quite strong. Her heart was still beating so fast it was quite hard to tell each individual beat from the other. Despite that she was still somehow able to keep her hand steady enough to know she could accurately shoot. Considering how powerful her plasma pistol was an accurate shot was unnecessary, a center mass shot would almost certainly be lethal. However, instead of running as she expected, and she hoped he would do, the human just stood there with his arms in the air looking back at her with a worried and sympathetic expression that confused Fara.

For several moments, the two individuals remained near motionless, starring into each other’s eyes. The human with his arms in the air while Fara aimed her pistol at his chest and kept Felicity pressed protectively against her with the other arm. Neither of them dared move nor make a sound, both seemingly waiting on the other to make the first move. The tension mounted with each passing second with Fara trying to decide if she should pull the trigger or not. Though the human currently wasn’t a threat she was never the kind of person to take chances; especially when her daughter’s safety was a concern. Thankfully, Felicity was in her arm allowing Fara to keep her sights on the human, hoping nothing would happen or that he would just walk away.

The human didn’t appear to be much different than the others except that his skin was slightly darker than the others. He definitely wasn’t what she would consider black skinned, but he certainly wasn’t what she had heard humans called white. The human was nearly as tall as the large human who hand attacked her but he appeared to be more muscular though it was hard to tell with the thick coat and pants he was wearing. His face was partially covered by his coat’s hood but she could make out very distinct and masculine features, as well as the long, dark red beard he sported. The distance between them made it difficult for her to tell what color his eyes were beyond light blue. Unlike the others who attacked her, the human’s eyes did not have an ounce of aggression in them, despite no doubt being the one who killed the others. If he wasn’t a human Fara would’ve considered him to be slightly handsome, but didn’t given the situation they had found themselves in.

What struck Fara as weird was how calm the man was being, despite having a plasma pistol pointed at him. Her eyes didn’t see much fear in him, though he was probably hiding it. Her nose picked up on his scent which confirmed what she saw; he was indeed surprisingly calm, so calm he didn’t even seem to fear the high possibility of death from her. It made her even more uneasy till she took a quick sniff and detected something that she would consider despair. Fara had detected similar scents in individuals who had lost the will to live; as if he didn’t care if he lived or died. However, given what she had just experienced, she couldn’t care in the slightest, not when Felicity’s safety was up in the air.

What in the galaxy is with this human? Fara thought as she starred the human down. What game is he playing? Humans are always playing some game.

Though her sense of smell told Fara the human wasn’t a threat, as did her instincts, she wasn’t about to lower her firearm. It boiled down to more than just her extreme mistrust for humans but after the other humans tried to rape her and harm Felicity, she wasn’t about to drop her guard. She’d had way too many bad experiences with the humans, and heard too many stories, to trust ANY human. It didn’t matter to Fara that she was certain he was the one who killed the others, and that he was currently unarmed, if he made one wrong move she had no problem sending him on an instant meeting with Azrael along with the other humans. She just kept her finger on the trigger and her eyes on the human, bearing her fangs at him, while he remained as still as he could be, seeming to be waiting for her response.

“Give me one good reason why I should not burn a hole through your chest right now!” Fara growled in the best English she could muster, sternly pointing her pistol at the human to get her point across.

The human let out a loud sigh as he momentarily glanced down at the ground before looking back at Fara. “Apparently, I’m the one trying to save your furry butts from these hicks and possibly a group of people far worse.”

Fara let out a soft growl at the human, even though his response amused her but she wasn’t about to show it. “Is sarcasm a typical human response when someone is pointing a gun at them?”

The man shook his head. “No, most humans would probably be wetting their pants right now. I’m just a full time smart-a.”

It took Fara a moment to realize that the human meant smartass in his answer and nearly made her chuckle. She guessed that he phrased it the way he did because of Felicity’s presence, he was looking at her when he said it. It relaxed her VERY slightly to see that he was taking the fact that there was a child present seriously in his responses. However, it didn’t last long as she quickly resumed her assertive demeanor, keeping her pistol aimed at him but only slightly relaxed.

“So, you are the one who killed those . . . uh.” Fara began speaking only to pause when she tried to determine what the call the humans who attacked her.

“Hicks, hillbillies, morons?” The human spoke as Fara tried to come up with titles, causing her to look up and see a slight smirk on his face. “That’s just what I can think of off the top of my head.”

“Hm, those may work, but how about we just stick with idiots? I would say other names but . . .”

“Can’t because of the child, I completely understand and that’s fine with me.” The human replied with a slight smile before quickly returning serious. “To answer a question, yeah, I killed them. I didn’t want to kill them but they gave me no choice.”

“I do not think that anyone will miss them. If anything you probably did the human race a favor.”

“You are definitely not wrong there.” The man replied with a shrug. “Is that enough to get you to lower your gun?”

“Not a chance, my gun is definitely not going anywhere.” Fara answered with a growl. “I do not lower my guns for humans.”

The man chuckled at Fara’s response causing her to look at him confusedly as he responded. “Yeah, I do not blame you one bit, I probably dislike my own species just as much as you do.” The man stood up to his full height and crossed his arms in a relaxed manner. “But, haven’t I’ve shown you that I’m not a threat? I did risk my life saving your lives, almost got shot in the process. I could’ve walked away at any time, even after I killed them, but I didn’t. Instead, I put myself in danger, still am since you’re aiming a gun at me right now.” The man almost smiled as he raised an arm and spoke confidently. “Just think for a moment, even standing here right now, I should be proving to you that I mean you no harm and want to help.”

Fara slightly lowered her head and thought about it for a short moment while the man remained standing, waiting for her response. What he said was indeed true, there was no reason for him to be standing in her sights, let alone kill their attackers, and yet there he was. Why a human would risk his life for her kind, other than for mating purposes, was beyond her and made her even more suspicious than she already was. Her nose confirmed her suspicions, picking up on his scent. Though he could fool her eyes there was no chance her nose could be deceived, especially when it came to sniffing out a person’s emotions. From what she could smell he was both truthful and sincere. Having that confirmation put her slightly at ease but not enough to lower her pistol, not till she had one more confirmation.

“If what you say is true than I have to ask the obvious question.” Fara spoke up, looking at Felicity for an instant than back at the human with the most serious expression she had ever mustered. “Why did you risk your life for us? If I like your answer maybe I’ll let you leave.”

The man let out another chuckle before straightening up his posture and replying. “Yeah, if I was in your position I’d certainly be making impulse statements. I got a daughter to so I understand your actions completely.”

“That doesn’t explain why you helped up.” Fara interrupted, not hiding a small smile. “Unless your reason is sympathy, which is not a good enough reason to satisfy me.”

“Thankfully it’s a minor reason at best.” The man shrugged. “Being truthful, the main reason I came to your rescue is because I’ve been in this situation before, well similar to it not that long ago. I reacted in a manner that I am not proud of and it’s haunted me ever since.”

Fara tilted her head out of curiosity. “Explain what you mean by this situation.”

Fara almost didn’t notice the change in the man’s expression, and would’ve missed it if her nose hadn’t detected it, that was without a doubt a scent describing feelings of remorse. “Well, I know that you won’t care about the fine details so I’ll keep it short. Basically, I had the opportunity to save someone in the past but I didn’t act and I’ve been regretting it ever since. I will NEVER do that again and because of that there was no chance in heck I was standing back this time. So, when I saw them assaulting you that’s why I jumped in . . . and had to make sure you were safe.” The man glanced down at Fara’s leg, more specifically at the severe cut. “Seeing your condition . . . yeah, that is up in the air right now.”

Fara stared blankly at the human as she tried to comprehend what she heard. If it wasn’t for Felicity squirming in her arms she would’ve been completely froze trying to wrap her mind around what the human said. Though he was pretty vague in his answer she still understood what he meant, or at least what he was trying to say. Whether it was a good reason or not would require some thinking, which Fara didn’t want to do in that situation.

Why the galaxy is this human telling me that?” Fara thought as she glared at the human who just stared back at her. He is definitely being truthful but I don’t see why he’d go that far with someone he just met. Normally someone would be this emotional to prove a point but with this human it’s more than that. Fara glanced down at Felicity who had become more relaxed before looking back at the human. Oh well, what happened with him back then is not my problem so I shouldn’t care. BUT, that is a pretty good reason so maybe I will give him some slack.

Fara felt a tug on her shirt and looked down to see it was Felicity. She had gripped the helm of her uniform shirt and was tugging roughly on it to get Fara’s attention. The little pup gazed up at her mother with pleading eyes that would’ve melted even the hardest and stubborn of hearts. Even Fara, who had seen it more times that she could count, had a hard time resisting; significantly more so since she’d never seen Felicity use it to that intensity.

“Please mommy, do not kill him.” Felicity pleaded. “I think he really does want to help us and we need the help.”

Fara couldn’t help but let out a loud sigh with a smile as she patted Felicity on the head. “Alright, for you I will relax.” Fara turned her attention to that human and lowered her pistol. “As much as I hate to say it, thank you for saving us.”

The human nodded as he uncrossed his arms. “You’re welcome . . . uh, I never got your name.”

“Fara Fennix and this is Felicity.” Fara reluctantly answered, having no idea why she replied. “That is all you need to know.”

“Hm, it’s nice to meet you.” The human replied with a joking grin. “The name’s Jack Grieves.”

Before Fara could reply the human named Jack began stepping casually towards her and Felicity. Though his approach was slow the suddenness of it caught Fara off guard and brought all her caution back. Instantly she was on full alert and ready to protect her daughter and herself.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” Fara shouted, pulling Felicity into her chest and quickly raising her pistol towards the human again.

Jack immediately jumped back and quickly raised his arms into the air. “SORRY, that was my fault, I didn’t mean to startle you, I was just trying to help.”

Fara let out a growl. “And how exactly do you plan on helping us?”

Jack pointed at Fara’s injured leg. “Uh, your leg needs someone to fix it. You’re not going anywhere it with that injury. I was going to provide what assistance I could to get you walking.” Jack seemed to hide a smirk before replying. “I should’ve said so before approaching, I apologize.”

Fara relaxed a little, lowering her pistol slightly but spoke angrily to Jack. “YES, you should have said something you dunderhead. Approaching an injured woman and her child after they had just been attacked, without saying your intentions, should have been an obvious idiot move to you.”

“Uh mommy.” Felicity spoke up, getting the attention of both adults. “I think you overreacted to, Jack just wants to help us.”

Fara couldn’t help but smile down on Felicity; the way she blurted out the truth without a filter was often adorable. If it wasn’t for Felicity’s continued cute gaze Fara would not have given in. She only relaxed slightly, still keeping her pistol’s sights on Jack.

“Thanks for the offer but I do not think your assistance is necessary.” Fara softly spoke to Jack as she completely lowered her pistol. “I injected pain killers not too long ago so I should be able to repair my leg myself.”

Jack tilted his head, appearing to be confused. “Wouldn’t pain killers dual your mental abilities as well, making what you want to attempt even more dangerous?”

Fara shook her head. “Not our pain killers which are vastly superior to what you earthlings use. Ours have no negative side effects, unless you inject an obscene amount, and are significantly stronger at blocking pain. I only injected a small amount, enough to almost fully block the pain, so I should be able to do this without too much concern.”

“But mommy, you do not know anything about medicine. You told me so a couple days ago.” Felicity stated as soon as Fara finished speaking.

Fara glared daggers at Felicity who just stared back at her. “Thanks a lot kid.” Fara looked back at Jack who seemed to be hiding a smirk. “Do you know anything about stitching up wounds?”

Jack nodded. “I know a bit. I’ve stitched up minor cuts on myself and my daughter before. Though your jury is significantly worse, I can see that from here, I can at least get it stabilized.”

A quick glance from Felicity was all it took for Fara to make up her mind and hang her head in defeat. “Fine, but if you try anything I will not hesitate to shoot you.”

Jack had only confidence in his reply. “Of course, I’ll do what I can.”

Fara watched closely as Jack approached and knelt down next to her leg. While Jack bent down to examine her leg Felicity moved away from Fara, walked over to a nearby stump, and sat down. Fara was glad Felicity moved a short distance away, she didn’t need to see the wound. Still, she kept Felicity within view while watching Jack examine her leg. She held back a groan as he touched her leg to get a better view of the extent of the damage. The feeling of his hands, though he wore gloves, on her wounds made her feel uncomfortable. Though he didn’t apply any pressure to the wound just having him touch it sent waves of pain through her; apparently there was an extent of what the pain killers could prevent and she had feeling what Jack was about to do would exceed it.

After a few moments Jack looked at Fara with a worried expression and spoke. “Unfortunately, it’s worse than I thought it was. Though the bleeding has stopped the damage goes far beyond that.”

“I know, the wound goes down to muscle, that is going to take some time to repair.”

Jack shook his head. “No, it’s worse than that.”

Fara stared worriedly at Jack. “How bad?”

“To at least the bone. Whatever cut you managed to at the very least do some damage to the bone. That I have no idea how to fix that and in these conditions it’ll be impossible to see the full extent of the damage. You need to have a professional Doctor, in a hospital, to just tell you how bad it is, let alone operate on you.”

Fara’s heart sank hearing Jack’s words. She knew the wound was bad but to hear the damage was to that extent horrified her. Give she was a Zordonians, going to a human hospital was out of the question; the PDF would be on them in a heartbeat, the look Jack gave her made it appear he seemed to be aware of the danger. That left her own people, but considering the circumstances, that almost certainly wasn’t going to be happening any time soon. She and Felicity were truly on their own and in what many Zordonians would consider a worst case scenario. To her it meant that they had little choice but to receive Jack’s help and there was little Fara hated more than relying on others for help.

Fara looked into Jack’s eyes trying to hide her concern. “Is there anything you can do for the time being, at the very least stabilize the wound till we can get help that won’t get us killed?”

Jack looked back and forth between into Fara’s eyes, her injury, and the med kit lying beside her, each second he remained quiet rose her fear to rise to the point where she almost no longer contain it. “I think I can do something, though I can’t be fully certain.” Jack shifted over to the med kit, giving the equipment inside a quick look before continuing his reply. “These look similar to what I trained with so that should hopefully make it easier.”

“You have had training?” Fara blurted out.

“A little bit.” Jack nervously replied. “I had basic medical training in the military during flight combat school and I should really emphasize basic. Still, I’ll do what I can.”

Jack’s answer didn’t fill Fara with much hope, especially since she knew there wasn’t another choice than to rely on him. That made it difficult for Fara to accept her situation and lie back, letting Jack begin his work. Instead of saying a word she just looked at Jack and nodded before turned her head away so she didn’t have to see him operate. As strong as Fara was, both physically and mentally, the sight of her own blood was not something she wanted to see.

Jack laid a gentle hand on Fara’s shoulder and spoke softly but with confidence. “Don’t worry, you’ll get through this. You have my word, for what it’s worth.”

With those words spoken, Jack immediately began working on Fara’s leg. She closed her eyes and gritted her teeth as she felt his hands move along and into her wound. Thankfully, the pain killers she had injected earlier did their job in significantly numbing the pain. Due to the pain killers she couldn’t exactly tell what he was doing at first and frankly didn’t want to. She was more than happy to keep her eyes closed and let him work, keeping her mouth shut as well so he could concentrate except when she let out the occasional pained groan. Fara hoped that Felicity wasn’t watching, the last thing she wanted her daughter to see was no doubt the gory scene. At least she was a short distance away so that probably wasn’t a concern.

After what felt like an agonizing amount of time, Fara felt Jack’s hands leave her wound. Though she kept her eyes shut it seemed like Jack had finished some of his work. It wasn’t till she heard him picking up and readying the staple gun that she got slightly nervous again. Fara hated getting staples, even the temporarily ones. The staples loaded into the staple gun in the standard Zordon military med kits were temporarily, designed to be used in the midst of battle. They were easy to apply to a wound with the purpose of quickly closing the wound with the intention of being removed shortly afterwards by a doctor in a hospital at a later time. The primary purpose of the temporary staples was to stabilize wounds on the battle but be easy to remove when it was safe so a doctor could work.

“Okay, I’ve done what I can to stabilize your leg but until we get you before a real doctor you’ll never be fully healed.” Jack said after he applied the last staple.

Fara let out a loud groan as she looked down at her leg to check the work Jack did and couldn’t help but be surprised to see that he had appeared to have done a good job. Though her leg was bloody and the staples were quite visible he had managed to get it cleaned up and the staples in correctly as well as in a straight line. She’d seen nurses and doctors do a worse job.

“Huh, that actually looks pretty good.” Fara said with a smile to Jack. “I guess I should say thank you.”

“Yes you should mommy.” Felicity shouted, getting a glare from Fara.

“It’s it necessary.” Jack responded, holding up his hand to get their attention. “Unfortunately, that only solves one of our problems temporarily. We got a much bigger problem to address anyway.”

Fara gave Jack a quick agreeing nod. “You talking about what me and my daughter are going to do since we cannot stay here?”

Jack sighed. “Yes, you staying here would certainly result in someone worse than those idiots coming and taking you away.” Jack quickly glanced at Felicity before looking back at Fara. “That is unless you have help in the form of your people coming to rescue you.”

Fara reluctantly shook her head. “That is doubtful at best. Though I did manage to get a message to my superiors about the crash but they have an unfortunate low record of quick rescues. It does not help that the fleet is a good distance away from Earth.” Fara shrugged. “So, I would not expect a quick rescue.”

“Then, I am afraid I do not have much of a choice.” Jack spoke up, getting Fara to glare surprisingly at him, awaiting and guessing what he would say. “It’s obvious you two need help, so . . .”

Fara looked at Jack with a questionable expression. “Why do I have a feeling you are about to suggest something drastic.”

“That’s because I am.” Jack replied, taking a quick, deep breath. “I am suggestion you two come with me.”

Fara’s jaw dropped at Jack’s suggestion in such a manner that she heard Felicity giggle. Jack’s suggestion, though she had a feeling he’d recommend something like that, caught her completely off guard. She never expected he’d actually spit out such a suggestion considering how timid he came off to be. Though she knew there wasn’t many options, especially considering her leg, the thought of going any place with a guy she had just met was almost certainly out of the question.

“Come with you?” Fara exclaimed. “You cannot be serious!”

“I think he is serious mommy.” Felicity spoke up.

Jack nodded at Felicity. “She is right, I am completely serious. I am giving you a choice in the matter, not forcing you to do anything, but . . . I hate to say it there’s really no other option that could even remotely be counted as safe for you two.”

Fara glared daggers at Jack as she closed her arms under her chest. “You know you could probably have phrased that better.”

“Yeah, I know. I was never any good at that, or just conversations in general. But you have to admit I am right.”

“Unfortunately you are.” Fara replied with a huff. “If we want to survive than we have to rely on you . . . for the time being.”

Jack smiled slightly. “So is that a yes or a no?”

“It is a VERY reluctant yes. But do not think for an instant that I am happy about it . . . or that I trust you.” Fara leaned in close to Jack and whispered so Felicity wouldn’t hear. “Or that I am repaying you through sexual favors. You would not be the first to try that on me and I should warn you I have always violently turn those down.”

Jack nodded. “Of course, I wasn’t about to suggest that. I just want to make sure you and your daughter are safe.”

“Smart move.” Fara replied with a dangerous grin before looking at Jack seriously. “So, just how do you plan on getting us out of here?”

“Well, I’m going to have to get you two to my truck and then we should be able to drive out of here. But in order to do that I’ll have to carry you out since I highly doubt you can walk on that leg.”

“Can you do that?” Felicity exclaimed, running up Fara’s side.

Jack smirked at Felicity. “I should be able to, your mother doesn’t look too heavy.” Jack looking down at Felicity with a sarcastic grin. “But, I’m worried she may shoot me for attempting it.”

Fara fought back a laugh while Felicity broke out laughing before looking at Jack and replying. “Okay fine, but you try anything funny and I’ll put a burning hole in your crotch.”

Jack immediately nodded, seeming to know that she was serious. “No worries there. Though you are cute I swear I won’t try anything.”

Fara glared at Jack as he moved to her side to try and pick her up, unable to tell if he was serious. She wanted to ask if he was serious but kept her mouth shut out of the concern that he was. Felicity was visible out of the corner of Fara’s eye covering her mouth to hide herself laughing but failing miserably. A quick glance from Fara was enough to get Felicity to stop.

Fara had to move very little beyond lifting her legs for Jack to slide his arm under her so he could get a good grip. She almost jumped at the feeling of his other hand sliding across her back, having to resist the urge to shoot him. The only guy she had ever allowed to touch her like that was her previous mate, and hadn’t let any male near her since he died. If it wasn’t for the seriousness of the situation she would’ve shot Jack on the spot. Instead, she reluctantly laid back, letting Jack get a good grip so he could carry her. Once he had a good grip he slowly stood up and held Fara in his arms bridal style.

“Thank goodness you’re light.” Jack said as he started carrying Fara effortlessly, or at least he gave the impression it was effortless.

Fara fought back a chuckle as Jack carried her with Felicity following close behind them. She knew he was lying, and not doing a good job at it. If Fara had to guess she would assume she was only slightly lighter than Jack considering they were nearly the same height and had similar muscle structure. Though she was kind of comfortable in his grasp, at least he was trying to be gentle, which only made it more obvious to her that he was having difficulty. It didn’t seem to be helping Jack that the terrain was not flat at all with him immediately having to carry her up a slope and what appeared to be deeper into the woods.

“No need to lie, I know I am not light in the slightest.” Fara said as Jack began walking up a hill.

Jack let out a huff. “I know but it’s not polite to criticize a woman’s weight.”

Fara leaned back in Jack’s arms and shrugged. “At least you have better manners than most males but that seems unnecessary.”

“Please be nice mommy.” Felicity squeaked from behind Jack.

Fara leaned up from his position so she could see Felicity. “That is easier than done said little one.”

Felicity titled her head in a confused look. “No, it is not mommy.”

Fara heard Jack smirk and wittily reply. “No comment.”

Fara turned her head and starred into Jack’s eyes with a look that caused an ancient tree to instantly die. “Hm, good thing you are smart. Definitely seem to have more intelligence than most humans.”

Jack nodded in agreement. “Given at least half of the human race in either stupid or . . .” Jack quickly glanced at Felicity before turning back to Fara. “. . . jerks, I can definitely agree with you on that.”

Fara gave Jack a return nod as he stopped shortly to pick up and sling his rifle over his shoulder before continuing their trek. After that, not a word was said between Jack or Fara other than the occasional grunt. As far as Fara was concerned no words were needed and if there were than they could be saved for later when they were out of danger. She was certain Jack had ALOT of questions but was glad that he kept them to himself; she did not look forward to answer those later. He needed to focus on carrying her and keeping his bearings straight so they didn’t get lost, even though he appeared to know by instinct where he was going. Glancing occasionally at Felicity, who stuck close behind Jack which struck Fara as weird at first, usually the little pup would be running around like crazy exploring. It seemed that she understood the seriousness of the situation and that’s why she was almost stepping on Jack’s feet at every step. Though Felicity didn’t appear to be scared anymore she was certainly not going anywhere without her mother.

At first Fara enjoyed the ride, taking in the early morning beauty of the earth forest, as Jack carried her. However, after a while, that admiration had all but left her as what she guessed was the fifth hill Jack started walking up with no end in sight. Though the forest had gotten slightly less thick it all looked the same to her no matter what direction she looked in. Everywhere she looked there was only trees, bushes, and more hills, giving her the impression it was easy to get lost in the area. If it wasn’t for Jack seeming to know where he was going she would’ve started questioning his sense of direction. At least Felicity didn’t seem to care, she was practically humming as she followed Jack closely. It would have been cute to see if it wasn’t for the fact that they were in the middle of a large forest being carried by a guy she had just met.

After what seemed like an eternity, they walked out of a thick thicket to a large clearing with a dirt road nearby. A short distance away Fara spotted what she guessed was a large truck, probably Jack’s, parked on the side of the road. Jack didn’t pause more than a moment before heading towards the truck with Felicity practically on his heels. Once they got closer Felicity broke from them and ran towards the truck excitedly with the same curiosity she had towards Starfighters. It made Fara giggle watching her daughter be so excited and a quick look at Jack confirmed he was thinking the same.

“I’m going to have to set you down so I can open the door.” Jack said in a reassuring voice, stopping at the passenger side door.

Fara nodded as Jack gently lowered her down to the point where she could stand on her good leg. She laid her hand on hood to steady herself as Jack let her go. He walked to the driver’s side door and fumbled with the keys as she remained standing as best she could and Felicity finally stopped running around the truck. A moment later he had the truck unlocked to where Fara could open the passenger side door. Jack made his way back around and opened the back door and motioned for Fara to get inside.

“Wait, you want me to ride in the back?” Fara exclaimed.

Jack nodded. “With your injury it’ll be easier for you to ride in the back.”

Fara wanted to argue but kept her mouth shut knowing he was right. With great reluctance she slowly climbed into the back seat and slid across till she was in the middle. Once she was inside she turned to Felicity, expecting to see her jumping in but she was still outside.

“Can I ride up front?” Felicity asked.

Fara shook her head. “No, get back here right now!”

Felicity lowered her head and crawled into the back seat and slid up to Fara. She adjusted their position as Jack closed the doors and walked around to the driver’s side. He climbed into the driver’s seat and attached his seat belt, occasionally glancing back at them to make sure they were fine.

“Alright, are you two buckled up?” Jack asked, quickly looking over his shoulder at them.

Fara quickly set the seat belts around her and Felicity before replying. “We are now.”

Jack gave Fara a quick nod before turning on the truck. “Good, then let’s get out of here.”

Without wasting a second Jack began driving down the dirt road with some caution. She found it weird that he didn’t floor it till they started bouncing up and down from what she guessed was bad road conditions. That made Fara wrap her arms around Felicity and hold her close as he they headed to who knew where with a guy they barely knew; definitely not an ideal situation for Fara.

What the heck have we gotten ourselves into.” Fara thought as Jack began driving.

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