Star Brink: The Crash

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Troublesome Conversation

Chapter 6: Troublesome Conversations

“But Mary, she’s my daughter too!” Jack shouted into the phone.

Jack could feel the rage boiling in his body so much that it felt like his blood vessels were about to burst. Talking to Mary, especially when it came to the matter of their daughter Amanda, had that effect on him. That moment, standing on the front patio gazing at the setting sun, was no different except that Jack was trying to keep somewhat quiet to avoid getting the attention of the furry females currently taking refuge in his house. Given Mary was being more of a B-word than usual that day, Jack was finding it particularly difficult to keep his voice down.

“And that makes you think you are entitled to her? I’m the one who gave birth to her therefore she’s mine and the judge agreed with me.” Mary’s annoying, high-pitched voice echoed through Jack’s phone.

“That is because you banged the judge, as well as several other officials!”

“You’re just jealous that I can do that. I got the body to do it so I might as well use it.”

Jack shook his head. “And that is why I call you a whore; you are the walking definition of one.”

“And yet it worked out in my favor so F you hick boy. I won, you lost, get over it.” Mary shouted back. “Just be glad I’m allowing you to see Amanda at all. If it wasn’t for her demanding it, and the court forcing it, it would never happen.”

Jack tightly gripped his phone out of rage. “How do you sleep at night?”

“Next to a rich doctor with a lot of money.”

“Of course you do.” Jack muttered under his breathe, and then took a moment to calm himself before replying. “Look Mary, this is getting us nowhere. So please, just allow me to see my daughter.”

The phone went silent for a few moments as Jack just stood there waiting for a response. All he heard was Mary breathing and what sounded like someone running in the background, possibly Amanda. After a few moments of not hearing anything Jack started thinking that Mary had hung up only to see she was still on the line and began getting frustrated.

“Not a chance hickboy.” Mary suddenly blurted out so loudly that it hurt Jack’s ears. “I’ll bring her boy when I want to. Now be quiet and stop calling to see her.” As quickly as Mary replied she hung up leaving Jack to stand there dumbfounded and furious.

Jack gripped his phone so hard he heard the screen crack. The urge to scream a swear word at the top of his lungs was quite high. Ever since he first had suspicions of Mary cheating on him she had an enraging effect on him. Involving their daughter in their conversation only amplified it, particularly since she was denying him the opportunity to see her. To Jack if felt like every fiber of his being was enraged to the point they were about to burst. He had no idea his long he stood on the patio just staring down at his phone but eventually he could take it no longer and had to do or say something before he had a heart attack.

“Freaking bitch!” Jack exclaimed as he angrily shoved the phone back into his pocket.

Though Jack had said it louder than he wanted to it felt good to say it. He had never been one for cussing out of anger but in that moment it appeared to help but not by much; fortunately just enough to bring his anger to a manageable level. However, against the grand scheme of things, not being able to see his own daughter, it wasn’t enough to calm him down. Just when he thought it wasn’t possible for him to hate his ex-wife more than he already did she went and pulled a stunt that shattered his expectations. Though he was raised to respect women Mary had reached a level that he wouldn’t consider her a woman, let alone a human being after everything she’d done to him. If it wasn’t for their daughter he would never interact with her again, let alone acknowledge her existence. For Amanda’s wellbeing he would do anything, especially to get her away from Mary. He knew that Amanda hated being around her own mother and that made it even more vital to get her away. Though he had next to zero success on that lately, especially when it came to legal matters like custody, he wasn’t about to stop. Jack didn’t care if it took him to the end of time he was not about to give up on Amanda.

However, all his determination quickly left when he heard a loud but also feminine huff coming from behind him. He knew immediately who had made the sound, there was only one person it could be, and that made him cautious to turn around. Jack couldn’t help but nervously gulp as he remained still, half expecting at least a smack to the back of the head, if not a frying pan or knife to the back. He as kind of surprise he hadn’t gotten one already considering how suspicious and cautious she was of him. The moment only got even tenser when he heard what sounded like a cane tapping impatiently on the ground, beckoning him to turn around. With that Jack knew he couldn’t pretend to ignore her any longer without risking serious injury to himself.

Taking a deep breath to calm his nerves helped slightly as he turned around to see Fara standing there, giving him a glare that would’ve made a hundred year old oak tree welt and die. She was leaning against the outside wall with her arms crossed under her ample-sized breasts, causing them to be pushed up and allowing Jack quite a pleasing view of her furry cleavage. He only glanced at her cleavage for barely second, he definitely liked what he saw, but quickly corrected it before she seemed to notice. Instead he focused on her eyes and somehow managed to avoid cowering before her as she remained leaning against the wall while angrily tapping her cane on the ground to show how impatient she was getting.

“How much of that did you hear?” Jack softly asked as he kept looking into her eyes, not backing down from her gaze.

“Enough to know you got some major problems with a woman named Mary.” Fara quickly replied, not breaking her gaze. “Apparently that woman is able to get you made enough to start swearing despite my daughter being potentially close enough to hear you.”

Jack hung his head. “I’m sorry about that; I shouldn’t have said that, but . . .”

“You do realize that word is an even insult to us than it is to you humans right? Even little children like Felicity know how big an insult that word is and do not use it.” Fara interrupted.

“No, I did not know that but I do now and I promise will not use it again.”

“That is fine but the word of a human does not mean much to me. No offensive but that is from not just my history with humans but my species’ as well.”

Jack reluctantly nodded. “I agree but that does not give you a reason to be so aggressive towards me when I’m making a promise.”

“Excuse me!” Fara blurted out.

Jack noticed Fara’s change of demeanor to the similar aggression he got when they first met, only more reserved. It was the first time he had actually stood up to her and clearly she didn’t like it. Jack immediately began regretting it out of fear of getting gut shot, she still had her plasma pistol strapped to her hip, but he didn’t back down. With the built up anger he had there was no chance he was backing down. He was already getting tired of Fara’s attitude towards him and they had only been in his house two days. The conversation with Mary only made it worse to the point where he could no longer take it and he had to snap at something. But, since Jack wanted to remain on good terms with Fara and Felicity, he had to internally take deep breaths just to remain calm and figure out a way to relieve that stress later. At that moment he had to find a way to adjust the situation to avoid making it worse and avoid getting killed or Fara leaving with Felicity when she clearly wasn’t in the condition to.

Jack held up his hand to try and pause the aggression in the moment. “Fara, what I need to say is that right now we probably shouldn’t be having this conversation, let alone be speaking to each other. You overhead the conversation I just had with my ex-wife, or at least parts of it. So what makes you think that I am in the mood to put up with your hostility towards me? I can understand where it’s coming from and I sympathize with you, but right now it should be obvious right is not the right time to talk to me.” Jack paused for a moment, noting that Fara’s posture relaxed slightly but that could have been caused by confusion, before continuing. “So please, just for the time being, can you please not be hostile towards me till I can calm down. If it is important than tell me, if not than please leave me be.”

Fara stared blankly at Jack as if she was shocked by his response. Clearly she had prepared for a shouting match, if not more, and his response caught her off guard. The following moments were quite tense for Jack as he could only remain quiet as Fara pondered his words. Though she was clearly still angry, her nonstop threatening gaze made that evident, she appeared to be at least thinking what he said. It took a few moments of them staring at each other for her demeanor to change to what seemed partial acceptance for what he said. Fara appeared to be agreeing with what he said but gave no verbal que that she did. Being a woman of few words so far, and constantly appearing to be angry towards him, she was quite difficult for Jack to read. He had hopes that once she lightened up towards him, assuming she ever did, she’d be easier to read.

After what felt like an eternity Fara straightened up as she grabbed her cane. “Fine, you obviously have a lot to figure out so I will leave you too it. But I WILL be bringing this up later.” Fara turned around and started heading inside only to quickly look over her at him. “Hopefully by then you will have a better attitude.”

Fara entered the house without saying another word as Jack collapsed back into the chair. He watched her through the screen door as she headed towards the back door where Felicity and Hunter were playing. In a couple moments she was out of his view and he let out a questionable sign of relief. Though the tensest moment he had experienced with Fara had ended the guilt it left him with was substantial to say the least. Inside he was mentally kicking himself for not handling the situation better and keeping his rage under control. The defeated look Fara gave him, if it could be called that, was certainly not going to leave his mind any time soon. Though she had been little but passive aggressive towards him, not counting the hostility of when they first met, Jack had quickly grown fond of Felicity and a little of Fara. He didn’t want any hostility in the air between them and the way he responded to Fara certainly didn’t help.

As much as Jack wanted to remain seated and think about his situation with Mary he just couldn’t get Fara out of his mind. Though he tried thinking about Amanda’s situation, being trapped with an abusive/neglectful mother, Fara turning away kept creeping up on him. For what seemed like forever Jack tried to push the furry woman away from his train of thought but had no success. The longer he tried to not think about it the worse it got to the point where Jack couldn’t handle it anymore and he couldn’t figure out why.

Damn it, I really screwed up. Jack muttered as he stood up. I guess I should talk to her at least, maybe try to explain things so she doesn’t think I’m a complete jerk, only a minor one.

Much against his better judgment, Jack headed into the house to find the potentially aggressive, humanoid wolf dog that currently roamed his home. As much he wanted to avoid her, particularly a plasma round to his groin, he had to talk to her to at least attempt to relieve the built up tension. It was not a conversation, or an attempt of one, that he looked forward to but knew it was necessary if they were going to live together. It may not fully fix everything but Jack saw it as a step in the right direction.

However, finding Fara quickly proved to be harder than he thought, despite her limited walking ability. He first checked the backyard, since that was where Felicity was playing with Hunter, but didn’t see her. Felicity gave him a wave as she ran in circles with Hunter hot on her heels but other than that barely acknowledged him. He waved back before heading back into the house and checked each room only to find no sign on her.

Jack let out a frustrated sigh as he watched Felicity run past the door with Hunter close behind her. “Okay, where the heck is that fluffy . . .?”

“But Admiral, why can you not come and get me? We’re in the clear for the time being and a pick up wouldn’t take long.” Jack heard Fara’s voice coming from the office.

Jack stopped in his tracks upon hearing Fara shout at first thinking it was directed at him. After a moment of silence and not seeing Fara coking at him with a bladed weapon, he eventually lowered his guard but kept on the alert. From the sound of it Fara appeared to be in the office. He was hesitant to head in that direction; not knowing what awaited him in there. If it wasn’t his desire to relieve the tension between them he would’ve bailed out. Instead he somehow managed to muster up the courage to press forward towards what he hoped wasn’t imminent death.

Jack carefully opened the door so he wouldn’t disturb Fara to see she was on what appeared to be some kind of Zordon communication device. She was facing the opposite direction, looking out the window, possibly at Felicity and Hunter while talking to an unknown person. From what Jack guessed she didn’t appear to have noticed him and given the tone of her voice that was a VERY good thing. Fara somehow appeared to be angrier than before but Jack didn’t think he was the cause of it at the moment. Whoever she was talking too seemed to be infuriating her to a similar degree that Mary angered him during their conversation. Jack would’ve laughed at the irony of the situation if he didn’t feel sorry for her.

Is this a prank or a cliché moment? How the heck did we both walk into each other’s conversation? Jack thought as he carefully listened to Fara. Still I got a feeling she’d kill me on the spot for listening in, assuming she doesn’t torture me first.

“What in the galaxy is going on over there Admiral? Our search and rescue team is always on standby. It should not take longer than a few days to get here.”

Jack wished he had Fara’s hearing so he could hear the other side of the call. Unfortunately from his combat experience and a lifetime of shooting nearly every type of firearm he could get his hands on, his hearing had deteriorated a lot more than he would like to admit. That left Jack with having to listen to Fara’s side of the conversation and guess what the person she was referring to Admiral was saying.

“Are you serious Admiral? Why would High Command lock down the fleet?” Fara blurted out, appeared to wait for the person to answer before replying. “What does reporting it as an Xulon attack have to do with anything? I know High Command does not exactly have the brightest people but surely they would understand the stupidly of locking down a fleet when Xulons are involved.”

Huh, something we humans have in common with your species. Jack chuckled in his head.

Fara growled as the person answered for several moments before she angrily shouted. “But father . . . I mean Admiral that is beyond stupid. Felicity and I are currently safe and ready for pick up. It would not be too hard for . . . ” Fara was interrupted by the Admiral who spoke up so loud that Jack could almost make out what he was saying. “But Admiral . . .”

Jack watched as Fara’s ears and shoulders dropped in a defeated and depressed manner as the Admiral seemed to be explaining the situation. He didn’t need to hear the other end of the line to understand what was being said and going on. Fara’s body language told him everything he needed to know; most likely due to politics or something just as stupid Fara and Felicity were not going anywhere any time soon.

Fara sighed loudly. “Yes Admiral, I understand. We are in a secure position so we can hold out for a while . . . hopefully. Just please get us out of here as soon as possible.” Fara let out a quiet, defeated moan as the Admiral responded to her. “Yes Admiral, Captain Fennix reporting out.” Fara ended the call, appearing to grip it so tightly Jack was surprised it didn’t shatter. “Galaxy it!” Fara shouted as she slammed the device on the computer table.

Jack leaned back away from the door as Fara let out a long, angry sigh that sounded more like a growl. He couldn’t help but feel sorry for her as she hung her head low with what he guessed what an expression of despair. Though Jack hadn’t heard much of the conversation, especially the other end, he caught enough of it to get the gest of what was being said. As a result he couldn’t help but feel sorry for Fara, especially Felicity. He wanted to help her but couldn’t fathom how he could behind doing what he was already doing or speaking to Fara and she certainly didn’t appear to be in the mood for a conversation.

Yeah, probably best to turn back and talk to her later. Jack thought as he began turning around to sneak away.

“What are you looking at?” Fara angrily shouted at Jack. “Do you think that because I overheard your conversation you can spy on me?”

Jack loudly gulped as Fara, using her cane, pushed the door open and starred daggers at him. It took everything he had to not shrink under her gaze; he was certain she could smell his fear. Despite his better judgment he entered the room as Fara continued to glare at him. Though she didn’t have the intent of murder in her eyes, mostly replaced with concern for her and Felicity’s situation, Jack knew to approach her with caution.

Jack held up his hand to try and calm Fara. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to overhear your conversation, I was just looking for you.”

“Huh, at least you are getting straight to the point.” Fara replied as she squinted at Jack. “And what is it you wanted to speak to me about?”

“Well, originally I was looking for you because I wanted to apologize for how I acted earlier. I should have handled the situation better and not taken my frustration out on you.” Jack began hesitantly at first only to eventually give Fara a sympathetic look. “But then I overheard your conversation with your . . . Admiral, and I think that needs to be addressed. But if you are not in the mood I can come back another time.”

Fara’s expression brightened up slightly to an almost unnoticed giggle. “Oh, talk about the irony. Fortunately for you I can smell that you are serious otherwise I would be quite angry thinking you were making fun of me.”

“And that would probably be lethal for me.”

“No, you’re now under just end up with my cane going up your butt.”

Jack didn’t hide the shiver traveling down his spine as he knew Fara was being serious. “Uh, thanks for that image which will never leave my thoughts.”

“Good, maybe that will keep you behaving.” Fara replied with a big smile but it quickly disappeared to be replaced with a serious expression. “Still, I accept your apology and I will add to it by trying to attempt to be less hostile towards you in the future. You are right in what you said about me and I want to try and change that to make things . . . easier for our prolonged stay here.”

“Hm, from what I overhead it sounds like Felicity and you will be here for longer than you originally thought.”

“Unfortunately, that is how things are looking right now. It is certainly not an ideal situation but it is the hand we have been dealt some have to deal with it.” Fara let out a loud sigh. “I think it is safe to say we both got problems that is certainly not helping the situation. The question is what are we going to do about it?”

Jack crossed his arms and thought about it intensely for several moments. “Hm, well, I’d say it depends on how long you and Felicity will be here. At first I thought it’d only be a couple days but ACCIDENTALLY overhearing your conversation that is blown out the window. Otherwise I would recommend we just ignore it.”

Fara glared at Jack in shock at his response. “Really, that is your recommendation? And I thought you would come up with a good answer.”

“It would be a good answer IF you and Felicity were only going to be here for a few days. We wouldn’t had have the time to get in each other’s way and our time together would be very little than an inconvenience for either of us. Once you two were gone we’d all just forget about it and go on about our lives.”

Fara reluctantly shrugged. “Huh, I hate to admit it but that is surprisingly spot on. I would agree with you but things have changed and since we are going to be here for an indefinite amount of time we got to get along. Though first, I think we both need time to calm down and address our problems BEFORE we deal with each other.”

Jack didn’t want to admit it but Fara was spot on. Given the rage boiling in both of them speaking to each other was certainly not a good idea. Since none of them had no idea how long they’d be there fighting was out of the question if they were going to survive each other. Jack wanted them to get along so he was willing to do nearly anything it took. Fara seemed to be willing to do the same but quite a bit more hesitant than him. He was just happy they were in agreement and had a direction to go in to eventually getting rid of any hostility there was in the air between them.

Jack nodded slightly. “Alright, I can agree with that, but for the time being let’s just calm down and keep to ourselves.”

Fara smiled softly. “Good, maybe once we settle down we can discuss things out without bearing our fangs.”

“That’s fine with me.” Jack firmly replied. “I’ll be on my way and leave you to yourself.”

“Good, take care Jack.”

“You too Fara, and don’t be late for lunch.” Jack stated as he turned around.

“If you are cooking that will not be an issue.”

Jack nervously rubbed the back of his head as he shut the door and headed towards the living room. I see she still doesn’t trust me. Can’t say I blame her in the slightest. I wouldn’t trust me either in her circumstance, but she seems to take it a little too far.

Jack shrugged to himself as he turned around and headed for the living room. For the time being he thought it best to push the thought of his relationship with Fara said as that seemed to finally be going in a good-ish direction. He would probably have plenty of time to work on that though he hoped not for their sake. At least for the time being they were on good terms and that was enough to get Jack to relax.

Once in the living room Jack plopped into the recliner but hesitated to reach for the TV remote. From his position he could clearly see Felicity and Hunter still playing and he found that more entertaining than anything on TV. It made Jack smile to see her happy and having fun despite her horrible situation. It was heartwarming to see at least someone in the home having a good time. Seeing her happy gave him some hope for their situation that it would end well or that they could eventually all get along.

I know it may be a long shot but maybe I can get little Felicity here to like me. Jack thought as he watched Felicity play with Hunter. Though Hunter’s more likeable than me, which is not hard to do. But I should at least try. Jack laughed in his head. I got feeling she and Amanda would be along, assuming they ever meet.

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