Space bus to Benton's Colony

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Deep space is so vast its true expanse cannot be truly understood and even mathematical expressions do little to really put it into perspective.

The Milky Way Galaxy has a diameter of 100,000 light years and is a good 1000 light years thick on average. There are a little over 400 Billion Stars and many more planets and moons.

Yet all the stars and all the matter of the galaxy takes up less space than 1 percent of the entire space the Galaxy occupies. So one would think that these vast empty and completely worthless near vacuum would be free of borders, territories and boundaries and yet there are expanses of space tightly guarded, jealously defended and imaginary lines drawn by spacefaring societies and crossing them can be very dangerous.

The United Stars of the Galaxies claims most of the so called ‘Upward Sector’ of the Galaxy and physically occupies there alone over 900,000 Planets and locations. Add to this the areas of the ‘Coreward Sector’, the ‘Large Magellan Cloud’ and the ‘Andromeda Galaxy’, one stands in awe about the size and power of the Union. Yet it is insignificant in size and expansion compared to the 100 Billion Stars of the ‘Upward Sector’ alone.

Unlike in the core regions, a Space Bus is often the only means of travel on the untamed frontier regions of the Union. Braving many dangers, these coaches span, on schedule, vast distances of sparse populated space, teeming with privateers, Shiss Raiders, Kermac Sponsored Terror and the threat of the unknown.

It is the year 5030. The announcement of the Gray Leader of the Nul, one of the fiercest enemies of the United Stars, that his people and the Union are no longer enemies and that the Nul would begin the process of becoming a Union Member shocked and surprised everyone, especially of course, the Shiss and the Kermac led Galactic Council.

It would mean the end of the Free Space Treaty and of course the end of the Big Four, an arrangement that was seen by many as a guarantor of stability and peace.

The Shiss knew it was the beginning of the end for their civilization.

At that time no name struck more terror along the frontier between Union and Shiss space, than the name of Hazzzock, Gray Throated cousin to the First Nestling who would rather die than submit to Union rule…

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