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Through the eyes of a Toddler

This is Chubby Cubster back to you with an outlook toward the future. You see the Elites flying them. You see the Mid Landers riding them. You see the Grounders adoring them from a distance! This spaceship you see behind me is a real world class Alliance Tetra Star Class Luxury vessel. It has four world class engines which gives it the name Tetra! The dual engine system will power the vessel and take her beyond the stars! The third engine will ensure plentiful power to go beyond this system to the next and the return home. The fourth engine! Well, it’s so secret you may have to pay a little more to get more info on it. In short, this nice little engine is the most powerful one of them all! All you have to do-

Hayley cooed watching the holo television ad. The speaker called himself Chubby Cubster. He was advertising an Elite ship on the background. It was a huge ship with silver plates that glittered in the sunlight and many windows as well as several open decks. It looked like a regular luxury cruise ship except it’s a flying ship that can go into outer space. Niall was seated behind her playing with her hands while making noises. In front of Hayley was her toddler sized lego blocks set.

Dylan approached entering the living room. He was shirtless but wearing his shorts. A small tooth fossil pendant hung around his neck and rested on his chest. On his right shoulder along the arm was a tattoo wrapped around his muscles and across his back. Hayley heard him. Turning to him, she cooed pointing at the screen. Dylan looked at her with a confused look, but Niall cleared it as he spoke, “Hey Uncle. Hayley wants a spaceship. It’s an Alliance Tetra Star Class Luxury vessel.”

Dylan exhaled a sigh shaking his head, “Sorry bud. That’s a no go. Too expensive and too fancy even for the Elites. Besides I wouldn’t touch that fourth engine with a ten foot pole. It sounds fake. Your mother wants you to get ready to go meet your father.”

Hayley watched the commercial and cooed pointing at it. She started banging her hands against the giant sized lego block. With his shoulder slumped, Niall asked, “Do I have to? I want to stay here for a bit.”

Before Dylan could respond, Ellie came from behind him in full military uniform and shook her head approaching Niall. The Second Lieutenant rank was on her collar. She replied sternly, “No. Come on, Niall. Let’s go. Kiss your cousin goodbye.”

Niall exhaled and muttered, “Okay mom.”

Hayley grunted nosily picking up the block as Niall kissed on her cheek. Hayley turned and waved. Ellie picked Niall and placed him on her arm. Niall waved back. The holo television ad switched to another show came back on. It made some funny noises as Hayley became focused on it and giggled happily. She started babbling. Her curly dark brown hair was growing down to her thick shoulders.

Ellie turned and walked toward her brother. Keeping Niall on her other arm, she moved her other arm around Dylan’s shoulder and responded, “Well, I’ll see you in a while. Thanks for taking care of Niall.”

They both kissed their cheeks as Dylan hugged her. He spoke, “No problem. Later bud.”

Ellie responded shifting Niall’s weight in her arms and offered her forefinger, “Just remember. Even though I was born into a midlander family, my husband is an Elite. When I married him, I received the privileges and the rights of an Elite. That means I have power over all the decisions we make for Hayley. What I say goes. You still have the right to do however you want with your daughter, but if you screw up, I have the ability to take control and remove her before anyone takes her. It is for her protection.”

Dylan shrugged as he sighed offering his hands, “As you say, little sister.”

Satisfied, Ellie turned and left the living room toward the hallway in quick, military strides. Dylan exhaled and turned his focus on his nine months old daughter. The television in the background made funny noises and some music interlude as the title, ′The Waterloo Knights′ blazed by. Dylan knew it was a kid program. Approaching the table, he took the remote and turned it off shaking his head.

Hayley grunted noisily pointing at the empty, blank ’Vision. She turned to her father and grunted. Dylan exhaled. Pumping his arms, he moved his shoulder over and crouched with his shirtless average muscular torso. His spiky hair was shaved. Placing his arms on his knees, he spoke, “It’s just both of us now, little monkey. We have the entire day to ourselves. Besides, TV programs like that turn your brain into mush. I have something even better.”

Hayley looked at him and cooed curiously. She grunted offering her arms. Taking her stocky torso, Dylan picked her up with a grunt and shifted her weight onto his seventeen inch arms. Taking the chewed weighted monkey doll with teeth imprints from the table, he handed it to her. She took it and hugged it close to her chest. Holding onto her father, she suckled her thumb and laid on his strong chest as he carried her out of the living room.

In the small hallway near the front door, Ellie carried Niall. She was in her dark forest green military uniform and her blond hair was tied into a tight bun. She put him down and crouched in front of him. Niall spoke, “Mom, do I have to go see him?”

Ellie exhaled a sigh. Taking her military cap, she placed it on his head, touched his arms and responded sternly looking into his eyes, “Yes hun. He’s your father.”

Putting his hands in his pocket, Niall looked down replying, “I know, but would I be better off staying here? Uncle might need help looking after Hayley and he has the entire house to look after. He-“

Ellie responded touching his chin to get his eyes on her, “I know what you’re trying to say, but it’s not going to work. Your father wants you back home even for a bit.”

Adjusting herself to a chair on her right, Ellie sat and took her boots. She went through a quick, military pace of putting her steel toed military boots on and lacing them. Niall grunted noisily watching her. He replied, “But he doesn’t even like baseball like Uncle does. Dad can’t even swing or throw the ball.”

With her back straight and tying her boots tightly, Ellie finished. She exhaled thinking and responded, “That’s true. He likes croquet.” The woman visibly shuddered by the very thought and added touching her son on the shoulder, “We have to make sacrifices for the ones we love, Niall. You understand?”

Niall thought for a bit and nodded. Ellie offered a short half smile before it disappeared in her stern expression. Touching Niall behind his head, she kissed him on his forehead. Touching her cap on his head, she made sure it was secured on. Grabbing the bag next to her, she stood and picked it up with a grunt placing it across her shoulder. It was large, heavy and contained her gear.

Niall picked up his backpack and placed it on his back. Ellie turned to her son and picked him up with another grunt. The military trained Alliance soldier was a strong woman. Niall held onto her as she opened the door and left through the doorway of the house before closing and locking it.

Across the hallway on the other side of the big house, Dylan carried Hayley on his shoulder. She was wrapped around his neck and watching behind her. Babbling curiously showing her small baby teeth and pointed baby canines, the nine months old placed her chewed monkey doll in her mouth and bit down. Dylan grabbed the doorknob and pushed entering the workout room. Walking across the room, he placed her lying on the mat with her head on the pillow. Still chewing her tough, durable doll, Hayley grunted nosily raising her hand toward him.

Dylan smiled taking her hand and stroked her chest. He responded, “Watch this. This is the future that awaits you, little monkey. It is a program that’s even better than that Waterloo Knights crap you were watching. I’ll be close by in case you need anything. Stay here.”

The amber colored eyes of the nine month old cooed curiously. Dylan kissed her on the forehead and stood. She watched him leave and waited. The light was darkened as holo images shimmered around her. Hayley grunted chewing her doll and watched the holo images. It formed into stars and planets as the Milky Way solar system appeared. The images focused as it brought forth the Sol system where the nine planets and the belt was located.

The disembodied voice spoke as the shirtless Dylan walked toward the workout bench. Placing the weights on the rod, he laid on the bench and went under. Placing his grips on the rod, he exhaled and pushed to begin his workout while listening to the introduction made by a male.

Welcome to the new year of twenty one eighty seven, January fourth of the Alliance calendar. In this session, I will introduce you to the universe of wonders and imaginations. You will be prepared to gaze into the stars and learn as you take the first steps. With an open mind, you can be whoever you want.

Hayley cooed watching the cosmos form before her eyes. Alliance marked ships barreled passed as the holo images moved her toward Earth. It was darker with gray clouds covering eighty percent of the world. Some blue images of the water was visible but it was still covered by the clouds. It moved away and toward the other planets in the solar system as the voice continued in background.

Earth as it is now. What it used to be was beautiful and untouched now harmed by man as they took to the cosmos. The Alliance prospered and spread out into the stars making colonies including Venus, Mars and Pluto. Mars began the process of turning into a second Earth. Venus was harder by comparison because of her volatile atmosphere. It was to be a restart. They searched the system for other colonization including several moons orbiting certain gas giants like Titan and Europa.

As the holo passed the terraformed Mars, Hayley’s amber colored eyes flashed in the dark watching the planets with curiosity. While stationary on the mat, she observed the flashing images hitting the atmosphere of Mars and flew over the new valleys, trees and waters rushing flowing through the canyons. Humans walked the surface of Mars as they worked and played. Some tended to the animals releasing them into the wilds while others paddled through the canyons.

Across several lands and mountains were stone oval like structures. They were large with mysterious alien symbols not found anywhere on Earth. A man walked toward the structure and froze as the alien symbol flashed a white light. A whipping sound was heard followed by a whoosh. Another man appeared through the oval structure as he walked down. He smiled at the other man and nodded before walking away. The man approaching the structure looked over his tablet. On it was a picture of the bustling metropolis of Titan, one of Saturn’s moon. Hayley flew following the man into the portal as another whoosh was heard. The man vanished.

As the transformation of Mars happened, we began to find stoned oval like structures across the terrain. Some were destroyed while others were intact. We did not know where they came from or what they were. At first, they didn’t work. The symbols activated when we approached, but it did not take us anywhere. Soon, as we studied them, we slowly began to understand them. It sent one of ours to another part of the world. Just by thinking and wanting to go, we painted the picture and it took us to where we want to go.

The image flashed blinking out while rushing through the animated roar of waves and blinked as it floated out from another portal into the bustling city of Titan. Hayley blinked with her amber colored eyes and cooed. Her sharp canine revealed itself as it chomped into the neck of her monkey toy.

We called them Terragate. They are mysterious alien like portals that allow instantaneous transport from one place to the next just by thinking of the location we want to go. Not only we can transport across land, it can take us to another world as long as we know where to go. They draw the magneticity of the atmosphere drawing them toward the portal activating it. It was left by some alien race long ago. Perhaps they left our solar system and our galaxy because years later of our explorations of the stars, we saw no signs of alien life. It was if they left behind these portals as their legacy while we make our way out there. There were aliens, just not the ones we thought or imagined. We are alone out there.

As the image floated past the metropolis and up into the air, Hayley grunted sitting up. With the toy hanging from her sharp chompers, she turned as Dylan lifted the heavy set with a grunt banging the rods against the loops. He exhaled sitting up and grunted stretching his muscles. With a coo, Hayley turned her body around, placed her hands on the floor and crawled with her knees bent and her feet on the floor supporting the weight of her large upper body.

The voice mumbled in the background as the images floated while Hayley crawled toward the bench. Grabbing the end, she pulled herself up. Placing her feet into the niche made for her footholds, she climbed up while Dylan watched her. He smiled placing his hand on the bench and offered his other hand. With the monkey doll still tightly held in her mouth, Hayley giggled and grunted onto the bench. Pushing herself up from the edge, she lifted her body and attempted to walk across.

Hayley grunted losing her balance as Dylan grabbed her torso to keep her from falling. Taking the toy from her mouth, he pulled her across. Hayley giggled and bit his wrist with her pointed canines and baby teeth. It was harmless and Dylan barely felt it when he gasped moving her against his bare chest. He spoke, “Are you biting me, little monkey? Here’s your toy.”

Hayley grabbed his arm and kept her chompers onto his wrist. Keeping her against his chest, Dylan took her jaw and moved her head back unlocking her teeth from his wrist. He offered her toy as she cooed grabbing it. Grabbing her heavy torso, he lifted her over and laid his back on the bench as she giggled flailing her arms and dangled her legs. With a grunt, Dylan placed her laying on his solid eight pack abs and rested her head against his chest.

Letting go of her, he placed his hands behind his head and watched the holo. Hayley bit into her monkey toy and cooed watching the images as they floated past Titan and away from Saturn. Dylan spoke as the voice continued in the background, “Holo. End voice. Begin music.”

The voice was shut off as the music started. It echoed in the silence of the cosmos as Hayley watched with her amber colored eyes. Her eyes flashed in the darkness as they floated toward the other planets passing Alliance marked ships. The ethereal voiceless music murmured and flowed as Hayley’s fluttered. The soft rising and lowering of Dylan’s chest moved as he breathed slowly. It made her tired when she yawned revealing her baby teeth and small pointed round canines. Smacking her lips, she placed her thumb into her mouth and sucked on it while closing her eyes.

The following week, Hayley sat on the lap of her father. She was in the white room of the doctor’s office. A white bed was against the wall. The room was small and cubicle. The cupboards and the shelf with the storage drawers was against the other wall. A wheeled stool was under the shelf. Dylan sat on the only chair in the room against the wall. He kept his arm across Hayley and his other arm on the rest.

The door on his left unlocked as Hayley cooed looking up. The chewed monkey doll hung from her mouth as she held onto the strong fabric toy. She wore her casual baby clothing and her curled hair was tied into a pony tail behind her.

Dylan turned as the door opened. Doctor Richard Thompson entered. He spoke, “Dylan. Hayley. I got the results of the physical examination from an hour ago. Thanks for waiting.”

He carried the tablet. Dylan responded as Hayley watched her doctor walk across the room to grab a stool, “No problem. What’s going on? Oh and she started teething.”

Richard nodded pulling the chair and sat on it. Placing the tablet on the shelf, he took a few items from one of the storage drawers. The wheels rolled noisily as he moved toward Hayley. He spoke, “That’s normal. Hopefully that’ll pass. Hey Hayley, can I get your toy? I want you focused on me, okay?”

Hayley looked at him with her amber colored eyes and cooed curiously. Dylan touched her crown and kissed her head. He whispered, “Go ahead, monkey.”

Taking the doll out of her mouth, she handed it to him with a grunt. The doctor accepted it and placed it on the bed beside him as she placed her hand in her mouth. Richard took out a small flashlight and turned it on. He spoke touching her chin, “Look in the light. Okay. Everything seems fine. Her throat, chest and lungs are normal. Her eyes are slightly abnormal. Open your mouth.”

As Hayley opened her mouth revealing her baby teeth and pointed canines, Richard took out a stylus pen from his pocket and checked her teeth. Noting her pointed canines, he exhaled, “Close. Her teeth checks out. Her canines seem to be more pointed than the rest of her baby teeth. I’ll get you an appointment with the dentist to see what’s going on. It could be nothing.”

Hayley cooed looking at her doctor. Dylan inquired concerned, “What do you mean?”

The doctor explained, “The prognosis I made before about her having double muscles might be wrong. She still has double muscles, but it’s a slight mutation of her genes that concerns me. As she grows while I gather new data, it’s different. Something inside of her is changing. I wouldn’t worry because it’s probably nothing. It could be a part of her change. She is still growing.”

Dylan nodded as Richard took out a ball from his pocket. Holding it out for her, he spoke, “Hayley, take this and squeeze it. It will measure your strength. Hold it for thirty seconds.”

Hayley took the ball and grunted. She watched him make a fist motion for her. The nine month old squeezed the ball with a grunt. The doctor watched her and timed it. He spoke, “Good. Now release. Let me check it over.”

He took the ball and exhaled with a smile, “You’re pretty strong, aren’t you Hayley? Good strength.”

Hayley giggled and placed her hand in her mouth. Dylan smiled tickling her chest and shifted her on his lap. She giggled laying back against his chest. Turning to the doctor, he replied, “She seems alright. What is the concern?”

The doctor exhaled with a shrug, “I don’t know. I’ve treated other kids in the past and they seem fine. Hayley however is a bit different because of what I’m seeing. She is different. I want to continue the daily injections to help with her mutation of her double muscles. I will make the appointment to see her again for another physical in three months when she turns one year old.”

Dylan responded as the doctor placed the stylus in his pocket and stood offering his hand. Hayley grunted as she was lifted and placed laying on her father’s shoulder. She hugged his neck as Dylan stood accepting his handshake. He spoke, “Thanks doctor.”

Richard nodded. Dylan took the toy from the bed and held it for Hayley. Hayley grabbed it and placed it in her mouth as she wrapped her arms around his neck. Dylan stroked her thick back and kissed her.

The car was parked before several tall buildings. It was an apartment complex. It was dark. Inside the car, Dylan sat in the driver seat with Hayley resting on his chest. The chewed up weighted monkey toy was in her mouth as she held it close to her chest. On Dylan’s hand was the paper he was looking over. It was the results of her dental review. It was normal. His other hand was on the wheel. On the meter, the tank was nearly empty as his miles was recently used.

Dylan exhaled leaning back against the seat watching the buildings. Hayley’s eyes fluttered as she was getting sleepy. Dylan turned toward the pocket in the roof of the car. On it was the picture of Kaitilyn Walsh, Hayley’s mother. She was animated and smiling. Taking it out of the pocket, he exhaled whispering to Hayley, “Little Monkey, you want to know where your mother is? She lives here.”

Hayley cooed sitting up taking the monkey doll from her mouth. Her back rested against Dylan’s hand as he took the other picture and showed it to her. She took the picture and looked at it. The toddler grunted noisily looking at him. Dylan responded sadly, “That’s your mom. I don’t care what your aunt says. You deserve to know who your mom is.”

He pointed at her chest as Hayley looked at the picture. With another grunt, she held it for him. Dylan responded taking her hand, “Keep it. At least you still have your mother and she is still here. My own mother’s memory was tarnished even when she passed away. If your grandmother were here, she would have loved you.”

Hayley looked at him with curious amber colored eyes. She blinked as her pupils flashed in the darkness. Keeping the doll close to her chest, Hayley grabbed his neck and laid on his chest while putting her thumb in her mouth. With the picture of her mother close in hand, she fell asleep.

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