I'm No Superman

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Chapter Seventeen

Scarlett lay back on the sofa in the common room, gulping the rest of her energy drink from earlier. It was second period and coming up for the first break of the day. The room was quiet; most of the students were probably in the library. The whistling of the wind soothed her nerves after the adrenaline rush she’d experienced earlier. She stared at the clock, waiting for Alistair and Chad. As the door opened, she turned to see Alistair. He walked over slowly with his head in his hands.

Scarlett pointed at her watch. “Where were you?”

He took a seat next to her. “Please don’t start.”

She snapped her fingers in front of his face. “Hey, don’t go whining to me now. I don’t care if you got detention again.”

He glared over, clicking his tongue. “The little brat deserved it this time.”

“Oh, you mean Jimmy Drake? He’s a dumb kid, Alistair. I don’t know why you bother with him.”

“Let me worry about my opponents, you worry about yours, okay?”

Scarlett put her hands up and pulled a face. “Sorry, didn’t realize you were so touchy. Then again, you were never a morning person.”

Alistair sighed. “You got a cigarette?”

Scarlett slapped his hand away. “Not on school, you idiot. We’re taking enough risks as it is.”

Alistair’s eyes widened. “You were serious?”

Scarlett crinkled her nose. “Yes…did you think I was lying?”

“Let me see it.” Alistair said.

As Scarlett dipped her hand into her bag, the door swung open. Her heart skipped several beats, but she breathed a sigh of relief when she saw it was Chad.

“Make this quick.” he said.

Scarlett smiled at him. “I see you got my text.”

Chad walked over and sat down. “All twenty of them.”

“What can I say? I’m persistent.” She beamed and took the bottle out of her bag, tossing it to Chad. He made a disgusted face.

“This isn’t prescribed. It’s just a water bottle from the canteen.”

“Oh don’t piss your pants, Chad. I swapped them out. The useless pills are in the bin, we’ll be using these.”

“And what are these, exactly?” Alistair inquired.

“Temazepam.” Scarlett replied. “Used for treating insomnia, should definitely knock our little problem out cold.”

“Can I see the prescription you used?” Chad asked, holding his hand out.

Scarlett glared at him with her eyes crossed. “Fine.” She tossed him a crumpled bit of paper. Chad picked it up and sighed as he read it.

“Scarlett. You’re insane if you think using your dad’s name on a prescription is a good idea.”

“What’s the big deal? We got them, didn’t we?”

Chad scrunched his nose and threw it back at her. “No. Let’s get one thing clear. YOU got them. Not me, not Alistair, you.”

Scarlett shoved the prescription back in her pocket. “I’m the only one out of us who’s coming up with any solutions. If you guys have any better ideas, speak up now. Otherwise, I’ll tell you the plan as it stands.”

Chad crossed his arms and paced around the room. “What’s wrong with just me beating him fair and square? Your plan with the rooftop didn’t work; in fact you only made things worse. How about we stop trying to get people hurt and actually focus on how we can win fairly?”

Scarlett laughed and began clapping slowly. “You’re so naïve it baffles me. And to think, you’re the oldest out of us.” She got up and walked towards him as her voice turned to a hushed whisper. “It’s a shame the poor twenty year old can’t handle his baby sister telling him what to do.”

Chad clenched his fists. “I’m about a second away from walking out of here and never speaking to you two again, so tell me a decent plan or I’m gone. You won’t have someone to fall back on if you fail, which you will.”

“The plan is simple. You’re going to challenge Aiden to a race around the park tonight. Alistair will distract whoever else he brings along and I will plant the drug while he’s not looking.”

Chad’s eyes darted to Alistair. “You okay with this?”

Alistair shrugged. “What’s the worst that could happen? Like you said, we didn’t steal the drug.”

Scarlett turned her head to him. “Am I the only one who wants to win this thing, or are you two chickens in this too?”

Chad sighed. “Okay, but no one gets hurt. I’ll try knocking Aiden over or something, but we don’t harm anybody. If that stuff is as powerful as it seems, it’ll just put him to sleep.”

“Have you not been listening? The point is to hurt him! That way, he can’t compete. Did you switch on your brain today, Chad?”

Alistair stood up. “Wait, Scarlett. Maybe Chad’s right.”

Scarlett gritted her teeth and snapped back. “Whose side are you on?”

“Hear me out, okay? It’ll be obvious we spiked him if he gets too badly hurt. But if like Chad said, we just knock him over and he gets a little sprain or a bruise or something, it’ll be enough to keep him out of the competition. We all know how stubborn he is, there’s no way he’d come back if he got hurt.”

Chad smiled. “I’m okay with that.”

Scarlett crossed her arms. “Fine, we’ll do it your way. Are you both in?”

Alistair nodded to Chad. “I’m in.”

Chad nodded back. “I’m on board. It’ll be a walk in the park.”

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