I'm No Superman

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Chapter Twenty-Three

Alison walked out of her class and along to her locker. Thoughts raced through her mind as she recollected last night’s events. Why didn’t he say the words back? Was he nervous? Did he really have these feelings? She opened her locker to put her books back in, thinking that in a few days, she’d be able to see her best friend finally overcome his rival.

Her train of thought was interrupted by a slam of her locker door, which startled her and caused her to flinch back. In front of her was Scarlett, looking at her with sweet innocent eyes, something felt strange.

“Still afraid of your own shadow, I see. I’m not gonna kill you, you know.” She put a stick of gum in her mouth, staring Alison down.

“What do you want?”

Scarlett crossed her arms and blew a bubble, spraying gum juices in Alison’s face. “I just want to talk, we can talk right?”

Alison wiped the juice from her face. “I have a class in five minutes. We can ‘talk’ later”

“No you don’t. I know your schedule, we’ve had the same classes for a year now, if I’m not mistaken, you’re on a free period. So I’ll ask again, can we talk?”

Alison’s body shook, despite her standing still. Even with Scarlett’s smaller height and apparent innocence, a sense of dread filled her stomach, fearing that the worst was yet to come.

“What do you want to talk about?”

Scarlett spat her gum out into a tissue and threw it over her shoulders. “Oh, anything really. The weather, maybe who won last night’s football game? Oh wait, I don’t care about any of that stuff. How’s your favourite little parkourer doing?”

Alison raised her eyebrows. “Why do you care how Aiden is?”

“Oh, so it is Aiden. Always knew there was more than just friendship between you two”

“That’s none of your business”

Alison tried to push past Scarlett, but she put her hand up in front of her, pushing her back. She moved closer to her, cornering her by her locker.

“We aren’t done yet, Montgomery,”

“Oh, cut it out with the whole intimidation thing, you don’t scare me, okay?”

Scarlett laughed. “What makes you think I’m trying to scare you?”

“I don’t know what your problem with me is, or why you’re so obsessed with winning this contest, but stop it Scarlett, just stop it. I’ve never done anything to you, just leave me alone.”

“And when have I done anything to you?”

Alison looked down at the floor, and Scarlett sighed in relief. “Oh wait, the ankle, you still think I did that? Ha, something tells me you love that. You live for it, you love the idea of having someone to blame for your own stupidity”

“Oh, don’t give me that shit, I know this was you.”

Scarlett rolled her eyes. “You rich girl snobs, you’re all the same.”

“I don’t know what you’re planning with Aiden, but he really wasn’t himself last night, and something tells me it wasn’t because he had pre show nerves.”

“That’s a very serious accusation,”

She looked down at the ground. “One that could land you in a lot of trouble with the wrong people if you’re not careful.”

Alison exploded. “Save it, I’m not gonna let you bully us anymore, why do you do it anyway? Why do you like making others miserable? Do you get some kind of kick out of it? What the hell does someone have to go through in their own lives to make others regret theirs? What is it, Scarlett? What? Does Daddy not love you? Is that it? You got a tough home life? I mean, you must have some pretty messed up home life if this is where you feel the most comfortable.

Alison walked closer, staring down Scarlett’s beady blue eyes. “Everyone has problems, you psycho. No one can be expected to stop them all, but you know it doesn’t help when you try and solve yours by creating others for everyone else. So just think on that next time you think to do a little sabotage, because the next time it does happen, I’ll know it was you, and it won’t just be me who knows, it’ll be everyone.”

Alison took a breath. “How’s that settle for your little plan?”

Scarlett kept looking down at the floor, but then looked up with an apparent frown, that formed into her toothy grin. She giggled and flicked her red hair, and started clapping slowly.

“Well done, seriously, well done, you must have worked hard on that speech. Did you plan to say that to me after Aiden won? That would have been great, I bet you even would have gotten a round of applause for that. You want to know my problem with you, Alison? I’ll tell you.”

Alison scoughed and put her hand on her eyes, shaking her head. “Well, what is it then? Spit it out, this’ll be good”

Scarlett clenched her fists and walked towards her. “I am sick to death of seeing spoilt little brats like you walk around here like what you have means nothing. Look at you. Your parents are rich, you practically have had a great life handed to you, and you don’t even realize it. You gave it up to stay here with your washed up brother, reminding people like me that it’s okay for you to give up a life like that. The world doesn’t work that way. See, hard working people have to go not only the extra mile, but the extra race to even get by. Do we get appreciated for it? No. Do we get to go home every day knowing everything’s going to be okay? No. You flaunt it like it’s nothing, and that just makes me sick.”

Alison tried not to laugh. “That’s it?” She looked around before turning her head back to Scarlett, who didn’t look at all amused.

“Your whole hatred of me is that you’re jealous? Wow, Scarlett, I expected less cliché motivations from you”

Scarlett gritted her teeth. “Shut up.”

Alison put her hands up and stuck her tongue out. “Oh, I’m scared.”

Scarlett took a breath and smiled at her. She looked down at her ankle. “Oh, you think that’s funny, don’t you? I’ll show you something funny”

In a flash, Scarlett pushed Alison to the ground and threw her books straight on her ankle. Alison yelped in pain and grabbed it, her face turned bright red, and she looked up at Scarlett with tears in her eyes. She crouched down and grasped her cheeks with one hand.

“If you ever bring up my family again, I promise you, I can do a lot worse than that.”

Scarlett got up and left her on the ground. “You should watch your step”

As Scarlett ran away, Alison began clutching her ankle in pain; it felt like all of the pain senses in her body were directly moved to her ankle. Luckily, she could still move her foot, but the shock and the pain of what just happened was enough to bring tears to her eyes. Every time she took her hand the slightest little bit away from her ankle, it just began throbbing extensively, like a heartbeat in her foot.

“Help, someone help me!”

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