I'm No Superman

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Chapter Seven

Aiden spent the entire weekend tossing and turning in bed, only getting out for water breaks. The weekend was over though, and he was back in school. Luckily, he had some free periods he could kill, so he spent it by one of the benches by the sixth form quad.

No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t rest his eyes at all. It felt like his entire body was hyped on adrenaline, as if excess energy was radiating inside him like a virus. His head pounded with throbbing pains anytime that rested it. Irritated, he got up and headed for his locker.

Each step felt like a stride. After about three steps, his legs felt tight, as if he had been running in a marathon. The stairs seemed to get larger with each step he took, draining him with each stride he took upwards.

He opened his locker, taking out an energy drink. After taking a quick gulp, the pains slowly vanished, and his eyes watered up as his vision slowly started to become clearer. He rubbed them as he turned back round. In front of him was Danny approaching him from the art room, with Alex on his shoulder. It looked like she was laughing. He was probably telling her one of his weird jokes.

“Hey Aiden!” Danny waved at him.

Aiden nodded back and forced a smile. They both approached him and Danny rubbed his hair affectionately as he kept his arm around Alex.

Danny smiled at him. “How are you feeling, mate?”

Aiden looked at the floor. “Just peachy, thanks. Did I miss something here?”

Danny looked at Alex, shaking his head. “Do you want to tell him or should I?”

Alex batted her eyelashes. “Why not? You’ve told everyone else already.”

Danny sniggered and winked at Aiden. “Yeah, we’re dating now.”

Aiden’s ears perked up. “No way. Congrats, man.”

“Yeah, we hung out this weekend. He’s a sweetheart.” She rested her head on Danny’s shoulder, giggling as his hair tickled her nose.

“Where were you this weekend, man? We’ve never missed a weekend.” Danny walked closer and relaxed against Aiden’s locker. Alex followed.

Aiden’s eyes darted around. “I’ve been catching up on some sleep.” His cheeks filled with air as he tried not to laugh.

Alex peered at him. “That’s funny, you don’t look sick. If anything, you look better than ever.”

Giving a crooked smile, Aiden ran his hand through his hair before rubbing the exhaustion from his eyes. “Trust me, I don’t feel as good on the inside. I wouldn’t have been very good company this weekend.”

She patted her hand on his shoulder. “You should go see the nurse if you feel that bad, dude.” Casting a glance in Danny’s direction, Alex gestured to the library. ’You ready to study now?

Aiden winked at Danny as his tone rose to a higher pitch. “Have fun studying.”

“Well, we’ll see you later man, take care.” He patted him on the back as he walked past. In a split second, he struck his hand back from Aiden’s shoulder, shaking it like he’d just gotten the worst case of pins and needles imaginable.

Aiden smiled. “Bit of static electricity there, buddy? Maybe it’s all that product in your hair.” He chuckled to himself as Danny continued shaking his hand. “Damn Aiden. You’re like a walking circuit board.”

Aiden turned his head as they walked away. He was beginning to feel a lot better since this morning. Maybe he had just been sick. Even his arm felt better despite the makeshift bandage. As he rested his hand on the set of lockers, he felt a jolt run right through his arm, vibrating the rest of the lockers. They moved quickly and loud, like an earthquake. He fell to the ground in shock, looking up at what had happened. They were still shaking slightly.

Aiden sighed under his breath. “Damn, you’ve gotta watch your own strength, man.”

He heard footsteps behind him, and jumped to his feet immediately, brushing off dirt from his uniform. He turned to see Scarlett, grinning at him and clapping sarcastically.

“Fall on your ass again? Wouldn’t be the first time.” She gave him a sly grin and crossed her arms, looking down at the floor.

Aiden clenched his fists and licked his dry lips. “What do you want?”

Scarlett sneered. “I didn’t come here for you. I go to school here too, you know.”

Aiden rubbed the back of his neck, hoping Scarlett would go away. “Chad not visiting today?”

Scarlett looked at him, narrowing her eyebrows. “No. I don’t spend all my time with my stepbrother.”

He laughed. “I almost forgot you two were related.”

She crossed her eyes and scrunched her nose. “Ha. Ha.”

Looking down at his arm, she giggled to herself. “Nice bandage, loser.”

She walked off in the other direction, flicking her hair as she skipped down the stairs. Aiden felt a kink in his neck as he turned around. He grabbed it and tried to fix it back into place. It only got more painful as his fingertips touched it. Realizing he wasn’t going to get any rest here, he headed towards the nearest bathroom to freshen up.

Upon entering the room, he immediately headed straight for the sink, turned on the taps and threw some water on his face. The cold water instantly refreshed him, numbing some of the pain. Taking a look in the mirror, he saw a blue glare staring back at him. He shut his eyes and fell to the floor, bringing a handful of water splashing down on him. “What the hell?”

He pulled himself to his feet and looked into the mirror again. It was probably just a glare from the sunlight, but it was barely sunny outside. His stomach tightened. Was he going blind? Was he going insane?

He stared into the mirror, peering closely at his face. Rubbing his hand around his face, his cheeks were met with a shock followed by a slight numbness. Panting heavily, he turned on the taps again.

He threw more water on his face and stammered under his breath. “You need to get a hold of yourself, Aiden. Come on, it’s all in your imagination, nothings happened.”

Digging his hand into his pocket, he grabbed his phone, which immediately set a charge up his entire arm. Oddly enough, it didn’t hurt at all. Instead it felt more like a kind of massage, getting rid of the stiffness from his arm. As he brought his phone to his face, the bandage on his arm started glowing. His heart raced as he dropped his phone, grabbing his arm.

After practically ripping the bandage to shreds, his face lit up at what he saw. His arm wasn’t glowing. His veins weren’t even pulsating, but it was completely healed. He flicked his arm slowly, snapping his fingers. Chuckling to himself, he took a deep breath and reached for his phone. As he knelt down, his arm began to shake. Grabbing it instantaneously, a flash of light blinded him as some form of shock ran all the way through to his fingertips.

Some tiles from the ceiling crashed down besides him, spraying dust and rubble all over his face. Aiden jolted up, wiping whatever he could from his face and stared at his hand in terror. His fingertips were tingling with arcs of neon blue energy in between the gaps.

He panted heavily and grabbed his hand, shaking it back and forth. “What the hell is happening to me?” he whispered to himself.

He went to the sink again to wash his hand, praying the water would have some kind of effect. At first everything felt normal, then upon contact with the water, Aiden noticed parts of electricity flowing throughout the water.

He headed straight for the exit and ran down the halls as fast as he could. He felt dazed, like he was trapped in a dream state. It had to be some kind of hallucination. He ran as fast as he could, which turned out to be really quick. This was faster than he’d ever felt before. Without looking where he was going, he collided with another student on the way, quite literally, as she fell to the floor with her bag on top of her. To his relief, the blonde hair and the bandage on her ankle confirmed it was Alison.

“In a hurry, are you? You must be excited for biology class.”

He got up in a flash and helped her pick up the books he’d dropped. “Ah! I’m so sorry, I didn’t even see you there.” Panting, he helped her to her feet, brushing his hands over her shoulders to check she was stable. “I…” He froze, rubbing his eyes and shaking his head. His arm, the energy, the terror. He needed to get out of here. Now. “I can’t explain right now, I need to go.”

Alison wiped her hair back and leaned forward. “Aiden, are you alright?”

Sweat began dripping down his forehead as a sinking feeling stuck in his stomach. “I’m not fine, I just need to clear my head, get some air.

Alison put her books in her bag and grabbed him by the shoulder. “Well, I’m coming with you.”

“What?” Aiden shook his head. “No, Alison, you can’t come with me now. It’s personal.

She kept on smiling at him, rolling her fingers along his shoulder. “So personal you can’t even tell your best friend? Something’s going on with you, I can feel it.”

Aiden moved her fingers slowly off his shoulder. “Trust me, you don’t know what I’m feeling right now. Even this is too much for you to handle.”

“Oh come on, please?” She held her bag to her chest, interlocking her fingers in a begging formation and kept her eyes focused on him. They glistened in the light, sparkling back at Aiden.

He sighed, knowing he couldn’t resist that puppy dog look. “Okay, come on, let’s get out of here.”

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