I'm No Superman

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Chapter Nine

Aiden stared at Alison. He froze in position, trying to think of anything to explain what had just happened. “Would you believe me if I said I don’t know what’s going on with me?”

Alison approached him with caution. “Well, your hand was glowing. I guess that’s not exactly normal.”

“But, I’ve never been able to run that fast before, or punch that hard, or heal that quickly, I don’t know. Something’s happened to me, but I guess this time we were lucky”

Alison looked at him for a moment before smiling. “Yeah, I guess we were.”

Aiden shook his head and smiled back. “Let’s get back to school before the bell rings”

“Are we just going to completely forget about the fact that you’re glowing? It’s five minutes till the bell and the school is a mile away, we won’t make it”.

Aiden’s face suddenly transformed back into a cunning smile, as if a light bulb had just gone off in his head.

“Yeah we will,” he said.

“What, no we won’t.”

“Hold on, get on my back.”


Without hesitation, Aiden went in front of Alison and bent down, Alison, not knowing what to do, ultimately went onto his back. “Five minutes you said, right?”

Alison held tight onto his shoulders and shrugged. “Yeah…”

“Hold on tight.”

“Aiden, what are you...”

Aiden shot off like a rocket in space, moving faster than he ever thought he could imagine, to him, the world looked like it was slowed down as he moved quicker. He managed to stick to the quiet sides of the alley to avoid pedestrians. With each step, it was if the energy wouldn’t stop. The adrenaline rushing through his body built up as each second went by. He could feel the wind blowing on his face, getting stronger as time went on. Alison’s hair began flying in the opposite direction. She tapped him on the shoulder. “You should probably catch your breath.”

Aiden stopped and let her down. “How was that?”

Alison looked flabbergasted, fiddling her hands through her hair attempting to flatten it. “Let’s just say I thought I had a bad hair day this morning.”

Aiden looked behind him, they had made their way to one of the school’s entrances. “Well, we made it.”

“How did you do that?”

Aiden looked down at his hands, which were generating the blue sparks again. “I don’t know, something feels different about me.”

Alison giggled. “Well yeah. You’ve got superpowers, genius.”

Aiden burst out laughing. “I love how casually you said that.”

The veins on Aiden’s arm started glowing as he watched in awe; they flowed up his arm like a lightning bolt looking for its source. Alison stared at it in awe. “Something tells me the hospitals won’t be able to explain this.”

Aiden covered his arm back up. “I think it might have something to do with what happened this weekend.”

Her eyes narrowed. “Well, hang around any radioactive spiders recently?”

Aiden’s eyes darted around. “Well…umm”

She moved closer. “What is it?”

“Can we…like…go to that warehouse today? We might get some answers there.”

Alison sneered at him. “Is that how you ask all your girls out?”

Aiden shrugged. “Nope, you’re the first one.”

“Come on superstar, let’s get to the common room.”

She walked straight in front of him, heading towards the door. Taking a deep breath, Aiden followed her. When they got into the common room, it was dark with a few people studying and one of them was smoking out of the window in the corner. They spotted Danny, Alex and Damien were all in the common room chatting, they noticed Aiden and Alison by the kettle, and invited them over.

Damien looked up at them with a smirk. “Hey, where did you two troublemakers get to?”

Danny chimed in. “I always knew there was a little rule breaker in you, Al. Shame on you, Aiden. Such a bad influence.”

Alex smiled at him. “I’m sure that’s not what really happened.”

Alison put her hands behind her back and paced around the chairs. “Well, we do have something to tell you guys.”

Aiden crossed his arms and just looked around the common room, saying nothing.

Danny looked at Alex and sniggered. “Are you guys dating now? You snuck out to make out didn’t you?”

Aiden’s eyes jolted back to them. “No, no, not that Danny. I’m gonna turn the light on, okay?”

As Aiden turned to go and head to the light switch, Alison sat down with them. He could hear her in the background. “We actually ended up getting mugged. Aiden stopped him.”

“No way! Our Aiden, the mugger vigilante?” Damien sneered at his own joke.

Ignoring their comments, Aiden turned to switch on the light. As he brought his hands to the switch, he felt the same tingle in his fingertips, before he could touch it, the lights turned on themselves. He quickly shoved his hand back in his pocket and walked back to the group.

Damien looked over at him. “What you so quiet for, buddy? Got hero’s shock?”

“Funny you should mention that.” Alison said.

Danny sat up with the look of surprise in his eyes. “You mean there’s more? It’s like you’re about to announce you’re engaged or something, hurry up. Don’t leave us in the dark.”

Alison turned her head and smiled at Aiden. “Do you want to tell them or should I?”

Damien pointed to his watch. “Well hurry it up, we need something to talk about while you’re out doing parkour today.”

Aiden kept quiet. His stomach tightened at the idea of what he could say. Would his friends believe that he’d now gotten superpowers? Alison seemed as if she was really intrigued about the idea, looking at him with eager eyes.

Alex snapped her fingers. “Come on, Aiden, what is it you wanna tell us?”

Aiden looked up for a moment, and realized the choice he was going to make would shock them beyond belief, but he had to answer something. He sighed and sat up.

“I’m going to enter the parkour contest.”

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