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By PStubley All Rights Reserved ©

Scifi / Children


When an alien civil war lands John and his peers in a mysterious amulet said to contain the baddest criminals in the entire universe, they must embark on a perilous quest to save not only themselves but the very Earth itself. Hunting for the keys fabled to be able to release them from their prison, they must fight through foul beasts and Brain Chasers and avoid falling ill to the Lost Chasms in the darkest corners of the world - if they’re to ever have a chance of restoring balance to it. Pushed to the limit across the very edges of the universe, only together will John and his friends survive this grisly onslaught.

Alien Encounters

Twice in one lifetime, this definitely wasn’t how John had seen the day unfolding. The pathway to school had taken a detour down crazy alley and now here in front of him was a real life alien, completely of “the not from Earth variety”.

It was almost 7ft tall with a great moon shaped head, one large eye in the middle with veins running around its throbbing head. Reaching out toward John were tentacles, writhing and pulsating – he counted five in all.

“Ah I can finally stretch these out,” it said, its voice was underpinned by a constant purr.

John was transfixed; it had a strange beauty to it. This was the best thing to happen to anyone ever. The craziest part was that this wasn’t the first time they had met either. They had actually met very briefly earlier in the day or rather when this thing in front of him had come crashing into John’s back and sent him flying face first to the floor…

John had woken up late and was running to school – or briskly walking let’s be honest, down the back alley by his house. John had hoped to get through the day without ending up face first on the floor, so he had picked himself up ready to unleash the rage to find a tall hooded figure lying prone on the floor. It didn’t move, John taken aback had crept over and lightly kicked it. It groaned and turned to face him.

It was the face of a fair haired man with perfect skin, as if new, fresh out of the packaging. It was a funny thing to notice but it stood out so perfectly. John stepped back debating if he should just leave. It was then that the mans eyes snapped open.

John still unsure of the situation feebly waved at the man. “Hello.”

The man seemed to process this for a moment. He opened his mouth and then closed it looking confused.

Finally he spoke. “Is it safe?” he asked. He sounded like a new born baby trying to speak.


“Safe, is it safe?” this time he spoke more fluently. His eyes then darted around and he jumped up. “He’s gone, quick we must leave.” He grabbed John’s shoulder.

John recoiled. “Um excuse me, I’m good thanks.” He started walking away. He wasn’t going anywhere with a strange man, that was about the only advice his mother had given him that he actually listened too.

“Wait,” the man called.

“My mother didn’t put you up to this? This isn’t some test is it? She would do this, well I don’t want any sweets so thanks but no thanks,” John shouted back.

The man started after him. “No, your in great danger, I’m here to protect you.” This guy was original at least. “What are sweets by the way?”

John decided enough was enough. It looked like he’d have to run after all. He nodded at the man and then started sprinting away, the man followed in hot pursuit.

The lane was coming to an end and came out at a main road; thankfully, John just had to make it. He sped up and as luck would have it there was a police car cruising by.

It was Officer Clementine. Relatively new he seemed to have a chip on his shoulder so was always around ensuring the publics safety. John started flapping his arms around.

“Help, this mans trying to kidnap me,” he said.

The police car screeched to a halt and Clementine burst out, his neatly pressed police uniform extenuating his slim physique. “What’s the problem here then?” he said.

John pointed behind him at the incongruous looking cloaked man. Clementine nodded. “You get to school, I’ll sort this. I may need to speak to you later.”

The man saw the police badge and raised his hands. “Ah Earth authorities, no need to worry I…”

Clementine brought out a pair of handcuffs. “Put your arms down sir and come with me,” he ordered. We’ve got another one he thought to himself.

John turned away shaking his head. 
The man tried to follow him but Clementine grabbed him firmly. John kept walking and saw Sophie across the road watching the scene. Ah lovely Sophie John thought. A vision of a lady, long blonde hair and a glowing face, John was a slave for her. They used to walk to school together before his parents moved house. They’d always gotten along but since then it was just the occasional pleasantries. What would she make of this? He had to quickly disassociate himself from all this so he just nonchalantly shrugged his shoulders at her.

Bless him Sophie thought to herself. She couldn’t stop though; she had to run along to 100m practice, she smiled at her own silly joke as she walked on.

John thought that seemed to go well, not a look of pity or disgust so that was progress.

He looked back and saw the cloaked man in handcuffs looking bewildered. Enough of this though school beckoned.

That had been the first time. Lunchtime was the second time, the most inconvenient of times as it was always his favourite time of day – which always began with making the daily pilgrimage to McPork’s Parlour with his partner in crime Darren. Darren was gibbering on like he normally did. This time it was about some sci-fi convention he’d been too. He had taken the day off of school for it too, lucky for some. Darren was talking about some great big water fight that had ended the day.

He was an excitable little chap so once he got going he wouldn’t stop. One time he’d gone on about how the name John was the archetypal hero’s name. Every good action hero was called John essentially. He seemed to expect John to start taking up arms and getting in high speed chases. One could dream John thought.

“And Billy got him right in the nose…” Darren laughed.

John was pondering what sandwich he should get or maybe a wrap when he felt his shoe lace trailing so stopped to tie it. A hand appeared from the bush next to him. It grabbed John’s shirt by the collar and yanked him right into the bush out of sight.

Before John could yell out a hand slapped over his mouth. He resisted to no avail. Darren kept on walking and talking away taking no notice. Ironically, as he was to discover, John was perplexed how someone could not know what was going on right behind them.

John dove his teeth into the hand. It had a funny taste to it, a bit like fish. There was no reaction, was this man inhuman? He wretched and craned his neck up to see his pursuer from earlier.

“We meet again,” the man said. “I’m sorry I didn’t start off properly last time with a customary hello.”

John kicked and struggled but the man had him in a vice like grip. The man continued, “I had just been in a great struggle to stop you being shot to death. You mustn’t have noticed. I am Jango and how are you?”

This stopped John who barely managed to let out, “Shot to death?”

There were so many questions racing through his head. Jango then continued in a matter of fact tone, “Yes Lexor had followed you from your dwelling and was about to open fire when I managed to track you down in time. It was a typical skirmish – he wrapped a tentacle around me trying to squeeze the life out of me but I dove a dagger into it and he threw me away sending me into your back causing you to fall. He ran tentacle between his legs,” at this John saw Jango smirk.

“Lexor, what? Your names Jango? Okay but how did, I mean, the police…” he spluttered.

Jango laughed. “Oh them, if they are the best your planet have I fear even more for you, I escaped with ease.”

“Why do you keep talking like that?” John asked.

Jango looked a little hurt by this comment. “Oh I thought I was blending in well, maybe my translator is damaged.”

John’s curiosity was waning, this Jango if that was his name was clearly a nut job and John was craving a piri-piri chicken sandwich now.

“Maybe it’s best I just show you who I really am,” Jango said. He produced a blue orb.

“Look I’m tired of this, just tell me right now what it is your after so I can get on with my life,” John said.

“Why – the amulet of course.”

That was when Jango turned into what looked like a giant squid.

John remembered the amulet; his black eye giving out a twinge along with the memory. It had been the previous day when he had come across both of these…

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