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Chapter 2

“See what I did in Egypt, and how I carried you on eagles’ wings and brought you

to myself. Obey fully, keep my covenant. Then out of all the earth you will be my

treasured possession, a Kingdom of priests, a holy nation”

-Exodus 19:4

Dear Madam:

The existing ideological disaster that has so hewed this country brings a potent mix of caustic and viscous components that has brought about a time of one of the greatest sorrows in the history of our nation. I am speaking, of course, of the loss of Boulder, Colorado, but also in general terms about the loss of our nation as a whole. There will be more bloodshed, and soon; the gravity of this state of affairs shows the need for speed in potential actions that could help to solve this crisis, by those who have candid attitudes before the ideological atomic weapon goes critical.

Please, madam, please help me to entertain the idea of a political end to these struggles. It is in good faith that I write to you, faith in myself, faith in you, faith in God. You and I are not so different – we each want what is best for our sorely-divided nation.

I am willing to forgive your status as a false President, if only you help me end these hostilities. I do not fault you for rising up and leading those who you believe are correct in their ways, for who am I to judge who the lord has placed in my path? I ask that you take one step towards me, and I shall take one step towards you. Let us lay down our arms and meet and discuss what has spurred the cleavage of this once-great nation.

On Saturday, September the second, let us meet in a virtual arena. Let us hold a town hall so that we may ask and answer the questions that the people may have for us. Let us meet for two hours, you in your studio, I in mine and let us see if we cannot make some headway towards peace.

Let us do this for each other, and for the country. I do not believe it to be two countries; for the United Christian States of America is what our forefathers truly envisioned.

Let us choose our moderators, three in all, Right, Center, and Left.

I do not blame you, I only wish to save you. You and our lost brothers and sisters in the East

Most Sincerely Yours,
Abraham Ryan
Apostle-President, United Christian States of America

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