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Chapter 4

“Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”

-Martin Luther King, Jr. Strength to Love, 1963

This is a fight. Unasked for, but here, nonetheless.

The Right’s version of the Constitution is a complete caricature its roots. They violate basic human rights, the rights of women, of immigrants, of the peaceful. They do it to marginalize and ostracize any liberal thinkers, to humiliate them with glee. Left intellectuals write what they can, and then only anonymously. Right leaders attack these writings, pointing to them and calling “coward.” This imprisons Left-leaning thought in a jail of anonymity, a jail built on the with the loud voices and skewed untruths of the Right.

If the aggregate sum of abuses of morality by the Right in the past few decades were matched with those of the Left, Right would be held most felonious in its actions. The indignant Right, the prosperous Right, the wicked Right – the Right whose false morality is held as a shield while its contrite cruelties against the human condition its sword. I am by no means saying that all people who label themselves as conservative or “Right” are in the wrong; I am, of course, attempting to designate in a broad manner the Left’s antagonist. It is not meant to comprise the entirety of those people who are Rightward thinking, many have risen above radical conservative thought, and are disposed to work towards a common goal, to become more rational, to find middle ground, and to assent to the fact that there will be differences in this society - a society worth saving, worth pulling back from war, this indignant, this sordid, this inane war.

No longer one united nation, no longer under god, no longer indivisible, we are here, and we fight, brother against brother, sister against sister, wife against husband. How long before we crush each other with the weight of nuclear weapons? How long before we spread diseases and destroy our cities, our countrysides, our parks and our playgrounds?

All because the rabid, the radical Right would not give up their guns, all because they wanted to show the world that they were in charge of their bullets and Bibles. All because my so-call Christian brothers (and brainwashed sisters) decided that a woman’s place was wherever a man said, that a woman’s body was an incubator, and By God, By All That is Holy, any infraction on that incubation was an infraction against morality. What is this hypocrisy that says that a woman seeking an abortion is punishable by death after her progeny has been born? They say that they are about the love of God, what is this hypocrisy that then makes them deny the love of two people of the same gender?

Does not God state that Love is Love?

To paraphrase the good Reverend King “It is not the Right per se that we fight, but the policies and ideologies of the Right power structure is still seeking to keep the walls of” social justice, racial and gender equality, of inequities between the wealthy and the servant classes, substantively unbroken.

It is the Right’s backlash against progress that has brought us to this. It is the fear-mongering and hate-fueling that has lead us into this dark time of war. Let us look for the light of reason, brothers and sisters. Let us look for the light of reason.
-Sammey X, Small Time Blogger, excerpted from “The New Massy Lectures, Pt 1”

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