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Chapter 6

“At the core, we are dealing with two parties that have fundamentally different views of the world”

-Karl Rove, Political Advisor, Speech to the Republican National Convention 2006

Illustrious guests, brothers, sisters, friends, families and those who may be following a less enlightened path, it is a true and right honor to be asked to speak here today, before you and before God Almighty. As a poor, lowly man humble servant and of the right Jesus Christ, son of God, son of Mary I am proud that you have chosen me to lead you in this time of great darkness and despair. I accept this post in this troubling time of need, and would share with you my views on this most judicious area, the topic of the so-called Left Revolution.

There are those in the West who say it was we who brought about this change, this revolution when we took up our God-given right to arms and threw those in the former government into the streets and into the jails, but know this: they began the revolution in the most insidious of ways, through the written word of enacted amoral laws. Did they not try to tell us that it was not wrong to murder an innocent child simply because a woman could not be bothered to have God’s soulful child in her body? Did they not say that it was God’s will that a man should lay with a man, or a woman lay with a woman, and say that such a thing was not only a normal human act, but one that was as full of the righteousness of the spirit as that of a married man to lay with a married woman in the hopes of bringing another soul into this world? Did they not try to dull our senses with the most vile of noxious weeds, try to tell us that the fermented fruits of the Devil were good to cleanses the temple of one’s body with? Did they not try to take our weapons of self defense, the weapons with which we should rightly and justly be able to defend our kith and kin, saying that we were naught but ineffectual children? Did they not say that the mothers of our children should be allowed to fight and be slaughtered and raped in battle?

Did they not say these things, and more, put them into their laws, as if God Himself wished it?

Brothers and sisters, we did not begin this battle. We were called forth to it,

There are some issues I would like to discuss with you, if I might be so bold. Since we of the righteously Right minded have now shown that we will not be cowed by their laws, now that we comprise most of the Eastern and more southern states and are in rebellion against the antagonistic an immoral policies of what is left of the once-called United States of America since we ample people of the UCSA, will we allow them to continue to split this nation entirely, or shall we continue our current path towards reintegration and reassimilation into the land of the free and the home of the brave? The land that was built on Christian values?


There are millions of Americans in both the East and West who are watching this right now, and right now, they don’t care about politics or religion or who has the moral high ground. They have real-life problems – problems of life and death. They see that our brothers and sisters of the pretend government of the West do nothing but create a worsening situation. They see that Boulder was the fault of their own, that they alone allowed China to act in such a callous manner, that they lost on that front. And yet they continue to resist us. I hope that perhaps our brethren of faith, those in the lower castes of Western society will rise up and tell their leaders “Enough!” This is what is in my thoughts and prayers, though this is not what I expect to happen. It is with great sadness that I have come to expect the complete subjugation and human rights violations that are well known in the West to continue to strike fear in the hearts of the public.

In spite of of the disagreements we’ve had in recently, In spite of the disagreement we will have soon, coming together as One nation, Under God is what we need to do once again. You should tell your friends. You should tell your family. You should tell your neighbors. We will be United once again, united by law and by God’s will. I intend to make sure that this comes to pass, by love or by force.


And I would implore - I would implore every single person who considers themselves American to rise up and sing out: tell your leaders in the West, tell them that you want to end this war now, that you want to come home now. We will accept you and embrace you, do not fear. You are our lost lambs, and we shall take care of you.

As the West’s most sacred president, the Muslim Obama, once said: “Remind us that if we act as one nation and one people, we have it within our power to meet this challenge.”

These times have been trying, have been bloody, have been nigh unholy for this once great nation. But we are all Americans. We are stronger than our differences, stronger than our wars, stronger than our battles. With Jesus on our Left and God at our right, we can once again be that strong nation. Let us come together in prayer and peace and show ourselves and the world why the United Christian States of America will once again become the greatest nation on Earth.

Thank you very much. God bless you, and God bless the United Christian States of America.

-Abraham Ryan
Apostle-President, United Christian States of America
An Excerpt of Speech to Joint Session of the Christian Congress, January 2023

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