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The Locked Kingdom

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A key. It controls my life. Whatever the key tells me, I do. Only problem is that my key doesn't work. For everyone else, the keys dictate their lives. For me, I have choices; but I don't want them. Carmen Blue lives in the future of America where everyone is controlled by keys that they wear around their necks. The only problem is Carmen’s key does not work. This is a crime punishable by death, so she keeps quiet for eleven years. However, after a tragedy strikes Carmen’s life, she is forced to flee her town, leaving behind her friends and family. She teams up with the Insurrectionists, a rebel group set on destroying the keys, and learns that her key does not work because she has magic, and there are many like her.

Scifi / Fantasy
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Long ago, when the earth was first created, two types of beings walked the planet. One type of these beings was as good and pure as they could possibly be. They were called “angels”. The other beings were the opposite. They were the worst types of chaos and hatred imaginable. These were demons. For decades, the angels and demons lived in peace. They never bothered each other, therefore, they never fought. After a few decades, however, the demons and angels got bored. They were going to be alive for eternity, and they were already losing interest in the planet. The hundreds of demons and angels went to the oldest angel, who had the power to see the future. They asked the oldest angel, Elder as they called him, what would happen in the future. “In the future, there will be a race of organisms called humans,” Elder explained. He told how these humans would be entertaining to watch as they evolved, and with the angels’ and demons’ help, they could keep the divine beings busy. That is when the angels and demons came up with the plan they called “The Locked Kingdom.”

The plan was elaborate and complicated, but for eternal beings, it seemed perfect. The first step of the plan was to create the Dominant Powers. The Dominant Powers were a form of magic. They consisted of one power. The first four Dominant Powers were called Spirit Magic or Elemental Magic. Each one controlled a different element, earth, fire, water, or air. All of the Dominant Powers were children of the demons and angels. Since they were just magic and had no physical form, the Dominant Powers floated around the world until there were magical beings in which they could be tethered.

Such beings came along much, much later. Once humans started becoming civilized, the demons and angels launched step two. They had more children, but these children were different than the Dominant Powers. These children were forms of magic, but unlike the Dominant Powers which were only made of one type of magic, they were every type of magic. The angels and demons merged these powers with human souls to form warlocks. The magic, however, was either the product of two demons or two angels, making the magic either completely bad or completely good. This would create issues in The Locked Kingdom plan because if the magic were to be completely good, those wielding its power would not be able to harm anyone, even if it was necessary; they would be defenseless. In contrast, if magic were to be completely bad, those wielding it would terrorize everyone and would not be able to be stopped.

In order to balance out the extreme good or evil, the demons and angels pushed the human soul to be the opposite. Since the light magic was the offspring of two angels, the angels pushed the soul to be completely evil. If that warlock’s magic were to disappear, the human would be left completely evil. Of course, since the magic was so much stronger than a human soul, the angels born were still good, and the demons born were still evil.

The Dominant Powers would give the warlocks their abilities. The warlocks would have every type of magic, but they wouldn’t be able to use any of it until a Dominant Power tethered itself to a warlock. That was how the demons and angels made sure that there were not two of the same warlocks with the same Spirit Magic as there could only be one fire, water, earth, and air.

There was one angel, Angel Azael, who wasn’t completely on board, though. He was afraid of what could happen if something went wrong. The demons and angels left so much up to chance. What if there was a variable they had missed? He told the other angels about his thoughts and fears, but instead of listening to him, they banished him to a cave on the earth. The only way he could get out was if both angelic and demonic forces worked together to break the spell that kept him in the cave.

Azael, however, had a special eye which could see what was happening in other parts of the world. He was able to watch as all of the great empires rose and fell, the world beginning to modernize, and the start of the last phase of The Locked Kingdom plan.

When The United States of America was about to fall into its second Civil War, the demons contacted one of their children. This was part of the plan to set up the final battle. That is when the dark warlocks created the keys.

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