In Pluto's Shadow - Selected chapter

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The Blue Stone Transmission

’It is given that the solar system of Mahaala is an integration of the etheric and physical dimensions. This polarity is integrated by the connective tissue of Universal Soul Current called Loosh in Ovvala and known in Terra as Shakti. This interactive, dimensional ecology, is actuated by the Creative Intelligence of Love, called Suudilve, which is composed of All-Souls.

’The third planet in the solar system of Mahaala is called Illuva and is known as Terra in the Human realm and Aouvwhuaalla in the etheric. Aouvwhuaalla (Ovvala) means Etheric Fire. Terra means Firmament. Illuva, Terra and Ovvala are the one planet.

’Each planet in the Mahaalan solar system is also polarized and has conscious beings inhabiting it.

’Mahaala is simultaneously the name of the Solar System and the name of the Tribe of Souls that is creating this solar system and inhabiting it. Each of these planets and the entirety of Mahaala is generated and sustained by the process of co-creation called Ixtellar.

These are the fundamental structural components involved in the Great Work, called Ixtaal - meaning Ascension.

’The regenerative biological ecology unique to Illuva - the duality of Earth/Ovvala - is called the Biosoul Dynamic. This is the Seasonal transformation and renewal of Nature and is a Creator Technology for the evolving of Souls. The Biosoul Dynamic is a fluid, rhythmic, interactive sensory system constructed of and responding to the interface between Collective Soul and Suudilve.

’Souls in Ovvala and Terra exist as biopod, auric, fetal cells inter-connected by strings of Ixtellar Loosh. This cellular interconnection of souls, causes the cumulative expansion of consciousness to be generated between the individual soul and the collective whole of Mahaala. The Ixtellar language technology parallels the interconnective strings of Loosh, and is simultaneously the contextual design intelligence of the whole. Language both describes and constructs consciousness. The Ixtellar Continuum is an interface between the whole and its parts and as such is called Co-Creation.

’Let the above be understood before the history of Illuva is presented. Do I repeat the above?

‘Go on,’ Djagda said quietly.

’Biological development began on Illuva with the single celled plankton floating on the surface of the oceans during the paleophytic era when free oxygen was released. Biological development became accelerated during the Devonian period when trees were realized. Trees provided the first physical forms for the incarnation of Mahaalan souls rising out of the underworld called the Qlipoth.

’The refinement of Human and biological consciousness continued into the next major evolutionary stage which was the Triassic period, when dinosaur life began, and the Jurassic period, when dinosaur life matured. This period is given as 160 millions of years.

’From the beginning of the planet Illuva - by which is meant the Ovvala/Terra conjunction - there had been two Moons - the present moon and Iduuna - a smaller moon no longer existing.

’Planetary biology was accelerated during this time because of the effects on gravity by the two moons. Grasses and trees grew eight times faster and to twenty times the biomass of present biology. They also had short life spans and re-generated rapidly. This allowed for the evolution of the massive bodies of the dinosaurs. The purpose of the Triassic/Jurassic time had one goal; the development of the brain-stem in the dinosaur that would later evolve into the Human/Ovvalan brain.

’The initial incarnation of souls as trees, allowed souls to stabilize into physical form from out of the etheric. This period lasted approximately one hundred million years. To move into mammalian existence, these souls needed the brain that could respond to the Ixtellar webs. These are intelligent conduits of energy that interconnect the Universe. However, these virgin souls could not withstand the predatory violence necessary to produce the biological brain stem and so - Mahaala - the collective soul - contracted a race of beings from the Qlipothic underworld to do this work. This Qlipothic race, which became the dinosaurs, was contracted to exist in a state of unregulated predation for one hundred sixty million years in exchange for producing the Human/Ovvalan brain stem. Then, when the brain stem had been realized, they were to expire and go on to cosmic evolution. The breaking of this contract is at the core of the existing conflict.

’As had been designed, when the brain stem had been realized by the dinosaurs, Iduuna the smaller of the two moons, was captured by the gravity of Illuva and fell in the ocean at Sea of Aetlan - the Caribbean Circle. The explosion resulted in a global cloud that obscured the sun ending the Jurassic Era.

’The dinosaur culture had entered into existence knowing this was to take place. In exchange for experiencing full spectrum predatory satiation and the extreme corporeal experience of living in the massive and vital bodies of the dinosaurs for an extreme extension of time, they were to complete their task and then evolve. This lapse of time was expected to rid the dinosaur of the desire to be mere Reptilians and allow them to travel on into higher realms of consciousness.

’Over this vast passage of time the most intelligent of the Tyrannosaurus Rex created a reincarnation vortex in the Qlipothic Underworld from which they had originated. This is a small astral planetoid where they went at death and before rebirth as another Tyrannosaurus Rex during their fifty million year existence. This dimension they named Krrual and currently exists as an astral construct. When the Iduuna moon fell to earth, all the now dead Tyrannosaurus Rex and their servant subspecies - the Velociraptor, the Pterodactyl and the Pachycephalosauri - gathered as spirits in Krrual and came to the decision to break their contract with Mahaala.

’During the Jurassic Era, the constantly dying and regenerating plant and animal life had accumulated in the bowels of the Earth as biological putrefaction and had begun to transubstantiate into petroleum. This biologic essence of the Jurassic, and particularly the blood of the Tyrannosaurus Rex that had physically spilled into the ground, held so powerful an emotional pull on the Tyrannosaurs that they couldn’t separate from it. Their collective, emotional body’s devotion to the blood of their ancestral corpses became the dark soul force they named Draco.

’The sudden end of Jurassic biology was felt as a terrible injustice and betrayal to the Dracos. Despite their contract with Mahaala, which is recorded and signed in the Akashik Records for all to see, Tyrannosaurs were and remain convinced that they were betrayed - that it was all somehow a trick by Mahaalans to fool them into producing Homo/Ova/Sapiens whom they now hate like poison. They felt they had been cheated and were psycho-emotionally torn between leaving the Jurassic experience behind and entering Astro-evolution. It was thought the opportunity to attack smaller species, tear them to pieces and climb to the top of the heap of blood soaked corpses for 50 million years would be enough to make predation monotonous and repetitive to them but no. The Draco considered this as simply an introduction to the experience.

’The Draco felt that, not only was the Earth containing the blood of their ancestors and turning slowly into petroleum theirs, but that Human/Ovvalan beings themselves belonged to them, because the Draco had produced the brain stem that made this new species possible.

’Thus began their plot to re-enter life.

’As Human/Ovvalan beings appeared out of evolutionary time, the Dracos found they could enter their minds through the reptilian brain stem and seduce them with images of power and lust, madness and enlightenment.

’The first attempt by the Dracos to take over Illuva was in Atlantis. This progressed too fast - involved Human/animal cloning and the creation of synthetic and unstable power crystals.

The Core Mahaalan judgment was reached that the Draco contamination of Atlantis was going to deform the Ixtellar design for Humans and Ovvalans so that Atlantis itself needed to be destroyed. At this time, one of the Core Mahaalan designers of Mahaala, the Counsuelaar Ea, known as The Preceptor, was incarnate at Atlantis in the form of Iemanja, the Sea Priestess.

’To execute the judgment to cleanse Atlantis, Ea stole some of the massive crystals which the Draco Hierarchy used for power generation and turned them against the Dracos, sinking the island and destroying everything created there. Before this destruction, Ea and the entire Order of Sea Priestesses escaped to the then fertile Nile River Valley. This became the Egyptian culture in which Ea transmutated into Isis. Through these former Atlanteans, Ovvalan/Human life was purified and re-established at Sumeria where Human civilization then began.

’It was at this time that the OverSoul of Mahaala - called The Soul Traveler - which is the advanced energy Being from the Universal Core, transmitted the Ixtellarium which contained the systems of Astrology, Qabalah, sacred geometry, alchemy and Physics to the incarnate 33 most evolved Humans and Ovvalans of that time. These techniques were to be the basis of a cosmic literacy for Illuvans to evolve into Astral Free Souls and join the Galactic Co-creative Evolution of Suudilve.

’The ancient Dracos Lizards saw and understood the significance of this cosmic transmission. The Creator High Technology of Ixtellar Magik would ultimately allow Humans and Ovvalans to block the Dracos from entering the Human mind.

’In response, the Draco entered the minds of all 33 of the chosen adepts who had received the Ixtellar Transmission and offered them an alternate existence. Whichever of the 33 accepted a relationship with the Dracos would receive acceptance into Krrual, the Draco homeland in Qlipoth. Once established in Krrual each magician who accepted Draconian beliefs - called the Ouroboros - could reincarnate as themselves, outside the laws of birth and death. Such an existence would allow these adepts to reincarnate with an undying single identity for eternity. In this way, they could refine their magikal powers to undreamed of perfection - not possible if they were to reincarnate serially and according to universal law.

’Entry to this realm of Krrual and into the Draco Council of Skarror, required submission to Draco Will and acceptance of psychical bonding with a Draco Entity. This involved mentally hosting a Tyranosaurian Lord. Acceptance of Auroboros meant rejection of the Ixtellar Technology. Fourteen of the thirty three adepts accepted.

’These came to be called the Andrr-Ka - meaning Those Who Go Passionately Into Darkness. These call themselves The Corporation, meaning ‘of one body’. On Terra they distinguished themselves as the Assembly of the Only True God and in Ovvala as the Skandrr Royalty. These are nine Humans - six males and three females; and five Ovvalans - four males and one female who became, in essence, Draco. Their original Illuvan names have been removed from the records of Mahaala as their Humanity ended when they became Draco.

’In exchange for separation from evolutionary process, the Dracos required the Andrr-Ka magicians to promote a grand design; to manipulate Human/Ovvalan evolution toward the establishment of an industrial, theocratic hierarchy that would dig up the petroleum/blood of their Tyranosaurian ancestors, the Draco, and use it to create a global, industrial-state controlled by Draco.

It was envisioned that this would return the Dracos to absolute power at the top of the food chain. This was the Draco Master Plan. To achieve it, all Humans and Ovvalans needed to be implanted with a psychology that would make them willing servants of the Draco will. This is the purpose of the Ouroboros Language Technology, which is the reversal of the Ixtellar Linguistic.

’Be it understood that the individual Andrr-Ka members and their offspring were OvaSapien persons within whom High Draco Lords now lived and reincarnated. Being biological, each traitorous Andrr-Ka magician naturally died. At death, this identity remained in the astral Krrual for a time and then was born again within an ongoing blood lineage. Thusly, Draco spirits and Andrr-Ka bodies maintained their fixed identities through time.

‘A Draco Lord was one who had lived as a Tyrannosaur for over a million years. Such a Lord could be reborn at will in the lineage of each of the Fourteen AndrrKa who had gone into the darkness. There are believed to be 17 Draco Lords who vie with one another for the opportunity to incarnate into only fourteen physical bodies of Ovvalan/Humans. The internal politics of which Lord gets to incarnate into which AndrrKa Magi is rife with controversy.’

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