In Pluto's Shadow - Selected chapter

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In Pluto's Shadow - Selected chapters

The Alphabet Trees - is the book's current title on CreateSpace.

My 350 page novel is about a love affair a man has with a woman he meets in the out of body state - while he's sleeping. Llueve is from the parallel world of Ovvala and like the protagonist Joe, she is troubled about the abuse of the environment of her world. Joe and Llueve investigate their strange encounter and discover they are now part of a 7000 year old guerrilla war against beings who are taking over human and Ovallan life by beings who are taking over people's minds from another dimension. Some of the names of the warriors with whom they become allied are Djagda, Isult, Oorden and Seshena. The action takes place in New Mexico, in outer space and in a secret dimension I can't reveal now.

There are 22 chapters and these are excerpts.


A rose phosphorescence glowed on the underbellies of fat popcorn clouds as I drove east into the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Rusty shades of red stained the weather blasted hills and hundred year old adobe ruins along the potholed highway out of Jaconita, the centuries old village in New Mexico where I live. The road winds through the village of Chimayo and then twists up into the mountains, through Truchas and Taos.

The setting sun threw blue shadows across the ground from the pinon pines and junipers scattered across the deflated hills looking like dark, grazing sheep. Between the trees and the ugly little cholla cactuses, jewel-like pebbles in every color of the rainbow glittered in the sandy earth - the last remains here of the mighty Rockies that have slowly disintegrated during New Mexico’s fifty million year long siesta.

I’d seen this supernatural sunset happen dozens of times in the seven years I’ve lived in the Southwest. Yet the wonder I felt from the sea-shell pink glow of earth and air got to me just as much as it had the first time. It’s like being on Venus or something. This time it made me feel a lonely ache that I had no one to share it with.

‘Isn’t it beautiful honey?’ I asked aloud in the empty cabin of my truck as it hummed along.

The wine stained mesas, windblown infrared canyons and cracked, cactus covered beds of arroyos I passed by were like a dream seen through rose-colored x-ray glasses. These famous sunsets are the color of blood with sunshine passing through it.

With the valley plain here between the Sangres and the Jemez Mountains to the west at 7500 feet, we live as much in the sky as on the earth. At this altitude, outer space is visible to the naked eye as a dark hollow behind the baby blue and there’s a feeling of something out there - breathing.

I saw some tourists pulled over on the side of the road taking pictures and gazing idiotically at the horizon with the temperature out there just above freezing. But I’d done it plenty of times myself and might have done it again but for this intense anxiety I was feeling. I really needed to see my friends, Spencer and Lena, which was why I was risking a speeding ticket. The loneliness and turbulence I felt that evening are clearly imprinted in my memory because it was the last normal evening of my life.

Feeling depressed while surrounded with such beauty was so contradictory, but the worst seemed about to happen. It was two days before Bush’s re-election and a bass drone feeling of dread lay on the land, if not on the entire planet. It seemed something terrible was about to happen.

Everyone I knew felt physically ill from thinking about the election for the last six months. I’d watched some of the debates on TV and read stuff in the papers and magazines - probably to see at just which point a congressman or some prominent individual might stand up like Washington in the rowboat crossing the Delaware and shout ‘THIS IS A FUCKING LIE!’

Expecting the double talk and misinformation to stop and real words be finally said, I actually started listening to the evening news on the radio again. I’d broken the addiction after the first election was stolen. How could there be real news after that? But all I learned from the radio was that things could either turn out bad or they could turn out worse. The first election was won by a judicial coup d’e-tat. It was as though Y2K had actually happened. Evil machines had taken over democracy.

With these thoughts grating in my head I didn’t think twice about a strange car parked in Spencer’s driveway. If I’d seen Yvonne’s old tan Volvo instead of a blue Subaru she’d borrowed, I would have spun on my heel and gone home to feed my dog.

Like a lamb to the slaughter I followed the sound of voices into the dining room and locked eyes with Yvonne who practically arched her spine like a spooked cat on seeing me. I was shocked to speechlessness. She nearly hissed. It was Halloween night and though I’d intentionally avoided all the goofiness, here was a black cat crossing my path anyway.

I shouldn’t have been that surprised to run into Yvonne there. She and Lena had become close friends during the two years Yvonne and I had been together. We used to go over there all the time. The women had lunch regularly now which I’d get from Spencer when he worked with me at my landscape construction business.

Yvonne and I had broken it off in a basically hostile way after I’d caught her spying through my window one night. It was the night Esteivana, a folk dancer passing through Santa Fe with a Brazilian performance troop, was giving me a private demonstration of a folk dance from the province of Bahia that dancers do real fast called Samba de Fuegi.

And to be fair, that was only Yvonne’s retaliation for finding out that I’d watched her necking on her living room couch one evening, well, a little later than that - maybe eleven - from my truck parked across from her condo - with, yes judge, binoculars. She had hooked up with this New Age prophet after the lecture and book signing of his best seller - “Pleidian Angels and the Wings of Economic Opportunity” - or something like that. So, you can see that the trust had kinda broken down between us.

I had laughed about what had happened so many times - Esteivana and her amazing, jiggling rack and the Pleidian shmo with his blond ringlets, and holier than thou nose stuck on a cloud, that I couldn’t take it seriously anymore. That said, I still felt betrayed by how Yvonne had changed horses in midstream. Esteivana was just an accidental incident I thought.

It’s true that we had both regularly stepped back from the relationship. And it’s true that I was stepped back when she hooked up with Goldilocks. But the truth was that our relationship had gotten kind of iffy and only the inevitable had happened, I thought. I was sure she felt the same way. Still, the parting had left jagged edges.

The two of us being suddenly in the spotlight in front of Spencer and Lena, close friends to us both, somehow brought back all the ins and outs of our relationship. They had witnessed the full spectrum of our emotional changes. From puppy love to rabies. Suddenly, between two heartbeats in the dining room doorway, there it all was again.

On seeing me, Yvonne became very polite, formal - and cooold. And this made her so sexy! All that heat and femininity locked up in the compressed lips and the elegant figure held erect as steel. But I knew how she felt - I didn’t want my still unresolved feelings pulled out of my chest like the gooey strings of over cooked spaghetti, only to be held hostage to her etheric New Age evasions and her astounding presumption that she had deciphered the 12th Insight while I hadn’t yet got through the introduction to the book.

The particular shade of her dark silky red hair, now sheared to extend the line of her lips along her strawberries and cream cheeks hit me like a cigarette burn to the heart as I rounded the corner into the dining room.

Yvonne’s suspicious smile at me as I stopped dead in the doorway, making me feel like Curly about to get it from Moe, didn’t take away from the sweetly familiar lines of her shoulder blades or make her green gaze less than something I would like to be cherished by again. For a moment, desire and mistrust had a head on collision in my chest and my concerns about global fascism shrank to nothing in the face of real and immanent danger - the wrath of Yvonne.

‘Joe! Great to see you!’ Lena - quick, short, wide hipped and vibrant with her sad Madonna face that bursts into a crinkly eyed smile at the least provocation, had felt the shock going through Yvonne and me when our eyes collided. She used her professionally bright nurse’s voice - taking charge of the guy on the dolly with his throat slit. She got up and gave me a big hug and a loud, smacking kiss, demonstrating that I was a real friend and belonged in the house as much as Yvonne. The three of them were sitting at one end of the long oak planked dining table Spencer and I had built a couple of years ago. The untouched dishes of steaming food before them, the orange and black napkins with little witches on broomsticks flying around the margins and little cardboard jack-o-lanterns with devotional candles inside them all said a cozy little Halloween dinner party was about to begin.

The last of the sunset shined directly into the room bathing us all in vin rose - like a daguerreotype of some other incarnation. Their brain waves were still connected around a conversation they’d been having when I’d interrupted. Me - Joe Soloski - the intruder.

An oddly long and thick hardbound green book lay open on the tablecloth between Spencer and Yvonne. Yvonne was impatiently kicking her streamlined legs under the table while her face held a patient - and fake - polite smile, barely hiding her resentment at my interruption. I’d felt the hairs bristle on the back of her feline neck as I’d crossed the threshold and imagined her cat-like claws sliding out of their sheaths.

But Spencer and Lena’s place is almost a second home to me. The glossed adobe walls, exposed logs in the high ceilings, the pewter lamp sconces I had put up with Spencer gave the room a Spanish colonial look reminding me of the house where Zorro hid out when he took off his mask. Spencer’s house is at the back of a dirt road off the old stagecoach route into the 250 year old village of Chimayo. Everything out there is ancient. The orchards and irrigation canals, the houses and the fence posts.

Spencer is a dropped-out professor of linguistics and cognitive science from Berkeley who decided he couldn’t stomach the radical pretensions of Berkeley academics whose radicalism never seemed to leave the coffee houses. He dropped out of school and started a web site to track the doings of the World Bank and the IMF and with Lena now raises chickens and quail and teaches Permaculture. The two of them helped organize the Internet coverage of the Battle of Seattle a while back. Lena is a nurse practitioner who did her first nursing out of the back of a van during the Chicago Seven riots in the Sixties. She now works in the clinic at San Juan Indian Pueblo just up the road. They’re political activists to the core, now entering their silver years.

Lena had jerked back one of the tall pine chairs for me. It clunked loudly in my favor against the saltillo tile floor and put Yvonne in her place. So I hung my coat on the back of the chair and sat down.

Yvonne and I both knew we were trapped. There was too much goodwill in the room to get snippy. We were gonna have to make up, we knew it, there was no way out.

’I’ve made a huge eggplant casserole and there’s more than enough and you must be hungry,’ Lena commanded me through a steely, slit eyed smile that said - start a fight and you’re both road kill! She turned her attention to the entree - Eggplant Parmesan casserole - that almost-food dish in honor of vegetarian Yvonne no doubt.

Yvonne, who has no problem expressing herself and is pretty quick on the draw, looked silently into space, her eyes glittering dangerously. Her silence was like an incoming tide, gathering depth and force. She had subtly hunched her shoulders, dropped her chin and was holding a tight, sour little grin. I used to tell her she looked like a cobra when she did that.

But this was a new, very feminine and sexy cobra. With the short, stylized haircut, a dark red, knitted skirt and a tight, short sleeved peach angora sweater with garnet earrings and a lipstick that matched, she looked so elegant, modern and professional. Even hunched up like a cobra. With her long, naked limbs, silky girlish shoulders and the full, ripe bosoms I once knew so well - she looked smashing boys.

I was used to seeing her in big loopy, earrings with lots of necklaces and bracelets and flowing, flowery dresses with tight bodices and compressed cleavage - a gypsy St. Pauli’s Girl. It had been her image of a mystical Tarot card reader - something she used to do, sitting at a table for two in front of a New Age bookstore at a Santa Fe mall on Saturday mornings.

The corners of those spacey green eyes were watching me closely out of what I knew to be a deceptively innocent face. The sarcastic remark pursed on hold in her pouty little smile wasn’t something I needed to hear to know was there.

Spencer - a shaggy blond bear in a wrinkled Hawaiian shirt - big blue-white eyes, expanded by too much information in a thick Nordic skull and Lena - spiked, black Argentine hair and black feral eyes she says come from her Polish grandmother - who is known to have shot a Cossack, point blank in the face as a teenage girl just after the Second World War - were both holding their breath and watching us. They felt the electrical suspense between us and were trying to neutralize it with big generous smiles and over loud voices.

‘Spencer, pour Joe some wine and let’s eat! I’m starved!’ Lena said, flashing her brilliant I-dare-you smile around the room again.

‘Did the rest of the lumber come?’ Spencer asked me in a pretend dumb voice, letting me know he was still my ally and letting me know he was no less trapped than me. Spencer was helping me build the frame of a stucco wall around a Santa Fe nouveau mansion for some very successful child custody and divorce lawyers. He knew damn well I’d ordered the rest of the materials for the next morning, which was a Monday. He worked with me because he needed the cash but felt that all we were doing was adding on to Babylon, which he found depressing. Spencer could care less whether the lumber ever showed up. He filled my wine glass to the top with an almost black Rumanian wine and in a ceremonious gesture of compassion, passed it across the middle of the table to me with both hands. I was sitting next to Lena and catty corner to Yvonne.

‘Hi Yvonne,’ I said, sort of smiling at her, surrendering to the inevitable as I took the wine glass and sat back in the tall chair. ‘Nice colors.’ I said, vaguely waving my glass at her pretty clothes in an offhand tone that came out kind of choked because she looked so sexy. It’s true. Cuteness rules the universe.

‘Thanks Joe,’ she said brightly, expelling the extra breath she’d been saving for her scorpion sting, her eyes still glittering enthusiastically.

‘I like your look too,’ she added with pursed-lip emphasis, waving her hand royally in my general direction.

There, she was saying, we’ve made public peace. And there also was her never distant sarcasm. I was wearing faded jeans and a dark green T-shirt - what I usually wear - and which, among a lot of things, Yvonne had tried to upgrade.

‘Yeah it came,’ I said to Spencer, acknowledging his show of friendship and ignoring Yvonne’s slice of humor.

‘Thank God it’s finally cooled down!’ Spencer said in his booming voice, expressing real relief that the hanging-by-a-thread suspense in the room had eased up. ‘Working in that sun was just too intense this summer.’ He gulped his wine.

‘I saw a report on heat related cases from Albuquerque General at the clinic for last year,’ Lena said, keeping it chatty. ‘The incidence of severe sunburn related cases was three hundred percent higher this year than last!’ She dished up some eggplant and handed me the plate with a congratulatory smile. ‘Sun burn, heat prostration, sun blindness, cataracts - stuff that I’ve only seen happen occasionally all of a sudden was an everyday thing.’

‘The ozone hole in Antarctica opened up the second widest it’s ever been recorded,’ Spencer said. ‘And there’s one of those holes over the Rockies you know. At this altitude and with this drought, there’s less of an atmospheric shield so we get huge amounts of solar radiation. I felt like my body was cooking from the inside out.’

‘Well according to this report honey, it was!’ Lena said as she chopped her eggplant into bite sized pieces.

‘The hens were acting funny all summer - molting irregularly, the eggs coming out watery - weird stuff,’ Spencer said and sipped more wine.

To avoid making eye contact, Yvonne and I were staring back and forth at Lena and Spencer like they were playing Ping-Pong.

But what they were saying was true. I’d worked outdoors all summer with Spencer helping me out some of the time and we’d talked about it then. It had been hot but there was something else going on because I felt like I never cooled down. It was like I had a fever all summer and it took unusually large amounts of cold beer at the end of the day to feel normal again. Ordinarily the temperature drops twenty to thirty degrees at night in the high desert but for two weeks during July it stayed in the nineties day and night.

‘In Phoenix, Albuquerque and Salt Lake they were getting some kind of Geiger counter readings off the sidewalks!’ Lena said. ‘And there was a twenty six percent increase in cataracts over the average.’

‘This is creepy!’ Yvonne said with her low, sensual precision. ‘I noticed something going on with my clients this summer.’ She was a partner in a physical therapy practice. ‘A lot of my patients are seniors and they would come dragging in and flop down on the table like steaks. After treatments they were worse. I had to call relatives to come get people a couple times a month. I thought it was odd at the time. I really wasn’t aware of the bigger picture!’ Yvonne cut a tiny piece off a slice of eggplant and brought it to her lips without bending her spine one millimeter.

‘And now the Fuehrer wants everyone to stop thinking about global warming, the AIDS epidemic and starvation in Africa, Prozac in the groundwater and concentrate on a Mars landing!’ Spencer shouted in disbelief. ‘Are these people even human? And does the media point out this obvious distraction from the war for oil?’

‘Maybe it’s not a distraction - maybe they’re serious Spencer,’ Lena said soberly.

‘Serious!? Lena! It would take trillions to pay for something like that!’

‘So what? They just spent a trillion on Iraq. With that kind of money they could have just bought Saddam’s Army. But maybe they think they can double their money before global warming gets out of control.’

‘Get serious Lena. Why would they want to go to Mars and how could they possibly live there - there’s no air!’

‘O.K There was a Life magazine article a few years ago that detailed how they could build these huge plastic domes on Mars big enough to contain towns and grow a massive amount of trees in them, start farms, set up solar collector factories etc. So - they build a certain amount of these domed towns all over the planet - and remember Mars is smaller than earth - then, when they gauge that they have the right amount of atmospheric density trapped in the domes that would be held by the planet’s gravity, they open all the domes and presto!’

‘O.K. Kind of far out. But O.K. But why do all that instead of fixing this atmosphere that’s going bananas and developing cancerous ozone holes and force five hurricanes smarty pants?’

‘Well...’ Lena thought for a moment. ‘You have this mass consciousness that has been deeply imprinted - and for two thousand years! - with the idea that they are going to heaven for going to church on Sunday. Heaven is up...Mars is up...’

We all burst out laughing.

‘Lena wins!’ Yvonne said, raising her glass. We all laughed and toasted Lena.

‘So what’s the book?’ I asked trying my best to surface from the dark dread that had brought me there and fit in with the jolly mood. Spencer held up the abnormally long, dark green book for me to read the spine as he masticated crusty, melted Parmesan. It said; ‘The Fairy Faith in Celtic Countries’ in snaky, silver lettering.

’It’s about the folk religion of Europe before Christianity. I’ve heard about this book for years but never could find a copy. It’s very rare. A guy who owns a bookstore in Berkeley found it for me. It was the Oxford thesis of E. Evans-Wentz, the guy who translated ‘The Tibetan Book of the Dead’.

‘He describes how the monoliths of pre-Christian Europe were connected by ley lines and that a grid of electromagnetic energy was activated through Druid rituals on the cross-quarter days - the original holy days - and that a dimensional portal opened and people from a parallel world crossed over and that Humans made babies with them.’ He said all this rapid fire and then scraped a wad of melted cheese off the casserole top and flopped it on his plate.

‘Damn!’ I said. ‘How come I’m always the last to know?’

‘So what’s a ley-line?’ Yvonne asked Spencer, subtly turning her perfect posture away from me with compressed lips and returning to the conversation that had been going on before as though I’d never sat down.

‘Ley-lines were lines of vertical stones embedded in the ground connecting one circle of stones to another across a grid that covered whole areas of Brittany and the British Isles. In modern times it’s been discovered that many of the circles of stone were built over underground aquifers and that the ley lines connecting the different stone circles were placed over subterranean water streams. Water conducts electricity. The rocks themselves have quartz in them which also conducts electricity, so that the rocks above ground mirror watery, underground electrical grids. These are perhaps natural electrical bio/grids formed as the Earth’s crust cooled. They may have something to do with maintaining a biodynamic electrical charge between the electricity in the earth and the magnetic aura of the biosphere connecting the earth to the sun.’

‘Auras huh?’ I said bitterly, sensing that any minute we’d be into Pleidians. Lena snickered catching my drift. Spencer ignored me. Yvonne re-adjusted her attitude with a little downward smile like I had the brains of Scooby Doo and needed that little extra bit of compassion.

’The Druids performed ceremonies at the main stone circle sites at the exact hour of the equinoxes and cross-quarter days by reading solar calendars that told them the exact moment when there was a perfect balance of electromagnetic energy that could be somehow manipulated. This is what is supposed to have made a hole, or passage between the dimensions. Kind of gives a different sense to the word ‘holy’ doesn’t it?’ This was too much, my Richter scale went off.

‘Oh my God, I’ve stumbled into a voodoo cult in progress haven’t I?’ I was remembering how Spencer and Yvonne loved to get into these vague, mystical ponderings that led to impossible concepts that were conveniently un-disprovable. I was just putting up some pre-emptive defenses in case it got too far out while I was still in the room.

’What’s a ‘cross-quarter’ day?’ Lena asked.

’It’s the halfway point between an equinox and a solstice - actually - like Halloween is the halfway point between the Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice. Hey! This is a holy night! It could happen right now!’ Spencer giggled gleefully. Lena and I zapped him with death rays.

‘Each date marks a forty five degree advance of the earth around the sun,’ Spencer went on undisturbed. ‘It’s mathematical. Sacred Geometry. The original religion of Europe, Joseph, was a shamanic based interaction with nature that had never been interrupted by the theoretical abstractions of the Human mind. Pagan shamanism is only a set of words for the unbroken tradition of consciousness that goes back to single celled organisms.’ When Spencer called me Joseph I knew he was pulling rank. He is nearly twice as old as me and three or four times more educated. Yvonne, a meticulously polite person, glared silently at me for having interrupted the great professor.

To achieve just the right proportions of haughtiness and dignity in her glare, Yvonne dipped her chin and arched her spine a couple of degrees which made her eyes tilt up and her boobs stick out so that I felt compelled to look at her with more attention the result of which was a deeper burn from her sage green eyes. She was killing me. I jerked my head back at Spencer.

‘Early humans existed halfway between the intuitive animal and the evolving rational human mind.’ Spencer lectured on as I snuck glances at Yvonne. ’Whatever their experience of the world of the living - and of the dead for that matter - was practiced and refined for hundreds of thousands of years. This was the Garden of Eden where people were as innocent as plants. This was the folk culture of Europe and the Western World - that Christianity took over. For a million years these early Humans were experiencing the mysteries of creation without mental interpretations. Their interaction with the dead, with angels and demons is beyond our knowledge since history got rewritten by the Church and the monarchies.

‘Just as the planets materialized out of the molten solar mass, biology materialized along the lines of the Earth’s - and the sun’s magnetic lines. The magnetic aura Joseph,’ he said, rubbing it in. ‘Organic life is the result of the shielding of the cell from harmful solar and cosmic radiations by duplicating this magnetic encapsulation. The planet is a microcosm of the Sun, as cells are a microcosm of the Earth. Just as the Earth separated from the Sun, actual dimensions of time/space could have separated from one another as dimensions individuated.’ Lena and I nodded at each other. So there ya go.

I tried to look interested because it was growing on me just how sweet Yvonne looked. I really wanted to engage this new Yvonne in some meaningful conversation so I tried to bring the cosmic jibber jabber in for a landing.

‘Are you saying that before Humans evolved and the Earth achieved this particular atmosphere that there could have been a... dimensional ecology?’ I thought that sounded pretty spiffy and looked around the table for concurrence.

A corner of Spencer’s lip tilted up. He knew that my sudden interest wasn’t for any pre Human dimensional Genesis. Narrowing his eyes, Spencer shoved his reading glasses up off his nose and buried his face in the long book. Lena, who knows me well and, seeing how fetching Yvonne looked, was smirking with veiled eyes. Spencer looked up at the ceiling.

‘In the eighties Joseph,’ Spencer took a deep patronizing breath - a breath he was going to regret when I had him back on the job tomorrow morning; ’There was an interview in Omni magazine with the Army Major in charge of closing the Air Force Blue Book project. The Blue Book project was a collection by the Air Force, of all known reports about UFO’s from 1945 to 1967.

’They had tens of thousands of reports collected over forty years of research from which they culled any information that was unreliable. They favored reports from military personnel, cops, professionals and airline pilots. After they’d got rid of all reports that raised any doubts - they still had thousands of reports and decided that these reports had to be accepted as having potential military importance.

‘So - this Major getting interviewed goes on to say that they had to accept that something was being seen and by reliable witnesses. Now - since there’s been radar all over the planet since 1945 that could track a basketball coming in from outer space to within a hundred feet of where it landed - it stood to reason that whatever was being seen was not coming in from outer space since it wasn’t showing up on radar. So they hypothesized that; A. reliable witnesses were seeing something real and B. it wasn’t coming in from outside the planet. So the conclusion they came to was that there must be a parallel dimension and that the things being seen were coming from - right here!’ A kind of long silence happened. I felt goose bumps crawl up my arms.

‘Woho!’ I said.

‘My God,’ Yvonne’s eyes became saucer-like as a little girl’s as she looked around excitedly. “So it could be Fairy People in the UFO’s?’ She tilted her head to the side, clasped her arms around her middle so that her layered hair, red as a red setter running through autumn leaves, swayed, brushing her cheek delicately as the peach angora hollows of her shoulders became accentuated in the candle light. I tried to get a grip on this conversation and drank more wine.

‘What Evans-Wentz is saying in the book is that in pre-Christian times the Fairy people - or fiery people - were a dimensional as well as a biological extension of Homo Sapiens, and humans were meeting them - in the flesh - out on those planted fields in Brittany and the British Isles. And they weren’t just exchanging recipes - they were getting it on! And this isn’t totally supposition. The circles of stones are there to this day. A lot of work and thought went into making those circles. It isn’t like the people of those times had nothing else to do. There had to be a payoff!’

Yvonne’s posture made the spherericity of her breasts express themselves laterally and I became determined to get more New Age right away. I tried to make my eyes vacant and dreamy like the Pleidian Goldilocks. I let my head sway at the wonder of it all.

‘Didn’t the Irish believe that Fairies kidnapped children and mutilated cattle?’ Lena said dryly.

‘Well, yeah,’ Spencer said irritated at being pulled back from dreamland. ’There were good ones and bad ones! Sometimes when people were murdered or just disappeared it was said that ’the Fairies took ‘em’. And folk beliefs don’t just spring up under cabbages you know.’ Spencer laughed at his own joke.

‘So when the door between the worlds was opened, both good ones and evil ones could come through?’ Yvonne asked, alarmed, sitting up even straighter.

‘Why not?!’ Spencer said.

‘But why just Europe?’ Lena asked. ‘Wouldn’t a parallel world include the whole planet?’

‘Well, every culture has folk stories about Jinns and goblins and ghosts.’ Spencer said leafing through the book which I noticed didn’t have any helpful photos. ‘American Native folk tales are full of Star Maidens and Katchinas.’

‘Imagine that - evil green eyed Fairy thugs wandering around Europe on unicorns way-laying people,’ I said in a floaty, breathy voice. ’Maybe they could come through on Winter Solstice and stick around ‘til the doors opened again in spring! Wow, three months of murdering and kidnapping!’ Somehow I wasn’t doing it right.

Yvonne ignored me, looking exalted. She just believes everything that comes down the pike. If it’s written in a book it’s already true for her. Yvonne has a personal belief system that includes astrology, yoga, geomancy, fung shoe, angelic guidance, past life alliances, Mayan calendars, spirit animals - you name it and it’s part of her system and if she’s never heard of it she just pries two beliefs apart and sticks the new one in between. For her there is this universal networking army of angelic beings trying to help people evolve into happy smurfs. On the other hand she has an uncanny ability to ignore the self-evident and when challenged becomes passive aggressive and manipulative to the extent that we often became alienated because I wouldn’t float around with her in unicorn heaven. To her, my pragmatism was a failure of faith. For me, her etheric glee was a barrier to human intimacy.

For her, the happy ending began with being happy regardless of realities. For me, there is the paper-bosses who keep the working poor so tightly enslaved to making their daily bread by adjusting the interest rate against them that they can’t afford to know what’s going on because they have no time or energy left to do anything about it! Meanwhile, the rich rape the ecosystems and generate wars for cheap resources and new consumer markets on which to unload disposable plastic crap.

Spencer and I agreed on the hard realities of the sinister intelligence scams of the corporations though he also believes the aurora borealis, for instance, is a bridge for angelic beings to return to earth in winter - when the Hopi Katchinas come back from the stars. In the South West you hear a lot about this. Lena, more reasonably, believes that most people are in the elementary stages of spiritual evolution and there is a long, long road ahead so that the most important thing to focus on is health. ‘You can’t have a revolution if people can’t man the barricades,’ she liked to say.

We four had played all these ends against the middle without getting anywhere so many times that we’d learned just when to cool it. Usually Lena and I teamed up to gasp in disbelief at Yvonne and Spencer’s willingness to just leave orbit. Our silences spoke volumes to one another. I had to remember, looking at the curve of Yvonne’s graceful spine that I hadn’t been invited and she, the Fairy Princess had. So they unraveled the universe while I kept my mouth shut by pouring wine down my throat. Her inaccessible loveliness just made the ache of loneliness in me worse. And no one was talking about the unbelievable re-election.

‘Well if Fairy thugs could come through - Human thugs could go through too!’ Lena said later when Halloween being a pagan holy night came up again.

‘Why are you all so obsessed with the thugs?!’ Spencer said. ‘What about just regular farmers who would be dancing around the Maypole giving the eye to a Fairy girl whose prancing around in her new spring dress. Imagine these lovers from across a dimensional warp walking in the woods, colored ribbons floating from her hair as they lay down in the flowering clover. They only have a couple hours before the dimensions close ... time is short ... the bees are buzzing in the flowers...’ Spencer laughed. What an image!

‘Boy that sounds like something worth getting dressed up for!’ I said, meaning the opposite. Yvonne snorted. Probably at the idea of me getting dressed up.

‘In physics,’ Spencer said clearing his throat dramatically, irritated at my sarcasm - ‘for every atom of physical matter there has to be an atom of anti-matter. It’s an electromagnetic balance in the energy context of the universe. Without the one there can’t be the other. So - maybe these beings are anti-matter people. I mean, it’s kind of naive of science to make all these observations about time warps, worm holes, energy morphing and synchronicity and still hang on to the idea that there is only this one dimension where people struggle to eat and stay warm and then just die like dogs.’ Lena waved us all off and cleared the dishes off the table.

‘O.K. picture this,’ I said. Spencer’s description of the Fairy maiden, her cleavage beribboned in the colors of the rainbow bouncing along as the shadows of the sun dappled forest played across her flower patterned dress bright in my mind.

‘What if this Fairy maiden was running through the dimensional hole just as the time warp ended and her foot was still sticking through! Would her leg be in one dimension and the rest of her in another?’ I asked innocently. Lena laughed. I was brought up Catholic and we used to have so much fun with this kind of stuff.

But these guys were too serious. Yvonne and Spencer just ignored me and leafed through the book with creased foreheads. Lena finished collecting the empty plates, giving me with her sad Madonna’s smile and dished up frozen apricot slices from the trees on their land. Yvonne surprisingly refilled my wine glass. We smirked at each other.

‘You’re a bright kid Joe, I don’t know why it’s so hard for you to stretch your imagination to include what’s outside the box.’ Spencer said finally.

‘Joe’s left brain needs to learn how to dance!’ Yvonne primly stage whispered to Spencer. These clichés!

‘Yvonne’s right brain needs to learn how to walk!’ I stage whispered to Lena. Yvonne went ‘sssss’ with quiet intensity and wobbled her head sarcastically at me.

‘Ach!’ Lena said in warning.

I realized nothing tangible was going to come of this patched up good will between the lovely new Yvonne and me and, realizing I was getting pretty drunk and to show my contempt for their sloppy thinking, I got up to go.

‘Well, I’ll leave you phairies to your phantasies as my pumpkin awaiteth me and I must goeth,’ I said, tossing an imaginary cape over my shoulder with a flair as I grabbed my jacket. Goeth got kinda slurred into goth.

‘Happy trails pumpkin!’ Lena said with a big grin.

‘I’ll see you at the job Joseph,’ Spencer said soberly looking up momentarily and giving me the hairy eyeball as he searched desperately for proof.

Yvonne didn’t even look up as I left. She was asking Spencer something, her eyes quizzing and intent on his flipping through the pages of the Fairy Book but as my gaze brushed across her corner of the room, she slowly scootched forward in her chair so that her skirt slid up her thighs, her legs entwined like lovers writhing in bed.

With my eyes glued to Yvonne’s thighs I stumbled against the leg of my chair and lurched for the door. I glanced at Lena who had seen Yvonne’s maneuver and had raised an eyebrow above a pitying smile that seemed to say; ‘You don’t have a chance against us mortal.’

I went for the outside door at the end of the hall rather than walk all the way through the house so that I came out into Lena’s kitchen garden. The sudden cold made me snap to attention.

With a waning moon above the mountains, the stars were brilliant in the frosty night. I felt the cold freeze-dry my nipples and zipped up and shoved my hands deep in my pockets. A breeze rustling the stalks of corn in the fenced garden caught my attention and I looked to see the scarecrow Lena had made out of straw stuffed into a thrift store tuxedo complete with tails and a squashed top hat. She’d cut out a cardboard fiddle and tucked it under its arm and made two cricket antennae out of coat hangers with bobbing cotton ball ends that stuck up out of its head. The fiddler-cricket stood shivering beneath the huge boulder that sticks out of the hill. The moon was rising above the boulder and a hump of quartz crystals towards the top of the boulder sparkled in its light. Subtle lines of crystal light radiated from the quartz and for just a moment the entire boulder seemed to become transparent. I saw little Hansel and Gretel cottages making up a little village with warm, orange, glowing lights on in their windows. I blinked and the mirage was gone. My gaze shifted to the rows of straw piles covering carrots and turnips in the garden that hadn’t been harvested.

I walked inside the open gate and stood drunkenly next to the scarecrow. We looked up at the stars flickering away in Morse code. The stardust of the Milky Way trailing off to nearby galaxies. I felt just as lonely and angst ridden as I had when driving down the highway at sunset. The image of the beribboned medieval girl laughing and prancing through the sunny forest vivid in my mind. The crackling cosmic electricity in the horse-trough of brilliant stars up in the sky looked so thrilling, virgin and vast. I put my arm across the scarecrow’s skinny shoulders, looked up at the lonesome slice of moon above the boulder and made a drunken, deeply heartfelt wish - that I could stand gazing at all this with someone who knew what it was worth. It was the next morning that I fell off the ladder.

(1/3 of chapter 8)


The Blue Stone Transmission

’It is given that the solar system of Mahaala is an integration of the etheric and physical dimensions. This polarity is integrated by the connective tissue of Universal Soul Current called Loosh in Ovvala and known in Terra as Shakti. This interactive, dimensional ecology, is actuated by the Creative Intelligence of Love, called Suudilve, which is composed of All-Souls.

’The third planet in the solar system of Mahaala is called Illuva and is known as Terra in the Human realm and Aouvwhuaalla in the etheric. Aouvwhuaalla (Ovvala) means Etheric Fire. Terra means Firmament. Illuva, Terra and Ovvala are the one planet.

’Each planet in the Mahaalan solar system is also polarized and has conscious beings inhabiting it.

’Mahaala is simultaneously the name of the Solar System and the name of the Tribe of Souls that is creating this solar system and inhabiting it. Each of these planets and the entirety of Mahaala is generated and sustained by the process of co-creation called Ixtellar.

These are the fundamental structural components involved in the Great Work, called Ixtaal - meaning Ascension.

’The regenerative biological ecology unique to Illuva - the duality of Earth/Ovvala - is called the Biosoul Dynamic. This is the Seasonal transformation and renewal of Nature and is a Creator Technology for the evolving of Souls. The Biosoul Dynamic is a fluid, rhythmic, interactive sensory system constructed of and responding to the interface between Collective Soul and Suudilve.

’Souls in Ovvala and Terra exist as biopod, auric, fetal cells inter-connected by strings of Ixtellar Loosh. This cellular interconnection of souls, causes the cumulative expansion of consciousness to be generated between the individual soul and the collective whole of Mahaala. The Ixtellar language technology parallels the interconnective strings of Loosh, and is simultaneously the contextual design intelligence of the whole. Language both describes and constructs consciousness. The Ixtellar Continuum is an interface between the whole and its parts and as such is called Co-Creation.

’Let the above be understood before the history of Illuva is presented. Do I repeat the above?

‘Go on,’ Djagda said quietly.

’Biological development began on Illuva with the single celled plankton floating on the surface of the oceans during the paleophytic era when free oxygen was released. Biological development became accelerated during the Devonian period when trees were realized. Trees provided the first physical forms for the incarnation of Mahaalan souls rising out of the underworld called the Qlipoth.

’The refinement of Human and biological consciousness continued into the next major evolutionary stage which was the Triassic period, when dinosaur life began, and the Jurassic period, when dinosaur life matured. This period is given as 160 millions of years.

’From the beginning of the planet Illuva - by which is meant the Ovvala/Terra conjunction - there had been two Moons - the present moon and Iduuna - a smaller moon no longer existing.

’Planetary biology was accelerated during this time because of the effects on gravity by the two moons. Grasses and trees grew eight times faster and to twenty times the biomass of present biology. They also had short life spans and re-generated rapidly. This allowed for the evolution of the massive bodies of the dinosaurs. The purpose of the Triassic/Jurassic time had one goal; the development of the brain-stem in the dinosaur that would later evolve into the Human/Ovvalan brain.

’The initial incarnation of souls as trees, allowed souls to stabilize into physical form from out of the etheric. This period lasted approximately one hundred million years. To move into mammalian existence, these souls needed the brain that could respond to the Ixtellar webs. These are intelligent conduits of energy that interconnect the Universe. However, these virgin souls could not withstand the predatory violence necessary to produce the biological brain stem and so - Mahaala - the collective soul - contracted a race of beings from the Qlipothic underworld to do this work. This Qlipothic race, which became the dinosaurs, was contracted to exist in a state of unregulated predation for one hundred sixty million years in exchange for producing the Human/Ovvalan brain stem. Then, when the brain stem had been realized, they were to expire and go on to cosmic evolution. The breaking of this contract is at the core of the existing conflict.

’As had been designed, when the brain stem had been realized by the dinosaurs, Iduuna the smaller of the two moons, was captured by the gravity of Illuva and fell in the ocean at Sea of Aetlan - the Caribbean Circle. The explosion resulted in a global cloud that obscured the sun ending the Jurassic Era.

’The dinosaur culture had entered into existence knowing this was to take place. In exchange for experiencing full spectrum predatory satiation and the extreme corporeal experience of living in the massive and vital bodies of the dinosaurs for an extreme extension of time, they were to complete their task and then evolve. This lapse of time was expected to rid the dinosaur of the desire to be mere Reptilians and allow them to travel on into higher realms of consciousness.

’Over this vast passage of time the most intelligent of the Tyrannosaurus Rex created a reincarnation vortex in the Qlipothic Underworld from which they had originated. This is a small astral planetoid where they went at death and before rebirth as another Tyrannosaurus Rex during their fifty million year existence. This dimension they named Krrual and currently exists as an astral construct. When the Iduuna moon fell to earth, all the now dead Tyrannosaurus Rex and their servant subspecies - the Velociraptor, the Pterodactyl and the Pachycephalosauri - gathered as spirits in Krrual and came to the decision to break their contract with Mahaala.

’During the Jurassic Era, the constantly dying and regenerating plant and animal life had accumulated in the bowels of the Earth as biological putrefaction and had begun to transubstantiate into petroleum. This biologic essence of the Jurassic, and particularly the blood of the Tyrannosaurus Rex that had physically spilled into the ground, held so powerful an emotional pull on the Tyrannosaurs that they couldn’t separate from it. Their collective, emotional body’s devotion to the blood of their ancestral corpses became the dark soul force they named Draco.

’The sudden end of Jurassic biology was felt as a terrible injustice and betrayal to the Dracos. Despite their contract with Mahaala, which is recorded and signed in the Akashik Records for all to see, Tyrannosaurs were and remain convinced that they were betrayed - that it was all somehow a trick by Mahaalans to fool them into producing Homo/Ova/Sapiens whom they now hate like poison. They felt they had been cheated and were psycho-emotionally torn between leaving the Jurassic experience behind and entering Astro-evolution. It was thought the opportunity to attack smaller species, tear them to pieces and climb to the top of the heap of blood soaked corpses for 50 million years would be enough to make predation monotonous and repetitive to them but no. The Draco considered this as simply an introduction to the experience.

’The Draco felt that, not only was the Earth containing the blood of their ancestors and turning slowly into petroleum theirs, but that Human/Ovvalan beings themselves belonged to them, because the Draco had produced the brain stem that made this new species possible.

’Thus began their plot to re-enter life.

’As Human/Ovvalan beings appeared out of evolutionary time, the Dracos found they could enter their minds through the reptilian brain stem and seduce them with images of power and lust, madness and enlightenment.

’The first attempt by the Dracos to take over Illuva was in Atlantis. This progressed too fast - involved Human/animal cloning and the creation of synthetic and unstable power crystals.

The Core Mahaalan judgment was reached that the Draco contamination of Atlantis was going to deform the Ixtellar design for Humans and Ovvalans so that Atlantis itself needed to be destroyed. At this time, one of the Core Mahaalan designers of Mahaala, the Counsuelaar Ea, known as The Preceptor, was incarnate at Atlantis in the form of Iemanja, the Sea Priestess.

’To execute the judgment to cleanse Atlantis, Ea stole some of the massive crystals which the Draco Hierarchy used for power generation and turned them against the Dracos, sinking the island and destroying everything created there. Before this destruction, Ea and the entire Order of Sea Priestesses escaped to the then fertile Nile River Valley. This became the Egyptian culture in which Ea transmutated into Isis. Through these former Atlanteans, Ovvalan/Human life was purified and re-established at Sumeria where Human civilization then began.

’It was at this time that the OverSoul of Mahaala - called The Soul Traveler - which is the advanced energy Being from the Universal Core, transmitted the Ixtellarium which contained the systems of Astrology, Qabalah, sacred geometry, alchemy and Physics to the incarnate 33 most evolved Humans and Ovvalans of that time. These techniques were to be the basis of a cosmic literacy for Illuvans to evolve into Astral Free Souls and join the Galactic Co-creative Evolution of Suudilve.

’The ancient Dracos Lizards saw and understood the significance of this cosmic transmission. The Creator High Technology of Ixtellar Magik would ultimately allow Humans and Ovvalans to block the Dracos from entering the Human mind.

’In response, the Draco entered the minds of all 33 of the chosen adepts who had received the Ixtellar Transmission and offered them an alternate existence. Whichever of the 33 accepted a relationship with the Dracos would receive acceptance into Krrual, the Draco homeland in Qlipoth. Once established in Krrual each magician who accepted Draconian beliefs - called the Ouroboros - could reincarnate as themselves, outside the laws of birth and death. Such an existence would allow these adepts to reincarnate with an undying single identity for eternity. In this way, they could refine their magikal powers to undreamed of perfection - not possible if they were to reincarnate serially and according to universal law.

’Entry to this realm of Krrual and into the Draco Council of Skarror, required submission to Draco Will and acceptance of psychical bonding with a Draco Entity. This involved mentally hosting a Tyranosaurian Lord. Acceptance of Auroboros meant rejection of the Ixtellar Technology. Fourteen of the thirty three adepts accepted.

’These came to be called the Andrr-Ka - meaning Those Who Go Passionately Into Darkness. These call themselves The Corporation, meaning ‘of one body’. On Terra they distinguished themselves as the Assembly of the Only True God and in Ovvala as the Skandrr Royalty. These are nine Humans - six males and three females; and five Ovvalans - four males and one female who became, in essence, Draco. Their original Illuvan names have been removed from the records of Mahaala as their Humanity ended when they became Draco.

’In exchange for separation from evolutionary process, the Dracos required the Andrr-Ka magicians to promote a grand design; to manipulate Human/Ovvalan evolution toward the establishment of an industrial, theocratic hierarchy that would dig up the petroleum/blood of their Tyranosaurian ancestors, the Draco, and use it to create a global, industrial-state controlled by Draco.

It was envisioned that this would return the Dracos to absolute power at the top of the food chain. This was the Draco Master Plan. To achieve it, all Humans and Ovvalans needed to be implanted with a psychology that would make them willing servants of the Draco will. This is the purpose of the Ouroboros Language Technology, which is the reversal of the Ixtellar Linguistic.

’Be it understood that the individual Andrr-Ka members and their offspring were OvaSapien persons within whom High Draco Lords now lived and reincarnated. Being biological, each traitorous Andrr-Ka magician naturally died. At death, this identity remained in the astral Krrual for a time and then was born again within an ongoing blood lineage. Thusly, Draco spirits and Andrr-Ka bodies maintained their fixed identities through time.

‘A Draco Lord was one who had lived as a Tyrannosaur for over a million years. Such a Lord could be reborn at will in the lineage of each of the Fourteen AndrrKa who had gone into the darkness. There are believed to be 17 Draco Lords who vie with one another for the opportunity to incarnate into only fourteen physical bodies of Ovvalan/Humans. The internal politics of which Lord gets to incarnate into which AndrrKa Magi is rife with controversy.’

(1/2 of chapter 10)


The only danger I had encountered in the astral so far had been the amoebas from the bar that had followed me home that night. They had clung to me because they sensed my fear and lack of control and I think simply because I didn’t have a clue as to how to shield myself from them. I didn’t know at that time that I could have made a reflective silver aura and would have been made me invisible to such parasites. Or I could have visualized a hot branding iron in the shape of a pentagram and stabbed them with it or visualized a mega powered cattle prod and poked them with it and they would have skedaddled away.

Where we were now going required a serious level of focus because we would encounter real predators. Psychic Reptilian beings surrounded by intelligent, armed psychic guards actively searching for intruders.

The Adrrik psychic police are disincarnate Pachycephalosauri and Velociraptors able to travel between the Draco fourth dimension of Krrual and both Ovvalan and Earth’s astral zones. Besides the Adrrik to contend with, there would be the Human BATS. These were the Human covert operatives hidden within the various intelligence agencies of the shadow governments of Earth run by Reptilian possessed Humans. I had encountered one already. The BATS used drugs to go into a trance from where they did ‘remote psychic viewing’ of things happening in both physical realms and astral space. Most important political leaders, industrial executives and media CEO’s on Earth had BATS guards monitoring the space around them - particularly in sleep. This was the kind of information the Blue Stone transmission had catalogued in my mind.

In his first book, Monroe had written about an experience he had with a Remote Viewer. Monroe was a successful businessman who traveled a lot in the course of promoting his radio stations. On one such trip he had flown into Nantucket and, tired from the flight, had taken a nap in his hotel. As often happened to him when he was sleeping, he spontaneously left is body. This time he found himself walking on a lawn in the sunshine around a Nantucket house. Suddenly, a physical man appeared pointing a gun at him. This so frightened Monroe that he was jolted back to his body in the hotel room and woke up. Sitting up and thinking about it, he realized that then President Kennedy was expected to fly into Nantucket for the start of a vacation. This, he figured, was the house where Kennedy was staying and it had an armed psychic guard patrolling the grounds. The implications of this were staggering.

Silvaan had conveyed to me, in a short intense communication-relay, the vicious nature of the Draco soul and the endlessly deceptive nature of the AndrrKa sorcerers. No lie or misrepresentation was too extreme or silly for them to use - in either physical reality or astral space. He impressed on me one main idea - the intensity with which the Adrrik pursued someone outside their own kind. It was beyond an inexperienced mind to grasp, he’d told me. It wasn’t that they hated us, or saw us as their enemy, he’d said. To them we were prey. We were like rebellious cattle that have broken through the fence. We are their steaks. After scaring me half to death with this warning he then emphasized this; ‘especially don’t generate fear or you will attract them.’ Right.

At the end of this exchange, Silvaan had gripped my forearm and I his in the Siddhe expression of brotherhood. I was moved to feel we were genuinely allies.

How can I describe my feelings at this point? When I’m in the OBE state, there is a timeless sense as though this has always been happening and is completely normal. It’s like when you’re dreaming and the most fantastical things are happening to you - you drive a bus up a brick wall and find yourself holding a gold fish while lying in a baby carriage and it’s all in the flow. But now I was feeling an increasing sense of rationalism in the OBE state and a sense of firmness in the images as people and places appeared again and again so that the experience has become both an abstract dream and a heart stoppingly intense reality at the same time. Now was added the sense of malevolence. And danger.

Isult and Llueve had a brief but intense exchange during the Blue Stone Transmission in which a similar urgency and evasion techniques were relayed to her.

All these thoughts ran through our minds as Llueve and I followed energy lines over the night landscape. Under clear skies pulsing with stars, we passed over a desert like land with rolling hills and weather beaten cliffs. With specific directions to follow this valley then that line of mountains, we came to a deep canyon that we were to descended to a river, and then follow this upstream. At a certain rock formation we were to ascend vertically and head south a few hundred yards.

Djagda, Isult, Silvaan, Oorden and a few others of the high ranking Siddhe were following us protectively, cloaked and at a distance. At various locations we were to stop and send out awareness signals to see if anyone sensed alien watchers. This was a kind of mental sonar; a blip of awareness you sent out and then ‘listened’ to see if it bounced off anything in any peculiar way. Going along like this we came to the entry point.

This was simply a flat desert plain near the edge of the canyon we had followed. There were small trees, widely spaced, with sandy soil between them. There was nothing there out of the ordinary.

As instructed, Llueve and I embraced, and focused on on our child to be - this mysterious Ea. I concentrated on clearing all extraneous thought from my mind as we let ourselves love. We placed shields of opaque, deflective silver light around ourselves and hovered very still and then, very slowly, descended into the ground.

We passed through sand and then sand stone and then suddenly into a huge, rounded, vault. A luminous glow that seemed to come out of the sandstone walls lit up the cavern. Concentrating on not projecting our presence, we glided slowly towards where the ceiling and wall met. This was to be our lookout.

The murmur of hundreds of voices rose from the floor of a cavern about the size of a large auditorium. Men and women - both Human and Ovvalan - were speaking urgently to one another in groups. A growling undertone of aggression vibrated throughout the vault.

Though the cut of their clothes was uniquely tailored to each person, all wore oversized robes of either red or black. Some of the robes had high peaked collars reaching above the head. Others had wide lapels. All had flared, flowing Oriental sleeves.

Enclosing the center of the chamber floor was a ten foot wide band, fifty feet in circumference, made of white crisscrosses. Inside this band was a second inner band of glistening red. Inside this was a third band made of glittering crystal grains, about a yard wide. In the very center of these concentric bands, there was a sparkling, golden triangle. On the ground around the triangle of gold dust there were strange, unearthly symbols drawn in gold and brilliant red. Every few yards around the outer perimeter were what looked like water troughs or planters.

The mass of people stood at arm’s length from one another in groups a little distance out from the perimeter. Their keeping a distance from the edge of the circle showed a definite respect for the powers at play because these people were themselves radiating a tremendous dark, churning force.

The feeling was one of suppressed and imminent menace. They were speaking to one another in a businesslike way but all the while a tremendous impatience was in the air controlled only by severe discipline. As the moments passed the set of circles began vibrating with a pulsing suction and I knew that magikal forces were coming alive.

Llueve and I held hands and beamed waves of urgency and information to one another where we hovered, motionless and tight against the angle of the ceiling. ‘Maintain the reflective cover’ she would beam at me. ‘Stay close’ I would beam back. We had been instructed to do this.

We looked at the assembly below - registering what Isult had told us - that this was most of the AndrrKa hierarchy - Humans possessed by Draco entities in Human and Ovvalan bodies - entities who had once been living Tyrannosaurs and Pachycephalosauri now possessing the minds and bodies of Humans and Ovvalans, from ancient, carefully bred lineages of power. There were aids to these Draco chiefs numbering in the hundreds of thousands but these were most of the operating chieftains now on earth. These beings were in willful opposition to cosmic order and dedicated to the control of Human and Ovvalan evolution and possession of the planet. Rogue souls. I was starting to feel sick with the horror and wonder of it.

These were the CEO’s - overt and covert, of government agencies and vast corporate enterprises. They controlled economic systems, communication systems, industrial, manufacturing and transportation systems. They operated commercial slave systems, international drug operations, gambling conglomerates, weapons factories. Some were the heads of state of countries. They ran and owned sports complexes, universities, real estate and investment operations. They controlled massive industrial farming operations, pharmaceutical conglomerates and global retail chains. They operated secret intelligence systems and covert military groups. These were the powers behind the powers. The great majority were from old AndrrKa royal families and had been raised learning Ouroboros sorcery skills and been linked from birth through private social clubs and universities to other AndrrKa families. The one code of conduct they shared in common was a predatory competition with one another for the subjugation of Humanity and Ovvalans. Their only allegiance was to the blood of their ancestors buried in the Earth and to the Draco Master Plan of Full Spectrum Dominance and access to a power known as Vrryl - Predatory Creativity. And all of this was skillfully camouflaged from the people of the world by the perfected use of the Ouroboros linguistic by which they said one thing and meant another.

Astrally, this environment was radiating dark pulses of electricity where the atoms were at some distance from one another - a rough, elemental electrical discharge that purposefully resisted the finer points of intelligence in favor of an aggressive elemental force.

In contrast to this, Llueve and I amplified the presence of the warmth and love-filled mysterious life growing inside of us, the wonder of our meeting, our alliance with Universal forces and our awareness of the extraordinary Siddhe leaders out there monitoring us in the night. These Things below us, these possessed people, were the current incarnation of the leaders who had fought with the Siddhe for seven thousand years. They were the core powers that create senseless wars and ethnic conflicts, depressions and heating oil shortages. To these beings our baby was just a Cheerio. In the most ghoulish way imaginable, I was completely fascinated.

The intelligence within these beings was not for life. Life - the Solar-Blood - as Djagda had called it - was missing here. There was no glow to any of them. They were like black holes pulling light inwards.

We had been instructed above all to be prepared to zero in on our physical bodies should we be challenged or even witnessed. We couldn’t allow the strange forces we were experiencing to distract us from the fact that right now the Adrrik and the BATS were invisibly and continuously scanning every inch of the area looking for foreign radiations. An Ovvalan or Human astral spy would have been sensed in seconds. But our unique energy construct seemed to be, so far, beyond their perceptions because nothing was coming near us. We were just air in the room.

I looked at some of the individuals - resisting the impulse to get magnetized by their power by tightening my hold around Llueve’s hips. There were Ovvalans and Humans of every Race and color down there. I looked at a tall Oriental man dressed in a floor length black robe of some fine, rich, flowing material that shimmered opalescent in the glowing cavern light. His face was chiseled, intelligent and commanding. A tension of focused will and dangerously intense passion reverberated in his energy field. As I looked at him, he blinked once, then twice and then quickly turned his head scanning the room - to left – to right - sensing my intrusion and ready to bite somebody. I looked away.

I looked at another man, this one a black Ovvalan - dressed in blood red robes and saw his cheek twitch in awareness of something touching him. I quickly looked away. These people were hyper aware.

The Oriental Ovvalan in black appeared to be using a tremendous amount of raw will power to hold a state of passionate violence towards the other people directly around him, under control. I watched him out of the corner of my eye. There was distinctly one arm’s length of space between each person. I realized that a lot of mental energy was going into making sure no one got any closer. It was as though each person here could barely stand the presence of the others. They tolerated each other for the sake of the common purpose in their meeting but they didn’t like each other. They were allies for what they could make possible for one another and that only.

Taking quick glimpses and then looking away, I studied the Ovvalan black man. His cheeks were lean, his face long, his ears peaked, his forehead high, and eyes bright with awareness and glittering curiosity. His robes concealed a body loaded with athletic strength and skill. As I watched him, his gaze shifted within himself and I could feel him begin to scan from within what it was that had made him watchful. I quickly shifted my gaze away and as instructed, placed a silver star-shield between him and me inscribed with a certain banishing design I had been shown. A snap visualization. I then caressed the curve of Llueve’s waist beneath her robe to shift my focus. Her still taut, flat belly radiated feline animal strength that soothed me. I squeezed myself against her. There was a warm security in our touch. We made up a dream bubble from within which we watched these strange, menacing creatures.

A very beautiful blond Human woman dressed in red and with a wide lapelled collar that rose into a point behind her back, had the same cold, glittering, reptilian eyes as those around her and the intensely contained will - her face was a frozen mask of beauty and cold, detached refinement - ageless, proud and impatient for the proceedings to begin, she squirmed in place. There was one man, dressed in red, in his mid forties to whom people deferred. He seemed to have two bodyguards. A quick glance showed me something odd about him. He was deathly calm. His eyes were wide open, his stance relaxed and his skin, though healthy seemed waxed and fixed in place. I wanted to look at him more but Llueve zapped me with a caution - ‘stay focused’ ‘maintain the visualizations’ so I stopped looking at him and concentrated on our job.

Quickly scanning from face to face, I saw in each person an extraordinary individuality and definition and in each face a power and will, an intelligence and refinement like I had never seen before. These were men and women who thought very highly of themselves and brooked no interference even from persons just like themselves. These were superior people itching to fight for the next mark of distinction.

I saw a number of Human faces I actually recognized (names omitted as per publishing contract) - a senator, a famous real estate magnate, a famous aging lawyer, a television newscaster, a computer mogul, an aging male movie star next to a famous model who was young and beautiful and hungry.

A murmur of voices arose as very tall men, giants, dressed in elegant, dark, tailored suits entered bearing silver trays loaded with tall fluted wine glasses. Lusty laughter rose as these waiters entered the throng of people and the tension momentarily lifted as people removed glasses from the trays. I thought naturally it was wine. But then I watched a woman carefully as she drank from her glass.

Her lips seemed to writhe around the rim of the glass as she swallowed the whole of the contents in one breathless gulp. Immediately her energy field quivered, shook and expanded with intense vitality. Her skin began to glow with health, vitality and beauty. A clear, circular globe of bright garnet light expanded around her. She turned towards the center of the circled triangle and became intensely still. One after another of the people drank down in one gulp what I realized was fresh blood and became entranced. The entire mass of people became positioned around the edge of the circle and turned towards the center. Complete silence fell. The intensity of focused will I had seen in each of these individuals was as nothing compared to what took place after they had drunk their cups of blood. Their auras joined together into one focused ray of luminous dark will fixed on the golden triangle.

The giants returned in sets of twos - each set carrying large canvas sacks suspended between polished brass poles. As they circulated through the crowd everyone carelessly threw their glasses into the bags where they smashed faintly. The giants disappeared through a doorway and shortly after that, six of the giants returned surrounding four even larger, muscular giants who carried a golden cage atop a platform by thick brass carrying poles balanced on their shoulders.

In the cage, seated in an ornate golden chair was a Human woman with long blond hair. She was dressed in a reflecting gold, hooded, floor length robe with violet piping around the hem and along the arms.

Her energy field was completely different from everyone else’s in the room. She radiated organic Human warmth and vulnerability and as the cage was carried through the crowd, I could see a warm, honey hued force around her that physically drew the Dracos towards her. Golden honey ripples of vibrating mammalian warmth radiated outwards from her like sunbeams. Under the black and red robes, the Draco possessed forms jerked and heaved spasmodically as the cage passed near them. One man actually reached between the bars to pet the woman at which point one of the giants turned with lightning speed and struck him with the silver rod he carried. A blue-white electrical charge arced against his arm setting his robe on fire. With equal speed, the man ripped off the sleeve and threw it to the ground and stomped the flame out, grunted once and then resumed his silent trance. There was no reaction at all from the people surrounding him.

A rumbling groan arose out of the assembly as the procession with the cage crossed the red and white bands and lowered the platform to the ground. The silence became denser then took over the assembly. The woman climbed out of the golden cage, I heard the hinges squeal distantly as she pushed open the door and stepped down onto the triangle of gold dust

The woman was tall and full bodied. Her golden robe covered all her skin from her ankles to her ears - she even wore golden sandals. She quickly stepped inside the golden triangle with an obvious urgency. She stood alone looking upwards to avoid looking into the eyes of any of the silent assembly, clasped her hands in front of herself and waited.

At that point, her escort of giants took positions around the perimeter, their silver cattle prods held erect. There were a few moments of silence and then the other giants in black suits came rushing out of the door in the wall carrying what looked like red five-gallon gasoline jugs. They poured the contents of the jugs into the troughs inside the crisscross bands. This was a red viscous liquid that I realized with growing horror was fresh blood in glass containers. A thrilling, jewel like energy expanded inwards and upwards from the blood. The entire assembly shuddered and moaned.

The deathly still man now crossed from the outside of the bands to stand next to the woman. He was holding a long black wand and in a voice far more powerful than I expected to hear from his pale form, he intoned;

‘Hekas Hekas Eberstray Bliblioyes!’

An invisible presence entered the chamber that felt like a compressed and mounting pressure.

Llueve squeezed my hand with three rapid motions - ’hold the constructs – ‘don’t get spaced out’ – ‘stay close.’ The thought forms followed the hand-squeezes. I looked at Llueve and saw she was enclosed in her white psychic robes, a high collar tight around her throat, the material thick and protective. I saw that I was dressed similarly but in an electric blue material. The energy in the room was becoming frighteningly dark and magnetic. She wrapped her arms around my waist and squeezed her belly against me.

The sorcerer waved his wand through the honeyed aura of the woman dressed in gold and drew projected geometrical figures on the top of the cavern from their combined energy. This took on the shape of a portal. He surrounded this portal with letters and geometrical shapes that turned blood red and hung suspended, fading in brilliance but remaining visible. Once this drawing had been placed on the ceiling of the chamber, the man with the wand abruptly walked back into the crowd. It came to me that he was one of the original 14 magicians who had allowed a Tyranosaurian Lord to take over his mind. 7000 years ago.

The priestess raised her arms and let her robes fall away so that except for a gold bikini she stood naked. Her figure was robustly perfect with a flat belly and wide hips. She had very large, stick out breasts, from which clouds of a milky vapor wafted out and upwards.

Golden energy pulsed from between the woman’s legs and breasts and spiraled up inside the golden triangle to the ceiling of the vault without leaving the boundaries of the triangle beneath her feet. Vertical planes of energy coming off her flesh carried the golden energy to the ceiling and glowed in a triangular column of honey light. A silent sigh came out of the assembly at the sight of the golden energy as of something precious and adored. It was very beautiful.

In contrast to the fertile, living energy of the Priestess, the collective energy of the assembly looked like a shredded black sailcloth blowing in a winter wind. A craven, sucking hunger lusted for the energy inside the golden triangle. Serrated energies emanated from the assembly and compressed into a vacuum. Hunger and lust from the assembly began pulling, pulling against the vertical golden triangle, pulling down at whatever was beyond the top of the brilliant column of standing sunlight in the pressure filled, darkly lit chamber.

Weird black serrated energy lines lurched aggressively downwards towards the woman but stopped at the vertical plane around the golden triangle, leaving her untouched. A growling hum grew out of the assembly as the black jagged lines and the golden energy seemed to battle one another.

The Priestess now started invocations that were repeated by the assembly.

A kind of life sucking thunder was contained in this groaning, moaning chant coming from the group. It was the sound of pure, undiluted lust and greed. The priestess was transfixed, looking directly upwards as the golden warm energy surrounding her began to pulse, her mind seemed to become vacant as the energy rose up and met thunderous serrated waves of dark energy ripping into the astral portal. The two opposing energies grew in intensity until suddenly from the center of the ceiling vault, an energy crack appeared and a black and red mixed ectoplasm oozed down along the outside of the golden triangle - it was thick and flowing like red oil or black blood - it began filling the entire vault with a dark pungent odor - a thrilling, violent, anti-energy - it was like nothing I can compare it to - it was like a hunger for destruction and lust and rage finely balanced inside a piercing intelligence of lust - thrilling, terrifying, possessing. This was the Draco Vrryl anti-energy I had been warned to expect. The assembly began to growl and masticate and thrash their heads spasmodically from side to side as the energy descended. Their bodies swelled and filled their robes and snouts began to protrude from their faces, as their skin became leather like and green.

Llueve squeezed me tighter and I squeezed her back just as tightly. I seriously wondered at that point if we shouldn’t get the hell out of there as it felt like all control - by everybody - was about to be lost – ‘f-o-c-u-s!’ Llueve hissed through clenched teeth, in a strange mix of rage and sadness, love and determination - ’ I heard a high-pitched tone ring in my ears and felt a fevered awareness but still remembered to scan the air around us for Adrrik or Bats but could see nothing.

The Vrryl energy spilled down the outside edge of the golden triangle then down onto the floor like blood laced molasses as dark green scaled reptilian legs appeared dropping down from the energy crack at the ceiling. Huge, tight bands of muscle quivering with life and power descended - muscles, scales, claws. Then a torso of rippling muscles, incredibly alive, powerful, different than any physical flesh I have ever seen - like a huge snake with each of its muscles quivering independently. Thick muscular arms, with little delicate paws and long clawed fingers solidified out of the ectoplasmic smoke. Sharper and sharper this came into defined reality through the waves of energy rising up from the troughs of blood and the golden glow from the naked woman. The reptilian skin, shining, dense, snake-rippling. Then the head appeared - part Human, part Ovvalan - all Reptilian - jaws of protruding bone and muscle - ears like horns - huge eyes with luminous, pale green reptilian irises and blacker than black, vertically slit incandescent pupils out of which came the final evil black light - all the energies in the room had been leading to this culmination - a crisis of energy - in the waves of dark intelligence coming from those eyes. Right then and there I had no doubt where the ideas of satanic evil had come from. It was this Thing!

Three stories tall, weighing tons, its weight settled athletically down on its haunches. Then with shocking finality the long, spined, muscular tail dropped down out of the heights, slowly sliding down the wall of vertical golden light. With a sickening, wet thwack, like a massive, evil afterbirth, it slammed onto the floor and slowly writhed.

The reptile towered twenty feet above the heads of the assembly. The massive head turned with quick reptilian jerks and looked over the people. Its huge unblinking, green, eyes with their slit pupils of black-light scanned the crowd as it slowly turned in a full circle. The assembly, their heads tilted up, looked back with abandoned adoration. The thing’s jaw muscles bunched and protruded as it masticated slowly with dense, electrically rippling muscles - brilliant white pointed teeth showed behind the leathery lips as the head quivered with restrained violence.

Tyrannosaurus Rex - with the intelligent face of a man. It looked around the room - unblinking – with unquenchable defiance, lust, rage and mastery. I had never seen something so powerful and in control. I felt pulled towards it, my thoughts reversing themselves inside my mind. I couldn’t help feeling an intense admiration and awe.

‘REXXON!’ A deep, gravelly voice yelled passionately and then everyone in the assembly began screaming the name over and over –‘REXXON! REXXON! REXXON! REXXON!’

A cold thundering voice exploded out of the massive Reptilian.


Rexxon’s voice effortlessly filled the cavern with a subsonic thunder and drowned out all the other combined voices. The clarity of its pronunciation, with a slight, upper crust English accent was thrilling and terrifying at the same time.


More screams of “REXXON REXXON REXXON!!!’


Delirious shouts of enthusiasm echoed in the cavern. Figures advanced from outside the circle of the group carrying some kind of cylinders but my attention was fixed on the being.





(All of chapter 18)



We stood face to face in dead seriousness. Llueve was completely in her power. She had one hand on her outthrust hip and a no compromise attitude that was as human as any woman I ever saw.

‘Jwo - I feel Ea speaking to me now and I think her guidance will help us succeed!’ (How would she know if it was Ea speaking to her or not since she’d already decided what she was going to do?) ’We only need to locate the wormhole so Silvaan can take a ship there and close the entry. We don’t need to encounter them in any way - we may even be able to see what is needed from a distance.’ While her voice felt completely present and her features remained composed and calm, her eyes had a cool, otherworldly glimmer.

I thought for a while. There was no way out. I considered what Djagda had said - that forward motion for Llueve could mean the difference between life and death. I had to go with her. I feared that this could lead to disaster but there was no way I could let her go alone or risk her going with some other human yahoo she’d found. Yvonne’s curly haired New Age salesman came to mind in a bad way. And if she went alone, and failed, it would haunt me forever. And, I felt almost sure, if she continued to beat herself up about the urgency of things, she would start the Faal all over in herself again. I, possibly, had power to prevent that.

We looked at each other with defiance. It’s at this point, it seems to me. that a relationship really begins. When you nearly hate someone you love. We were suddenly new and different to each other. This combat of wills had both placed us farther apart, and made us more real to one another. We were familiars enough now to make demands on each other.

‘O.K.’ I said. ’But if we run into what looks anything like real danger - anything! - we get out when I say so!’ I tried to stare her down and just as I was about to cave in she said...

‘O. Whay!’ Daag speakers can’t say j’s or k’s very well. The damn cuteness of this made me grin. Whew. Close call.

We began the ritual of creating protection shields and energy constructs that could be activated in emergency situations. With one word, either of us would wake up immediately in our beds, or both of us would zoom to Inxalrok and find refuge with the Siddhe. Part of the deal was that we couldn’t call on the Siddhe for protection and backup because they would tell Isult and Llueve was sure Isult would stop us going. I felt I had to go along with this.

We had both learned so much about creative visualization by now, that our shields were pretty elaborate.

When we were ready, we set off for the Kovrro Flight Base where the wormhole was thought to be located. The Skandrr Air Force keeps a mass of disk ships there. Siddhe spies have also seen helicopters and different fighter jets there so this was the obvious place to start. The base is in a remote desert area and has a very sinister reputation among the Siddhe.

In Ovvala, the equivalent to Earth’s alien cattle mutilations, is the abduction of people from remote, and sometimes even suburban areas. Witnesses who have seen such abductions and escaped describe black whirling mechanical monsters that thud and hiss. They drop down suddenly on a street and people dressed in black jump out of these things and shoot tranquilizer darts at them and they are never seen again.

Because these things were nothing like Ovvalan Skaalin disks - which are silent - it is generally assumed by Ovvalans that these other craft are from outer space.

Some ten years ago, a pilot in the Skandrr Air Force defected to the Siddhe. This was Asaalen. He was interviewed on a rogue television broadcast from Inxalrok, and said he had personally seen such craft hidden in hangars at Kovrro. So this was where we were going.

The Siddhe had tried for years to approach this base astrally with no success because the Adrrik - the Skandrr psychic police - keep a twenty-four hour watch there. The Siddhe could not afford to be followed back to their own bases at Inxalrok or Logaana by these psychic operatives, and so had to stay away from Kovrro. Getting close physically was completely impossible. There are ground sensors and the Skandrr keep dozens of the fastest disk-craft on continual alert.

Once Llueve and I had internalized the constructs we had created, we established a basic plan of approach and took off. After a fairly long flight, we emerged in a desert area. As we beamed in on Kovrro we could see a wide dark shadow snake across the desert. This was a long, very deep canyon. We followed this west and at a certain point, where a ridge dropped away from the edge of the canyon we saw the Kovrro base.

Once we recognized it, we stopped and hovered, holding hands and enacted SkaTaal. This activates Lexl-light between us and amplifies the phenomenon of invisibility. We finally made a real peace as we did this and really smiled and kissed.

We looked around for signs of vigilance. As we had agreed, we stayed close together and allowed our hearts to resonate - this is what creates our invisibility. We were in a very serious headspace. I felt Llueve was gauging my whole being as a man and as an Earthling as well as my potential worth as the father of her child. Her Ovvalan mental lines were painfully sharp in my Human mind and against my denser Human will. My hyper caution and mammalian protectiveness, were a powerful challenge to her quick, Ovvalan instincts to be etherially spontaneous.

We came to a heavily patrolled area. There were circular landing pads for choppers and Disks and landing strips for jets, cross-hatched with black skid marks. Most of the Disk sites were empty. There were three or four executive jets and a half dozen fighter jets. The landing zones were bordered by buildings that looked like offices and barracks. There were service vehicles parked in various grouping. Ground vehicles moved slowly around the perimeter with flashing yellow lights. The base was built alongside the lip of the canyon, on a wide shelf about a hundred feet below the rim of the land, where a forest of small trees extended away into the night. Antenna and laser canons overlooked the area. We took mental snapshots of all this to relay to the Siddhe in rote later.

We slowly flew all around the perimeter of the base but saw nothing that looked like what could lead to a wormhole. While there was some activity around the barracks buildings and the ground vehicles moving at the perimeter, not much seemed to be going on.

Suddenly, lights began flashing near the cliff. I thought maybe they’d spotted us and I was about to make us shoot away. But then we saw movement in the wall of the canyon. The sandstone cliff cracked open revealing a dark space. The crack widened and I realized that doors were opening outwards in the sandstone face. In a moment, two Aeron disks hovered out of the darkness, rose up above the canyon rim and then dropped down onto landing pads. The doors in the cliff then closed seamlessly.

We flew over to the doors and up over the canyon rim above them, then dropped down through the ground. We came out in a tall, wide tunnel carved through sandstone. It was illumined with no clear source of light.

We glided down the tunnel, which kept going and going in a straight line until it widened into the huge cylindrical space that we recognized immediately. It was the Draco Council Chamber! Of course! The Human and Ovvalan members of the Andrr-Ka would meet in the middle between the two dimensions! The Siddhe didn’t know this! When we had penetrated the Draco Council, we had only found it by homing in on the Draco Vrryl energy broadcast by so many Homosaurs being together.

The immense cavern was empty and still now. We crouched cautiously against the wall, ready to activate our escape modes. We were barely breathing. But there was no movement or noise or any sense of a presence anywhere. This central chamber took on a new significance to us. It was fascinating to consider that this tunnel created a meeting place between our two different species, imprinted for millennia to remain ignorant of one another. Bludgeoned by lies, the scar tissue of the mind had locked out any other conception of things. A naturally transdimensional people, we took for granted that we were one-dimensional while reality was entirely different.

We cautiously touched down on the floor of the chamber and assumed walking postures, advancing towards the center of the room.

‘Quick! Against the wall!’ Llueve hissed and pushed against me. I edged up against the wall with her at my side and looked at her to see what had set her off. Bright little lights came on along the base of the tunnel. She pointed across the chamber to where the tunnel continued. In the hollow of the ongoing tunnel, an almost imperceptibly small light appeared to be moving. Then we heard a low, rhythmic, grinding. As the thing advanced it got louder and louder until it was thundering in the echoing cavern.

Three jet-propelled black helicopters were moving single file towards us. As they passed the middle of the chamber, they slowed to a hover. At this point they became vaporous - like looking through barbecue fumes. Then they became normal again, sped up, and passed on down the tunnel towards Kovrro.

So - the chamber itself was where the transubstantiation between Earth and Ovvala took place! Either a natural, or synthesized force field, caused the shift from matter to anti-matter. Or something like that.

As the sound faded, we calmed down and walked along the floor down the middle of the chamber - now looking forward and backward along both arms of the tunnel to see if anything was coming. I noticed techno devices hooked to the wall, high up near the ceiling, that I figured were motion sensors or video cameras.

As we continued walking, I felt strange - dense and queasy and kind of throw-uppy. This passed and then I felt a wave of dizziness but nothing appeared to be different. I reflexively reached for Llueve’s hand as we approached the far side of the cavern to enter the tunnel on the other side.

It was when our hands touched that we both stopped and turned to each other in shock. We had become physical! We stood there - still holding hands, turned towards each other, and realized we were naked and in the flesh, standing on the sandstone floor of the cavern.

Two things struck me at the same time; one was that she was a tall woman. I’m six feet two and she was only a few inches shorter than me. The other thing was that her skin was blue and her nipples an iridescent violet. Since most of our time together was spent either flying or making love, I had never really noticed her height. And in the astral there is so much color and energy perception generally that I never once had thought that her skin color could be different than mine.

In the astral, her physical features were an extension of her spirit and personality and I related to them as energy. Suddenly she was really physical and the full impact of her presence - her otherworldliness - gave me the shivers. Her feminine beauty was all the more accentuated by her physicality. In the astral she was like touching a dream. Suddenly, in the dim lights of the tunnel, and fully naked, her oval breasts, girlish shoulders, and her hips with their uniquely long Ovvalan curves, and her glistening, faintly writhing hair, was all shockingly exotic.

She told me later that my physical presence at that moment made her completely forget where we were or what we were doing. My body was so much denser and muscular than she had imagined and my skin appeared to her at first to be made of stone. And the thought that what was down below was made of some kind of living stone had been distracting to her.

Our recent alienation, because of our conflict about going to the wormhole, was suddenly overwhelmed by a mutual desire for tenderness. The physical reality of one another suddenly renewed our attraction. The experience of having, what in essence had been a dream lover, suddenly now become flesh before my eyes - and inside my hands - was staggering.

The long lines of her arms and her elegant, pendant breasts, just intoxicated me. I reached out - completely forgetting where we were, and what we were doing, and cupped my hands on her hip as she put her hand to my cheek. Unable to resist, I cupped a breast as she leaned out to kiss me when we heard a huge, echoing metallic crash behind us.

Something was coming! Complete fear shattered the sense of awe glowing between us. We started running down the tunnel away from Kovrro into the depths of the tunnel.

Llueve stopped suddenly and grabbed me by the arm, speaking in rapid fire Ovvalan.

‘Irreliaaeven tae dah lio-sieh ventaalnish kiendiord!’ I realized that we had lost telepathic communication! She tried to pull me back toward the Ovvalan side of the tunnel. She was in a panic, her pupils dilated wildly. She was terrified of leaving the Ovvala dimension!

I didn’t know what to do. Neither of us had ever been physical in the other’s dimension. We had always been in the astral. This vortex made us physical, and I assumed, human type physical, because my skin looked normal even if hers didn’t. If we went back to the center of the vortex would we become anti-matter? Ovvalan physical? Or would we return to the astral? If we had to physically exit the tunnel at Kovrro, we would be captured in minutes - fifty sensors would be activated. Inside the tunnel there was nowhere to hide.

Meanwhile, a sound like soughing wind passing through a wha-wha pedal was coming from the Ovvalan side - and we were physical - we could be seen!

I pulled her in the direction we had been headed but she insisted on going the other way, hissing wildly and writhing in my grip, all the while talking in rapid Ovvalan. Then she put her hands above her head and pushed up on her toes frantically - she was taking the position we used to take when we first flew up into the sky together. Tears smeared her face as she tried to communicate to me that she thought we could get back to the astral by going back across the center of the tunnel. But this possibility was an unknown, and there was no time to find out. We couldn’t make a mistake and be found in the physical in the middle of the chamber. Our physicality could have set off sensors already and the noise we heard could be the Skandrr military police coming at us. We knew what was behind us and there was no place to hide. Perhaps ahead there would be...

Llueve was crying hysterically now. I held her by the shoulders and looked deep into her eyes and said in as calm a voice as I could – ‘we’re together - I’m with you - we’ve got to stay calm!’ Then I grabbed her wrist in a grip she couldn’t break and yanked her down the tunnel away from Ovvala. She stumbled after me not knowing what to do, but I gave her no choice.

We ran. The sounds were not getting any dimmer as we ran and ran seeing only more and more tunnel. Then the tunnel ended in a riveted, black steel wall. This was another set of doors like those at the other end, but seen from the inside. Then I saw a stairway cut into the sandstone wall. We ran up it. It led to a low ceilinged hallway. We were gasping for air now. I really felt my nakedness. The hallway took a couple of turns and came to a small steel door like a bank vault with one large wheel in the center that moved bolts in every direction. There was a shelf in the wall where there was a black rectangular instrument that looked like a very sophisticated remote control. I picked it up wondering if it would open the door while Llueve wildly turned the wheel on the door. The door opened out. It led onto a sand stone shelf partly lit by the light coming from the tunnel behind us, and partly by the incredible amount of stars in a moonless night sky. A wave of fresh air hit us as we gasped at the cold of it. The sandstone shelf was actually a shallow cave. Beyond the cliff-edge, we could see a sheer drop into the darkness of the canyon below.

The pulsing and throbbing sounds were nearing the bottom of the stairs as we went through the door. Crashing sounds echoed up at us as the large metal doors began to open outwards. Simultaneously, the sound of the door we had just come through closed with a deep thunk that left us standing outside, in the dark. As the larger doors opened below us, light from the tunnel lit up three, sleek, silver Aeron ships, silently hovering out over the dark chasm. High pitched, whirlwind sounds came from their engines. Llueve pulled me back into the shadows of the cave, as the ships floated silently down into the canyon and were swallowed by the night.

The band of light from the tunnel where the ships had emerged narrowed and went black. Then we heard the grate and boom of the big doors closing and locking. I looked behind us at the door we had just come through but there was no chink of light anywhere. I ran my hands over the surface where the door had been and felt an irregular sandstone surface. It was camouflaged. I pushed against the rock face but it was rock solid. Then I saw the crystal blue glint of a video lens hidden in a recess above the door. We had to get out of there.

It was possible to climb along the natural ledges on the face of the Canyon. We hugged the face of the cliff and felt our way through the darkness. The only light now came from the stars. Warm wind gusted up out of the canyon below, comforting because otherwise it was really cold. I could feel goose bumps on Llueve’s skin when our bodies touched. I had them myself. There was no easy way to climb up the canyon so we crept laterally along the sandstone cliff. Little, hysterical animal noises came out of Llueve as we edged along through the darkness. We were both hyperventilating with fear.

We were in a part of the canyon that had nearly vertical walls. There were shelves and crevices and we climbed from one to another. The air was getting colder as our warmth evaporated. The sandstone scrapped our knees, hands and feet. We came to a wide shelf of some kind where our feet sank into cold sand. I dug into the sand and found it was fairly warm a couple inches down. So I hollowed out a trough and laid down in it and got Llueve to lie beside me. We scooped the warm sand over ourselves and hugged each other for warmth. There was no sign of dawn in the glittering sky. We lay silently next to each other looking up at the stars feeling each other’s warmth, both of us taking fast, shallow breaths.

After a while we calmed down. A sense of the powers of the universe, of the unknown was vibrating inside me. A sparkling, diamond like flickering caught my attention and I looked at the horizon. A star had risen - it was easily four times bigger than any other star in the sky. Shafts of liquid light peeled off it to glow in the night before fading. This must be Venus, I thought. The Morningstar. I became entranced as I experienced the star pulsing in a rhythm that matched my own thoughts. Questions, doubts and fears rose up in my mind in exact time with the shafts of light peeling off the star; each pulsation returning the star, and my mind to that perfect, diamond brightness in its center. It was like the star was speaking to me, saying that the diamond light in the center was the answer to each question. At one point I stopped breathing, I was so completely enchanted. Llueve I think became nervous and nudged me in the ribs to see if I was still alive. In perfect calm I turned to her and smiled.

My normal reality softly crashed inside me and a greater identity took over. Until now I had been relating to out of body experiences as a dream state. Anything can happen in a dream. But as I lay there with Llueve pressed to my side, and her feet pressing against mine for warmth, and felt her short, nervous breaths against my cheek, the incredible became credible, my sense of a fixed reality dissolved. The fluid intelligence I saw in the star became my own mind. I started to re-digest what was happening. It was overwhelming but it matched the miracle of creation. The miraculous was normality. All is one.

At first, lying there next to her, Llueve was a complete stranger. The exotic desire I had felt for her just moments before had been overwhelmed by danger. But alieness had always been in the air between us. We’d never really faced it. I knew she was sensing similar things. Seeing the star shifted the energy, my heart opened in ways I had no idea were possible. A sense of courage and greater purpose electrified my senses. A calm confidence in forces greater than ourselves, and that we were a part of, and which were aware of us, replaced my fear. When I smiled at her it was as though the star was smiling through me. My state of mind touched her. We regrouped as we lay in the warmth and quiet. The solid, ancient walls of stone and the trusty, starry night, were our friends. Two people from different dimensions suddenly finding themselves nipple to nipple, buried in the sand, was then not scary, but thrilling and affirming of something great coming closer.

I got a photographic image of UFO’s swooping down along the canyon walls with spotlights. This was no time to relax. I was in a state of cosmic overload and it started a fire in me. I was running on some other energy now. I forced myself to breathe deeply and slowly and to think soberly and practically.

It was impossible to sleep. We were too close to the tunnel. I felt the first impulses of thirst and realized that Llueve, being pregnant, was going to need water... and food! And soon!

Llueve tried to speak a couple of times but then burst out crying. After a while - who knows how long - the sky in the east began to get light. The Morning star continued to pour out shafts of that diamond light. But as it got lighter the star was absorbed into the dawn.

The lighter it got the more dangerous it would become for us. It was damn cold when I stood up and brushed the sand off myself. The moisture on my skin quickly turned cold, but my sense of mission was overwhelming so I just ignored it. I’ve never felt more focused and determined to survive and protect my own - more human – than I did when I stood up like that in the dawn light.

I indicated to Llueve to stay in the sand while I looked around. I climbed around a big sandstone outcrop and saw that above us, and a little ways along the Canyon wall, the indentation of a side-canyon showed, with what looked like pinon pines growing along its floor.

With no time to loose, I went back for Llueve and motioned for her to come. She dusted herself off, her swollen, bluish belly making her look so biological and vulnerable.

We climbed up the canyon wall to the mouth of the side canyon and saw a little pool of water formed by a trickling stream sinking into the sand. Both of us drank. I was intensely aware of Llueve’s need to eat. But even more, I was aware of the possibility of enemies appearing any minute. Looking back from where we had just come, I could see into the main chasm of what I knew now was unmistakably the Grand Canyon.

The canyon floor rose as we climbed heading south. The walls of the little canyon framed a cloudless sky. A million years of flowing water cutting down through the rock and spilling into the Canyon was written in the different sediment bands and outcroppings in the stone that rose around us. Sparkling gold, blood red, crystal white sandstone surrounded us. The knobs and shelves, creases and columns all spoke of time, ancient, soulful, time. The time it had taken us to become people.

A raven flew overhead, each down stroke of its wings whooshing clearly in the silence, punctuated by a small eternity of perfect stillness before the next stroke. The green, tangy smell of pinon sap colored the air. Stunted, wizened bristle-cone pines grew out of the crevices of rock and sand on the ridges. The place felt as though no human had ever walked there before.

The large trees were definitely pinons. I remembered once harvesting pinon nuts with Yvonne in New Mexico. I now ripped off a couple of the dried cones from the branch of a tree and sure enough there were some brown shelled little nuts inside. I cracked one open and ate it. It was sweet. I cracked another and gave it to Llueve. She liked it. I ripped off a few more cones and we ate them as we walked along.

Wide pools of water appeared in the stream-bed as we ascended the canyon. The light grew radiant in the East. We walked along munching the nuts. The stars faded. Warm air drifted up from the canyon. We came to a crevice in the eastern face of the little canyon where we could see the sun rising above the mesas on the horizon. The blinding, liquid light of the sun crested over the mesas, infiltrating the blue shadows, its rays so warm and welcome, so full of life. In that moment, filled with wonder, I held Llueve’s hand as she watched her first sunrise on Earth.

Tears flowed down her face as she looked down at her rounded blue belly as the first rays of the sun touched her body and sparkled on the wetness of her tears. I surrounded her belly with my hands and I too began to cry, my tears dripping on her belly. We looked at one another, our hearts in our eyes, our bellies touching as the sun rose, watery and distorted through our tears. I closed my eyes and said a prayer to the sun and the universe - ‘please protect us!’ I don’t think either of us expected to survive till noon.

The sun cleared the horizon and it got hotter. We came to our senses and started walking, stepping from rock to rock along the stream. In the pools of water, mica and quartz reflected sunshine up through the water. A tuft of cottony lavender moss floated underwater between two sandstone rocks. Llueve leaned down to look closer. I had never seen Ovvala in the flesh and I wondered what all this looked like to her, what it felt like. I was standing behind her, looking down at her radiant auburn hair spread across her faintly blue shoulders. I pulled her hair into a long ponytail and let it slide luxuriously through my hands. She reached down and cupped water to her face and washed. She stood up, gave me a brave little smile and we continued walking.

We had just cleared a tall boulder, passing between it and the canyon wall and were about to walk into the open beside the stream, when a flash caught my eye. I recoiled and pulled Llueve into a crouch behind the boulder and put my fingers on her lips. A silver disk was moving silently up the canyon. It hovered just above the tops of the pines as it approached. It was moving very slowly. As it got closer we could hear a high pitched warbling bleep sounding every few moments. It glided down next to the stream, hovering a couple of feet above the ground. All the hair on my body stood on end. A silver ramp slid silently to the ground. Three little, gray Annanokian clones, their black eyes shiny as the backs of beetles, dropped clumsily to the ground, followed by a tall Skandrr soldier in a black body suit and a short gray cape. The soldier carried a weapon. The Grays had the transparent glass-like rods I had seen used on the Annanokian spacecraft. We were naked and completely defenseless. I looked around on the ground for rocks, a stick, anything to use as a weapon but there was just sand. My chest felt it would burst with the tension. I thought quickly, wondering if we had left wet foot prints but our feet had only touched rock. Llueve had washed over a pool.

The clones walked up the canyon on the other side of the stream. The ship followed close behind them - beeping regularly. I wondered if the sound might be a kind of heat seeking sonar or motion sensor. As they passed the boulder they were about thirty feet away. We edged carefully back to keep the boulder between them and us and they continued slowly on up the canyon. When they were out of sight I stood up and looked around. They might come back. We could climb up the crevice in the canyon wall where we had seen the sunrise. So we went back to where the side canyon started - both of us drinking as much water as we could hold and then climbed up the little canyon. At least there would be miles of pinon nuts.

In minutes we were walking in a pinon forest on a level plane. We walked in silence feeling the warmth of the sun on our naked skin, keeping a continuous watch for the silent disk. We were fully exposed to the sky. I tried to think where there would be a road, a campsite. I had been to the Grand Canyon a few times since living in New Mexico but I had no Idea what part we were in. We could be miles from civilization. Then I noticed footprints. They were very lightly impressed in the sand and fresh. They led to a low boulder to the south. A clutch of fear went through me and I motioned to Llueve to crouch down under a pinon tree. We crouched very still, our hearts pounding.

A wrinkled, old, very dark skinned Indian man stepped out from behind the rock. He wore a white loin cloth and held what looked like blue parrot feathers in his hands. He looked at us with shinning black eyes then pointed with his face towards the east, pursing his lips and jutting his chin out. He looked back at us, then turned and started walking in the direction he had indicated.

He was leading us somewhere. His look and manner told me we could trust him. So we followed. Llueve was uncertain and I tried to reassure her. The old man walked fast in a semi crouch. We went around some outcroppings of sandstone and through a couple of washes that drained into the Canyon. We must have walked for an hour. Every once in a while the old man looked back and our eyes locked. His eyes were like shiny black stones on fire.

I was so nearly delirious with the intensity of being with a physical Llueve, and the lack of sleep, and the fear of discovery by these unknown agents of darkness, that the presence of the Indian was for me, very reassuring. The fact that he didn’t run up to Llueve and investigate her, the fact that he didn’t talk but just walked at a fast, even pace made me feel like things were under control somehow.

We heard a semi gearing down and I knew we were near the South Rim road and cars and phones. There is only the one road along the south rim of the canyon. There was an arroyo with large boulders exposed. The old Indian stopped next to one of these and lifted his chin in the direction of the sound holding his parrot feathers to his chest. Magnetic waves of light vibrated out around him before he suddenly disappeared behind one of the boulders. He knew all about the transdimensional tunnel. He knew about Ovvalans. He had been prepared to meet us. How? From a dream? ESP? Was he Havasupai? Hopi?

I followed his footprints until they came to a large boulder with a cave-like hollow at its base. A perfect hiding place. The footprints reversed themselves right there. I looked back and saw the dark old man retracing our steps on the other side of the arroyo, swishing the sandy ground with a long pinon branch. He was erasing our footprints. He didn’t look up. We walked on to until I saw the parking lot of a truck stop.

Keeping well inside the cover of the trees, we squatted in the shade of a pinon and looked over the station. There was a set of diesel pumps for the trucks and another set of gas pumps. There was a large building with a convenience store, maybe a cafeteria and showers. And pay phones. I could call Spencer or Yvonne.

In daylight there was nothing I could do. It would be impossible. Walk up to someone fully naked and ask for money? We could be reported and that would be the end. We would have to wait until dark. I could see two full size RV’s, a truck with a camper, three cars with luggage-boxes on their roofs. Somewhere in all that were clothes, food, money. I considered stealing a car. Suddenly I heard the thwacking of a helicopter. Llueve and I looked at each other with fear.

We ran back through the trees to the boulder with the space beneath it and started crawling in when I had the thought that snakes or scorpions could be in there. I quickly broke a branch off a pinon and raked the edges with it as the choppers got closer and closer. I watched in ongoing disbelief as Llueve’s blue breasts swung and bounced and her limbs disappeared under the overhanging rock.

Three black helicopters came on flying so low over the trees that the branches whipped around and clouds of dust rose in the air. My heart was in my mouth. They were about a hundred yards apart as they circled the truck stop and then headed back towards the Canyon. I figured this meant that there were going to be carloads of agents of one kind or another scouring the truck stop soon.

After the choppers were gone I stood up and collected fallen chunks of sandstone and stacked them to create a little wall along the edge of the boulder. I broke off a couple pinon branches and went back to the parking lot and retraced our steps, brushing away our footprints as I’d seen the Indian do. Twilight came and it got cold again and we dug ourselves into the warm sand in the cavern. Every once in a while Llueve’s whole body trembled like a panicked animal.

When it was fully dark I went back to the truck stop and watched and listened, huddling behind a large pinon. A semi pulled in, its bright yellow running lights lit up the whole parking lot. It came to a stop. The lights and engine went off. Then the lights in the cabin finally went on then off. After a while I heard the thud of a man’s feet jumping down from the cab and heard the slam of a door. I saw the man’s silhouette as he walked into the lights of the buildings carrying a gym bag. Once he had gone inside the building, I ran across the parking lot and jumped up on the running board of the truck. I tried the door. It was locked. But a little triangular vent was ajar. I pushed it open and felt around for the lock and got the door open.

I was looking for anything I could find and what I found was a suitcase opened in the sleeping loft. There was a Levi jacket lying on the passenger seat. I pulled the suitcase towards the door. Something shinny caught my eye and feeling out for it I found a dip in the dashboard with change in it. I grabbed all of it and stuffed it in the suitcase. There was a pair of sunglasses on the dash and I took those. Looking out the window I could see nothing moving out by the station. There was a half full bottle of water in a holder on the dashboard and I stuck this under my arm. I tossed the suitcase to the ground, pushed the door closed, and jumped down.

I ran across the lot and into the trees. In the dark I walked about the distance to the rock outcrop but missed it and hooted to Llueve. She hooted back and I found her dusting sand off herself outside the cavern. I gave her the water to drink.

I opened the suitcase. There was a pair of gray alligator leather boots on top of a folded gray, western style suit with rhinestone studded buttons, a few shirts, some clean boxer underwear, a wool sweater, a baseball cap, some muscle T-shirts, a sweatshirt and a gray, rubber raincoat and a couple pairs of jeans. In the side pocket of the suitcase there was a pair of flip-flops, rolled up socks and a half bottle of Ten High whisky. I was shivering uncontrollably from the cold by now. So I took a pull on the whisky for some anti-freeze. I offered Llueve the bottle. She took one sniff and stuck her tongue out with a sneer.

The T-shirt, a dress shirt, the suit jacket and pants more or less fit Llueve. I fit into the boxers and a sweatshirt but couldn’t get into the pants or the boots. But they fit Llueve. The wool sweater stretched almost to the ripping point but I got it on. The flip-flops fit with my toes hanging over the edge. Llueve pushed the last of the water at me and insisted I drink it.

‘Uudualeh!’ She unconsciously spoke in Daag.

If the trucker discovered he’d been ripped off, we were in trouble, but probably not for a while. We needed more water. And food.

We were still freaked out but sitting there - dressed – we both felt more in control for the first time since becoming physical.

Llueve spoke softly. She was looking at me intently with a half smile on her face.

‘Meow...’ she said, and grinned nervously.

‘Meow,’ I said back shyly and we laughed.

I counted $3.75 in quarters. I took the empty water bottle and walked back through the woods and across the lot into the station. The tight navy blue sweater ended before it got to the boxer shorts and my toes hung over the flip-flops but I was dressed. Besides being bloodshot, my eyes were probably spooked looking, so as I approached the brilliantly lit up convenience store I put on the sunglasses. I pushed open the glass door acting sleepy, yawning and noisily flip-flopped my way back to the men’s room. There was a guy at the cash register with a small TV going. A fat couple with two little boys were tearing open some cellophane packages at some tables. They didn’t pay any special attention to me as I passed by. I was aware that I could bump into the trucker any minute and that while he might not recognize his sweater and shorts, as soon as he got back to his truck he’d be looking for me so I wanted to get out of there as fast as I could. I looked through the trash and found two quart soda bottles. I rinsed them out and filled them and the empty water bottle I’d brought at the sink. I took a long drink and then re-filled the bottle. I’d also found a plastic shopping bag and carried the water bottles in it.

I got two big Planter’s peanut bars and walked up to the counter. I’d pushed the shades to the end of my nose and looked at the attendant stupidly over the tops of the sunglasses, like I was half asleep. He looked back at me with the same expression.

‘How far’s the Village?’ I asked him in a sleepy drawl, putting the candy bars on the counter.

‘It’s about four miles,’ he pointed vaguely over his shoulder. ‘That’s two eighty nine,’ he said in a monotone, and quickly glanced at the TV. I paid him and it left me only thirty six cents. I felt robbed.

I knew the basic layout of the Grand Canyon Village on the South Rim - the highway that headed south to Williams and the motels along that road. I made like I was reading the ingredients on the candy bar.

‘Oh,’ I said, looking down. ‘Are we north or south of the Village here?’

’Grand View is about four miles east of here,’ he said sarcastically.

‘Oh.’ I said and walked out still trying to look stupid.

There was a pay phone stall at the front of the store. I called Yvonne collect. It was Sunday evening and she was home thank God.

‘Yvonne, I really need your help!’

‘Hmm. You liked the way I helped you last time huh?’ Yvonne was winding up her sarcasm in case it was needed anytime soon.

‘No,’ I didn’t even try to fake a laugh. ‘ Really. I - need -you - to – pick -me -up. It’s an emergency!’

‘Did you have an accident? Where are you?’ She started catching my panic.

‘No I’m OK. I’m at a gas station West of Grand Canyon Village.’

‘You’re at the Grand Canyon! That’s like ten hours from here! What are you doing there?’

‘My uh truck broke down - I uh came to camp out.’

‘Joseph you are lying to me!’ Silence. ‘Are you with a woman?’

‘No. I came alone.’

‘You sound like you’re not really sure Joey.’

‘Yvonne - this is a matter of life and death!’ I hissed into the phone. She could tell that I really meant it.

‘Joe, you’re scaring me. What’s going on?’

‘Yvonne,’ I said, trying for a calmer tone, ‘you have to come now. For real. I can’t explain it over the phone. Please you’ve got to believe me!’

‘You better explain.’

‘I can’t. I need you to get here as soon as it is humanly possible. Please. Please. Please trust me.’

‘Jesus. - O.K.! - I’ll come. But - you’re paying for the gas!’

‘O.K. Fine. And bring some food - like cheese and uh peanut butter - some fruit.’ What did Llueve eat?

‘Don’t push your luck! I’ll be there as soon as I can.’ I made sure she had the directions. And told her to park on the edge of the lot near the trees.

‘Thank you sweetie. Really hurry, huh?’

‘Sweetie yourself!’ she said and clicked off. I made it back to Llueve as fast as I could. Yvonne would take all night to get there. That was good because there would be less activity during the night and I could keep an eye out for the lights of patrol vehicles.

I went back to Llueve. She devoured the candy bar. I ate mine between sips of the whisky. I sat with my back against the rock listening to the forest. It was too eerie to lie in the dark with an alien and it was impossible to sleep.

The helicopters returned. They flew to the East of us, their spotlights raking the Canyon rim. Later, a bunch of emergency vehicles passed through the gas station. We saw flashing red and blue lights through the trees. It was a long night.

Toward dawn it got really cold and I crawled in next to Llueve. When I saw first light I went and sat under a tree on the edge of the lot watching for Yvonne. I felt terrible. My mouth was stale and puckered. I was in a near stupor from lack of sleep and cramped from sitting and hung over when I saw Yvonne’s old tan Volvo station wagon pull into the lot.

I walked up and got in the passenger seat. Yvonne’s eyes were bloodshot from driving through the night. She squinted at me suspiciously, her eyes taking in the foreign, ill fitting clothes, my blood shot eyes.

‘Joe - tell me you’re not on drugs,’ she said in a dead serious voice.

‘Yvonne - something’s happened.’ I’d been trying to put together a sort of opening statement that led into Llueve but I just couldn’t find any place to start. There was nothing I could say to prepare her. My pupils must have been little pinholes by now. I was repressing the urge to just push Yvonne out of the driver’s seat and take over, aware of the deadly forces searching for us right then. My eyes must have been popping out of my head with the stress. With her showing up, the tension I’d been in released and my head started shaking. ‘No. I’m not on drugs,’ I said. Yvonne stared at me with complete distrust.

’Would you please pull over there, I pointed. ‘I have to show you...’

‘Oh my God Joe - you’re scaring me the way you’re acting!’ She drove carefully to the edge of the lot.

‘No. It’s O.K. Here. Stop here. You’ll understand everything in a minute. I’ll be right back.’ I got out and then turned around and said - when I come back we have to get out of here O.K.?’

‘Joe!?’ Yvonne was freaked already.

I went back to Llueve and motioned for her to come with me. When we walked out of the trees she hesitated seeing the car with someone inside it. She was carrying the yellow raincoat in front of her. The cowboy suit was pretty tight under her arms and the dress shirt was a bit stressed by Llueve’s tits and belly. With the baseball cap and the sunglasses on and her hair hanging down, not much of her blue skin was showing. Even so, the way she moved, everything about her said ‘different’. This would be her first contact with a human other than me and she was stiff with fear. I tried to reassure her but still had to almost physically drag her along. I opened the rear door and pushed her in. I got into the front and said “Yvonne - drive! We’ve got to get moving.’ Yvonne was frozen, stunned, staring at Llueve. ‘We have to drive Vonnie,’ I said fiercely.

‘Holy shit!’ she said in a high squeaky voice, staring at Llueve ‘It’s her isn’t it!?’ Yvonne said. ‘Ooooo Jesusy Joe - I’m getting goose bumps all over!’

‘I know,’ I said, ’but you’ve got to drive.’ Goose bumps were crawling all over me too. She drove out of the parking lot in stunned silence. I turned in my seat and extended my hand back to Llueve who was staring in a catatonic freeze, first at me and then at Yvonne and then out the window and then back at Yvonne and then back at me. Here was your stranger in a strange land. She wouldn’t take my hand so I put my hand on her knee saying ’It’s all right sweetie.

‘Does she speak English?’ Yvonne asked.

‘No she doesn’t and she’s really scared,’ I said.

‘So - how did - this - happen? Oh my God Joe!!’ Yvonne adjusted her rearview mirror so as to see what she could of Llueve.

‘We were out of our bodies and were investigating this place in Ovvala that disks - UFO’s - use as a base. We saw these doors in the side of a mesa and went in there. It led to a tunnel. It’s some kind of dimension changing tunnel. We saw military helicopters go through it...’

‘Through the tunnel...?’ Yvonne stole another glance at Llueve through the mirror.

‘Yeah. It’s huge. When we were in the middle of it - in this big cavern we...became physical. She wanted to go back to where the change took place to try and change back again but there were disks coming and we had to run. We came out in the Canyon and got locked out of the tunnel. They’re looking for us - there’s been helicopters flying over and sirens going by...’

‘Who’s looking for you?’ Yvonne asked in a deadpan voice.

‘The cross dimensional police ...fuck! I don’t know!’

‘Oh Jesus,’ Yvonne said fully grasping all the implications of getting caught. I didn’t realize until that moment that if we got caught ‘we’ could be killed and ‘we’ now included Yvonne.

‘ don’t have to be in on this. The people looking for us are evil, deadly people. You could get out and take a bus back to Santa Fe...’

‘Shssh,’ she said. ‘Don’t tell me, I’ll get scared. This is too incredible to miss.’ She kept driving. ‘There was roadblock stopping all the cars going south from the Canyon. It’s her they’re looking for isn’t it?’

‘Her and me. They probably got pictures of us coming through the tunnel. There were cameras on the walls,’ I was feeling like I couldn’t take any more stress. I was thinking about how I’d been asleep in my bed when I met with Llueve in Ovvala. And now she was in the back seat of Yvonne’s car. Was I still asleep in my bed?

‘We’ve got to go around them.’ I said. ‘Do you have map?’

‘There’s a pocket on the back of your seat.’ I grabbed some maps and found Arizona. ‘There’s, ah, let’s see ...the rim road... here is 64 and it joins 89. We go left to 160 and then there’s what looks like a back road that goes through a place called Shungopavi and then keeps going into New Mexico. How much gas’ve you got?’ I asked trying to see the guage in the recessed dash.

‘Three quarters,’ Yvonne had caught all the paranoia. Having Llueve in the back of the car was sending out waves of unreality. My ability to make connections about Yvonne’s reality and Llueve’s reality was too much. I tried to just focus on the traffic. I felt little pops and squirts going on in my brain and in my body. Being on a mind altering drug was one thing. Having reality flip on you...

‘She has to lay down so no one will see her,’ Yvonne said.

‘Right,’ I said and turned to Llueve and tried to communicate lying down. I patted the seat and gently pulled her head down .

‘Meow...meow.’ I said softly.

‘What are you doing?’ Yvonne burst out.

‘It’s the only word we both understand!’

‘Give me a break!’

While we drove I told Yvonne in more detail the stuff that had been happening in dreamland that I had avoided telling her the other night. About Stonehenge and the crop circle and the UFO. Making love and becoming physical. But I couldn’t bring myself to tell Yvonne Llueve was pregnant. The raincoat hid her bulge when she came out of the woods and I felt weird talking about that with Yvonne right then.

I tried to explain what I understood about the planned Terrorization to bring the rest of the planet into globalization. I had to talk. I was so glad to be able to tell her these things with Llueve right there - it helped me integrate what had become two me’s. I’d never really considered all this stuff as ‘real’. It hadn’t been ‘real’ it was just realistic dreaming. Now - it was real. And Yvonne was in it with me. This set off a whole new series of changes.

We got to Shungopavi where there was a combination grocery store, clothing and hardware store. Llueve and I sat in the car while Yvonne shopped.

All they had in clothes were jeans and cowboy shirts. She got some for each of us. She also got us tube socks and cheap sneakers. She picked up some oranges and bananas and cheese. She got a huge straw hat and the biggest sunglasses she could find for Llueve. And she got a compact of skin tone makeup. She also got some spray cans of weird, colored hair dies. We filled up the gas and hit the road.

I gave Llueve her clothes and immediately started changing into mine. When we both had all the trucker’s clothes off I told Yvonne to pull over - we were in the middle of nowhere - I bunched all the clothes up and dropped them behind a big rock on the side of the road. At the time it seemed like a pretty 007 thing to do, but then I realized that getting rid of the evidence of having ripped off the trucker wasn’t going to go far at a roadblock with a blue extraterrestrial sitting in the back seat.

Yvonne was seeing double so I took over driving. Yvonne sprayed purple and yellow streaks in Llueve’s hair - this made her look more normal right? And she put the tan cosmetic on Llueve’s face, which made her look like she had leprosy. I took the back roads East from Grants to avoid Albuquerqui. We passed by Chaco Canyon and came out at Abiquiu, north of Espanola. From there it was an easy drive to Jaconita. This route added an hour to the drive but we avoided the main arteries.

What a relief to pull into my driveway. It really helped to see familiar surroundings - Neutron and my kitchen, the piles of adobe bricks out the window. First thing I did was check the bedroom for my sleeping body. The bed looked slept in but it was empty - thank God! Now all I had to worry about was if I was wandering around somewhere - a vegetable without a soul - in sweat pants. Neutron was more interested in Llueve than in eating. He sniffed Llueve’s shoes a few times while she petted him passionately. She seemed to find this comforting. Neutron himself seemed fascinated with her.

Llueve had liked the oranges and cheese Yvonne had bought. I was just glad she’d eaten and not vomited up some weird purple alien glop. I got a Sam Adams out of the fridge and tried to relax. Yvonne was making a big effort to buddy up to Llueve - galactic sisters. She took her in the bathroom and showed her the shower which Llueve understood - and immediately used - they do have showers in Ovvala. Yvonne sat on the toilet seat talking to Llueve as she took her shower and then Yvonne took one. Then they went into the living room and dried each other’s hair with towels.

I had an inspiration and put my DVD of The Sound of Music on. Llueve was still definitely in a kind of trance. She felt safe with us all right, but the weirdness of being out of Ovvala was still a shock and that, coupled with her extreme tiredness must have made her feel like she really was dreaming. And who knows maybe the air was different or gravity or the ions or just everything. Eventually she fell asleep, curled up in the corner of the sofa covered with one of my wool blankets. After three beers and a frozen pizza I started nodding off on the other end of the couch.

Yvonne stayed with Llueve in the living room while I went to bed in my room. Neutron lay down next to Llueve. I got up to pee later and, half asleep, stuck my head in the living room. Yvonne was sitting on the floor wrapped in a blanket. She stared at me with owl eyes. Llueve was asleep on the couch. Yvonne looked at me with such a deep look as I’ll never forget. I think she stayed awake all night - in pure wonder.

I was too tired and stressed to go out of body but I had vivid dreams of Isult and Djagda. When I woke up in the morning and remembered this - I felt they and the Siddhe were close, that we weren’t alone in this. If Llueve was real so were the Siddhe. They would help us.

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