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Chapter 11

Kilia kept me in the medical room for three more days to finish healing. She said I’d suffered a fair amount of damage to my lower regions, which both embarrassed and sickened me. In addition to that, she told me that I had to be careful in… those activities for a while longer. At least I could walk around instead of being stuck in bed though, that much I was grateful for. Still, it wasn’t like I was without entertainment for the duration of my healing in the medical ward. Tristan came to see me often in between his other work. Jace and Zak also came when they weren’t out on patrol or something like that.

Jace had apologized a couple of times to me for ordering me to leave as he did. It was the first time I had ever heard him say that to anyone other than Tristan. It was sort of awkward when he did it too. He had been very nervous and couldn’t even really look at me all the while blushing furiously as he glared at the floor in the medical room. I had smiled at him and told him that it wasn’t his fault. From then on, it seemed a little bit easier to talk to him. Zak had always been easy to get along with, but now with Jace, I felt like I was starting to belong again. It was nice.

Back in my room, I was changing into a clean pair of clothes after a nice, long, hot shower. A lot of places were without power, but I supposed the upside to remaining in a downtown area like the one I was in, the surrounding area was powered by a giant generator underground. Government owned and operated of course. Well… operated a long time ago, but definitely government made. Which meant that power to the downtown area was still intact. Limited, but intact all the same. Hot water was still a thing, lights, elevators, air conditioning… it was nice. Still, I had a feeling that one day we would run out of energy. I didn’t know when, but I knew that it would happen. It would be silly to think that it wouldn’t. I supposed we would cross that bridge when it came though.

I was drying my hair, rubbing the towel through the black locks roughly when the knock on my door resounded in the room. I paused for a moment. Hanging the towel around my shoulders, I reached for the door and pulled it open. It wasn’t until Tristan’s gaze had dropped from mine to my body that I realized I hadn’t buttoned the shirt I’d put on. My face grew hot immediately and my fingers reached to pull the end of the open shirt together to cover myself.

“U-uh… Hi, Tristan… S-sorry.”

He slowly shook his head, “It’s all right. Were you showering?”

“Just finished…”

“May I come in?”

Oh God… My heart skipped a beat as I slowly nodded and took a step back from the door. He followed me and closed the door behind him. Tristan towered over me by a good foot, the top of my head coming up just barely to his chin. As I watched him, his hazel eyes had taken on a very sultry kind of look, one that sent chills all the way down my spine and a heat to begin to build at my groin. It was hard not to let out a sound just by his look.

“What’s up…Tristan?” I asked slowly, trying not to let my voice betray my thoughts.

He took a step toward me, “Wanted to check on you. I’m happy to see you walking around finally.”

I smiled a bit, “Yeah. It’s nice to not be bedridden. Kilia makes for terrible company all day.”

Tristan gave a soft laugh as he took another step which brought him just in front of me. He was close enough to touch if I leaned just a bit. I looked up at him as he gazed down at me. His fingers reached up to take hold of my chin, holding my face there so he could look at me. My breath caught in my throat, my fingers loosening from the shirt that I held closed.

“Your eyes are very beautiful,” he said softly, “You never did tell me where you were from.”

“It wasn’t important at the time when you asked. Honestly, I’m not really sure. I have a lot of different races in my blood. I guess if you want to get technical, I’m part Chinese, British, Polish and Irish.”

Tristan grinned, “Well, the Irish and Polish explain your impulsiveness.”

I laughed, rolling my eyes as I gave him a playful push, “Shut up, jeez.”

“You always were a bit fiery. But that’s what I like about you,” he whispered as he leaned down and tilted my head upward further to better kiss me.

His lips covered mine and I melted in the touch. A bit of pressure opened my mouth and I tilted my head to allow him inside. His warm tongue slide across mine in long, sensual drags. I panted heavily as he kissed me slowly, deeply. Every flick across my mouth made me shudder, a soft moan echoing in his mouth. With that first moan of pleasure, he gave a slight groan and immediately pulled his arms around me, dragging me toward him. My body crushed against his and I gasped at the feel of his hard erection against my stomach and the top of my jeans. His kissing slowly increased in intensity. I reached up to wrap my arms around him, the towel falling from my shoulders as I did so.

My breath was so short that I had to pull away to get air into my lungs. We were both panting heavily as I gently removed myself from his mouth. His hands cupped my ass, pulling me harder against him. I tilted my head back, a moan escaping my lips as I felt his erection grind along mine. Every muscle tightened along my legs as I tried to feel him even more. My hard shaft ached terribly as I shifted against him, rubbing up and down along his body.

He gave a soft growl at the back of his throat, “You… are teasing me.”

I laughed softly, my panting making it short, “You do the same… to me.”

“You’re going to make me cum if you keep going like that.”

I opened my eyes and looked up at him, “What if I want to?”

His wicked grin made me shudder, my thoughts scattered as he reached down and picked me up easily enough. Either leg on each of his hips. The position put his erection in just the right spot and I curled against him tightly, moaning as he moved us to my bed on the far wall. It was much smaller than his bed, but it would definitely suffice for the both of us. Once I was on my back, he loomed over me his hazel eyes gazing at me with that smoldering intensity.

“Then you’re going to have to let me repay you in kind,” he said gently, his voice smooth and deep as he grinned at me still.

“Oh?” I arched an eyebrow, trying to sound unaffected by his words though I was sure he could see through it due to my burning face and slightly shaky voice, “How so?”

Leaning down, he kissed me once on my lips, the turned my head to kiss my neck that sent pulsing heat down my body. It was like a slight shock had just rocked my body as he did that. Tristan moved down further, kissing and then licking and biting me as well. Each nip against my hot skin made me gasp and arch my body up against him. My heart was beating so quickly and erratically I thought it would burst from my chest. My body trembled at his every touch.

Tristan’s fingers pushed aside the unbuttoned shirt and he dropped down from my throat to my collar bone and then to my chest. My gaze followed him, panting heavily as he slowly eased his way to my erect nipples. His lips pressed gently against the tip of the nipple and I let out a cry, that simple touch had electrified my body. The heat from my chest traveled all the way down to my erection which bulged tightly in my pants.

My fingers tightened around his arm as I opened my eyes again to see him grinning up at me. I blushed furiously, panting hard and watched him dip down again to touch my nipple with his lips. The same result was given, my body arching along with my voice crying out into the room. His tongue suddenly ran along the hardened skin and I gasped in ecstasy. Heavy breathes escaped me, sharp moans and cries released from my throat as his mouth covered the nipple entirely and he began to suck and play with it using his tongue.

I writhed, bucking against him as my body was on fire. I finally gathered enough coherence from his teasing my nipple to remove my hand from his arm and reach between us. My fingers trailed along his every muscle that seemed to flutter and contract with my touch. He gave a groan as I trailed along his hip, right above his jeans. His mouth sucked a bit harder on my nipple and I almost forgot what I was doing as I cried out and convulsed against him, my hand gripping his waist tightly.

He released my thoroughly hardened nipple from his mouth and I took a deep breath as I settled underneath him, “Tristan…” I moaned his name.

Moving to the other side, he dipped his head down and started to play with the other nipple. My eyes closed tightly as I ground my head into the pillows, arching into him. His teasing was… so sexy. I could hardly keep my thoughts straight. I groaned as I bit my lip.

“Oh… Tristan,” I panted, “So… fucking hot…Ah!”

He gave my chest a long, sensual lick, running right over the nipple. When he finished I was in a haze of pleasure, electrical currents pulsing through my body from my chest straight down to my groin. I wanted him to touch me elsewhere, to enter me and make love to me so sweetly. His hand trailed down my side to my hip and then my thigh. His knee came up and eased my legs apart as his hand slipped between my legs and cupped my erection.

I hissed in a sharp breath, “Yes… Oh… Tristan… Yes. Please…”

He leaned forward, brushing against me but he didn’t move his hand which was starting to drive me nuts. I shifted, my hips thrusting against him but his other hand held me down, to keep from getting the friction that I desperately wanted. I panted heavily, soft moans escaping me as he kissed me gently.

“You’re begging is really arousing, Valkyrie,” he said, whispering the words in my ear, “That sweet voice of yours. It’s so adorable, so sexy. I want you… to moan louder, to call my name and beg more. Tell me what you want me to do to you.”

His words were like a switch, it set me off as I moaned with each passing moment. My voice a little bit louder than before and my body aching for him to continue touching me. I shifted under him, my hips trying to move to get him to rub his hand along my hard shaft that pulsed beneath my jeans. He held me still with his other hand and I whimpered.

“T-Tristan… Please… Move your hand… Touch me,” I begged as my legs moved to curl around his trying to pull him closer to me.

He grinned down at me and his hand slipped up from beneath my sac to run across the length of my erection. The touch was so soft that I trembled from it, my voice shaking as I moaned in reaction. My hips moved ever so slightly though he still held me just enough to keep from rubbing against him too hard. As his fingers hit that sweet spot near the tip of my shaft, I let out a loud cry as my legs pulled up tightly to curl along his hips.

“Right… There! Tristan! Harder… Please… Go harder… I can’t… Going to… Cum…”

His lips parted as he let out a soft sound, a moan of his own that sent a shiver down my spine and my erection pulse harder. Oh God… that sound… he’s so… hot… Oh… Do that again, please… My heart rate increased as I gazed up at him, his eyes had fluttered shut after I’d begged him to go harder against me.

“Tristan…” I called his name and his eyes opened to look at me. The hazel gaze was so amazing to look into, the pupil had nearly engulfed the tantalizing color as he was lost to the heat of our passion. They say that the pupil grows large like that so that you can see more of your lover while engaged in sexually pleasuring each other. I certainly thought that it was true, I could see every curve of his muscle in clearer detail, the strong, sharp angle of his jaw, the way his locks of caramel hair brushed just barely above his eyes.

“Moan again…” I panted.

His face, which had already been flushed just a bit from the growing heat that he was steadily increasing by his hand rubbing my shaft, grew darker. His pupils contracted briefly before they grew a bit larger than before. His breath hitched, escaping his lips in one short, heavy release.

Tristan suddenly moved, his hand pulling up from my erection and undoing the button of my jeans. The zipper came undone and before I knew it he was pulling off my pants and with them my boxers. Oh… That… Did it… Even my thoughts were a scattered mess as I watched him strip me. He crawled back up to me, putting my legs on either side of him as he reached down and undid his own belt and dragged off his boxers just enough to allow his large erection freedom from the confines of his clothes.

“Valkyrie… You are amazingly sexy,” he said as he fell over me, his hands bracing himself on either side of my head. His large body overshadowed mine and I took a heavy breath as I took in his toned, sculpted frame. Lowering himself down, he rested his weight on one arm and reached between us. I squirmed a bit as I felt his erection against mine, warm and hard. His hands curled around mine and his own, holding them together.

My breathing grew shorter as I let out a moan and arched up against him. He groaned at the movement and started to move his hips, thrusting along my shaft in slow, long drags. My hands shot up and grasped his waist as he ground against me. My cries filled the space between us as I held onto him tightly, my legs moving back and forth as I tried to make him go harder, to go faster. I was so close…

“Yes! More! Tristan!” I moaned each word, my head thrown back into the pillows as I shook, shuddering against each slow thrust along my erection, “Please! There… Nnn, right there… Ah! Tristan… So… Close… Don’t… Stop… Don’t…”

“Ah… Your begging… Valkyrie…” His voice was soft, as he increased his thrusting just a bit, moving only slightly faster against me. His moan made me tremble, my muscles convulsing all down my body as I arched up against him, my hips moving with him in time to the pace that he’d set.

My voice grew shorter as the heat built down in my groin, my climax was coming soon, I could feel it growing. I cried out in sharp, short moans as I was dug my fingers into his hips, pulling him closer against me. My legs shook violently as my body was lit on fire with the need to cum.

“P-please! Oh… So close… H-harder, Tristan! Aah! More… More!”

He leaned over me, getting closer to my body and increasing the heat between us. His hips moved faster, his fingers tightening down around us both to increase the friction and I bucked, my legs unhooking from his hips to dig into the bed. Both hands worked their way up to his shoulders, feeling every muscle of his twitch and shudder. With each thrust, I grew closer to release and my body ached with the need to do so. I continually arched upward until we were nearly crushed together.

He slowed his movement, but increased the pressure and I gasped. Every part of my body was taunt. He thrust forward and I let out a sharp moaning cry as I came. I felt him come with me as warmth spread across my stomach. Panting heavily, I collapsed underneath him. His fingers uncurled from around our slowly fading erections and he leaned down to kiss me. When he pulled away, I looked up at him with a small smile.

“I love you, Valkyrie.”

My heart skipped a beat and I stared at him for a long while before I nodded, tears in my eyes, “I love you too.”

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