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Chapter 19

A few weeks later, several repetitions of explaining what had happened so that the entire group was all caught up, and things seemed to have settled down a bit. Not to mention that we had to take time to recover. Everyone needed the respite, especially Tristan. He’d been hurt pretty badly; the ribs were going to take the longest. Both he and Zak had broken ribs, Zak had a few that were fractured, but Tristan had a good handful that were broken. He was lucky that none of them had punctured his lungs or anything awful like that. There wasn’t much Kilia could do for him aside from pain medicine and keeping him still as much as possible.

Of course by day five, Tristan was complaining and wanting to move around. Kilia kept him in bed though for two more days. This meant more complaining and a very grumpy gang leader. He was even upset that Zak got to get out of bed before him, which made me laugh, though I tried to hid it. Boy, the evil I got… I didn’t think Tristan was capable of such a look. That only served to make me laugh more though, which in turn made him a bit crankier. I think it was a mixture of the powerful pain killers that Kilia was giving Tristan and having to be in bed all the time. He mostly slept, which was good because it increased the healing process. For me, I settled for sitting next to his bed and keeping him company, sleeping or not.

Day eight and he was allowed to walk around but under strict orders not to do anything strenuous. To me it seemed like that was Kilia’s favorite order to everyone that was hurt. I didn’t blame her though, all the work she put in to keep everyone in one hundred percent, tip-top shape… It must have been a lot and I was sure that there were a few times that someone went and overdid it only to come back to her in pain again. I didn’t want to be one of those that had to see her twice in a row for the same injury. She was scary enough as it was.

Plans were being thrown around the moment that Tristan was up and moving. We needed to get some vial of Excalibur so that Kilia could analyze it. Sure, they could draw my blood since I was now a user of the strange drug, but Kilia wanted a vial of the green liquid untainted by human blood. Added onto that were the many thousands of questions everyone asked me about how I felt. I didn’t mind answering them, but the one that was starting to irk me was the ‘are you okay?’ Yes. I was fine. I didn’t feel like I was going to turn into some strange, giant green hulking thing that was pissed off at the world for no apparent reason. Nor was I going to start shooting out webs, and swinging from rooftops, or go flying around like a maniac and I definitely couldn’t see through walls, or shoot lasers from my eyes.

I sighed every time that question was asked, the ‘are you all right’ question. I knew they were only looking out for me, but honestly they didn’t have to. I wasn’t a kid, I wasn’t dying and I sure as hell wasn’t going to be doing anything stupid. Well… mostly anyway. What I was doing was practicing. I practiced my skills with the gun, Jace overseeing me to help me with that, I sparred with Zak often to try to hone my hand to hand combat and what I did in secret was practice my new found abilities with Excalibur. Or, rather, I had done it in secret… Until Jace found out. He had been a little bit pissed off, but more like put out really.

After convincing me to allow him to oversee my practice, he and I would keep tabs on what I could do. Mostly I wanted to see how far I could push it. Jace was against the idea of practicing till I dropped –which was my original intent anyway- so I had to suffice with stopping when my head started to hurt. Of course, Jace had the brilliant reminder that if I did drop anytime soon, Kilia would be on my ass, which I didn’t want. In addition to that, once Jace found out, Zak soon found out about my practicing as well and finally Tristan.

I was nervous about Tristan knowing that I was utilizing Excalibur. In honesty, I had been distancing myself from him and the gang. The feeling that had sprung up on me when I was attacking Alik made me nervous. I didn’t like it at all, the way I had been fantasizing what I could possibly do to the jack ass. The way it felt. It was a rush, a rush that said I was ‘Godly’ and could do anything I wanted. I think it was the drug talking, not me. At least, I hoped so.

As expected, when Tristan found out he wanted to see how I was doing and how I was handling Excalibur. The first time he saw me, I was so nervous I couldn’t do anything I was doing the first time. That practice round was an utter failure and I hid myself away after that in both embarrassment and frustration. The second time he saw, I managed to ignore him enough to the point where I could concentrate. I don’t know what he thought, or how he was taking it. I guess I didn’t really want to know, so I didn’t ask. Which was a big mistake. Me and my damned self-conclusions. Then, Tristan called me to his room near the end of the second week since we’d returned to the manor.

My heart was heavy, I couldn’t think. What did he want? Was he angry? Did I do something wrong? Had he noticed I’d been avoiding him lately? Shit. I stood outside his door, rocking back and forth on my feet as I tried to get the courage enough to knock. With several deep breathes, I finally reached up and rapped my knuckles on the door. I waited a moment. As I was about to turn tail and run, his voice called me in and I groaned inwardly. Should have run…

I opened the door and stepped into his room. Why of all places he called me to meet him in his bedroom was beyond me. I swallowed dryly as I walked in and closed the door. He was lying on his bed, one arm up over his eyes and one leg lifted. I took a moment to look at him. Actually, I was admiring how sexy he looked in that position. My entire body seemed to be overly sensitive as I stood there, feeling the air just barely brush past my skin. Had I activated Excalibur without realizing? No… that was just how I always felt those days. My body had become overly sensitive because of the drug, not because I turned it on.

“Don’t just stand there in the doorway, you’re making me nervous,” Tristan said gently, lifting his arm to look at me with his usual smirk on his lips.

I nodded almost idiotically and moved from the door to the bed. As I sat down on the edge, I curled my fingers together in my lap, nervous beyond belief. Holy shit… calm down! Jeez! It’s not any different than talking to him usually… idiot! I scolded myself as my lips pulled into a frown. He moved slightly, his arm reaching up around my stomach and pulled me further onto the bed. I fell back, just barely catching myself before I hit him, a sharp gasp in my throat.


“You’ve been avoiding me.”

My face ignited. Shit, “Um… A-about that… I really didn’t-”

“Didn’t mean to?” he said, cutting me off and frowning as he finished my line of thought, “There’s that impulsiveness again. Why are you avoiding me? Actually, it’s not just me is it? It’s everyone else as well.”

My mouth opened and closed, I couldn’t figure out what to say to him, “I… I’m sorry. It’s just… I don’t… I don’t want to hurt anyone.”

Tristan arched an eyebrow at me, utter confusion on his face, “What do you mean you don’t want to hurt anyone? You’re not going to, you’re all right. Or is there something wrong?”

“N-no, no. It’s… I can control Excalibur. It’s just…” I sighed heavily as I leaned on my arms being careful of his chest. He was mostly healed, but Kilia had still been pretty strict with him. Ribs always took the longest, “When I fought Alik… I felt this awful sensation of power. This… Lust to just… mutilate him in the worst, grotesque possible way. At first it didn’t affect me, those disgusting thoughts. I finally realized what I was thinking and I stopped, but… I’m afraid that I won’t be able to stop next time.”

Tristan stared at me for a very long time, his hazel gaze wide in shock. Slowly, he sat up and pulled my head down to his chest, his fingers weaving their way through my hair, “It’s all right,” he said gently, his voice rumbling against my body, his soothing fingers twice as powerful due to my sensitivity. I melted in on him just about instantaneously. My eyes fluttered shut and I let out a huge sigh. My idiotic self had bottled all of that up… and for what? Only to drive myself crazy with it.

“You’re so self conscious. You’re not going to hurt anyone. I promise. You have too much control, you know who is an enemy and who isn’t. Don’t worry, Valkyrie. You shouldn’t keep this sort of thing to yourself. I’m here for you, all right?”

I nodded my head against him, feeling more than ashamed for having avoided him for the past few days. The matter seemed more than just trivial now that I’d spilled it to him and he was comforting me, “Sorry. I… was just worried,” I laughed a bit, “Stupid hu?”

He chuckled a bit but shook his head, “No, not really. It’s a natural worry. But you really shouldn’t try to carry the weight of the world by yourself.”

I laughed more this time and sat up to look at him properly, “Thank you. You always surprise me. Whenever I think I know how you’re going to react to something, you do the complete opposite.”

Tristan grinned at me, “Well, I do enjoy keeping you on your toes. It’s fun sometimes to watch your reactions.”

“Ass,” I said, though I was grinning ear to ear.

True to his words, though, his arm shot up and wrapped around my head and brought me down to his lips. The kiss took me off guard and the shock of it sent tingles all along my body. I turned my head and opened my mouth, allowing him inside with his warm tongue. Kissing him was so hot. He was so good at it and in a matter of seconds I was hard. He really knew how to turn me on. My fingers curled in the sheets as my breathing was short, puffing through my nose as I moaned in his mouth.

His hand trailed down from the back of my head to my loose shirt. He rubbed down my chest and stopped to play with my tightened nipples. I pulled away from his mouth as he pinched and I let out a cry of pleasure, my back arching as he pinched and twisted slightly, running his fingers all along my hard nipple. When he released my captured nipple, I was heaving breathes of air. The touch was almost too much to bear and honestly I’d almost cum from it. Damn this sensitivity…

Tristan eyed me carefully. He traced his gaze across my overly heated face, my hardened nipples which were peeking through my shirt as I panted and down to my jeans where my erection was so hard and throbbing. His fingers dropped down my stomach, my voice moaning at his slight touch which made him lift an eyebrow in amusement. As his hand cupped my shaft, I arched again and cried out.

“Tristan! Ah! D-don’t… I’ll…” I panted hard, trying to reign in my extreme feeling of ecstasy.

“You’ll cum? Just from a kiss and few touches… you’re very sensitive today,” he teased.

“N-not… just today… sensitive… all the time,” I managed as he gently squeezed my erection. I gave a gasping moan, my body rocking back and forth to try to get his hand to give more friction against my much needed release.

Tristan lifted both eyebrows now, surprised by this but his hazel gaze looked very amused and I wasn’t sure how to take that. He was going to enjoy it… He was going to enjoy it very much. Maybe too much. My eyes turned down to him, hazy with pleasure. I moved my hips, biting my lip and groaning as I worked myself against his hand. Tristan took in a deep breath, a soft groan on his own lips as I did that. With a glance to his own jeans, I could tell he was turned on, hard and ready.

“Valkyrie,” he moaned my name and I shuddered, “Sit on top.”

My body shook from that simple command. On top? I had never done it like that before… I was nervous. Slowly I shifted as he removed his hand from my erection. He grinned up at me and I watched him carefully. What was he planning? My eyes narrowed slightly as he started talking again, his sexy, sultry tones making me shiver.

“Take off your clothes,” he said softly. My breath gasped in my throat and I felt my face heat even more. It wasn’t like I hadn’t been naked in front of him before but for him to ask me to strip while I straddled him… God… That’s fuckin’ hot. Oh God is that hot… Reaching down, I slowly pulled my shirt up and over my head, stretching my body up over him. I tossed the black shirt to the floor and pulled my hands back to my body. I grinned at him slightly, tilting my head just a bit as I gazed down at him. My fingers trailed down my abdomen to the belt of my jeans and I watched him with a triumphant smile as his eyes followed my hands.

I undid the belt to my jeans slowly. His hazel gaze was nearly engulfed by the darkness of his pupil and I knew that he was thoroughly enjoying me strip tease him. I pulled the belt from the loops completely and let it drop to the floor. My fingers reached down and undid the button, then pulled down the zipper and I pushed the jeans down just a bit so that he could see my erection through my boxers. Tristan took a sharp breath and shifted under me. I moved, lifting myself up and away from him. His eyes shot up to mine.

“Tease,” he said with a grin of his own.

“You asked for it,” I answered equally enjoying this. I got up off the bed and let my jeans drop from my body, but kept my boxers on as I leaned against the mattress over his lower half. My fingers worked at his belt and he hissed in a sharp groan as I worked it free. My breathing was heavy in my chest as I pulled at the pants almost frantically. He helped me by lifting his hips so that I could drag the obstruction clothing out of the way along with his own boxers. I wet my lips as I gazed at his large erection. My fingers reached out and trailed along the base of his shaft and he jerked under my touch. I couldn’t wait to have him inside of me, but I made myself stay in that spot to tease him some more.

Leaning forward, I ran my tongue from the base of his shaft all the way to the tip. He groaned as I did that, taking in a sharp breath and reaching out to grip a handful of my black hair loosely. When my tongue brushed his tip, I took hold of his erection with my hand and adjusted his rod so that my mouth could pull him inside. As I took his length in my mouth his body shuddered and his hips arched up to try to fill my mouth even more. He was warm and throbbing, hot and wet from my earlier lick. I moaned as I dragged my mouth up and down his shaft, my tongue working along his pulsing skin to increase the intensity. I could hear him panting as I licked and sucked on his erection. His fingers tightened in my hair off and on and I figured that when he tightened his hand, I had hit his sweet spot. So I waited for it, paying close attention.

My tongue ran up toward the tip of his shaft and his fingers tightened down. I hummed and opened my eyes to look up at him. He was watching me closely and I felt a heated blush cross over my face. I stayed where I had found that spot and played with it, my tongue flicked across his hard erection just beneath the very tip of his shaft. His muscles tightened, contracting every time I ran my tongue across his hard rod. He was starting to get harder, filling up my mouth so much that I couldn’t keep him inside for much longer. Finally I pulled away, panting heavily and leaned away from the bed to drop my boxers to the floor.

He motioned with his hand for me to come back up over him, his breathing erratic and short as he gazed at me, “On top, Valkyrie,” he grinned, “Kilia has forbidden me from doing anything… strenuous.”

I blushed heavily and did as he asked, straddling him again. His hands reached up and ran all along my body, making me moan and shudder from his simple touch. Tristan reached down and wrapped his hand around my hard erection, moving up and down slowly and making me twist and arch over him. My entire body shuddered as I straddled him, holding myself up by my hands that curled in the sheets.

“Tristan! Ah! T-there… Please… Ah! Aah… Yes… Right there,” my begging voice pleaded him to stroke the very tip of my shaft, to stay there and bring me to my climax.

His thumb rubbed it gently, moving up and down right along the very tip and down further. I shook uncontrollably in his hold, moaning and crying out, pleading with him not to stop. He panted underneath me. The reversed position was so… erotic. My hips moved on their own, thrusting forward with his hand to try to get him to go a little faster, but he pulled away and I moaned heavily, whimpering from the loss of his heated touch.

“Please… Tristan…”

“Lean back,” he replied softly, that husky voice making my body tingle as if he were caressing me with his words only.

I pulled my body up and leaned back as he ordered. His hands were on my hips, holding me in place and adjusting me as he needed. It wasn’t until he moved underneath me, pulled my ass open and I felt his thick erection against my entrance that I realized what he wanted me to do. My entire body felt hotter at the realization and I panted harder. Leaning back, I braced myself against one of his knees, while the other hand pressed against his stomach.

He lifted his hips and the tip of his shaft penetrated me slowly. I curled my fingers against his skin, my head tilting back as I cried out. He eased my hips down, helping me to take him, all of him. Every panting breath brought more ecstasy as he eased into me so slowly. I couldn’t take it, my body was ignited with a sensual fire that needed release and he was easing me toward it erotically slow.

“Ah! Ahh… God… Tristan! P-please… Ah! Ah! More! Harder… F-faster, please… make me cum…”

My words had a definite effect on him as he closed his eyes and tilted his head back. I’m not sure what I had said that made him moan as he did, but I wanted to hear more of that. His chest rose and fell rapidly and I found myself in awe at how he looked underneath me. Tristan was twice as attractive, twice as sexy lying under me as I straddled him, taking his hard shaft inside of me. I quivered at the sight, my panting breathes growing hotter by the second.

He held me still for a while, not even fully inside of me yet and I writhed on top of him, wanting him to ram inside of me, to thrust deeper and faster. Tristan looked up at me and as his eyes trailed over my body he finally pulled my hips down rather quickly and I let out a moaning gasp as I arched backward, my body going tense as his erection penetrated me straight to the hilt. I moaned heavily, sharp cries of pleasure filling the room and his own moan coming after.

As I recovered from the intense pulse of pleasure, I moved, rocking my body back and forth against him and earning a groan and a tightening of his hands on my hips. I laughed a bit, though it was short and heavy with panting. Tristan thrust his hips up and I felt his shaft pierce further, making me gasp. I stopped rocking.

“Two can play,” he groaned.

I looked down at his smirking face and grinned at him in return, “Don’t… just stay still… Move,” I pleaded gently.

He smiled, “You’re in control now,” he said sweetly and reached down to grip my erection.

I shook, both hands grasping his legs tightly. I moved my body, pulling up off of his erection in a slow drag and I couldn’t believe the feeling. It was so amazing, so much friction against my body and I felt my every muscle curving and convulsing to the pleasure that I’d just given myself. I came back down on him with the same result and finally set a steady pace. My hips swayed forward a bit as I moved my body, using Tristan’s knees to help me as I rocked on him, pumping up and down over his shaft.

My head slowly tilted backward as I lost myself to the pleasure, “Ah… Ah… Yes… Tristan… Oh, so good… Oh yes…”

Tristan’s fingers traced my body, what parts of it he could reach, the other hand still wrapped around my erection loosely. I gasped as he moved his hand, dragging along my shaft and making me cry out. I bit my lip as I found myself going a bit faster along his hard rod, nearly pulling him all the way out of my body to slam back down onto him. He rocked his hips with me, groaning every time I came down on him. His hand that wasn’t stroking my erection, took hold of my hip tightly, helping to hold me steady as I thrust his cock into me over and over. My voice was starting to grow louder as I felt my climax building. I could feel him growing larger with each passing second as I pushed down on him.

His panting was heavy, his fingers tightening around my shaft. Tristan’s thumb started to grind into the sweet spot that I had begged him for earlier. My body convulsed as I arched, stopping my bouncing as I let out a crying moan, “Aah! Tristan! Oh… T-there… Please… Don’t stop… Don’t… Stop! Nn… Harder… Press harder…”

I moved again along his erection and he groaned once more as he complied to my wishes and pushed harder along my rod, right along the tip. My eyes were locked on his hand and my throbbing erection. I moaned, crying out, whimpering as I rocked along his shaft, thrusting him harder inside of me. I was so close. A little more and I would cum.

“P-please… Oh… Tristan… Yes… Faster, Tristan…”

“Mm, Valkyrie… God that begging…” he answered me in kind, moaning as he ran his thumb harder and faster along the tip of my erection.

My voice climbed. My body shuddered and I went faster along him as well. All the way down his shaft and all the way back up. My hands tightened around his legs as I could feel his muscles beginning to contract as I fell on him, all the way down to the bottom of his erection. I pulled up one last time and dropped down to feel him cum inside of me, his hips arching up into me. His shaft pulsed, the warm heat spreading through me and his hand working to finish me.

“Ah… Ah! Aah! Yes! Ah! Aah!” I cried out as I felt my release, my entire frame jerking in his hold. Tristan’s hand rubbed along my shaft for a while longer, making me writhe on top of him, “T-Tristan… Ah… God… Ah…” I moaned and jerked as he continued to play with me.

I collapsed against his raised up knees, utterly spent. He finally released me from his grip and I let out a long sigh of contentment. He moved against me and I gasped, jerking up as I realized he was still buried deep inside of me. Slowly I pulled off of him and toppled to his side, panting heavily. His arm came down around my shoulders and pulled me close to him. I felt a kiss land on my head and I snuggled in on him gently.

“I love you.”

“Mm, I love you too,” I answered sleepily, and soon drifted off into sweet dreams.

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