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Chapter 9

The hotel was a terrifying sight. As the cars rolled up to it I cringed inwardly. I wasn’t getting away from this place anytime soon. In fact, I wasn’t getting away at all. Besides, if I were to escape where the hell was I supposed to go? This was punishment. It was punishment for not telling it straight to Tristan. For not being honest with him when we first met.

I managed to keep from crying as I was dragged from the car. I struggled in their hold as the pulled me into the hotel. Despite knowing that karma had come around to kick my ass, I wasn’t about to just let them do what they wanted to me without a fight. The one on my left twisted my arm painfully and I shouted as he dragged it up behind my back. It felt as if my shoulder were ignited in fire as he held me like that. The other guy on my right turned and curled his fist deep into my stomach, hooking upward into my ribcage.

I shuddered from the hit. The strength left my body and I slumped forward as I struggled to breathe. They continued toward the elevator and dragged me into the metal box. The ride up to the fifth floor was killer. Every step closer to that room that I used to share with Alik was a knife to my heart. I didn’t have the strength left to fight back though as the two burly men tossed me into the room. I hit the floor, skidding across the carpet and feeling rug burns pull at my palms.

I pushed myself up onto my hands and knees. I took a quick look around the room as the two men left me. Bolting to my feet, I attempted to rush the bathroom where I could at least lock myself inside. I didn’t know what I was going to do after that, but the last thing I wanted was for Alik to drug me and then fuck me. I didn’t want him to touch me at all, I couldn’t bear the thought. I would rather die than allow that to happen. Maybe I would do just that. Once I got to the bathroom and locked myself in, I could break the mirror and slash my own throat or wrists and bleed out upon the floor.

However, I didn’t get that chance as strong arms wrapped around my waist and hurled me backward away from the door. I had been so close to the bathroom. That sweet escape was taken from me as I hit the end of the bed, slamming into the wood so hard that I was pretty sure something fractured in my back. Moaning softly, I tumbled over onto my side to lie pitifully on the floor.

Alik stormed up to me and dragged me up by my arm. Tossed up onto the bed, the situation hit me hard and I thrashed. My voice screamed as I tried to get free of his overpowering hold. I felt harsh rope wrap around my wrist tightly as Alik began tying me down to the bed. I kicked, bucking on the bed to try to throw him off of me, but he was too far up on my chest for him to be bothered by my struggling. My arm strained as he finished tying down my right hand to the bed post. He turned to the left and did the same. I panted heavily as I lay there tugging at the ropes to try to get myself free.

Leaning over me, he drew a knife from his belt and wiggled it in front of my face, “Now, now babe. Be good and don’t move. I wouldn’t want to stab you or anything. That would just be horrendous of me, now wouldn’t it?”

I ground my teeth, “Stab me you bastard! Do it! I dare you!”

His fingers clenched my jaw as he leaned in on me, “You best be careful with that mouth of yours, Valkyrie. I might just be inclined to make your pain a hell of a lot worse than it’s going to be.”

Turning the blade around, he stuck it under the collar of my black shirt and pulled. The cotton fabric tore easily against the razor sharp blade. In one smooth motion, he’d ripped the shirt apart, baring my upper body to him. I flinched, my heart pounding hard against my chest as I pulled again on the ropes that bound me to the bed. He undid the belt of my jeans and then stripped me of my pants and boxers. I took in a sharp breath and pulled my legs up.

He turned away from me and pulled a drawer opened on the dresser next to us. Taking out a needle and a bottle, he filled the syringe with the clear liquid. My lungs seemed to seize up, the air leaving me as I watched him in fear. This is… happening. It’s really going to happen to me! Why? What the hell did I do to deserve this? I started to cry as he loomed over me. The needle pressed into my arm, just at the joint of my elbow. The clear liquid slowly slipped into my system and I let out a gasp.

It took a few moments, but my body was suddenly on fire. A burning sensation flooded my senses and especially in my groin. Before I knew it, I was erect, my body trembling from the drug that Alik had just given me. Panting heavily I tried to fight it, to get control of my body that had succumbed to the feeling of ecstasy. My crying didn’t cease as I shuddered on the bed. Everything cried out to be touched, to be fondled and brought to climax, but my mind was a different story. I wanted to scream, to run away to kill Alik as he shoved my legs opened.

Shaking my head, I fought him though weakly. His hand grasped my shaft and I arched, a cry escaping my lips as his hands set a fire off all around my hips and lower back. His hand pumped up and down my length. It wasn’t sweet, it wasn’t sensual, it was rough and meant only to hurt me and urge along the drug that was taking over. I curled forward, panting hard and screaming in both pain and rage. My body wouldn’t listen to me as he stroked my erection bringing me to a quick release. I shuddered against the bed, groaning as I came. The erection didn’t fade though. It seemed the drug hadn’t wore off. Alik grinned at me.

“How was that babe? Ready for more?”

I shook my head, my breath quick in my chest, “N-no… No. I’ll… kill you,” I hissed, managing to get a few words out. I didn’t want to end up a begging, crying mess. I didn’t want to be at the mercy of his drugs. I didn’t want to be stuck in that room, tied to the bed and fucked until I couldn’t think anymore.

Lifting my hips up, he pushed himself between my legs, undoing his jeans and pressing his thick sex against my entrance. Without any preparation, or any lubricant to help ease him inside, he spread my legs further, tilted my body upward and prepared to enter me. My heart sped up in fear. My breathing was erratic as I shook my head at him. Alik shoved deep inside of me in one harsh motion.

The screaming pain ripped through my lower half and I arched. My voice was filled with agony as a horrid scream filled the air. He moved without waiting and I writhed on the bed in pain. My screams never ceased, my voice was growing hoarse and I could feel thick blood beginning to drip down my back due to the angle he was holding me at. The pain of every thrust made me writhe and scream, drag at the bonds that held me and the rope cut into my flesh around my wrists. I struggled to be freed, but I knew it wasn’t going to happen.

Alik was going to do exactly as he said he would. He was going to tear me apart. I was going to be turned into nothing more than a drug addicted, sex slave. The pain was starting to take its toll as Alik pounded into me relentlessly. The room was growing dim in my eyes. Even though the drug was the only thing to keep me connected to the waking world, I wanted nothing more than to slip into unconsciousness. My soft cries of pain were growing dull as Alik finally finished, releasing himself inside of me. I shuddered as he pulled out and let my body drop on the bed.

It wasn’t until after he’d left the room that I felt the drug slowly wear off. I had been left to moan and pant on the bed, writhing against the sheets because every slight touch against my skin set off a burning fire. A desire to be touched, to have my erection stroked and played with until I came over and over again. I think I did come, a few times as I lay there without really wanting to. It was dark in the room by the time my body settled. Finally, I was able to relinquish myself to the claws of unconsciousness.


My breathing was slow as I lay there. Tied up to the bed, I could hardly think as I was sprawled out across the bed sheets. I had lost track of time. It felt like days, weeks even that I had been a prisoner to Alik and his drug. I was dirty, covered in sweat and my own cum after each time he gave me the drug and raped me. I was trying not to get used to the effects of the ecstasy that he pumped into my body. It was difficult though.

I had long since lost hope that I would ever leave that room, though. I cried often when I thought of Tristan. The way he looked when he found out that Alik had been my boyfriend before. He probably still thought that I was Alik’s lover. I felt my heart clenching tightly in my chest again as I saw in my mind’s eye Tristan’s face that day. The look of shock and hurt on his handsome features, the way he walked away from me afterwards… It hurt so much to think that he would forever believe that I’d betrayed him.

My eyes watered again, the hot salty tears slowly freeing themselves to strain down my face. My lips parted slightly to let out a pain filled moan, a half choked sob. I clenched my hands, twisting my arms around to feel the rope cut into the old scabbing wounds. I couldn’t handle it anymore. I was either going to lose myself to the sickening drug or I was going to allow myself to perish in that filthy room by cutting into my wrists via the ropes that held me.

My arms twisted around, the burning becoming apparent in my numbed arms that were up over my head. I kept twisting my arms though, desperate to be rid of the world. I didn’t want Alik to rape me again; I didn’t want that drug to be pumped into my body anymore. I wanted to be free of the pain, the guilt and the horror that I was never going to see the light of day again, and that I would never see Tristan again.

My body was growing heavy; the window that was starting to burn in the orange flames of the setting sun was growing darker by the second as I stared at it. I could feel thick blood dripping down across my chest now. Had I done it? Had I managed to cut deep enough into my skin to bleed out? Oddly enough I felt satisfied with this and my lips curved up into a faint smile even though I was still crying. The only thing that would make it worthwhile was if I could have seen Tristan one last time.

I supposed it was enough to know that Alik wasn’t going to hurt me anymore. The past several days had been hell and more. It was over finally. It didn’t matter if I ended up in hell. I could burn in an eternal fire for all I cared. So long as I wasn’t in Alik’s hands anymore. I imagined that Alik would be very upset to have lost his little play toy and to this I let out a soft, choking laugh. Why I hadn’t done it sooner, I wasn’t sure.

There was a loud sound in the hall. I didn’t move though. It was probably Alik coming for me again, to drug me up and fuck me again. I frowned. I was still half conscious. Couldn’t my blood have drained from my body a little bit quicker? I would have been happier. The door slammed open, voices filled the air as I was slipping in and out. The window was growing blurry as I stared at it. I didn’t move, didn’t flinch as hands touched me. I could feel their warmth against my fevered skin.


I grimaced. I was hallucinating it seemed. On the edge of death’s door and now I was hearing Tristan’s voice next to me. How ironic. My eyes closed for a moment and I felt someone shake me roughly. I pulled open my eyelids to stare at the window again. My head was turned by gentle fingers and I found my eyes directed to a slightly tanned face, hazel eyes and caramel colored hair.

“Dream…” I muttered softly as I stared at him without really seeing him.

Tristan’s gaze looked strange. He looked upset. That couldn’t be possible. I had cut him deep, hurt him and he’d walked away from me. Why would he look so upset like that? I felt my hands fall to the bed as other voices filled the room. Tristan was looking at someone else. I couldn’t focus though. I gave a weak, wry smile as I gazed up at him and then up at the ceiling overhead.

“Almost over…”

A sharp gasp came to my ears and hands shook me, “Valkyrie! Don’t you dare!”

“Too late… Bastard. You can’t hurt me… anymore,” I uttered softly as I lay there my body slowly shutting down.

Those warm hands pulled me up against an equally warm and thick chest. They stroked through my hair and I felt a strange pain through my chest. I gave a soft groan against their chest as they held me tightly. I was dizzy from having been moved so suddenly upward.

“Don’t you dare do this to me. I’m not going to hurt you, Valkyrie. Hang on, all right? Promise me that.”

Who is holding me… this doesn’t… feel like Alik. This voice… is different. I was confused as I lay in their arms. I could have sworn that Alik was the one to have come into the room. To have yelled at me. But that touch. That touch was so different. It was soothing, calming and I couldn’t quite remember where I had felt it from. My head tilted back in their hold and I once again saw Tristan’s face. My eyebrows knit together. My confusion must have been clear because he looked like he was going to cry.

“I… can’t.”

“Yes you can,” he said sternly, his hazel gaze growing dark with determination. Next to us, someone was wrapping something around my wrists. I caught a quick glimpse of who else was with us. I was surprised to see Jace, though I wasn’t sure if it was my imagination still. Slowly I shook my head.

“Not real…”

“We’re real. I’m right here. You can feel me, can’t you?”

I wasn’t sure, so I didn’t answer. The look on his face became strained. What was he thinking? It was so hard to tell with him. I let out a shallow breath and closed my eyes, groaning a bit as I tilted my head back. I didn’t want to stay awake and find out that this was just a sick hallucination due to the drug that Alik had given me. I was too strung out. It was hard to concentrate and all I really wanted was to just sleep eternally.

A hand shook me again, “Valkyrie! Stay awake. I know it’s hard, but you have to stay awake. Stay with me, okay?”

I mumbled something in return, my own voice was cryptic. The words weren’t even really words as I lay there. His arms pulled me up against him while Jace threw something over my naked body. The two of them said something, but I couldn’t catch it. It was so hard to stay focused. I still wasn’t sure if I was actually being carried out of that dreadful hotel. The lights flashed over head and I found myself staring up at the ceiling more often than not. A few times I felt Tristan shake me, calling my name and telling me to stay awake, but it was so difficult.

The last thing I saw was the lobby entrance of the hotel. I could hear shouting, yells and a couple of gunshots. Other than that, I couldn’t make anything else out. I finally succumbed to the darkness that I’d been trying to fight. I wasn’t strong enough. I never had been. Everything became numb, loose and limp as my head fell back and I was dragged into a painless realm. A sweet paradise of no fear, no anguish and no agony.

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