The End Of Time

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Time stands on the brink of destruction and only Atreus Knight can prevent it. He needs to find the keys to time before an alien war chief claims them and destroys humanity and the entire world. Atreus Knight's mission in life is to live it to the fullest. He's also a world renowned archaeologist with a talent for obtaining antiquities that are lost to mankind or beyond the reach of any sane person. Then he's approached by a client with a proposition that is impossible to refuse and search for the lost home of one of history’s most mysterious women, the Queen of Sheba. This quest would lead him into the depths of the holiest city on Earth, Jerusalem and then force him to venture into the furnaces of the Arabian Peninsula, all the while dogged by enemies both known and unknown, seeking to take his prize and his life if need be. However, Atreus’ client is not your regular paying customer. He’s literally not from this world and the artefacts he’s asked Atreus to find are the most powerful objects ever created. The keys to time. Not only is the safety of the world in danger and the fate of the human race in peril, but history itself stands on the brink of being completely unravelled. Atreus has failed only once before and that took the most precious things he had ever known. This time failure carries a penalty unimagined and he will not let that happen, even if it kills him.

Scifi / Adventure
Jamie Doyle
4.3 3 reviews
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The End of Time

The End of Time


Jamie Doyle

Copyright 2004


For my family because they are always there…

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