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Who Is Jamie Doyle?

Well, what to tell? Not much really, but because you got all the way to the end of Arena Max and found yourself on this page, you’ve earned a little bit of info.

Let me tell you a little bit about my passions. I have two. Telling stories and helping people help themselves. Firstly to stories. Why do I like telling them? I love to inspire people through their own imaginations. I can put words on a page and visualise in my own mind what the scenes and characters look like in my stories and how these fictitious worlds come together, but ultimately it’s up the reader to do this for themselves in their own ways. Then, with the reader’s imagination unleashed, all sorts of things become possible and if that free ranging imagination creates inspiration, then who knows where it ends? Inspiration through imagination. It gives me goose bumps just thinking about how limitless our capabilities become when we’re inspired to be creative.

Secondly, helping people help themselves. I don’t have the answers to people’s problems in life, but what I love doing is helping people realise there are ways to solve those problems and while I may provide some suggestions and observations, it’s up each of us to find the answers within ourselves. We all suffer setbacks, crises and grief, but within each of us is the strength to grow out of these troubles and make something positive out of our lives. So, how great is it to provide that helping hand to others to lift themselves higher. We can all stand tall, but sometimes we just need someone to stand with us first.

I have lots of stories in my head, but the reason I chose to share Max Arena is because I really love the way Team Max bonds together and as a group, rise together and try to make a difference. The easiest thing in life to do is to try. Success or failure aren’t as important after trying.

I hope you enjoyed Max Arena. If you want to drop me a line about anything, anything at all, you can find me at

Also By Jamie Doyle?

The End of Time

Time stands on the brink of destruction. History and the human race are about to be wiped clean from Earth’s record and only Atreus Knight can prevent it. He needs to find the keys to time before they fall into the hands of an alien war chief committed to destroying humanity and claiming lordship of all space and time. Bullets and fear can’t stop him, but maybe fate can. Time will tell...


Atreus Knight’s mission in life is to live it to the fullest and not miss a single second of it. He’s also a world renowned archaeologist with a talent for obtaining antiquities that are either lost to mankind or beyond the reach of any sane person. Then he’s approached by a client with a proposition that is impossible to refuse. A search for the lost home of one of history’s most mysterious women, the Queen of Sheba. This quest would lead him into the depths of the holiest city on Earth, Jerusalem and then force him to venture into the furnaces of the Arabian Peninsula all the while being dogged by enemies both known and unknown, seeking to take his prize and his life if need be.

However, Atreus’ client is not your regular paying customer. He’s literally not from this world and the artifacts he’s convinced Atreus to find are the most powerful objects ever created. The keys to time and he has to find them fast because if he fails to secure them, then all is lost. Not only is the safety of the world in danger and the fate of the human race in peril, but history itself stands on the brink of being completely unraveled. Atreus has failed only once before in his life and that took the most precious things he had ever known. This time failure carries a penalty unimagined and he will not let that happen, even if it kills him.

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