Max Arena

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‘It is only local at the moment,’ Joe said, turning to face Kris, ‘and the state emergency services are managing the unrest adequately, but the tension is growing. Incidents of assault and battery, break and enter and arson are common, but we have seen an overall rise in general crime and violence. Like I said and I will not hide it from you, people are in pain and people are dying. The spectre of the end of the world is rising over us all and while we are not yet on the brink of irrevocable chaos, that unimaginable concept is now visible on the horizon. That is why, more than ever, we need Abdullah’s assistance. He has the resources to help us and keep us safe. If we, the human race, are to survive this ordeal, we have to at the very least make sure Max survives long enough to make it into the arena, but with Abdullah’s help, we all stand a chance of ensuring he is also fit and prepared. I welcome his service and I encourage you all to try to feel the same.’

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