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Not Just A Girl The Falcon Ridge Series Book 2

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Six months after the battle with Torrents army, Caledons Security Unit decided to open a Training Camp for young adults from all the alliance packs. Sarah Reynolds: I live in Black Lake. A tiny town that sits on the southern border of Falcon Ridge. After the Dragons attacked, my parents became worried they would attack again so they signed us up for the Caledon Boot Camp. I'm what you consider a problem child. I tend to get into trouble a lot. I don't want to go to this stupid Camp and I'll make them wish they never laid eyes on me. Jayson Duke: I joined the Unit four years ago. I worked hard to get to where I am. Operations Leader was my dream job. That is until they gave it to River Blake. Now I'm told I have to go to Caledon to train their recruits. These aren't soldiers they're kids. I don't train kids. I'm already angry that I have to be here, but it's made worse when I find out the Terror of Black Lake is here. Here to make my job hell. She's been all kinds of trouble for my pack in Black Lake and I'll be damned if she thinks she can make trouble for me here.

Scifi / Romance
M. Mctier
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Chapter 1


"Sarah! Get up!"

The harsh knock on my bedroom door, pulls me out of a hot, steamy dream. I was just about to plant a big, wet one on Chris Hemsworth, when my mother's irritated voice smash it all to hell.

I roll over, groaning as my eyes blink to adjust to the light flowing into my bedroom window. I rub the sleep out of my eyes and pick up my phone to look at the time.

7 am. Ugh. I throw my phone down, pull the covers over my head and try to get back to Chris' hard muscles and kissable lips.

I was just about there when another knock came. "Get up, loser. We're gonna miss the bus!"

Argh! I throw the blankets off and spin around, planting my feet on the floor. I'm not a morning person at all.

I scrub my hands on my face and stumble to the bathroom. I'm still groggy as I look in the mirror.

My blue eyes are puffy. My long blonde hair a rats nest. I look like hell, which is a perfect reflection of what waits for me today.

My name is Sarah Reynolds. I live with my parents, my older sister, Maddie and my twin brother, Shane, in a tiny town called Black Lake. It sits on the southern border of Falcon Ridge.

I just turned 18 last month and that's when my hell began.

Its been six months since the news of Torrent's attack on Caledon spread across all territories. I wasn't part of the fight. I don't know anyone who was. But, I heard it was a good battle. Torrent was killed by the Luna of White Rock. The girl's bad ass. My freaking hero. I've only seen her once on TV, but she looks fierce.

After the victory against the Dragon Pack, Caledon decided it would be good to start training everyone. Not those with certain skill sets. So they came up with the Caledon training camp. A boot camp for kids like me. 18 to 22. Four years of training to either leave with skills or join the security unit.

My parents are sweet people, but a bit paranoid. They're convinced the Dragons will make another uprising. I don't think so with girls like Luna Anna, there's no way they'd be stupid enough to return.

Anyway, they are so worried about us, they signed us up for this stupid boot camp. So we could learn to fight if the Dragons ever came back.

Hey, I'm all for sports, but fighting? Gross. I don't fight. I can't fight. I know I can't. So, I'll go. Humor my parents and make the boot camp wish they never saw my name.

I'm not a criminal or anything, but yeah, I get into trouble more often then I should.

I once broke into my high-school with friends to party in the gym. That got me six weeks detention, but it was so worth it.

Then there was the time I decided to tear around our local hydro plant for shits and giggles on my dirt bike. Cops didn't really like it, but geez, can't a girl have a little fun?

So, yeah I may be what you'd consider a problem child.

I clear my head and get dressed in sport leggings and a white sweater. It's spring now, but we still get some cold days. Good thing us shifters run hot most of the time.

I pack my duffle and head downstairs.

My mother is cooking breakfast and my brother is wolfing down a plate of scrambled eggs.

"Good. Sit down. Hurry up and eat." My mother fills a plate for me and passes it over.

I drop my bag and sit. "Ugh. I don't want to go." I whine.

"Honey, this is important. You need to learn to protect yourself." She pours a cup of coffee for my father who should be down any minute.

My sister saunters in. She's 20. Gorgeous. All the guys love her.

"How come Maddie doesn't have to?" I press my whine further.

My mother folds her arms and leans on the sink. "Because Maddies too old."

Maddie smirks at me. "Besides, I'm landing myself a big, strong Alpha to protect me. I don't need to fight."

I roll my eyes hard. "Yeah, ok, Mad." I say sarcastically.

Shane drops his fork on his empty plate. "Come on, Sarah. Won't it be cool to be able to kick some ass."

My mother hits him with a towel. "Language!"

He looks at my mom. "Sorry."

I swallow. "No. I don't fight. I'm not interested......mom don't make me go, please."

"You're going and that's final." A deep voice came from the hallway. My dad. Big guy. He practically fills the place with his body. "You need this. You don't know what's out there. The next threat could be even worse than Torrent."

"Geez, dad. Lighten up." I roll my eyes again.

My mom gets up and takes our plates. "Alright, come on. Get in the car and we'll drive you to the stop."

"Fine." I grab my bag and push my dumb brother out the door because he's a dick and likes to stop dead, blocking me.

We climb into the car and the car ride is a short 10 minute drive to the outskirts of town. There's about ten kids with parents already waiting.

I get out of the car and I'm slammed by my best friends, Sam and Ashley.

Sam is like a second brother. He's cute. Perfect. Has a great body and awesome tattoos. We even kissed once when we were 12, but I don't think of him that way. He's just fun to be around.

Me and Ashley are thick as thieves. When she heard my parents signed me up, she begged her mom to death so she could join too. When it comes to me and Ashley you get one, you get the other one too.

"Hey, sunshine!" Sam greets me in a hug.

"Hey, bro, what's shaking?" Sam greets my brother in a side clap.

I drop my bag. "Sammy you signed too?"

He puffed his chest out. "Of course, I missed the last fight, I ain't missing the next one."

I shake my head.

Ashley wraps her arms around me. "Hey, girl! You ready?"

"No." I grumble.

"Oh come. It'll be fun. Besides, lots of cute guys go to these trainings." She wiggles her brow.

"Well, at least that's one bonus." I say smirking.

My dad glares. "You're there to train, Sarah. No boys."

"Yes, dad." I shoot ash a wink.

Sam steps up. "Don't worry, sir. I'll look after Sarah."

"Thank you, Sam." My mom smiles.

I scoff in response.

The loud bus horn rips through our tiny town. You could almost call it one horse. Our pack was larger at one point, but through constant rogue attacks, we dwindled. Then we were deemed unsafe by new members so we never grew. It wasn't until Falcon Ridge popped up, that our town seemed to be getting back on our feet, but we still lose a lot to the security unit.

"Bye, mom." Shane gives her a hug.

My dad hugs him. "Take care of your sister." He says.

"I will."

"Bye, honey. We'll see you on the next break, ok?" My mom hugs me.

"Ok." I mumble.

My dad walks up to me. "You behave yourself. What do we say?"

"Our behaviour reflects on our family." I groan.

"Good girl. Bye, sweetie. Try to fun, ok?" He hugs me.

"I'll try." I smile.

We leave for the bus, waving as we go.

It'll be a grueling year of sweating, no fun and barking orders. I'm so not looking forward to this at all.

We leave our tiny town and hit the highway to the west side of Caledon where the boot camp was created. From the brochure we had, its huge. Wide open spaces. 5 dorm buildings filled with semi private rooms and all kinds of training equipment at our disposal. I don't how many will have signed up, but I'm hoping I'll get tossed out. At least that's the plan.



Today's the day. The day my future gets a whole lot better.

I strut down the hallway to my superiors office. He wants to meet with me about new orders.

I run my fingers through my light, sun kissed, brown hair. I know exactly what he wants to talk about.

After busting my ass with the unit over the last four years, I've earned this.

I was even in the battle with Torrent. I fought damn good, if I do say so myself.

I was born for Operations Leader. To take troops under my command has been my dream since I joined. There was one spot open since one of the Operations leaders turned out to be a Dragon mole.

And I threw my name in. I've got it in the bag.

I stand in front of my superiors office and knock.

"Come." A gruff voice calls out.

Alpha Fredericks is a stern, tough man and a friend of my father's, Alpha Edward Duke. Alpha of Black Lake. Where I'm from.

Fredericks knows me. Knows my skills. This meeting is just a formality, I'm sure.

I step into his office. He's sitting behind a cold, metal table with a laptop and some files.

"Alpha Duke reporting sir." I stand at attention.

"At ease, soldier." He grunts

I relax.

"I'm sure you know why I called you down here?"

I nod. "Yes, sir, I think I do." I'm finding it hard to contain myself.

He stands. "Now, I know you put in for Operations Leader, and you were a consideration for sure. Your record speaks for itself."

I study him for a minute. What is he getting at?

"I'm sorry to say, we went with Alpha Blake instead." He crossed his arms.

All the air left my lungs. I tried to process what he just said. Turned down? Turned down? What the hell?

I swallow. "Permission to speak freely, sir." I ask.

"Go ahead." He sits at his desk.

"Sir, I'm more qualified then Blake. I have more experience with operations. I've trained specifically for this. Why him?" I had to ask.

He sighed. "Well, we liked Blake's leadership. He's good. Solid, natural talent. We're not saying you wouldn't make a good leader, just not right now. But we have a new assignment for you. So do this, and when another position comes up, you can try again."

I was fuming. I get passed over for a first year dumbshit who lucked out! This is bullshit!

"We want you to head up the leadership for the new Caledon boot camp. Get these recruits ready for when we take them over. We figured a more relaxed setting with less qualifications will attract more recruits. After the battle with Torrent, we need all the bodies we can get."

"Kids.....sir......you want me to train....kids?" I couldn't believe it. Could not fucking believe this absolute bullshit.

"Not kids, Duke. Future soldiers. You're one of the best trainers we have. We've already signed Miller, Riley, Taylor, Jackson and Raven. There your crew, right?'

All of them are my best friends, so it's not all bad.

"Yes, sir. They are." I manage. Still in shock.

"Good." He tosses a file at me. "Here's your orders. You'll be living at the camp in the dorms, so we'll have your belongings packed up and ship there in a weeks time."

I slowly pick up the file. Now, depressed. Angry, defeated. I can't believe this. "Thank you, sir."

Fredericks comes around to stand in front of me. He places his hand on my shoulder. "I know it's not what you wanted, but this could still be a good thing. You're now in charge of a whole unit. You have the whole camp to yourself. Ok. It's not the same as operations, but just try and make the most of it. Your time will come."

I look at the file and look at him. "Yes, sir."


I nod and leave the office wondering what the fuck just happened. Does the universe hate me that much? Really?

I walk down the halls. Up ahead, I see Blake with his friend, Sloan and his new mate, Alpha Riker. Laughing it up. Probably all celebrating the job he took from me.

He passes me smiling. "Alpha." He nods and they continue on there way.

I just turn and watch them round the corner. Shaking my head.

I turn back, and continue down the hall. Solemnly, head to the dorms.

I was just at my room, when my friend, Wren bounced up. "Hey, did you hear, we're partners." She smiles.

I walk in. Toss the file on my table and sit on the bed. Resting my head in my hands.

She walks in and grabs a chair. She spins it around and sits on it backwards. Resting her arms on the back.

"Hey, what's up?' She asks concerned.

I sit up. "Four years, Wren. Four fucking years, for what? A glorified babysitter. This is bullshit. I worked damn hard for this. That Operations position was mine. They gave it to Blake because he's screwing the girl who killed Torrent. That's all."

I rubbed my forehead.

She came over to me. "Hey, just because it's not operations, doesn't mean you're not a leader. You're a damn good one. You can teach these kids to be the best soldiers this unit has. And I'll be there too." She smirks.

I turn my head to her. "Yeah, that does make it a little better."

"So, do you need me to stay, or...." She rested her arms on her legs.

I sit up and clap her back. "Naw. I have to go over my assignment. Some other time ok?"

"Ok, but if you need anything, you know where to find me." She smiles a smile that could kill a man.

"I will." I walk her out and shut the door.

Wren's gorgeous. Long, jet black hair, toned body, piercing blue eyes. She's my best friend and a great stress reliever every once in a while. Whenever I'm down, she's there to listen and sometimes takes care of other things. Which is ideal for me. I'm focused on my career, not women. I won't turn one down. I've got countless bar hookups under my belt, but I refuse to be that guy. Worrying about women when the alliance is under threat.

I get the whole fated thing. You can't stop it apparently, but whatever. I'd never let it happen in the first place.

I'm certainly not finding my fated with a bunch of brats. Kids barely out of diapers that think they know shit. Fuck that. My fated will be all woman.

I pick up the file and go through the papers. I read for a total of two minutes when I throw the file on the floor. I can't even look at it right now.

I'm agitated. Pissed off. I need a run.

I grab my jacket and head for the woods to let my guy out before I explode.

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