Flame & Kate - Book 1 of the Cursed Redemption series.

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Cursed by their Goddess, Flame and his brothers are willing to sacrifice everything to save their people. Releasing the essence of their inner predator, they wait, praying for mercy. Kate returned to the small town she grew up in, needing to start over. Chance brought all her friend’s home on the same fateful weekend. A falling star, visions of a dark, sexy man, a mental connection to a stranger, and a living, moving tattoo, are just to name a few of the things Kate and her friends need to face. But when danger comes calling, putting all their lives at risk, it's up to Flame and his brothers to fight for the only salvation their people have.

Scifi / Romance
Natalie Le Roux
4.9 29 reviews
Age Rating:


Rage boiled through the skies over the Almorian Empire as thick, angry dark clouds churned furiously and grew heavier.

Each of the seven planets under the rule of the Almorian Emperor qui...

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