Flame & Kate - Book 1 of the Cursed Redemption series.

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Cursed by their Goddess, Flame and his brothers are willing to sacrifice everything to save their people. Releasing the essence of their inner predator, they wait, praying for mercy. Kate returned to the small town she grew up in, needing to start over. Chance brought all her friend’s home on the same fateful weekend. A falling star, visions of a dark, sexy man, a mental connection to a stranger, and a living, moving tattoo, are just to name a few of the things Kate and her friends need to face. But when danger comes calling, putting all their lives at risk, it's up to Flame and his brothers to fight for the only salvation their people have.

Scifi / Romance
Natalie Le Roux
4.9 14 reviews
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Rage boiled through the skies over the Almorian Empire as thick, angry dark clouds churned furiously and grew heavier.

Each of the seven planets under the rule of the Almorian Emperor quivered in fear as billions of people gazed at the skies of their various Homeworld with worry and fear for why the Goddess was so upset.

“I curse you all!” The enraged, booming voice of Enigma, the Prime Goddess of the Almorian people roared out through the air, sending a wave of icy cold hatred through the body, soul, and essence of each Almorian.

Murderous storms broke out over the oceans, forests, deserts, and plains of the empire, sweeping and tearing at the ground like razor sharp claws scarring the flesh of the planets below.

Trees were uprooted, flying through the unyielding winds, tearing down the walls around the massive white stone palace of the emperor. Large, incredibly heavy boulders broke from the crumbling walls, falling to the ground, their impact masked by the ear-piercing rumble of thunder that shook the ground.

“I curse you all for a thousand years!” The furious voice called again as another wave of rage and pain swept through the population of all the Almorian planets, reaching far into the universe to those in ships in the distant darkness.

The oceans boiled and raged as massive tidal waves crashed onto the soft white beaches, washing away all life around its once picturesque banks.

Inside the white stone walls of the palace, Emperor Storm held his weeping mate as she writhed and screamed in pain, clutching at her stomach, begging the Goddess to punish the evil monsters who had hurt and killed her beloved little daughter.

Empress Fire’s wails of agony tore at her soul, splintering it and slashing at her core, shattering her essence into a million tiny, broken pieces.

Her own flesh and blood had allowed the darkness into them, letting it eat away at their essence until nothing but a dark, hungry viciousness remained.

She placed a pale, shaking hand onto the beaten and bloodied face of her beautiful little gem, closing her once shining, innocent eyes, and felt the last drop of her essence fall from her eyes, hitting the blood-soaked floors of the child’s bedroom.

The Goddess looked down with an unimaginable pain and anger burning in her celestial body at the devastating sight of pure innocence and good, as it lay beaten, broken and used in the most horrendous way.

“They will suffer my wrath for this, Castian,” Enigma cried to her timeless mate with an endless pain that rippled through the universe, “They will know the true pain of what it really means to lose the one thing that makes them whole. I will take away the only thing that gives them the life and power they so desperately crave. They have gone too far with this. Princess Ice was the purest of innocence. She was all that was good and clean and pure in their world, and they destroyed it with their greed and lust for power. For a thousand years, they will know the true wrath of what they have done… If they survive!”

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