Clockwork Apocalypse

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Book 1: The putrid air engulfing the skies of Denver, Colorado smelled of smoke and burned flesh. This smell is validated by the few remaining rotting corpses that are left to litter the streets. This story shows how easy the things human create can turn against them. Can one lonely Human woman help end these fearful times? Will humanity be able to take back their freedom or will they become extinct? -Bryce Biddle Clockwork Apocalypse

Scifi / Romance
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The Adventure of Survival

In the year 2664 everything was peaceful and happy. It had seemed world peace had finally been achieved as no one had started a war in over 300 years or that was what the public was told.

Then miraculously global warming had been solved by a young brainiac duo by the names of Olivia White and Alexavier Stark who married soon after they had been awarded.

Even flying cars were to be seen in the near future which had people anxiously waiting with cash lined wallets.

Though the best thing about this time of beauty and prosperity were the families that lived in peace. They laughed more and got along with the zombie-like people who were controlled by a computer screen.

Then by mid-July, a new invention came and it was the revolutionary bot of bots. It put any little trinket or do-dad you could make in your garage to shame. People were in awe of the robot that had many new features and designs that changed depending on which version you wanted.

Anyone and everybody who could afford it went out to buy a bot. They even bought more than one if they could. Some even arrived to have the whole set just for the sake of bragging to their rich colleges. It brought, even more, peace to this small world.

Though like every happy ending, there is sad after story that soon follows.

Instead of the fresh air purified by special machines built, in the 21st century, it was The putrid air engulfing that skies of Denver, Colorado.

The smell of smoke and burned flesh nipped at your nose and incinerated any nose hairs you may have had up in that bat cave.

This nauseating smell is validated by the few remaining rotting corpses that are left to litter the crumbling and deserted streets.

The blood of the dead was combined with animal waste and parts of their original owner. Most of the larger buildings had long since collapsed but the ruins are used to hide in.

The people who survived the first major attack now lived in fear of death around every corner and in every nook and cranny. Even the fires that are randomly scattered throughout the once prosperous city held many signs of a losing battle as the dead burned with them.

The air felt so thick that those with weak lungs were easily killed off. If you were lucky it was a quick endeavor. If not then may your God have mercy your pitiful soul.

Though if it wasn’t the smoke then they suffered for the remaining of their lives not being able to trust anyone.

Many weren’t so lucky and they were caught and killed. During all this mass chaos all that could be heard was long silences only broken by small sounds of car alarms being set off.

Then every so often if you listen closely you can still hear the screams of survivors who part of the unfortunate ones that were caught. Those who could not hide away were found and killed or they faced the fate to be locked away in the dreaded C.U.O.H.L cells.

These are also known as the containment unit of human life-forms. Now you see man’s own creation had finally turned against them. This was our Apocalyptic nightmare come true. It was the Clockwork Apocalypse.

Four years ago on this day man had finally succeeded in creating a fully functioning Android. They are called G.E.A.R.S or General Engine for Augmented Reality System. At first, they were the perfect helping companions that resembled humans.

There are four types Skeletals, Battle Droids, Technoids, and Humanoids. They helped babysit, walk animals, fought in wars, and even performed medical care or personal needs.

Though half a year after they had been created incidents started popping up around the globe. These severe attacks included being pushed out in heavy traffic, electrocuted by ‘faulty’ wires, and many lost their lives when their robot went rogue.

The scientists responsible for releasing the droids quickly disbanded the product and recalled all the G.E.A.R.S bots that they could. Peace was restored but only seemed to last for less than half a year before someone else was murdered.

A G.E.A.R.S bot had been kept in someone’s house and ended up murdering its supposedly innocent owner. The G.E.A.R.S bot was said to have been quickly dismantled but this seemed to set off a chain of events.

An outbreak occurred in the people as they panicked about their safety. This gave the G.E.A.R.S bots the perfect opportunity to strike. Over the next year and a half, countless people were and are still being murdered in cold blood.

The ones that live to the next day suffer either from being put to work and jailed or hiding away. By the time the other half year passed G.E.A.R.S had won their revolution. Humans were now facing extinction like many animals before them.

Dear Entry Log, 9/14/2668

This is entry 10. I am one of the few survivors left on this miserable planet. My name is Kana Amelia Jones. I have copper hair the older G.E.A.R.S seem to hate. Also brown eyes with green smudges that have dulled over time.

I decided to make this log in case I die. This will be filled with any weaknesses I can find out about G.E.A.R.S. Currently, I’m hiding out in Atlanta, Georgia where I hear survivors have come too.

I hope I can collect some helpful material before the G.E.A.R.S are able to find me. One day humans will win this war and we will learn from our mistakes as we flourish. Weakness #1 sudden brightness messes with their attack sensors.


Kana Amelia Jones

Once I finished writing in the log I stuffed it in my old brown worn-out satchel. The leather was worn and faded due to years of abuse and heavy use.

Inside the old bag lay a small bunny doll from my young daughter and plastic action figure from my son that always caught my eye when I opened my bag. Gingerly I caressed the toys remembering how those monsters killed my precious babies.

They were so heartless as to take the like of two people and innocent children at that. Then I placed my hand softly on my chest where my wedding ring sat on a silver chain. The small piece of metal dangled around on my neck hauntingly.

I quickly broke away from my thoughts and ducked out of sight of the battle G.E.A.R.S scoping the area. I soon noticed an abandoned Grocery Mart right across from my hiding spot which hopefully would aid in my attempt at hiding.

Seeing the are now clear I took my chance and darted straight to it. The automatic door stalled my entrance but thankfully not by much. When I made it inside, a gruesome sight awaited me.

All over the wall was a bright red liquid known to everyone as blood and even worse was the signs of a recent struggle. Clearly, the dispute ended in the death of any of the humans found in this area.

Gingerly I tiptoed through the mess and squatted by some supplies that remained. After looking through what was savable I started to relax. My looting is paused when I heard a groan of what seemed to be someone in pain.

My blood ran cold thinking the person who may have been assaulted is still alive. He or she could barely be clinging to life as they bleed out. They could be thinking that they would die alone and no one would know until their dead body was discovered.

Just the thought of being alone in death was heart-wrenching and I wanted to help them in any way I could. Slowly I stood up placing my satchel on my shoulder. The noise seemed to be coming from the storage closet.

I reached for the door while my now clammy hands started shaking. As it swung open an irritable loud squeak came from it making me shut my eyes. Shakily I reopened my eyes only to be shocked at what I saw.

There slumped in the closet was a mauled humanoid G.E.A.R.S bot. I knew this because his wounds revealed the metal underneath his synthetic skin. Also, various frayed wires were pulled through openings that were cut into his synthetic flesh.

Awful memories circled in my mind as I looked upon this destroyed yet working Android. He seemed in pain but I didn’t feel pity for it. One reason was because he can’t feel real pain and two he was a fucking robot.

Here was one of the monsters who killed so many people. Those innocent families who had their lives taken from them just because these bots believed in a different society. These were the ones who killed my family.

My babies are dead because of these bastards. So in a blind rage, I picked up a broken pipe and held it firmly in my iron grip. I could tell my knuckles turned white by the way I held the pipe in a vice grip.

My knuckles turned white as blood retreated from the small appendages that squeezed the metal like it was the enemy itself.

“This world would be better off with one less of them.“, I muttered to myself encouragingly.

I’m utterly shocked because that has been the first thing I had said in half a year. The robot groaned again and opened its eyes to see my angry form about to kill it. Its eyes hadn’t gone red when they noticed I was human.

This confused me why it hadn’t gone into attack mode to defend itself.

“Wait...Wait!“, It shouted in a painful stutter that ended in a coughing fit. It was trying to shield itself with its useless arms but failed with its damaged limbs.

I was on edge.

“Why should I spare you where your kind didn’t mine?“, I spat. Then I cut this robot off by speaking again feeling angrier the longer I looked at this bastard.

“Because of you G.E.A.R.S bots my babies... my babies and my husband are dead... Dead!“, I ended in a shout.

Spit flew from my chapped lips and they stung from the saliva flying over them but my anger made me ignore the urge to lick them. Instead, I focused on how I was panting by the end of my speech as I tightened my grip on the pipe.

At my statement, it seemed ashamed and the robot’s body slumped back to the ground in defeat.

“I’m sure they’re in a better place now.“, It muttered softly before freezing in fear.

It was as if it knew what it said hurt me. That’s not possible though because it’s just a dumb mindless pile of metal. Though in the back of my mind something told me otherwise. It brought back so many feelings that made me want to end him even more.

As I held the metal pole he just laid there accepting its death to come. This action confused me so I took it out on it in fury.

“Why don’t you beg to live? Your acting like your life is as meaningless as dirt.“, I growled tears pricking my eyes.

This piece of junk dared to think I would feel sympathy just because he looked miserable. All it did was hide its eyes behind its brown hair and say, “I apologize for my kind’s rash actions towards you. If this pleases you I will allow you to run that pipe through my motherboard.”

It brought a horrid chill down my spine with his monotone voice speaking so freely of death. It seemed as if this Humanoid is just repeating a phrase that is built into him. I raised the pipe to just kill this dumb G.E.A.R.S bot but it kept reminding me of my late husband.

The man who was so selfless, caring and damn stubborn. My Samuel was willing to die for the ones he loved. I let out a loud yell and swung the metal forward about to stab the bot when I snapped.

I maneuvered the pole to stab just next to his head. A broken sob erupted from my lips as I collapsed to my knees letting the metal pipe clang to the floor next to me. My mourning for my family would be what got me killed and I didn’t care much.

The Android seemed confused with my actions so he tilted his head warily eyeing the pipe next to me.

“You’re too much like him. If I were to kill you it would be like killing him all over again.“, I whispered softly.

I had always silently begged the cruel gods of fate to bring him and my babies back.No matter how much I pleaded and begged they were gone forever. The sound of scraping metal caught my attention but I was too depressed to move.

My limbs were too heavy to flinch away as broken robotic arms encircled me as I am brought into a hug making my back stiffen. When I gained movement in my arms I moved my hand closer to the pipe ready to attack him if he tried anything funny.

I wanted to scream at him. Demand why he was showing compassion but the only thing that escaped me was a weak voice.

With a miserable look plaster on my face, I hesitantly asked, “Why?” I was now scared he might kill me for my stupidity.

He kept his gentle front as he comforted me in my lapse of resolve.

“You have spared me even when my kind has hurt you. This is the least I could do.“, He mumbled into my hair. His motherboard cooler fanning through my red locks like someone’s breath.

For the time being, I accepted this long-needed comfort. I gripped the back of his torn shirt as I let my sobs and tears fall. Sadly it was only able to last about five minutes before the sound of the battle droid G.E.A.R.S are heard.

I quickly stopped crying and broke from his weakened grasp. Then I tried to make a run to hide so they wouldn’t find me. My arm is grabbed by the damaged bot on the floor and I grew angry.

I almost thought it would hold me here till they found me. Though at the moment, it looked so pitiful not being able to move but that isn’t my problem.

He had uncharacteristically shouted out, “Wait! please, I can’t get up Miss.” I looked at his protruding wires in his legs and chest.

My brow furrowed in anger at what this bot was trying to pull with me.

“Call for your buddies then cause I’m trying not to die today.“, I growled trying to rip my arm from his strong grip. He seemed determined to keep me here because it’s grip only tightened. Though looking back at him I saw how pitiful he looked.

“I can’t let them find me. Any G.E.A.R.S bot found unable to defend itself is to be dismantled and turned into ammo or spare parts.”

He almost went hysterical and I was shocked into silence. These... no those monsters out there didn’t even have any mercy for their own kind.

There is one real question I wanna know. How am I gonna sneak myself and this broken bot out of here without being caught?

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