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later in life than it should have been, I learned that I liked science. I also learned that Quantum Mechanics is mind blowing. Read this and you just might not be able to stop thinking. Quantum Mechanics, tiny strings that may play music, building blocks held together by dark matter...they are all real. As real as the atoms that make you and me.

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Did you know…well, I didn’t! I didn’t realize that inside of me are 2 or 10 or maybe 2,000 atoms that have existed for 13 billion years. Perhaps they all danced together just after the jolt that came from a spark that came from who knows where; perhaps a super massive black hole tucked away until it burped out a slew of stuff big enough to rend a hole, make a tear and then built something new.

I never understood that the periodic table from beginning to end was made from one star dying, which created another, which in turn created a third. And that third one created a neutron star which gave up the last elements we needed to make us who we are.

I drink water as do we all. I don’t like the taste of the water here because of all the iron and other crap in it. But did you know that the water we get from the tap at our sink has existed in one form or another since the late bombardment; when comets carrying ice crashed and melted while cooling the earth? Amazing - it’s all amazing to me how intertwined we are with that place out there we call the universe.

Our moon, with all of its faces looking down at us - well he/she came along just in time. Some strange rogue planet or planetoid decided to make a getaway and just because of that, it hit our big blue ball at a perfect angle. And now because of that moon spinning above us, we have an orbit that keeps us aligned creating seasons, days, nights, and years. Oh, and let’s not forget the tide that moves forever in and out, in and out so that we don’t have a wave 1,000 feet tall from the gravitational pull of the sun every few months.

All the mysteries of how and why and who and when and where are scattered like a jigsaw puzzle with parts more than likely hidden behind dark matter; which is now considered to be the framework around all of this. And let’s not forget dark energy which may be the reason each solar system and each galaxy is speeding up instead of slowing down like they should be.

Someday in the distant future you will look out the window and see no stars; the sun’s that we see now will have died and been reborn four times over and maybe more but each one will be invisible to us. They will have left for another shore or an edge or an eternity we can’t quite comprehend and maybe never will.

I should have taken the time to understand math, or at least had a teacher who was willing to sit down with the dunce that I was and say “It’s like this….”, instead of saying figure it out…do your homework blah, blah, blah. Maybe I could have or would have been a physicist or an astronomer.

Yep, we’re all star stuff and moon dust, a conglomeration of particles that don’t ever disappear but only change from one thing to another and then into something else. Thinking about this makes me woozy and half-drunk with glee. In a hundred years, my atoms might be on a stream of plasma heading toward Orion’s Belt, or maybe heading toward the massive black hole in the center of the Milky Way. If they go thata way, then maybe in 100,000 years I too will be burped out into a new universe and wow that would be fantastic. I wonder if I will start this process of learning all over again or whether in those 2 or 2,000 atoms sits a memory that will say just a few words like… “hello, do you remember us?”

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