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By Maverick Doom All Rights Reserved ©

Scifi / Adventure


Book 1 in The Apocalypse series. Lance Araday, a former military Sergeant, travels alone. That's until he is hunted by a clan of odd and mysterious people. He's soon thrown into the middle of a clan war and has to choose which side to help, escape isn't an option.

Day 1

“I’ve decided to keep a log going of my days here in the wasteland. Might as well. Maybe it will help keep me sane. Well, maybe keep me from becoming any more insane.

It’s Day 1 of this log, the air is oddly humid. Though the sand around me is still dry as dust. A little wind picks up and you can’t see very far.

I don’t have much more to say. I need to get moving again.”

Lance Araday was an ex military Sergeant, he was often called Apoc by his Section. But that was more than seven years ago, he was 24 at the time the world fell apart, now he’s 32, if he remembers correctly. His watch still keeps the time and date. No one really knows what actually happened, any who survived only did so by hiding underground. Lance lost all of his friends to the destruction, he only found one of the bodies, it was merely a skeleton by the time he was able to surface, it appeared to have been stripped clean by something. The only way he could tell it was one of his friends was by the injuries to the left hand. One of his close friends lost their left thumb and shattered their first and middle finger shortly before the end, it never had time to heal.

At his location, the area was turned into a vast desert, the dunes rose far above the first and second levels of most, if not all, of the buildings. In the past few years he has scavenged enough parts to get the car he found running, and then some. The body is that of a 1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1. It’s been equipped with two gas tanks in the trunk, one stacked on the other and secured. It’s exhaust has been brought out from under the fenders just behind the front tires. The engine has been modified by skillfully slapping two large eight cylinder engines next to each other. They’re linked in a way to sync everything perfectly. Both are supercharged with the intakes coming out of the hood on each side, the intakes need to be covered when a sandstorm kicks up. The front of the car has been widened to fit both engines comfortably under the hood. The suspension has been lifted by five inches as to compensate for the larger off-road tires.

Lance had been underground for six of the eight years since the start of the apocalypse, he’s only been traveling for a few months now as most of the last two years was spent searching for parts and gas. In the first month of travel he came across an injured dog that reminded him of his childhood dog. He befriended the dog and mended its broken leg. The dog, now named Breaker, follows Lance everywhere. Breaker is only about 8 months old and is easily trained, he helps with hunting and guarding when Lance sleeps. Breaker is a Boxer, Pit Bull mix with the colors of both. He has a white patch on his chest along with the grey brown body. He’s about 50 pounds now, 10 pounds more than when he was found.

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