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Star Dust: The last knight

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Set in in a galaxy beyond our reach, the Knights of the creed kept the galaxy in order. Before the Strucker Corp took over. The Rouges fought and eradicated the knight's temple and drove them away. Join Zaare Morrows and his outcast group of misfits and thieves. Selena, master of disguise and just as good with thievery. Newt Leonis, master machinic and brains of the operation. CPU, a risk assessment droid with a bad attitude and even worse protocols. Read as they uncover lost treasures, smuggle goods and fight against the corporation. Learn more about the Knights and what their creed stood for. Even find out more about the Mysterious Rouges who are hell bent on ending the creed and ending Zaare, The last Knight

Scifi / Adventure
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The Heist


The year 8084, the galaxy is in ruins, thanks to the tyranny of Strucker Corporation. A giant planetary body that creates droids and high-tech weaponry. Hailing from Alpha one, a planet surrounded by cities and technology, a glowing beacon of terror centered in the galaxy. Nothing could stop this empire of mercenaries and androids, the once proud Knights of the creed are near extinction.

Having once protected the galaxy, they are now hunted by Strucker Corp and their black ops unit named “The Rouges.” Millions of planets are conscripted to work for the corporation, leaving little to nowhere for the knights to hide.

“Repeat after me; this is our creed.”

“This is our creed.”

“Remember, when all men separate nature between good and evil, light and dark.”

“There is no sides everything is equal.”

“Remember, When the natural order is disturbed by fate and men.”

“Restore what has been tainted and protect those who cannot defend.”

“And finally. Remember, when other men harm the creed.”

“from the ashes, we rise again, this is our creed, we live and die for the creed. We are knights, and this is our chivalry”.

“Daydreaming again, sir?” A trance like state, the state that Zaare left himself. He looks across through the dessert horizon, his eyelids half shut. Beaming with rays of heat he places his hand above his head, to offer shade so he may see clearly. He was male in his mid-20’s, tan light skin with curly bond hair, typical of a Valdornite male. Along with a tarp and goggles, he wore scruffy and worn-out garments, colour pale to match the desert environment of Drascal. He paused to reinform himself of the plan; Step one, find a vantage point in the city of La’stalum. Step two, wait for CPU’s,

“CPU! Dammit I forgot, CPU come in, are you there over?”

“Yes sir, waiting on standby.” 10 clicknots (10km) out of the city hid between the steep mountain range a mark 12 battle cruiser, it was bulky and large about the size of two RV’s stacked beside each other. It had an 8 by 8 engine and full silver but donned a large blue stripe all around its body, At the left side it had its call sign A blue phoenix facing down called “Jericho.” Inside the ship A large gray droid comprised of old scraps named CPU, built to asset risks and determine the best course of action in any situation

“Sir the probability of us failing is near 87.34%,” CPU spoke in a melodramatic voice.

“CPU, you know me, nothing's a big risk until 87.35%,” Zaare pronounced with a grin, he took out his juggernaut blaster and placed it in the clearing of the balcony. “There, foot soldiers!” Spotted in the near distance, a group of 15 Strucker Corp soldiers protecting and transporting cargo shipment. Foot soldier wore mud green and black armor around its body, held one rifle blaster and wore a clunky Helmut with four bright dots adjacent to each other on the front.

“Here we go,” out of the juggernaut blaster shot a massive red blast which hit near the ship creating a blast radius that tipped the cargo and blew 4 of the foot soldier into the nearby buildings. Zaare tapped his ear piece activating a metal helmet which surrounded his face, he jumped and started leaping from building to building. Valdornite are gifted with enhanced reflexes and jumping abilities, making his bloodline into use as he jumps across floors slowly descending into the chaos.

“There on in the building,” A foot soldier spotted Zaare in the 3rd level of the middle building and immediately opened fired, layer upon layer of firing rounds laid waste to the building even taking the lives of innocent drascalians fleeing the scene. The entire building fell in smoke, the foot soldiers closed in with guns raised high searching to see if Zaare survived. In a split second, out of the smoke, a bomb appeared.

“Get down!” Yelled the Footsoldier, the rest fled from the radius, but most are caught in the blast as unlike conventional weapons this was an anti-gravity trapper which when active sucks in the closest object and implodes. The Footsoldier screeched out as each of them went flying, this gives Zaare enough time to run to the cargo hold and continue to grab the cargo but within the large container lies a small crate.

“Ugh, CPU is this the entire shipment?” Zaare asked why looking puzzled before the ominous package.

“That should be it, Mr. Purgamon is a very discrete person whatever is in that cargo is probably worth a lot,” as Zaare begin to reach out for package bullets began flying from left to right. Reacting to this Zaare places his back to the wall and hides inside the shell but every time he tries to look for the shooter, he is cut short by the incoming blasts.

“CPU, I got a sniper, probably a Marks trooper.”

“I’m bringing the ship around; you have a better probability of getting out of there if you use the weapon.”

“Yeah but my covers going to be blown.”

“It’s a risk you’re going to have to take.”

“I thought you said you didn’t like risks.”

“Well let’s just say this situation is a little over 87.35%.” CPU remarked, he starts the engines of the Jericho and blasts it into full gears towards the city. Zaare placing a mischievous grin pulls out his blaster gun and begins walking out of the shell with the package in his hand. As Zaare is walking, the gun in his hand starts reconstructing and growing longer every step. The soldier from the far away balcony spots Zaare in his lens and begins shooting him down, Zaare evasively dodges the bullets and the soldier is in shock. He steadily aims for Zaare forehead and quickly pulls the trigger, Zaare closes his eyes and pictures the bullet moving slower and slower as it draws near.

The weapon is still configuring in his hand, but as the bullet reaches its target, Zaare whips out an ancient silver blade and redirects the shot back and through the bullet hole of the gun going straight through the eye of the Marksmen and hitting the wall behind him. The rest of the soldiers are amazed at the amazing feet and also cower in fear over the sight of his majestic blade, In the cameras around the city, the feed reports to a Strucker commander in his control center in the outskirts of the city.

“He is a BLOODY KNIGHT; Officer Wickem inform the ballistics jets and Death soldier to cover this entire city. There is no way I’m letting a knight escape; the king would kill me if I miss this opportunity.” Yelled Commander Mok Loki to his off team. He began walking through corridors to join the action, accompanying him was Officer Wickem, a shy and timid character who feels intimidated by Mok’s presents.

“Ah, sir sh-should we inform the Rouges about this?” Asked a scared and cowering officer standing in the shadow of his commanding superior. Mok paused, gripping his fist and shaking his head he turned around angrily pointing his finger and began shouting at him.

“I DON’T NOT THE HELP FROM A COUPLE OF LOWLIFE MERCENARIES LIKE THE ROUGES! There is no way I would need the help of Kadeus and his lap dogs. Now get going and MAKE THE ORDER!” Wickem races without hast and puts a message alerting the nearby Strucker Corp soldiers to attack the city.

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