Clockwork Romance

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After the final battle, Toby is killed trying to be a hero and save Kana. Will this blooming romance flower through their journey? Or wilt as they struggle through it as a new enemy arises. Sammy who had been battling with his feeling for Kana is finally human and can finally try and win her heart. Then Kana's supposed late husband Samuel is finally dead and can no longer make new evil G.E.A.R.S bots. Now all they have to do is pick off the rest of the robots who are starting to enslave humans. -Bryce Biddle Clockwork Apocalypse

Scifi / Romance
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A New Beginning Awaits

The trees that long since boldly bore their golden amber colors have now mellowed into soft calming pastels. Each branch covered from The once eerie wind now brought coolness and comfort to the slightly more aware creatures as winter turned to spring once more.

The joyous and constant early morning chirps of birds of new hatchings sounded the beginning of their hungry cries in the trees as the youngins squirmed is the nest their parents had worked hard to make.

Then if you listened closely you could hear the squeaks and chatter of rodents on the ground below as the little bastards scurried about looking for food so they could feed their booming families.

All around the spring weather had warmed up nicely as they approached the month of May and soon it would get hot when the summer heat came around. Six months had passed since the battle over the G.E.A.R.S H.Q occurred.

The heart-wrenching battle was fierce and was not ended without casualty on both sides of the field but thus we continue to strive in their honor or that was what I had once read in a novel about the tragedies of war.

In the end, this means it has been six months since Kana was forced to kill the man she used to love and was married to. The day he left the world with a bang is the same day she joined 29 years ago with a wailing scream.

The man she made a home and family with was gone but Sammy wasn’t sure she was as remorseful as she let on in the beginning. Since that day she has been rather distant with both young Anthony and myself.

She was more reserved and had to constantly break herself from a hard glaring stare when around her adopted son. It was like she was fighting back this urge to do something that would be deemed out of character for her.

The humanized robot may not understand what that loss feels like but He always had an empty pit in his constantly growling stomach when one of his brother or sisters was torn apart by his bare hands to ensure the safety of Kana and Anthony.

The year is now 2669 and everything has been calm. Anthony turned nine on April ninth and they celebrated with an atmosphere of enjoyment as they sliced up a cake Kana was able to scavenge just enough material for.

Funnily enough, there was a chicken that had escaped from someone's backyard and made itself comfortable near a trashcan behind the building they currently were occupying and at first the stubborn bird insisted on keeping her eggs until Sammy scared the poor hen making her abandon a nest full of eggs.

Well, those eggs helped fulfill the joyous occasion that marked the day the young human was conceived, carried around for approximately nine months, and brought into this world. That and they had enough to have scrambled eggs upon Anthony’s request.

When Sammy had seen the two humans smiling happily it made his newly formed heart clench in his chest before a fluttering feeling filled the space that once hurt. It gave him the sensation of flying insects in his stomach. It wasn’t unpleasant in his opinion. Just... strange.

Currently, three peaceful figures lay asleep as the morning sounds caressed their ears ever so carefully pulling them from their deep slumber. They occasionally shuffled around the bed but didn’t stir otherwise. Nothing seemed like they would disturb the happy looking family.

The one who not long ago had almost died by the hands of the red-haired woman’s crazy ex-husband who was supposed to be dead was now trying to stay wrapped in the arms of sleep but found it grow harder to accomplish as time went on.

What was easily noticed as they slept was that their injuries had healed over the 6 months that came after that tiring battle. The few scars that remained were reminders of that day and to the flame-headed 29-year-old woman who had been injured to the brink of death.

She had the worst scar out of the bunch. That being one long claw-like mark from when she was protecting Anthony when they were thrown from the force field. Her back had been shredded along the rubble and cut her up like paper.

These marks made her self-conscious of her appearance and caused her to shy away from contact near the sensitive area that had pink skin puckered around the edge and felt rough to the touch. It was like a whole mountain skyline on her skin.

Moving on to the wandering droids who were still walking about. It seemed like they had no real motivation anymore after the mastermind behind their programming was gone and nothing was broadcast to their programs.They had nothing that would aid them in their purpose.

The G.E.A.R.S bots old programming was erased from their hard drives when the old factory had blown up and the now aimlessly wandered the streets attacking anything and everything as they tried to find their new purpose.

That was until one day 3 months ago they became scarce in numbers. It appeared that they were moved somewhere or maybe Kana was over thinking something and people were just discreetly destroying the bots so they could peacefully rebuild their society.

This did not stop the doubt that lingered in the red-head’s mind. It brought the suspicions that a war was coming but that couldn’t be. Without proper programming they were empty shells and with the damage they had they just mindlessly acted.

They needed a brain for their operation if that plan were to even go underway but no human was stupid enough to aid them. Were they? Could they be plotting something similar to my late husband?

Bots were obviously still being produced from an unknown source and by who they couldn’t figure out. It was still not a positive feat none the less. Sammy stirred from his sleep missing the feelings he experienced during them. The dreams he used as an escape.

What he didn’t like though was the constant tired feeling he had after opening his eyes. Usually after half a night’s charge he was as energized as a who raided their Halloween candy before they mother could thoroughly go through it and take the good treats for herself.

Being human was an entirely new experience he never thought would become possible as he tiredly scratched the facial hair now growing on his chin. It itched and felt sharp but he wanted to experience everything that came with being human.

Even the morning gesture his own body would give him that made Kana’s face turn red before ushering him in the bathroom to cool down his internal core and outer body. It frustrated him that he could not look up the function and Kana refused to tell him.

Sammy’s Pov

My tired blue eyes drifted to Anthony cuddled between the woman I have come to bare affections for and myself. He snuggled his face into her disheveled hair that even found its way into her mouth to become covered in her own spit.

Looking closer at Anthony I also took notice of how much healthier he looks from when we first met him. Instead of his skin hanging from his bones, cheeks hollowing and eyes sunken he now had the proper amount of body fat in his short stature.

The young boy had also grown taller and now stood just under the 5′7 Woman’s chest. Sure I had to constantly listen to him complain about his short nature and announce that he would grow taller than us both.

It was almost unbelievable that before he could barely reach her elbow. Also, the smart young boy was once so frail and shy you could almost not believe the sight of this healthy and outgoing 4′5 nine-year-old.

Then I take a peek over at Kana with a small smile while softly brushing the hair from her face and plucking the wet strands from her mouth allowing her to smack her now hairless lips together and become content again.

I had stopped calling her Miss Kana about a month after the battle and it brought a small sad look to her face but otherwise, she was happy with how close we had become. As I continued my staring she once again stirs causing me to shoot back and retract my hand from her.

I was a little a sad I could not admire her peaceful sleeping face anymore but it was better to have proper sleeping schedule over letting my selfish nature take over. Her eyes lazily opened to reveal two sleepy pools of caramel chocolate that lured me further into her appeal.

It took her a few moments to comprehend that she was awake as she slowly blinked looking around her probably in a haze filled daze. It was like she was comprehending if she was awake or if she was still asleep.

When she finally realized she was in the world of reality she looked up at my flustered face. This woman not registering my embarrassment smiled sleepily at me before pulling herself from the bed. We left Anthony to continue to sleep as Kana went to start breakfast.

I hesitantly followed her to the built-in kitchen that led out to a balcony that overlooked the barren wasteland. The high-class hotel provided a decent side fridge that had enough nonperishable food.

My newly transformed human body reacted differently than it normally would as I stared at Kana while she swayed her hips like a pendulum. He cooking became hypnotic and it drew me closer the longer she freely swayed her body.

A human urge to embrace the happily content female unknowingly taunted me. It made my body twitch as my gut clench. I felt myself slowly reaching forward to try and accept the urge but before I could the sound of Anthony waking startled me.

This made me jump back in alarm and stare at the young boy. I locked gazes with the young one and almost regretted it. Seeing the obvious smirk on his face made my body flush more knowing he saw my attempt at embracing his motherly figure.

Kana noticed he was awake too and happily called him over to sit at the table. While hiding my red face I told them I had to use the loo. I rushed into the bathroom and all but slammed the door behind me most likely startling the duo.

As I heavily leaned against the door I gave small puffs of air through my nose. Breathing was something I had to get used to as well. I leaned against the sink wondering why I had to experience these new and weird feelings.

These urges that caused my mind to go blank as my body reacted on its own without my consent. Why can’t I just go back to the simple days where all I had to worry about was staying charged and not breaking down?

Being human sure was a challenge what with making sure you eat, bathe, release bodily waste when needed and other hygiene essentials I never needed before. The worst part is I no longer had my processor to look up information I didn’t know.

I felt like a human child that has to learn about everything first hand. It felt...It felt... gah I can’t even understand what I’m feeling. I was officially on my own and it honestly scared me. This fear didn’t dwell long as a numbing sensation flowed through my body.

It started at my feet and worked its way up into my head rendering me paralyzed in front of the mirror. I felt like I was being controlled by something... someone. My eyes focused on the mirror in front of me as I watched my eyes changing a spectrum of colors all the way from silver to red.

They then finally landed on a fluorescent green that reminded me of that humanoid Zero that was killed in the blast. They also glowed as bright as the lightning bugs Kana told me used to roam the endless fields of forests behind her old home.

Though she told me that after the Apocalypse started they all seemed to disappear making the night seem darker and colder. I wasn’t sure if simple bugs had that effect but to Kana, they seemed like magic little creatures who gave children good dreams.

If I ever got my functions back then I would find a place where they might still exist and take her there and see her face light up in joy as she watched the bugs flutter about. They florescent glow they produced would dance across her skin like a marvelous light show.

In her words it would truly be a magical sight but not for the reasons she would suspect.

I snapped from the thought as the tugging feeling grew to one of discomfort and my mind began to grow hazy. Something was hammering on the inside of my mind trying to get free and take control. How was I reacting like this if I had turned fully human?

From my limited knowledge of the human anatomy, I don’t think human’s eyes work like this. Sure they were known to change color due to moods and lighting but nothing this dramatic. It brought a small hope to me that I may still have some of my G.E.A.R.S functions left behind.

I then heard a voice in my head that sounded soft and comforting like a child’s lullaby. It was like a calming lullaby in my storm filled thoughts.

“Come home...come home... come home.“, The voice repeated over and over growing in volume until all I could hear was that voice.

“Home.“, I whispered aloud while turning to the door to leave the high-class hotel and find the voice.

“Sammy come eat. Food’s ready.“, Kana’s sweet motherly voice chimed through the haze breaking me from my dull state.

I looked back into the mirror and saw my glowing green eyes turn back to a calming blue they usually were. Kana called out to me once more this time annoyed with my silence so I thought it would be best not to test the short-tempered woman’s patience further.

As I walked out I glanced at the mirror once more to confirm my eyes were normal before I made my way out and sat at the small table set up in the middle of the already large room. The last of the Scrambled eggs lay in the middle of the food like a glorified feast.

Following that came the golden hash browns, perfectly cooked mouth-watering sausage, and lightly buttered toast lather in jam was handed to Anthony while Kana and I served ourselves our own food.

The heavenly smell wafted into my smell receptors or well it is my nose now. Getting used to calling my body parts by the human anatomy would need some getting used to so I internally sighed knowing I might have to study the terms.

This was one thing I never regretted about my human body and that was the ability to enjoy such amazing food that Kana made. I ate in silence trying to savor the food I was hungrily scarfing down while Kana and Tony tried to make small banter about our calm days.

Tony is excitedly going off on his own and informed his mother figure on how he self-taught himself how to fight. Though that mostly involved loud yells as he called out moves that I assume he made up himself.

I stared at the young boy’s brown eyes and noticed how they sparkled in childish glee while he rambled about nothing and everything that he could think about. It was quite soothing to hear about all the made-up adventures he would go on.

Though I could not see the real value in learning to fight when we were at peace and getting back to a human’s normal way of living. Kana, on the other hand, seemed ecstatic about how he was growing up and other gushy stuff I had trouble comprehending.

She tried to bring me into the conversation saying that I was being a hermit just secluding myself but why was a small crustacean just because I felt no need to include my unwanted input to the situation.

My unorganized human thoughts caused me trouble in how I would compute or rather rationalize them. Everything was scrambled and I am having trouble filling them from important to spam.

Mostly thoughts of Kana filled my head but we’re squashed by what happened in the bathroom and why It felt like something was coming. My brain was overheating and I tried to ignore them in order to calm myself down.

Kana though found it her responsibility to keep trying to talk to me and include me in a conversation I didn’t care much for. So finally I felt myself snapping. I abruptly stood from my seat slamming my hands on the table glaring at them.

A small red light could be seen from the corner of my eye but I ignored it knowing that my safety mode would not be able to activate while I had the functions of a human man. That just irritated me more.

“Shut up!“, I yelled letting my human anger get the better of me and it felt nice to release this pent-up frustration I never was able to when most of my emotions were being regulated.

A second too late I realized how bad that release of anger was. I regretfully watched as Anthony flinched back in his seat while Kana narrowed her eyes and tensed placing herself closure to him as if to act as a barrier.

It was an instinct in her to protect the young child from any incoming danger that would threaten his health and right now I was being persevered as this threat. It hurt but I deserved it for how I was acting.

The disheartening look in her eyes are one of a guarded woman who once damned the world for taking her family from her. An image of her holding the rusted pole, from when we first met, popped into mind. She held that very look.

Seeing this instinctual action towards me mixed with the memory made me feel really hurt. My heart rate picked up but not with the feeling of love. My chest tightened and I felt like yelling again but I just gave a sigh and calmed down.

Seeing her with a subtle look of fear that matched the obviously terrified look in Anthony’s eyes was too much. We stayed in silence silently debating who should make the next move so, without another word, I fled the hotel we had made our home while Kana called after me.

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