Ryun's Second Chance

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Faith Mae Hitoski is a young woman who is blind since birth, wishes upon the stars above she will find her place among the galaxy with her chosen alien mate. She has been abused by her parents since she was three old; having to survive on their lands and live on the property outside their mansion home in the high society of the broken world of earth. She has proven herself worthy even though she is blind that she can still be a bride to her chosen alien husband. Will she find her place among the stars, or will she be sold to be a blind slave among the other species in the galaxy? Ryun Ke’ren is the diplomate officer and second in command on The Intergalactic Unity Fleet under his Commanding Officer and friend Khol Mey’nar. He is the Strategist Advisor for his High Ruler Neir Xan’tar of the Laraxian people at the Capital. He found out his chosen mate he was trying to respect had cheated on him and used another of his people against himself. With the need to have a wife like the rest of his friends, he threw himself into his job and worried he will never have the chance of his long dream to have a loving human wife to carry his children and raise them together living happily.

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Prologue - Ryun

“Khol? You in here?” I said while knocking on my commander’s door.

“Yeah, what’s up?” Khol said in a whisper. I walked inside and noticed that Meadow was resting on Khol curled up against his body. I was slightly feeling jealous as not even a few days in I caught Clover in bed with another even before we even had our ceremony, and I was damn glad I did not go through with it.

“I am happy for you both. Can I talk with you?” I had said while taking my seat in front of Khol’s desk. I watched him get up and place his wife down on the couch, covering her up to keep his family warm. I tried to keep in my emotions as I was sad, and unsure if I will ever have what the rest have with their chosen wives.

“So, what is going on?” Khol asked me, curiosity shining in his eyes. I tried to give me him a fake smile, but I knew Khol, he is not one to ignore when he knew something is wrong. I looked at him with tired eyes, running my hand through my hair annoyed with myself and with the situation I was made to deal with.

“I caught my suppose mate in bed with another warrior from my people last night after I got home from work. I am glad I held off to do the ceremony with Clover. I never touched her in any way, I was trying to respect her boundaries as I knew she was virgin, but now she betrayed me and went after another.” I had said annoyed, glaring at the floor.

“I told my High Ruler what had happened, and he wants me to deal with her accordingly and strip the warrior of his right to be a part of the militia of my people.” I said afterwards taking a calmly breath in looking up at Khol, who had a serious look in his eyes.

“Do what you must, and we will support you though this, no matter what is going on you have mine and my wife’s support.” Khol told me, placing his hand on my shoulder giving me hard squeeze.


I was sitting at home working through some schematics on the fleet for Khol, as he was wondering what we could do for some renovations on the fleet for our wives to join us as they each have some kind of skills to help us along. Sitting back in my chair I looked out my window to watch the forest come to life at night, seeing the stars and the four Terra moons shining in the night galaxy sky of our planet and home.

“General? Are you available?” I got up to go answer my incoming transmission. I pressed a few buttons to see my High Ruler coming through the call.

“Yes, High Ruler. I am here. What can I do for you?” I said with a bow, trying to hide my curiosity from hearing my High Ruler as he was not back in Capital yet, I believe.

“Ryun, We have arrived back, and I would like you to see me in the morning with Clover and Re’lon so we can get to the bottom of what had happened, and I would like for you to meet someone as well.” High Ruler Neir Xan’tar said ending the transmission call. I was more curious on what he had said about me needing to meet someone over all of the situation at hand.

I put all of my work away just to get some sleep for tomorrow’s meeting with Neir and whoever his chosen is. I hope she can be what my high ruler needs as a chosen, I was not lucky as Clover is some lying little girl who only wants to have everything handed to her on a silver platter.

I quickly undressed out of my clothes and put them in the laundry basket to do my laundry tomorrow, as I got into my open outdoor Flezier hut to get clean. Sighing, exhausted from the stress of everything today. I turned off the water, getting out, drying myself off with my wings. I expanded my wings to let them stretch out while I looked up at the night sky wishing for some peace, showing me a sign towards my own happiness with a woman who will stay loyal to me and be my wife.

Looking down towards the ground I heard some commotion from the floor below, I quickly wrapped a white cloth around my waist, flying down from my home towards the voices I was hearing.

“Come on, little lady. It is not going to be a problem to have you come with us. I mean Clover is the one who brought you here. This is one of our brothels for a men’s use with a woman.” When I heard what one of our own people was saying towards this little woman, I knew I had to step in or something horrible will happen on my watch.

“Is there a problem, Geriro’s?” I said calmly, with my arms crossed my chest stepping out of the dark, under the light. I noticed how the men all stiffened up when they heard me, but for the little female I knew she was a human. My eyes widen slightly, seeing this tiny, petite young woman out here all on her own. With that thought, I quickly wrapped my arms around her waist lifting her up into my arms and spreading my wings to fly away back up into my home away from these idiots.

“Shh, it is all right, I am going to take you with me back to my place. I will keep you safe.” I whispered into her ear, watching her give me a nod of her head. I noticed that her eyes were a unique color, they looked to be milky white with a hint of green in them, they drew me in, and I wanted to get to know this little lady for some weird reason.

“T-Thank you.” Her voice was soft, pure, and innocent even. Warmth spread throughout my veins calling me to her, and for some reason I knew that whoever this little lady was, I planned on making her my mine.

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