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Amber One

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Amber wakes up in a cryogenic stasis unit, On a space ship with an group of aliens, God only knows where, sometime in the future... Can she figure out where she is and how it happened? They say love is alien to some people, but Amber took it literally..... Will Amber find love with a handsome alien or is she to be forever alone..... And what is this thing about mates?

Scifi / Erotica
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My name is Amber.

I am just a normal 26-year-old woman.

I work as a lab tech in a biochemist and have done since I finished college about two years ago.

I live with my brother in a small apartment and I am single and have never been married.

I have always been a bit of a nerd for the science and have been too focused on my work and studies to do other things, like have a social life.

I have a loving family that consists of a mother and father who live several towns away and a very happy, gay older brother, who is also in the same line of work as me and lives with me but still manages to have a very full and busy social and dating life.

Anyway, back to me.

The last hour I remember before everything happened went something like this...

My boss had me working on the usual stuff, taking samples and writing a lot of papers on the results.

But being only a lab tech I had to have someone else double check all my results and that’s where my brother came in.

“This all correct,” He said reading over my results.

He looked up at me, while taking his reading glasses from his face and smile.

“It’s getting late. How about we had to a bar and find us some men?” He said wiggling his eyebrows.

I laughed and shook my head.

“I still have a few things left to do,” I said looking over at him.

He was looking at me with worry

“Please, Amber, just this once?” He almost begged me.

I sighed, “Okay, I’ll meet you in an hour. Just text me where you’ll be. Because I really need to finish this first,” I finally agreed.

“You promise?”

I nod in reply.

We spoke for a few more minutes before my brother was happy enough and convinced I would meet him.

“I’ll see you in an hour and only an hour,” He warned “Or I’ll be back to get you myself.”

I just laughed and shooed him away.

My boss had me working on a secret assignment, which meant I had to stay after hours when no one was about, so I could complete it.

He was paying me extra money, but I would have done it anyway.

As I said, I was a bit of a geek and loved my work.

My hour was almost up and I was on my final slide when the biohazard alarm sounded, the shutters on the lab, I was in, went down and imprisoned me.

I quickly panicked, this had never happened before, or at least not when I was by myself.

I don’t remember much after that, except blackness.

And then...

I was awoken in a cryogenic stasis unit.

I opened my eyes and there stood in front of me was the most magnificent creature I have ever seen.

I opened my mouth to speak, but nothing came out.

The beautiful creature did the same, but his voice worked.

The only problem was I had no idea what he was saying...

I was on an alien ship... in the future?

What happened?

Why I am the only human around and

why am I no longer on earth?

Will Romance and adventures ensue?


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